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08-30-06, 10:02 PM
One fall to a finish. No disqualifications or count-outs and falls can be counted anywhere in the Universe (giving myself enough rope to hang myself here ;))

RP deadline is Wednesday, September 6th, 11:59:59 PM.

09-02-06, 06:03 PM
:::::Inside that abandoned subway tunnel, Jay Smash lifts some weights in his very own training room underground. As he lifts, the muscles can be seen moving through the skin on his back. This burnt skin, scared now from a match he had just fought only a couple weeks ago. The loss has kept Jay Smash on his feet. He has been in training for more and more action, focused on winning. There he stands still, dripping with sweat over his numb body.:::::

Jay Smash: Can you believe this? The audacity… having a b*tch like Troy come out and just… just… end up the better man for just one night. But hey, I’m no baby… no need to cry… Troy pumped himself some good pills and came out with one thought in mind… “I hope that sh*t doesn’t shrink my balls.” And he managed to take down Jay Smash. I sure hope this isn’t something that these other feds are doing… After all, EUWC was certainly taken down to a new low in this tournament at the beginning… So we continue to throw our heads in and I think people like AOD need to stop b*tching about his team losing and start focusing on the future on this tournament. That of course being Jay Smash kicking some p*ssy MBE ass!

:::::Jay Smash slides into his ring and begins to stretch as he continues to speak.:::::

Jay Smash: Spolier, the Spoilinator, what’s goin’ on fatty? I’ve gotta say chubs, you sure are quite an athlete. I mean, 303 pounds, and your taller than me… You’ve got a nice red mask that covers up that ugly disfigured face, like a… like a spoiled tomato… I get it now… The spoiler. I guess you stay away from the fruits and vegetables section don’t you? Don’t turn to the low carbs section of the menu much either. Listen Spoiled Ass, I’ve entered this tournament with nothing, because I’ve been suspended from the EUWC and this is the only thing I have to do besides making Pickstock’s life a living hell back home. So I’ve lost the first match in this tournament… so have the rest of us? Do we suck? Well, not me… so I’m going to make this clear….

:::::Jay Smash stops in the center of the ring after running across several times and slamming himself to the ground. He stands staring deep into every man and woman, as he focuses he mind on The Spoiler and the Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Tournament.:::::

Jay Smash: I’ll be entering that ring with you soon. I’m planning on laughing in your face while you beat those massive hammers into my skull. I’m going to spit that blood in your face and possibly jump on you in rage and bite at your flesh… Then again, there are other ways to catch the disease… I don’t have rabies or anything, I just like to kick a lot of ass, and pretty much f*ck my opponents up. However you want it, it’s up to you. Until that time comes, I guess I’ll be wating to enter that ring so I can raise hell, break some bones, and fly high once again. The time is now my friends, and soon, “The Disease” will spread onto you and the rest of MBE… EUWC will prevail! One more time, let’s F*ck em’ up!

:::::Smash continues to race through the ring and slam his body to the ground. With the view of Smash training, it’s only a small preview of what “The Disease” has become within the last month. A changed man, but a determined one, ready to bleed… and ready to win.:::::

09-03-06, 11:15 PM
(The Spoiler stands wherever he damn well pleases.)

SPOILER: Are you serious?

Are.You.Serious. Boy.

Here you have a chance of a lifetime - a chance to show what you have against a true Legend - a chance to go toe to toe with The Force of Nature -- and this is what you bring?

Mocking my name and calling me fat as you lift weights in some homemade, subterranian gym?

This is the best you can do?

So tell me, boy, did you just graduate from the "P* Academy of Ill-Prepared, Cookie Cutter, Hey-Look-At-Me-Aren't-I-Extreme-Because-I-Hang-Out-In-A-Basement/Boiler Room/Grotto/etc Professional Wrestlers" or are you still finishing up your correspondence degree?

What's next? Are you going to call me gay? Mock the color of my elbow pads?

Or perhaps you can beat up four or five armed thugs who are just so unlucky as to corner you in a dark, foreboding alley? {Now that would be really impressive}

Because, honestly, you are going to have to do a whole lot better than what you have shown thus far if you want to keep The Spoiler even momentarily entertained before he squashes you into the mat like the useless crap gimmick you appear to be.

So I am going to tell you what I am going to do, Jay Smash.

I am going to do you a huge favor and I am going to call "RESET".

That's right. I am going to let you take back that drivel you spouted earlier and start again.

All of those "spoiled veggie" comments - Gone.

All those "you wear a mask so you must be uglys" - Forgotten.

All of those "I am The Disease and I am going to" *whatever* - It is as if they had never happened. {And without even a single "But I am The Cure" rejoinder.}

So there you go, boy. A clean start. A second chance to show that you truly are more that what you appear at first glance.

