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08-30-06, 10:07 PM
You must make your opponent say the words "I Quit" in order to win. No time limit.

RP deadline is Wednesday, September 6th, 11:59:59 PM.

08-31-06, 10:32 PM
Lloyd Rees will be replacing Ravager this week.

Bruce Richards
09-02-06, 12:39 AM
(Posted for Lloyd Rees.)

~August 29th, 2006. Moments after the three time and present NAPW Provincial Champion, Lloyd Rees, made former NAPW team member, Rex Caliber, tap out for the first time in his career, we open in the champs locker room. Both Lloyd Rees and Ol’Salty and enjoying a well deserved bottle of “QV Light”. Large smiles completely consume both the vile Newfies faces, as not only has Lloyd become the only man in wrestling to make Caliber tap out, but he has also become the number one contender for the NAPW Heavyweight title which is currently held by TEAM Champion, D!. Lloyd has been waiting along time to get the shot he deserves at the NAPW’s biggest prize and now he has it. We close in on their conversation.~

Ol’Salty: Whoo! Ya did it Lloyd B’ye! Ya finally got t’da top here in da NAPW and now d’here is only one last step t’reach da very top. Ya got t’go out d’here in da next couple of weeks and take what is right fully yers, da NAPW Heavyweight Championship! Hell, ya be da only man in NAPW history t’hold both da Provincial and Heavyweight Championships, now d’hats me boy!

~Lloyd takes a huge sip of his beer, and then to the pleasure of all those competing in the 2006 Dupree Cup, “the former NAPW TV Champion, three time and present NAPW Provincial Champion, the only man in NAPW history to win matches via pinfall, submission, top-rope elimination, count-out, knock-out, first blood, ladder, and a casket full of ketchup, the only man in wrestling to make Rex Caliber tap, “The East Coast Sensation”, “The Lemondrop Kid”, da one and da only…LLOYD REES!!” speaks for the first time.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Hey Salty! Hand me another beer!

~Ol’Salty quickly pops open another “QV Light” and hands it to Lloyd.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Yer right Salty me ol’cock. I’m finally where I belong in da NAPW and it’s just a matter of time befer I get me hands on D! and get back me belt d’hat he’s been so politely watch’n fer me…

~Ol’Salty’s cell phone begins to ring.~

Ol’Salty: Excuse me fer a second Lloyd b’ye…

~Ol’Salty digs though his pockets. Multiple things fall out of his pockets, his trademark metal flask, a cod jigger, an extra souwester, and finally his cell phone. He pops it open and starts to speak.~

Ol’Salty: Yello…?

~A look of concern and confusion quickly comes across Ol’Salty’s face. He moves his hand over the receiver and starts to speak.~

Ol’Salty: It’s fer you Lloyd…
“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Fer me?! Who da hell could be call’n me on yer pho…Oh S**t! I fergot t’tell ya Salty buddy. Last week, while we we’re still on vacation I meet dis missus, and I accidentally gave her yer number instead of mi…

Ol’Salty: It’s ain’t a missus Lloyd! It’s Bruce Richards…

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: “The Beast”?!

Ol’Salty: Here…

~Ol’Salty hands Lloyd the phone. Lloyd brings da phone to his ear and speaks.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Yello Bruce?

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) Hey Rees!

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: How did ya get dis number?

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) Ravager gave it to me & Kyle this afternoon.

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Ok...ok...dis must have someting t’do with da Dupree Cup? What happen, Kyle break a fingernail?

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) Not exactly.

Stylin’ Kyle Roberts: (In the background) Holy crap on stick!

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Well, what is it d’hen. I see ya guys could only pull out one victory in da first round, you looking t’bring in da big guns?

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) They already did. That's why I'm there. But I'll cut to the chase. The thing is, Lloyd, since Ravager lost the "Get Off Whyte Ave" match to D! on Tuesday night, he's only got a week to pack. So...he's got to bow out of the TEAM event this week. And you're taking his place. Not as team leader; that's Kyle's responsibility…

Stylin’ Kyle Roberts: (In the background) Sweet mother of shellfish!

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) But you're taking on his opponent, Steven Shane, in an "I Quit" match.

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: I QUIT MATCH!!

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) Them's the breaks, kid.

