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08-18-06, 04:07 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM

08-20-06, 01:39 AM
(Ravager. Former NAPW Champion. The very first NAPW Provincial Champion. The man who wrestled the first NAPW match ever aired on television. And right now he’s standing eye to eye with his Tag Team partner for the Dupree Cup.

Stylin’ Kyle Roberts. Four Time NAPW Tag Team Champion. “The Man With Blood on His Hands”. And a man who isn’t happy with Ravager’s presence right now.

The camera pans back to show Kyle’s apartment. The door is wide open, and Ravager’s standing in front of the couch, where he’s been sitting for a half-hour. Kyle’s still clenching his keys in his hand.)

KYLE ROBERTS: Well, looky here! It’s Bob Ravager who managed to break into my apartment AGAIN! Have you ever heard of security? Should I be calling the police and sending your ass to jail? PLEASE don’t tell me you’ll be coming back for me and seducing my daughter.

RAVAGER: Don’t worry, I’m not going to go Cape Fear on you. My grandfather used to be a locksmith. He taught me some tricks. Maybe if you would have been home preparing rather than at a movie…

KYLE ROBERTS: I was preparing! See the papers all over the floor?

RAVAGER: I see the papers. What I don’t see are any notes. I don’t see any tapes of our opponents. Did you know that Chaos uses the Emerald Fusion?

KYLE ROBERTS: So what? He disappeared from NAPW how long ago?

RAVAGER: No, you’re thinking of Khaos. He never used the Emerald Fusion, but he later became Nenji. And then disappeared.


RAVAGER: You know why I picked you as my partner?

KYLE ROBERTS: Some kind of paranoid revenge scheme for something I said eight months ago?


KYLE ROBERTS: Or are you looking to finish the screwjob you started the last time we had to team up?

RAVAGER: You guys would have screwed me first if I hadn’t…

KYLE ROBERTS: It doesn’t matter, Bob. I’m ready to forget your mistakes, and focus on the task at hand. The last two TEAM events you’ve been on, you’ve lost. So for this one, you latch on to the biggest talent you can find. Kyle Roberts, who happens to be a tag specialist. The four-time NAPW tag champion. Now, my question is, if you wanted the job done right, why didn’t you just bring Bruce on as my tag partner so we could show this other company who’s boss?

RAVAGER: I divided up the team assets the best I could. I didn’t have time to try and figure out what Bickle’s next move would be. I couldn’t trust Rex 100%. So I did what was best for the team. I need to have someone in my corner who knows how to win. Or to be more precise, who hates losing as much as I do. And yeah, my record in TEAM hasn’t been great. I’ve been pinned twice. Granted, those were in elimination matches. Both times I cleared the ring, only to have some jackass hide in the corner, only to pounce after I did all the real work.

KYLE ROBERTS: Sure, that’s one theory.

RAVAGER: But this time? No eliminations. One fall to a finish. This time I don’t have to worry about being surprised. Do I, Kyle?

KYLE ROBERTS: What do you mean?

RAVAGER: You’re in this for NAPW. So am I. So I can assume that you won’t try and stab me in the back.

KYLE ROBERTS: Can I expect the same from you?

RAVAGER: It would be bad for business to hurt my teammate.

KYLE ROBERTS: You mean like when you had the commissioner ensure that the Doomriders would get their title shot against us, even after we won the match where the entire point was that the Doomriders would be staying away from Bruce and me if they lost?

RAVAGER: I didn’t hurt you. You two beat the Doomriders just fine. Now, we’ve got to get going. I’ve called Rex and Bickle to meet up with us so we can go over strategies for our series of matches against New Era of Wrestling. I’ll make sure to give you some tapes of Chaos and HAL.

KYLE ROBERTS: So, what’s the deal with these guys?

RAVAGER: (holds up a picture) Harold A. Lombough. Self-proclaimed computer god. Has only wrestled a few matches with the company, but so far he’s gained a few wins under his belt. His finisher is A Gutwrench Powerslam he calls the “Control-Alt-Delete.”

KYLE ROBERTS: Oh, god, he’s not one of THEM, is he? One of the unwashed masses that insist on taking up my time talking up their Level 40 Warmongers when they see me reading the latest issue of EGM on the bus? (Imitating the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy) Worst. Gimmick. Ever.

RAVAGER: (holding up another photo) Chaos is the Prodigy Classic Extreme Champion –

KYLE ROBERTS: An extreme champion? You mean hardcore?

RAVAGER: Well, it’s been that way in a few of his matches.

KYLE ROBERTS: Christ. Another garbage wrestler. These are the two people that have been matched against us? An internet nerd and some guy who gets powerbombed through flaming tires to show to manly he is? Consider this one locked up tighter than Samuel L. Jackson’s Oscar win for “Snakes on a Plane.”