And I don't do these things for everyone, Jay Smash; so you might as well make the best of it.

But think hard and plan things out in minute detail before you do. Perhaps even consult with your EUWC mates to devise a functional gameplan if they have the time. Because if you should dare to wander back out to the ring with that same lame sort of crap again, you shall not find the Force of Nature anywhere near so generous the next time around.

And hey - if you want to keep the whole spitting you blood at me thing, go right ahead. Because, God Knows, I shall be spilling enough of it on the mat anyway. But you might want to rethink the biting at my flesh bit. Chances are you'll probably be wanting to use those teeth for more practical matters like chewing your oatmeal and enticing spare change away from the Tooth Fairy rather than seeing them shattered against the cold, tensile steel that is The Spoiler.

09-04-06, 01:38 PM
:::::Jay Smash pops his face onto the camera just moments after viewing The Spoiler’s comments on Jay Smash’s recent footage towards the Fall Count Anywhere match this up coming week.:::::

Jay Smash: Hot damn f*ck face! The fat ass speaks! It’s flippin’ unbelievable. And yet there you go, b*tching over a few things I had to say about your outstandingly large ass. Come on now, you call yourself a legend… “boy”. And yet you’re letting my words get to you say easily. I guess the best thing to do it wait till we enter that ring together, beat each other down till my face matches the color of your mask, take a beating through the entire arena just to give the fans a good show, then yes, spit my blood in your face, and go Mike Tyson all over your massive ass.

:::::Jay Smash begins to bites his teeth down while pulling the camera closer to his face. He mouth opens wide on the camera for a moment, then back out for Smash to continue.:::::

Jay Smash: My goodness gracious Spoil, you really don’t want to forget the things that I say. Not one word that comes out of this vicious beast mouth of mine is going back. Take every word to heart because I truly like to make things personal b*tch. It’s just one of those things that makes me the disease that I am. I’ve done a lot of things to get into the heads of others. I’ll get into yours, though I think I’m already in there. And I’m planning to mix that brain in your head into a spoiled mother f*ckin’ v…v…vegetable.

:::::Jay Smash screams out and slams his fist against a wall beside him. He stops for a moment and looks down at his bleeding knuckles soaking through the tape wrapped around his hand. Smash looks back up and opens his mouths once again.:::::

Jay Smash: Spoiler, this is a Falls Count Anywhere match. This thrills me more than you can possibly know. The things you have never seen me do in that ring. Do you know what I’ve been through? I wonder… I really want to know what you’ve been through… And what hell I can put you through inside and outside that ring. I wanna drive these fists into your face and I want you to do the same. I want to fall hard to the ground, and I want to hear a bone crack inside that gigantic body of yours. I want to beat you down and make you bleed and I hope you do the same for me. And after it’s all done, you can call “RESET” one more time so we can do it all over again.

:::::Smash rubs the hand he slammed against he wall and squeezes out the blood onto the other. Smash begins to smear his blood on the camera lens as he comes to a concluding statement.:::::

Jay Smash: So bring all you’ve got… Let the Force of Nature come around and crush The Disease. Let that blood spill on the mat, because after I tear into your flesh, I’ll lick your blood right off the mat and spit in back at you! OH BOY I CAN’T WAIT! This is so exciting, just to wait and see those fists of yours pop the teeth from my mouth! So Spoiler, if this is all you’ve got to say, then let’s just keep on doing what we do… so cool… stay dirty… and keep being the Fat Mother F*cker that you are. By the way… what color are your elbow pads?

09-06-06, 12:10 AM
(The Spoiler...)

THE SPOILER: You only have yourself to blame now, boy.

I gave you a chance. I gave you an opportunity. I gave you the option to retrace your steps and beat yourself a slight more sensible path to our match this week. But if you do not want my charity, Jay Smash, then you shall not receive it. Not a single ounce of it.

And if you shall not willfully return your fool utterances back into the mouth from which they emerged, The Force of Nature shall be forced to feed them back to you.

One Word at a Time.

You see, boy. I still do not think you even have the slightest clue what you have gotten yourself into here. The Spoiler is not someone you "tear into". He is not someone you "beat down" or lap the blood of.

If you are lucky, he is someone you survive - and pray to whatever god you might find that you never have to encounter again.

There is a reason that I become Legend in whatever federation I choose to grace with my prowess, Jay Smash. There is a reason that they call me a Force of Nature. There is a reason that Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary has MY Picture under the heading Main Event.

And that is because when I step in the ring I just simple dominate - and that is all.

Let me lay it out for you, boy. Nobody bleeds in my ring unless I choose to make them bleed. Nobody cracks a bone unless I choose to crack it. Nobody gets into The Spoiler's head unless I allow them entry - and even fewer emerge again intact in mind or body.