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Hell, Mark Millar and meself got D! and Patrick Kidd dis week here…

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) Hey, Kyle and I have a match in NAPW this week too. But after what happened this first week in TEAM, we've got to step it up. You saying you don't have what it takes to pull this off?

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: You know better d’han d’hat Brucie, I'm da man d’hat made Rex Caliber tap da hell out!

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) Well, if you can make Rex tap out, surely you can make a hack like Shane give up, right? Rees, Kyle called you up because he knows you can handle yourself. You're almost at the top of the NAPW right now, so you can show the rest of TEAM just what we're capable of.

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: I'll be d’here with bells on Brucie...Do me a favor...

Bruce “The Beast” Richards: (On the phone) What's that?

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Let them know d’hat this week, "The Lemondrop Kid" changes NAPW chances in this thing and it starts with Steven Shane shout’n I QUIT!!

~Scene fades.~

09-05-06, 12:23 AM
We fade into a shot of “Sensational” Steven Shane sitting on an L-shaped leather couch. He quickly hits the power button on the remote, turning the television off. Just before it clicks, we can see Lloyd Rees on the screen. Shane quickly stands up after tossing the remote into the couch.

Shane: “I Quit” match, eh?

It’s quite funny, isn’t it?

I mean, I got the line-up card right off of Empire Pro’s sweep of WZW last week and I could have sworn that it said “Steven Shane versus Ravager”.

Next thing I know, I’m in the gym getting ready for this ravishing ravager from company XYZ, and some guido busts into my gym session like a bat out of hell to tell me that there’s been a correction to the line-up.

Turns out, Ravager said “I Quit” to The Sensational One a damn week before he even had to step foot into the ring with me.

That’s one hell of a statement there. I think we should already be given the sweep for the week if that’s the way that they’re going to treat myself and the rest of Empire Pro.

Shane gives a chuckle.

Shane: I mean, is it really that much intimidation to think that the world’s greatest wrestling organization is going to be facing off against you in a couples of matches for one week?

Hell, I know that Dan Ryan and Joey Melton are living legends. I also know that “Sensational” Steven Shane is one in the making. But to think that the guy is already phoning it in a week in advance is down right absurd.

Don’t get me wrong. The thought of facing someone as Sensational as Steven Shane makes me weak in the knees also.

But one can only wonder what these jack-o’s down at NASA are bringing to the ring week in and week out for this here competition.

Shane transitions to the refrigerator where he opens a bottle of water and takes a drink.

Shane: So now they’re trying to strike some sort of fear into The Sensational One by throwing him a curve and giving him a guy that wasn’t even on the original line-up for the week.

Quite frankly, Steven Shane could give a damn about who steps into that ring opposite of him.

But when you get some slack-jawed retard that can barely even pronounce his own name without his own accent getting in the way, Steven Shane can’t help but laugh at the head games that NAPA is trying to play here.

To be honest with you guys, it doesn’t matter what you tell me prior to this match.

What’s really going to matter to Steven Shane is who is on the other side of that ring when the bell sounds.

And the only prejudice that I’m going to show anybody that walks into that ring aside from another is how fast I’m going to take care of them. Not because they might put up a fight, but because of how long they resist the inevitable.

And for you slow-mos down there in whatever the hell company you are, the inevitable is you counting the lights on the ceiling after Steven Shane is done with you.

Shane tosses the bottle of water to the side as he closes in on the camera.

Shane: And unfortunately for ol’ Reese Cup, even that isn’t a suitable enough ending for him in this match.

Because this match is one that I’ve won before (not even counting Ravager saying “I Quit” before the match even started.)

Making people say “I Quit” is what I do for a living. It’s how I earn my paycheck. The very lofty paycheck that Dan Ryan is paying me to represent him and his company.

You see, many holds in the wrestling world are escapable.

You can stop a suplex. You can block a punch. Hell, even though you can’t see it coming, you can even reverse a Diamond Cutter.

But things with the California Clutch are exactly the opposite.

You WILL see it coming. But you will NOT block it. You will NOT reverse it. And you damn sure will NOT stop it.

It’s something that no one else in this industry can say they’ve done.

Once the clutch is locked, you will not be going anywhere except for the trainer’s room.

And it is with that hold that I plan to make you hurt, Lloyd.

It is with that hold that I did the same thing to Hunter McKay last week.