RAVAGER: You know you’re obsessed with that movie, right?

KYLE ROBERTS: I DARE you to say anything bad about that movie. Just like yours truly, what you see is what you get! You want snakes on a plane, you got’ em! You want to get your ass kicked by Stylin’ Kyle Roberts? I’ll make sure to give Chaos an Emerald Fusion he’ll forget about once his noggin hits the mat! I could care less if he uses my finisher! All I have to do is use it first. Because NOBODY kicks out of the Fusion.

RAVAGER: Interesting strategy. But I think I’ve got something that might work a bit better against Chaos. I’ve watched his matches. I’ve scouted his style. But you’re going to have to trust me on this.

KYLE ROBERTS: Why is it that the ones you have to watch out for are the ones that tell you to trust them?

RAVAGER: How are you going to give the Emerald Fusion to a man that’s seven feet tall? He’s over three hundred pounds!

KYLE ROBERTS: If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s taking down giants. Hell, I beat Predator, and was able to Fusion that behemoth! I did it so well, his stupid mask crumpled, and we haven’t heard from him since!

RAVAGER: Look, you’re going to want to study his tapes. I’ll make sure you get copies of him and Lombough in action. Because I am NOT going to suffer defeat in another TEAM event. You’re here to make sure that we win.

KYLE ROBERTS: Look, I’ll do my part to help us win. But I’ll be keeping on eye on you as well, you scorpion. Sure, you SAY you don’t want to lose, but I also know your nature is to sabotage anybody who gets in your way.

RAVAGER: Well, there’s a simple solution. Stay out of my way. Now, we’re meeting at the NAPW training center downtown in two hours. Be there.

(Ravager walks out of Kyle’s apartment.)

KYLE ROBERTS: (shouts out the door) Thanks for coming over, Ravager! Thanks for breaking my cow lamp! (muttered) Jackass. Now to clean up this mess before Amy comes home.

(The camera fades on Kyle tidying up and checking the front lock.)

08-20-06, 07:43 PM
(FADEIN to what looks suspiciously like a basement. The walls are bare and the floor is covered in empty cans of Full Throttle, Rockstar, Monster, Red Bull, and every other energy drink under the sun.)

HAL: (mumbling) "Levelfortymyass... "

(He turns around. Even with the large, black-rimmed glasses, he clearly hasn't slept in quite some time. Dark bags hang under his eyes, and he's wearing a "Terror Firmer" t-shirt.)

HAL: "Well if it isn't the latest in the pop culture phenomenon... the duly represented members of the NAPW... Ravager and Kyle Roberts.

"You'll have to excuse me if I don't recognize your name. But since you have no handle... no face in the digital world... well... you're nothing anyway. A sideshow on the ever-expanding information superhighway... a Wikipedia entry, nothing more.

"Want to compare me to the fanboys, gentlemen? Please. The fanboys are just like you... trespassers on OUR frontier... another fledgling sect of the ignorant masses...

"You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you, boys. If it wasn't for 37-year-old virgins sitting in their parents basement, you two wouldn't have careers. What else can you do, then, but live out the adolescent fantasies of others?

"Again, you'll have to forgive my presumption, but don't you find it a little ironic that on one hand, you chastise the Internet fanboys... and on the other hand, you ride the wave of their pop culture phenomenon, 'Snakes on a Plane'?

"No, it seems to me that you're the ones riding the Internet fanboy wave... it seems to me that it's YOU who rides on the BACKBONE OF THE THING WE CREATED.

"But no longer. No longer will I allow ignorant primates like yourself to run your mouths without even a hint of knowledge. You answer your email, sure, but has it ever occurred to you that it was OUR POP3 Connector which brought it to you? It was OUR BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS IN THAT C CODE.

"C code you couldn't have written if your life depended on it... you probably use Microsoft Outlook, for chrissake.

"But no. As usual, the big and dumb will be what they are... big and dumb. Higher reasoning is not part of the... repertoire, is it, gentlemen?

"It is of no consequence. You don't have to know my name... I am the voice of the voiceless... the ones who made this dream of free communication possible, while you, the weak-minded, fell behind...

"Perhaps my partner is just another in a long line of men willing to destroy their own body for the meak support of the fans. It won't matter. I will ride his bloody carcass to victory, if I must.

"Because YOU two... you can barely even stand the presence of each other. And I do not for one minute believe that you have EVER seen me wrestle, you half-wit... scout my action indeed.

"You know nothing. You're just like Joey Lieberman... you hire a small child to do your tech work and then complain when your e-mail's down...

"Well it's the 21st century, my friend. Either embrace the revolution or fall by the wayside. It makes no difference to me.

