View Full Version : [A1E vs. UCW] Troy Douglas vs. The Sergeant

08-30-06, 10:04 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

RP deadline is Wednesday, September 6th, 11:59:59 PM.

09-06-06, 12:11 PM

Troy Douglas stands in front of a Dupree Cup banner, wearing an unbuttoned Ryan Howard jersey over a black A1E Golden Dreams VI t-shirt.

DOUGLAS: Well, Soldier, sometimes the ol' 12-sided die comes up my way. Today is one of those days, Sergeant.

You see, Sarge, a few weeks back in A1E, you beat me cleanly, fair and square, right on the canvas. I lost my focus, you kept yours, and you came out on top. Good for you. But, right then, right there, I swore that when the circle came back around and you and I did this dance once again, I'd make perfectly sure to return the favor to you.

Lo and behold, just weeks later, I get my shot, and with it, a chance to help propel my team towards the second round of the Dupree Cup tournament, at the same time sending you and the rest of UCW down to the cellar, trying to see if you can somehow scratch one out next week. Because this week, Sarge, me and my teammates will make sure that you don't come close to sniffing victory. I got my shot at you, so I'll do everything in my power to give A1E the clean sweep once again.

It's nothing personal, Sarge. It's just the way I work. I come in, I do my job, I put you down, I brush myself off and walk away. Every night for 6 years, that's what I've done, and I won't stop now. Especially not in this tournament. Especially not with the opportunity I've been given.

Last week, I told the world that this tournament represents all the people who've taken a gamble on me during my career. That's all the more resonant considering the gamble A1E is taking on me right now. 30 years old, beat up, some say washed up, but I've been given a chance to fight for them with five of the top men in this industry. Five men I'm proud to call teammates, friends, brothers in arms. Five men whose company I'm proud to be among. There are people who'll say that in the shadow of those men, I've got no place. But someone took a chance on me, and I'm out to prove them right, to prove I belong right here, in this tournament, fighting for the Dupree Cup.

Last week, Jay Smash learned that you don't want to underestimate the unknown in the equation, that if you can't solve for "X", you're in big trouble. Sarge, that's not the case this week, because you and I are already quite familiar with each other. But, just because you pulled one out against me before, doesn't mean you should rest on your laurels. Come strong, come as strong as you can and do not hesitate for one moment, or else this tournament ends for you and Ultimate Championship Wrestling with naught but a snap of my fingers.

Because I've got every intention of being in East Rutherford a few weeks from now, standing mid-ring with my teammates, holding that Dupree Cup trophy high above us. And I'm sorry to say, Sarge, that you and your boys don't quite fit into those plans. But, best of luck, and I hope that after you've been disposed of, we meet up once again, really settle this score.

But for now, I'm headed down a different road, the road to the Dupree Cup championship. You, Sarge, you're just a hitchhiker being left in the dust. Hopefully you'll catch a ride sooner or later.

I'll try to remember to wave as we speed on by.