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08-18-06, 04:08 PM
No time limit. One fall to a finish. Barbed wire replaces regular ring ropes.

Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM

08-22-06, 08:43 PM
The camera faded in to a small room that was dimly lit from a hanging lamp above. The Legacy of Championship logo was emblazed on a backdrop that adorned the wall the camera faced toward. Sat in front view was a wooden table. For what purpose it was there was anybody’s guess.

However, the guessing was not needed as a dark figure, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, calmly walked into view. This figure carried with them a large brown paper bag in one arm; the kind found in grocery stores nationwide. With its other hand it carried a silver tin cup; the kind you’d see used in mess halls of the armed forces and in prisons. The dark figure placed the paper bag on one side of the table and its tin cup on the other.

The figure then grabbed the hood that covered its identity and slowly pulled it back and down behind them. The dark figure then brushed aside some loose strands of long, black hair that hid its visage to reveal himself none other than Legacy of Champions’ very own Prodigal Son of Wrestling…

Ulysis Solian.

The man formerly once known to one and all in the sport of wrestling as The Man, The Myth, The Legend himself, Suicide, stood silently behind the wooden table and stared into the camera intently with his one good eye – the left one to be exact.

Solian looked toward his tin cup and picked it up with his right hand. He took a sip from it and placed it back down as he now turned his attention toward the brown paper bag.

The Prodigal Son opened the bag slowly and reached inside. He pulled out a small little pewter pedestal and placed it in the middle of the table. He reached into the bag again and pulled out a fresh blueberry muffin. Ulysis Solian placed the muffin on top of the pedestal perfectly centered.

Ulysis Solian reached into the bag for a third time and pulled out a smaller brown paper bag. He opened this bag up and turned it upside-down. Gravity did its magic and out fell onto the table, a pile of feces. Of what or whom exactly produced such a specimen was anybody’s guess.

As he leaned on the table with both hands, Solian glanced down at the muffin on the pedestal. In the light, it looked like a confectionary work of art. The camera kept its focus on it for a minute before Solian grabbed it in his hand. He stared into the muffin with such focus before he bit into it. As he chewed and chewed, Ulysis took hold of his tin cup and drank from it to help with the digestion of the muffin in his mouth.

Solian took another bite and another bite, alternately drinking from his tin cup. After that third bite, a look of disgust overcame the rugged, bearded face of Ulysis Solian. It seemed as if the muffin left a sour taste in his mouth and that he had his fill of it. He looked at it once more and it seemed as if he was bored and tired of it. The look on his face said it all:

It was as if he had the same old stuff each and every day that never grabs the attention of one’s hunger with something different and unique.

The Prodigal Son then tossed the muffin behind him and dusted his hands off of the crumbs that may have still lingered.

Ulysis took yet another sip from his tin cup and then brought his attention toward the pile of excrement that sat on the table. With a slightly sadden look on his face, Solian stared at the pile. He briefly looked toward the camera before he, and somewhat disturbingly, grabbed the pile of feces in his hand.

He brought it to his face and took a sniff. Ulysis’ nose puckered by the somewhat none too pleasant aroma emanating from the feces. Solian the looked at the camera once more and dropped the excrement on the floor. While he kept his one good eye on the camera, his body made the motion as if he lifted one leg up…and stepped on the feces. The Prodigal Son really dug his foot into the pile as he turned his foot left and right.

Ulysis Solian then lifted up his leg and plopped his foot right on top of the table with great balance. While he stood on one leg, Solian reached into the bag and grabbed a roll of paper towels. He took a few sheets and ripped them off the roll. With a wad of paper towel in hand, The Prodigal Son proceeded to wipe the feces off the bottom of his sole.

The paper towels did not really do an excellent job as it did not get rid of all the feces. Solian let out a sigh before he reached into the paper bag and pulled out a small brush. Using the brush, Ulysis tried to scrub the feces off the bottom of his shoe. It just didn’t get the job completely done.

Once more into the brown paper bag Ulysis Solian went and grabbed a spray bottle full of some type of liquid. He sprayed the liquid on the bottom of the shoe and, with the help of some more paper towels and a brush, did the best that he could in getting rid of the feces. It just wasn’t enough. No matter how hard and how long he tried, Ulysis was just not able to get rid of the excrement.

Then, out of desperation, Ulysis Solian pulled off his shoe and banged it on the table, hoping that would get rid of the remainder of the feces.

But it just didn’t.

Finally, however, as time elapsed and the camera faded into scene after scene of showing Ulysis Solian trying to get rid of the feces…

He succeeded.

Unfortunately, the smell of the excrement still lingered and it would take quite a long time before he could finally be rid of the feces.

The camera faded into another scene where Solian stood silently and stared intently into its lens. Sitting on the table in front of him was a half-eaten muffin and his shoe that stilled showed little fragments of feces on its sole.