And this week, the same will be said for you…

All you have to do is be like Hunter and Ravager before you…

Just say “I Quit” and you’ll make it to next week to going back to being a back-up coming off the bench again.

I’m sure by then that Ravager will have untucked his tail from between his legs and be ready to compete again.

Then again, Steven Shane will already be out of the way and moving onto victim number three.

Shane gives a wide smile as the camera fades out.

09-06-06, 12:41 AM
~We open backstage prior to NAPW Tuesday Night Fights. The currant NAPW Provincial Champion and the number one contender for the NAPW Heavyweight Title, “The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees, his manager Ol’Salty, and his tag team partner “The Moose” Mark Millar are preparing for their tag match against Patrick Kidd and the current NAPW Heavyweight Champion and TEAM Champion of Champions, D!. NAPW backstage interview, Josh Reynolds, just finished shooting a interview with the unlikely tag team about their NAPW match, and now that that is over, Josh has a few questions about the 2006 Dupree Cup.~

Josh Reynolds: Lloyd if you have another second to spare, I would like to talk to you about your recent involvement in the Dupree Cup. Ravager had to back out this round, and you have been called in by, stand in team captain, Kyle Roberts. In this all important tournament, you will go one on one with EPW’s “Sensational” Steven Shane in an I Quit Match. Do you have anything you would like to say to the NAPW fans or Shane?

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Josh, do ya ever know me t’have nothing t’say? Of course not! Yer look’n at “da former NAPW TV Champion, three time and present NAPW Provincial Champion, da only man in NAPW history t’win matches via pinfall, submission, top-rope elimination, count-out, knock-out, first blood, ladder, and a casket full of ketchup, the only man in wrestling t’make Rex Caliber tap, “Da East Coast Sensation”, “Da Lemondrop Kid”, da one and da only…LLOYD REES!!”. Of course I have someting t’say…

~Lloyd straightens the NAPW Provincial Title that hangs over his shoulder and signs for his manager, Ol’Salty, to hand him a beer. He pops the beer open and continues to speak.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: I might be quite involved in present happenings here in da NAPW right now, with be’n da number one contender fer D!’s Heavyweight Championship, but don’t tink fer one second d’hat I fergot about yer ass Shane…

~Lloyd takes a large swig off his beer and continues.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Ya see “Sensational” dis week is go’n t’be a little different fer you. Hell, you ain’t step’n in t’da ring with Hunter McKay, Wolf, or fer d’hat matter, Ravager dis week…No, yer step’n in t’da ring with da top talent in all of wrestle’n t’day…ME! Sure, ya don’t know me and ya don’t know what I’m capable of, I understand d’hat, but me advice t’you is do some research about yer opponent. Find out what exactly “Da Lemondrop Kid” is all about, d’hen yer out look might be a little different…

~Reaching for another beer, “The Lemondrop Kid”, looks in the camera not missing a beat.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Ya tink dis is a curve ball Shane? Ya tink d’hat by call’n in "Da Lemondrop Kid", team NAPW is try'n t’pull a fast one in da Dupree Cup, ya don’t give a f**k about who yer opponent is, well ya should! Go ahead, consider me some “slack-jawed retard d’hat can barely even pronounce his own name without his own accent get’n in da way” but when it comes time fer you t’go one on one with “Da East Coast Sensation” yer go’n t’quickly realize da I’m da top talent in wrestle’n t’day, da technical terror, da man d’hat is go’n t’make yer a** shout d'hose two words loud and clear…

~“The Moose” taps Lloyd on the shoulder to let him know that it is time for their tag match. Lloyd signals back that he’s ready, but before he heads to the ring he looks straight in to the camera.~

“The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees: Don’t look past me Shane! Don’t tink d’hat yer go’n t’walk over me! I’m yer worst nightmare in dis type of match! I’ve made da toughest da NAPW has t’offer call fer d’heir mudders when locked in da Conception Bay Chinlock. And, you ain’t nothing compared t’ da talent da NAPW has t’offer. I know it’s hard t’talk when yer scream’n in pain, but I tink ya should start practice’n…

~Lloyd, Ol’Salty, and Marl Millar head to the ring as the scene fades.~

09-06-06, 12:03 PM
We open up to a backstage hallway, where we see none other than The Sensational One, himself, getting a bottle of water out of the Coke machine. He pulls the bottle from the machine before looking into the camera.