"It is survival of the fittest. But now, it is the man who bleeds binary who is God... and you two... you have-nots... you riders of the pop culture wave... Pogs one minute, Snakes on the Plane the next...

"... you have come far enough. It's time for you to be shut down.

"It is time, gentleman... for me to press... Control... Alt... Delete."

(FADEOUT as he starts cackling, then snorts, then cackles again.)

08-21-06, 12:12 AM
Ravager’s apartment. Rex Caliber, Patrick Bickle, and Stylin Kyle Roberts are all gathered around Ravager’s television. And playing on screen? Not a match. Instead, they watch Park Chanwok’s 2003 masterpiece Oldboy. Bickle seems to be enjoying the movie the most. Rex is engaged, but not entirely sure what to make of things. Roberts is looking a bit put off. Ravager has a smirk on his face.

Ravager: So. I think my points are clear.

Roberts: (slightly dazed) Did he just cut out his own tongue?

Rex: Why do you have us watching movies? You know how important the Dupree Cup is to NAPW. We should be studying our opponents, not having a film festival.

Ravager: I have my reasons. Just listen and learn. Patrick. What did you get from the movie?

Bickle: Vengeance is a powerful force. If focused correctly, it can cut a path of destruction that would impress God himself. But without a reason. Without that focus. It can lead a man into a painful trap. So when we walk into this tournament, we have to be prepared for whoever fate sends to fight us. We can’t manufacture hate for these men. We can’t simply spew out insults and hope they shrink away and fear. We have to prove ourselves to be the superior opponent. Through intelligence. Sheer Physicality.


Ravager: I was going to point out that we should tear through the competition like Oh Dae-su through that hallway of thugs. But your idea works too.

Rex: I still say this was a waste of time.

Ravager: If you don’t like my methods you can leave. But keep in mind, my strategies have made me NAPW champ. And they got me a victory over you.

Rex: So you’re going to have eight guys interfere in all our matches, and trigger a riot which halts the show?

Ravager: Whatever works.

Roberts: Not on my watch. I want a decisive win, not a bunch of DQ bull. Us versus them. And someone getting Karma'd. After being Polarized.

Bickle: Hypocrisy. First you tell me to focus on my match. Then you bring me here to play a movie I‘ve already digested into my consciousness. What do you really hope to accomplish Ravager?

Ravager: For one, you’re not going to wreck your eyes watching TV in my apartment. Second, whether we like it or not, we’re a team. One man succeeds, we all succeed. One man fails…

Rex: Yap yap yap. I’m going to get food.

Rex gets up and walks out. Bickle goes to Ravager’s DVD collection and starts going through them. Roberts just stares at Ravager.

Roberts: This is going well Bob. Great leadership skills.

Ravager: I got three of my greatest enemies into the same room and I’m not dead. I think I’m doing fine.

Roberts: Night’s still young.

Ravager: But we have four men who want to win the Dupree Cup.

Roberts: And the other teams? You think they don’t want to win? Careful what you say Bob. HAL will be on the net in minutes registering his disgust.

Bickle: (muttering to himself) I can’t let you do that Dave…

Ravager: I’m not going to let any of you cost me this. This is my chance to prove that NAPW is about more than D! and his shiny title. This is a chance for all of us to shine.

Roberts: We’ve all shined. Except for you. You just came off a big loss in a title challenge. And before that? You were on quite a slump until you got desperate enough to pull all your psycho crap. I’m thinking you’re looking to leech off the success of others.

Bickle: (pulling a DVD off the shelf) He brings out the Hardcore stuff for the guests, but deep down, he’s no different from the rest of the huddled masses.

Bickle holds up the DVD he’s pulled out. Batman Begins.

Ravager: I like all kinds of movies. I’m no snob. Why focus on one genre, when you can enjoy a bit of everything?

Bickle: Comedy. Action. Horror. Musicals. A wide variety. Much like your mat skills. Hardcore. Submission. High Impact.

Ravager: Keep people guessing. Exactly.

Roberts: Seriously creeped out right now. … Hey, did Bickle say musicals?

Ravager: I own one musical. And only because I like Nicole Kidman…

Roberts: You’re not going to break into song during a training session are you…

Bickle: That doesn’t explain The Wizard Of Oz being here…

Ravager: Oh right, because that’s not an all time classic beloved by millions…

Rex re-enters. He’s got a six pack, a bag of chips. And a few DVD’s of his own.

Rex: I ordered pizza. Be sure to pay for it when it gets here. And I brought movies that people might actually want to watch. Seeing as we’re not actually doing any preparation.

Bickle picks up the DVD’s Rex has brought.

Bickle: American Psycho. A man obsessed with image, but deep down he’s …

Ravager’s phone rings.