The camera went to a close-up of the half-eaten blueberry muffin and kept it there for ten seconds. Then, it cut to a close-up of the show with tiny remnants of crap still on the bottom of it. The camera then went to a close-up of Ulysis Solian, where he just stood there silently. He lifted his tin cup to his mouth and took another sip from it; never letting his gaze on the camera deviate.

Then suddenly, the camera cut right to the muffin and a fist wrapped in barbed wire smashed and crushed it. Pieces of muffin splattered all over the table as some of it was caught in the barbs.

The camera cut back to Ulysis Solian as he stared at the camera intently. He then lifted his hand to his face, which was wrapped in barbed wire and covered with bits and pieces of muffin. Then, without ever so much flinching, The Prodigal Son opened his mouth and licked the barbed wire. Crumbs of muffin mixed with blood danced on top of Solian’s ripped taste buds. He gave another profound lick and then spat blood and muffin bits right into the camera’s lens.

Ulysis Solian then stared at the camera for just thirty seconds longer, with blood dripping down his mouth and getting caught in his beard. He then turned to the left and walked out of view. Shown in his place instead was the Legacy of Championship logo. The camera stared at it for thirty seconds before it finally faded to black.

08-25-06, 02:57 PM
* Kin Hiroshi has always hated Wyoming: the desolace, the plateaus, and the rednecks. They all chapped his ass, but one reason stood far above the rest of the reasons why Kin has always despised Wyoming: the yuppies cowboys.

These are the kids who grew up in the California suburbs. They grew up pampered by mommy and daddy, and drove thier very own 700-series BMW to private schools. They listened to Alan Jackson and put on a cowboy hat, and think that they can rope and ride like the real men they see on ESPN2. So, they moved out to Wyoming to be near REAL cowboys, but all they get are other wanna-be bull riders and steer wrasslers.

For this reason, Kin Hiroshi hates Wyoming: the state he's scheduled to wrestle in, in less than 48 hours.

'God, I hate this place,' Hiroshi thinks to himself as the plane sets down, and creeps through the tarmac, 'Why can't all these kids just go to Texas?' Kin sighed aloud, and closed his eyes as the plane continued to taxi-in.

He was tired. Working nearly 20 hours a day, between the wrestling and Hiroshi Berry Muffins, Inc. was taking a toll on his body. Anyone who knew Kin on a personal level could see it, and wished he would take a break to easy his mind and body. Alas, he couldn't. He owed too much debt to the people who brought him back from the obscurity and drugs he had fallen into nearly two years ago.

He owed NFW, and that's what brought him to f**king Wyoming.

The plane shook a bit as it docked, and Kin wearily began to gather his carry-on items, and disembark. The hotel was a quick taxi ride, and Kin prayed that his room was ready. The last time? God damned rodeo bandits had snagged the last few, and Kin had to sleep in a rental car. **


** The pillow was softer than any airplane pillow, that was for-damned-sure. The local news was running a story about cattle. 'That's a suprise,' Hiroshi thought as he rolled over, and slipped into dream land... **

OOC: Blue text indicates "Dreaming". It's an internet rule. Look it up.

The Frontier Days Arena was empty, and an angelic Kin Hiroshi decended from the rafters into the middle of the ring. The ropes seemed to move on their own, and upon closer inspection, Kin realized that they were miniature Pamela Andersons, all woven together.

KIN HIROSHI: *suddenly dressed like Indiana Jones* "Barbed wire. I hate barbed wire."

The ring quaked as a giant monster opened up the top of the arena, and reached in. Kin took the bullwhip hanging from his waist, and cracked it at the enormous hand. The beast flinched for an instant, and then tightly gripped Hiroshi.

The fedora crowning Kin's head tumbled below as he rose futher and further into the clouds to come face to face with none other than Kid Rock. The millions of tiny Pamela Andersons below screamed in unison, "He's the Bull God!!!"

Kin grimaced in the face of Kid 'My Real name is Bob' Rock.

KIN HIROSHI: "You're the reason for Wyoming! You make the transition to country music so easy for children. YOU make them come here, Kid Rock! Damn YOU!"

Kin bit into Kid Rocks thumb, and the grip was loosened enough for an escape. Hiroshi tumbled to through the clouds back down to the earth, and fell into a sea of barbed wire (not the ****ty Pamela Anderson kind either). It scratched and gouged him deep, until his was bleeding from every inch of his body, but Kin had no choice but to continue to swim through it to find safety.

Then, a Boeing 745 swooped down, and Samuel Jackson and Harry Potter reached out and grabbed Hiroshi. Harry used a mending charm, and healed all of Hiroshi's wounds. Then as Professor Dumbledore came out of the cockpit, he was blindsided with a spell that came out of no where.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "We've been fighting them all night, we even put a barrier between us, but they just keep coming!"