Shane: Here we go again.

I know, it’s something that comes along with being a seasoned veteran in this sport, but I just pray to God that next week isn’t the same.

I pray that next week, I can actually have an opponent who doesn’t think that defeating Steven Shane will help him to make a name for himself.

So that then I may actually compete in a battle of words with someone who doesn’t have to consistently build themselves up as an underdog story that Steven Shane is simply overlooking due to his massive amounts of Sensationalism.

Every other freakin’ week, it seems like someone has to put up the fight about how Steven Shane is overlooking them. About how Steven Shane is really in for a surprise when he steps between those ropes to face wrestler ABC this week.

You know, Rees, for someone who wants to march into this match and tell me that The Sensational One isn’t facing off against Hunter McKay or Ravager, you certainly sound about like how everyone else that really wishes they weren’t facing Steven Shane sounds.

You see, we all have our little walls that we hide behind.

We try to strategically put them up so that we may actually use our defense as an offense and maybe, just maybe catch the opposing wrestler on his heels.

Unfortunately for you, your wall is the same as just about every other pathetic guido that Steven Shane has seen in his career.

The old “Steven Shane doubts my skills, so I will surprise the hell out of him” line is more overused than Lindsay Troy’s vaginal wall.

That kind of stuff may work against the rookies. It may really make them slow down and think that they are actually the ones at fault for trying to picture how easily they might win a given match.

However, this week you are facing no rookie. You are facing a man that has held titles you can only dream of.

Go ahead and list all the NASA achievements you want, but deep down, you and I both know that they really mean jack when you step between those ropes to face Steven Shane.

I’ve held titles in the biggest of companies. And there’s a reason why I’m on a team that is heavily favored to walk out of this tournament as the ones holding the trophy.

You guys might not know much about the real show down there in whatever company it is that you work for. But here in “the show”, we all know that a team consisting of Dan Ryan and Joey Melton is already damn near unstoppable.

But for that team to also have a man named Steven Shane on it says two things…

One, Steven Shane is obviously a dominant force in the wrestling world to even be considered on a team with the likes of those men.

And two, look the f*ck out for Team EPW.

Shane finally cracks open the water and takes a drink.

Shane: You see, Lloyd, when a guy as Sensational as Steven Shane comes onto your television and tells you some stuff about how he’s going to tear you apart and simply add you to the latest list of victims that he has made say “I Quit”, don’t take it personal.

It’s just a simply formality that I must cover with all my opponents before we step into the ring because I don’t want them to feel like I lied to them about the ass-kicking they were about to receive.

Am I taking you lightly?

Hell no. I treat all of my opponents with the utmost respect, especially when in the training room.

Does that mean that I should have to worry about defeat this week?

You know, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, but that just isn’t going to happen this week.

Because you, Lloyd, are much like the squirrel that seeks said nut.

Your blind stabbings into the air about how great you really are in the ring and about how Steven Shane is looking past you are quite like the actions that Mr. Squirrel might take while trying to find his dinner.

However, just like you, the squirrel may find trouble in getting to this nut. Along with being blind, there are predators out there that laugh at the pitiful squirrel as pales in his size and ability to fight back.

It is then that the predator seizes his prey in his mouth and devours him for the weaker being that he is all while the poor squirrel was just trying to help himself out.

Just like the squirrel is looking for that food, you are looking for a win so that you can go back and tell all your friends about the great achievement that you have made outside of NAPA.

However, just like the prey, you will fall victim to the predator.

The predator that is Steven Shane as I swallow you whole in the match that I have already deemed mine for the taking…

Not because I am overlooking you, but simply because I KNOW that I am that much better.

I’ve made bigger names than Lloyd Rees squeal while in the Clutch before. And I damn sure am going to come through on that again this week.

There’s no overlooking or your better than me lines that are going to make me believe differently. You and I both know how the end of this match is going to turn out, and it ends up with you in the locker room, talking to a physical therapist about the broken spine that you obtained while in the ring with Steven Shane.

The “I Quit” match is one that Steven Shane doesn’t lose. And come time for our match, you and all the guidos out there will know just exactly why that is.

That, my friend, is a thought you can wrap your head around knowing that it is simply SENSATIONAL.

Shane gives a smile as he chugs the water and tosses it to the side as the camera fades out.