View Full Version : [AWC vs. RDJW] Red Rock and Paddy O'Shea vs. Ronaldodinho and the Brazilian Disaster

08-18-06, 04:14 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM

08-25-06, 09:57 AM
The Great Muka: Aha! So I did my TEAM RP.
PTC Paddy: ****, you did?
PTC Paddy: fucccckkk
The Great Muka: Yeeaaaah...
The Great Muka: You said we just had to show.
The Great Muka: So...
The Great Muka: I did.
PTC Paddy: ah
PTC Paddy: and to what depths did you dig in this piece ;-)
The Great Muka: It's just done like...
The Great Muka: You know, when you watch UFC?
The Great Muka: And before the fight, they have that little trash talking segment?
PTC Paddy: I don't watch UFC :-)
The Great Muka: Pff. Well, if you've EVER watched it. Which I can now assume you might not have.
PTC Paddy: I havent :-)
The Great Muka: They have a little trash talking segment that has the two guys just sitting, talking.
PTC Paddy: I told you before, I don't like wrestling :-)
The Great Muka: And in between, it shows shots of them doing some MMA moves.
PTC Paddy: ah
The Great Muka: I'm just telling you, like, the premise of it.
The Great Muka: But they are just doing the moves against air. Like... I don't know why.
The Great Muka: But just has them punching and throwing knees against air.
The Great Muka: Between when they talk.
PTC Paddy: sounds as pointless as fighting a fake fed :D
The Great Muka: I just had it with only one person--Anton; even the people who can only say the word "Yes." in English deliver their own MMA promos--and backed by a song.
PTC Paddy: ah
PTC Paddy: Ive decided to use this convo as a RP
The Great Muka: Ha ha ha ha.
PTC Paddy: thats efficientcy :D convo and RP at the same time
PTC Paddy: and thats a misspelling
The Great Muka: That sure is, Mick.
The Great Muka: That sure is.
PTC Paddy: everybody in the DC is going to be reading this so anything you want to get off your chest before I c and p?
The Great Muka: I mother****ing hate Carlos Mencia.
The Great Muka: That's all.
The Great Muka: I figure this is as good a time as any to mention that.
PTC Paddy: yeah, I should mention I have a genital wart
PTC Paddy: its like a mini version of moi
The Great Muka: Good times, kid. Good times.
PTC Paddy: AWC for DC oh yes!
The Great Muka: We will ****in' ROCK you.

Red Rock
08-25-06, 11:19 AM
PTC Paddy: I did that
Red Rock PTC: really?
PTC Paddy: http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=13930
PTC Paddy: do what I did, c and p this convo bwhahaha
Red Rock PTC: please don't say it was the one about ronaldino beating scotland on his own
Red Rock PTC: oh C&P this convo
Red Rock PTC: good thinking, those brazillians won't know what hit them!
PTC Paddy: yeah...they thinkt hey're so tough because even the men bikini wax
Red Rock PTC: for the purposes of this "rp" i will tell the fore mentioned joke!
PTC Paddy: proceed dear Red of Rock
Red Rock PTC: It's Brazil Vs Scotland in a friendly game, so Ronaldhino says "relax lads I'll take care of this one on my own" and the rest of the team seem a bit reluctant but agree nether the less. So They all go down the pub and have a drink or two but as time goes past they wonder how Ronaldhino is doing? So they put the TV on and notice the score is 0-0. "WOW" they all say, he's kept them to a draw! So they continue to drink until full time when they check the final score and to their surprise the score wa 0-0! So they phone Ronaldhino straight away and give him his praise "well don't mate you did us proud" to which Ronaldhino replies "no I didn't I got sent off after 35 minutes"
PTC Paddy: buhahaha
PTC Paddy: thats gold
Red Rock PTC: this RP is done, it's gorgeous