KIN HIROSHI: "What keep coming?"

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "HIM and HIS clones! Someone get these muthaf**kin' SNAPES off this muthaf**kin' plane!"

Kin looked up just in time to see a spell coming right at him. He dove into the bathroom, which wasn't the bathroom, but his apartment in Seattle.

Hiroshi awoke in a cold sweat.

KIN HIROSHI: "I hate Wyoming. I can't wait to get out of this s**t hole."

08-25-06, 08:08 PM
The camera faded into a room much like one seen before with the Legacy of Champions logo in gold on the wall as a backdrop. A wooden table is shown in the foreground as all is silent in this room. Then, the camera zooms in on the wooden table and something with wheels can be heard entering the room. After the sound of wheels squeaking stops, a championship title is placed on the table in the camera’s close-up view. It is identified as the LoC Relentless Championship. As the camera slowly zooms away, shown now in front of the backdrop is large corkboard with nothing on it.

Standing next to it, with a fresh new look, two eyes, and with the same tin cup in hand as always was none other than LoC’s own Prodigal Son of Wrestling…

Ulysis Solian.

Having recently won the Relentless Championship at the No Turning Back PPV against “The Answer” Aran Thompson, Ulysis Solian has found a new leash on life so to speak. Speaking of…speaking, it seems one thing that hasn’t change thus far is Solian’s silence.

The Prodigal Son reached down underneath the table and pulled up a cardboard box that he placed on the table. Ulysis Solian rummages through the box and pulls out a piece of paper and a thumbtack. He tacks the paper onto the corkboard which reads:

“Notable Defeatables”

Ulysis Solian pulled out another piece of paper and a thumbtack, placed them on the board, and stepped aside so the camera could make out what was on it. It read:


Solian pulled out several pictures and thumbtacks and began to place the pictures underneath the “NFW” heading.

Shots of Felix Red, Michael Manson, Scott Riktor, and Shane Southern were displayed on the board. Underneath the four photos, Solian placed another piece of paper that read:

“Now Utterly Retired”

The Prodigal Son placed several photos of other wrestling superstars:

Tsunami, Rob Sampson, Nemesis, and Jean Rabesque.

Ulysis Solian was about to place more photos on the board but then just shook his head and tossed them aside.

He pulled out another piece of paper and thumbtack from the cardboard box and placed it on the other side of the corkboard. It read:


Solian reached into the box…but could not find any photos to place there. After he scratched his chin in confusion, Ulysis decided to place another piece of paper underneath it:

“Now Utterly Retired”

Back into the box The Prodigal Son went as he rummaged through it. Unfortunately, Ulysis Solian was in more confusion as he tried looking for some photos and turned up nothing. He stood there and looked upon the corkboard, shifting his attention back and forth between both sides.

Ulysis Solian shrugged his shoulders and turned the board over. He then went back into the box and pulled out another piece of paper and thumbtack. He placed it on the corkboard which read:

“World Championships”

Solian then pulled out several pieces of paper and some thumbtacks and arranged them neatly on the corkboard on one side. They read:

IWF World Heavyweight Championship (x2)
AWF World Heavyweight Championship (x2)
IWC World Heavyweight Championship (x2)
(All three titles formed the IWF Triple Crown Championship)

CWWF World Heavyweight Championship
RMWF World Heavyweight Championship
(Held all five world titles at the same time)

The Prodigal Son stared at the one side of the corkboard and nodded his head with hands on his hips. He then went into the box, pulled out something and as he was about to tack it on the board…

…he realized he had nothing in his hand. Shock and awe overcame the newly crowned LoC Relentless Champion as he was very confused.

Ulysis Solian then pulled out a clove from inside his shirt pocket and a Zippo lighter. He flicked the wick and lit the clove up. Taking a couple of hits, he exhaled in the air while a smirk formed across his lips. As he placed the lighter back in his pocket, he turned to the camera, smirk still formed across his face, and leaned on the table with both hands.

The Prodigal Son then pushed off the table slowly and placed the clove in his mouth. He turned to the corkboard and placed one more piece of paper with thumbtack on it that read:

(Not Wyoming)

Ulysis Solian then turned to his right and began to walk away. The camera this time followed him and shown on the wall next to the corkboard was a time clock with an infinity symbol on its face. Ulysis Solian stopped short and turned toward the clock. He stared at it intently and then…smashed it to pieces with a Burning Knuckle.

The new LoC Relentless Champion looked down at the broken time clock, turned back to where he was headed, and walked out of the camera’s view. As the camera moved back toward the corkboard, it was gone and in its place was the LoC backdrop. The camera stared at it for several seconds before it faded to black.