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08-30-06, 10:09 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

RP deadline is Wednesday, September 6th, 11:59:59 PM.

08-31-06, 08:52 PM
(FADEIN to a small bedroom, where Harold A. Lombourgh sits in a leather office chair in front of another computer monitor, which serves as the only illumination in the room. The sound of his typing runs into one long rainstorm as his enormous frame barely moves.)

HAL: "The true beauty of obscure Japanese programming language Ruby lies in its simplicity... in its syntactic perfection. The way it... rationalizes... the active database record model and allows the developer to truly shine... I mean, c'mon, the each operator! The scaffold generators! Forms which automatically retrieve HTML information and dump it into a developer-defined model. Almost makes me teary-eyed just lookin' at it.

"Much like the beauty of the obscure nobody with which you are now faced, Ice Cold... or whatever it is you're calling yourself these days.

"Unlike those I have met so far... I have no need to speak of the respect I falsely believe I've earned from other obscure men. I have even less need to concern myself with your... absurdly... ridiculous past. It is not my problem, buddy.

"My problem... is that I'm surrounded by fools. No matter which way I turn.

"I know the type. Big bullies in high school, right? Tough guys. I knew a few. Me? Personally, I'd rather add save-game abilities to the TI-82 version of Drug Wars. I wasn't exactly the cool kid.

"Problem is... "

(He finally turns around and sits up, his enormous, muscular frame clearly too big for the overworn white button-down shirt, and two-pants-size-too-small black pants and dirty white socks with sandals)

HAL: "Guys like you, well, you're not terribly smart. You think to yourself, 'Gee, well this guy's kind of a nerd, so I should kick his ass!' Typical bully, y'know? Some poor dumb bastard comes up to me, and, well, y'know... things can get a little ugly.

"See, you can't roleplay a 42nd level dwarf without a few people messing with you. But each mess got cleaned up, didn't it. Just like last week.

"Just like now. You, Ice Cold? I think you don't know what you're getting yourself into. You THINK you're something you aren't. Real pain-pleasure guy, right? Yeah... right. I get it.

"Won't matter much, though... not to me. Because I am the kernel... everything runs through me. Whether or not you're enjoying getting your ass thrown around the ring doesn't make much of a difference when I end this program.

"Because that's its inevitably conclusion... every program must end. Every new encounter must eventually be X'ed out.

"And that, my friend, as we say in the biz... is when it's time.. for Control... Alt... Delete."


09-01-06, 12:47 PM
[The promo scene opens up in the exceptionally large hotel room of Sanket Desai. Sanket is waiting for Bri to finish up in the bathroom for he is about to meet with the Dupree Cup owner, Mr. JA. The entrance to the little bathroom is open and the camera zooms in on Bri wearing a white tee shirt that reads New York with some blue jeans with white K-Swiss. The bathroom is clean and white all around except for a small rug. It is very much drenched and it is apparent that someone had very recently taken a highly enjoyable shower. The camera comes out of the bathroom before focusing on Sanket Desai who is wearing a large black tee shirt, big baggy blue jeans, and a pair of black Nike shoes.]

Sanket Desai
Come on we don’t have all night.

Hold on, I’m brushing my hair, I'll be out in a minute.

Sanket Desai
You’re hair looks fine, I don't want to put on too horrible of an impression on the man. He allowed us into this tournament and I'm not wasting the oppurtunity, a federation like the WZW is lucky to get in. We're underdogs, plain and simple.

Okay, I’m done, happy?

Sanket Desai
Yes, now I’m happy.

[Bri moves out of the bathroom in a beautifully stunning white dress as the two leave their room and head out a lengthy hallway heading to the front exit of the building. They eventually come to the outside meeting a large black limo that is established to transport them to Mr. JA's office. Sanket and Bri step into the vehicle and Sanket let’s the driver know that he can go.]

Sanket Desai
So what do you have on this guy, Hal?

He's a pretty big figure in NEW but nothing you should have too much trouble with. I know you got smoked last week but trust me, Sanket, this guy is no Dan Ryan. He is no "ego buster" even though NEW got the win last week 2-1 and he celebrated winning a huge tag team match last week.

Sanket Desai
Too bad I’ll have to crash Hal's party in it’s tracks just as it’s heating up. If he wants to get through my federation and treat them like underdogs he’ll have to beat me and there is no way that I’m letting him do that. NEW is going to have to find another way to win because this week Ice Cold is holding up on his end of the bargain no matter what happens in that ring.

Glad you’re so confident about that. Good luck.

Sanket Desai
Ha, who needs luck? The WZW isn't off to the strongest start in the history of TEAM wrestling but that's fine. The Yankees were at least five games back on the Red Sox earlier this June, but they hung in there and now they own Boston with a nine game lead. That's just what I'm going to lead WZW into doing. We may trail Empire Pro by three points but now until week four we're going to do everything we can do to make sure that we get to the elimination round. WZW came in as the underdog, but we're dog fighting it till the end.

And Hal, come the night of of the TEAM event, you are going to understand that you were very unlucky to be stuck in the squared ring with someone as fine as myself. I don't care how long you've been a part of the NEW, or any federation for that matter because the fact of the matter is, I'm better than anybody that this business can toss into the ring with me. I am sure you're walking into this match thinking that the WZW is some push over fed and you're about to squash their team captain just as he got squashed last week but that's just not going to take place because before we really get into detail, I'll tell you this right now, I’m no rookie. I will go to all ranks and to all lengths to gain a victory over the man across from me.

Tonight I plan to make an example of you. Tonight I will lay you out and force you to tap out as a warning to the other members of the MCW. The warning will speak for itself, my wrestling skills will speak for themselves. I may have lost to Dan Ryan The Ego Buster and I may be down in the rankings...but I'm not out. I'm still here and I'm not giving up.