So - no, Jay Smash - we shall not put each other through Hell. I shall take you there, and most likely leave you flat there in the center of the abyss for the likes of Sisyphus and Judas Iscariot can watch your plight and feel just a little bit better about their own lots.

So forget what you "want", boy, and let us focus on what you are going to get.

And that is the beating of your life.

And that is one more ignominious lose in TEAM competition.

And that is a first hand experience of what it is like to step into the ring True Greatness only to realize exactly how far you really have to go to reach that level.

You see, it doesn't matter whether we battle under Falls Count Anywhere rules or whether I must pin you on a precise point at the exact center of the ring, The Spoiler shall accomplish either task with equal ease and alacrity.

It Is Just That Simple.

And as far as the color of my elbow pads....

Hmm...It’s hard to say. Maybe you could take an up-close look for me as I drive them repeated through your face and your skull.

Too bad you were too good to accept my charity, huh?

09-06-06, 12:59 AM
:::::Once again, the sign of disease strikes, but to a new view. Jay Smash himself in a chair, curled up and looking down as the only sound coming from him is like that of a little boy crying. Jay Smash slowly raises his head up from his lap with an awkward look on his face and blue tears painted over his cheek. Smash looks back down, still with the awkward look on his face then back up to spit at the camera. He saliva begins to flow down the lens as Smash moves closer and begins to speak.:::::

Jay Smash: SPOILER! Why would I wish I took it back bud!?! I told you to stop being a b*tch and you don’t listen, so why should I listen to you? Oh yeah, cause you’re a Force of Nature and a legend where ever you go and I must pray to the gods above that you don’t beat me down and I think your elbow pads are black but I could be wrong, you could have just told me you ignorant piece of garbage. Perhaps this is not a wrestling match but a battle of the ego. After all, you believe in the sh*t you say about how great you are, and I call myself The Disease and the God on No Hope. So, Spoiler… at this point, I’m just gonna say this… This.

:::::Jay Smash smacks himself in the face then slaps himself in the back of the head, laughing to himself as he points to the camera. The laughter fades quickly as he stares deep into the camera once again just after spitting at the lens one more time.:::::

Jay Smash: Sorry I have a lot of phlegm; it happens. I’m glad you have such high hopes for winning this match… sorry again, I meant “dominate”. By the by, you’re an idiot and I hate you… just something I had to say before I continued on my path of feeding your utterances back to you. You really didn’t have to force yourself to do that. I mean, it sounded really painful for you… then again that could have been the dump your were trying to take. You’re right Spoiler, I blame myself for everything I say… I’ve blamed myself in the past when I talked trash and kicked some ass, and I blame myself now for laughing at your pathetic, useless comments.

:::::As the words continue to flow out of Smash like a man that hasn’t urinated in hours, finally running to the bathroom and pulling his pants down at the sink because the stalls are taken, he grabs a rag and wipes the spit off the camera so he can be seen better.:::::

Jay Smash: Spoiler, in what way must I explain how much I can not wait to see you? I’ve said this, I’m sure I have, but I really can’t wait to see you man! I can’t wait for you to take me to hell with you. Trust me Spoiler, I’ve seen it, you’re not the only one. It’s one of those things that people say is unexplainable, but it is actually quite simple to explain if you’ve really been there. So spoiler, if hell is where you wanna go, then join me… we can go dance with the devil. And really, Fall count anywhere, so be my guest, in the ring or in hell itself go ahead and try… TRY and take me down and take me out. EUWC is not going down without a fight. You will remember me, and you will know the name just like the rest of the world does… Satan has my number, you can look it up if you want… I’m listed. And don’t ever… forget what I want… I make sure I get it… I’m no rich boy driving around looking for a best piece of ass… In that ring, I know how to get what I watch b*tch.

:::::Smash slams his hands on the sides of the camera and drags it closer, till only his eyes are seen glazed over with evil intentions. Smash stares deep trough the camera, staring straight at Spoiler from the other side as he once again concludes his ever so crazy comments.:::::

Jay Smash: There are many things I look forward to… Things I was not expecting to look forward to in this life… but now, Spoiler, you cracking a bone of mine, shedding my blood from my body, and making me scream inside and outside of the ring… those are some things I can’t wait for. I am still looking forward to it. Bring that mask, bring those elbow pads, and bring that ego… Because as soon as we meet face to face, It’s going to be a blood bath. Of course after the beatings are over I’m just gonna go, “leggo of my ego” and b*tch slap you… most likely give you the taste of vitamin jay, spread the disease upon you, and make sure it’s clear that you and MBE have been struck by the Disease… Thank you once again for your time… Spoiler, a pleasure like always, and I’ll f*ck you up when I see ya.

:::::Smash smiles and pushes the camera to the ground before walking away.:::::