Ravager: Hello? … Um… Rex, it’s for you.

Rex: (takes the phone from Ravager) Nexus One! … Well hello there. I was hoping you’d call…

Bickle: He also has Cruel Intentions. Possibly a comment on your trustworthyness, Ravager. But more than likely because Reese Witherspoon gets naked in it.

Roberts: We’ll watch that one next!

The phone rings again.

Ravager: Hello? … Rex.

Rex: I’m call transferring from my cell phone. Some of us have a life outside of wrestling, you know. (takes phone from Ravager) Hello! Why yes, I am going commando right now? You?

Ravager: I don’t believe this…

Bickle: (holds up DVD titled Bright Lights Big Titties) I’m not sure how this will help our wrestling….

Roberts: Don’t knock Rex’s ideas. He is a TWO TIME NAPW champion. Play the tape.

Doorbell rings. A Domino’s Delivery Man is there, with a stack of pizzas.

Delivery Man: I have five large pepperoni’s for Bob Ravager?

Ravager glares, but then sighs. He pulls out some cash. We hear the rest of the team in the background.

Rex: You see? If your opponent gets you in that position, you’ve lost the match.

Bickle: I could counter that in a second.

Roberts: I don’t know if I’d want to counter that…

Rex: Well, it would be a man applying the maneuver…

Roberts: In that case, I’d counter…

Ravager: The Dupree Cup better catapult me to the top of this business…

Fade to Black.

08-21-06, 08:32 PM
(The camera opens in the busy confines of the Double Down Saloon as the crowd slowly rushes out at the 5 AM closing time. A big man closing the door and locks it closed as he stares out into the barely rising sun of a new day. He'll looks a the thermometer in the window as it hovers just above sixty degrees and eh stares back to the bar were an even taller figure stands back in silhouette)

Man: Closing time boss...been another goodnight. I'll be back at around 4 to re-open

---{{{The tall man nods his head good-bye as the previous makes his way out the back. The camera pans in closer revealing a tall stature and a powerful build, but the shadows still cover his face.}}}---

---{{{The tall man nods his head good-bye as the previous makes his way out the back. The camera pans in closer revealing a tall stature and a powerful build, but the shadows still cover his face.}}}---

Chaos: With some down time between a title defense and our next pay-per-view the powers that be approached me and said Chaos...would you like to represent us?

---{{{He coughs and scratches his chin}}}---

Chaos: I said I do, I do every night. But they shook their heads and told me all about this Dupree Cup, how New Era had a chance to shine among the very best wrestling organizations in the world

---{{{He again coughs and scratches his chin}}}---

Chaos: I said I don't have anything to prove, but if you want me and my expenses are covered then I'll take the show on the road. So I came back here...to Vegas, my home, my business where I can relax...train and ready myself for whoever they decide to put up against us.

---{{{He pauses and grabs a glass from behind the bar. There is a double clinking noise as the cold granite stones hit glass , hw pours himself a healthy measure of scotch, takes a sip and turns back face still in the shadows}}}---

Chaos: And now here I stand refreshed...ready and willing to take upon the challenge, yet I don't really see one.

---{{{He shrugs his shoulders}}}---

Chaos: Sure my partner and I only have exchanged nothing more then a hello between each other backstage, and sinse I'm not the computer type I really haven't checked for an e-mail. Yet I'm already more confident in this match then it seems our opponents are.

---{{{He extends a finger and shakes it scolding}}}---

Chaos: I mean come on...did you really watch tapes of me? This is your build of confidence? The two of you discussing a move I haven't used in a match in well over five years. This is your leg-up? I mean I can see how a man that falls so easily for manufactured pop-culture like Snakes on a Plane would not have a good grasp on the situation he is about to step into, but in doing so...I'd hope at least you have one thing your confident in

---{{{He takes another sip from his drink}}}---

Chaos: That your partner has your back completely. Yet I see distrust already and the bell hasn't even rung. Well that really doesn't matter...and I'll make this point to you Mr. Roberts.

---{{{He points a crooked finger at the camera}}}---

Chaos: Watch all the tapes of me you want, but I don't go in the ring looking for a weakness. I wait for the bell to ring and....I MAKE THEM!!!!

---{{{He downs the last of the drink and the granite stones clash harshly against the glass}}}---

Chaos: and then there you Ravenger.... is that it???

---{{{He shakes his head sadly}}}---

Chaos: Man...and I get crap for calling myself Chaos. Listen Rav...you read all the movies you want...you can watch all the movies that were better as books and you and your crew can eat all the pizza in the world while your buddies share text messages, but I want you to realize one thing

---{{{He put the glass down and leans forward}}}---

Chaos: I don't know how piss poor you career is going, but you’re not going to get into a match with me and expect it to be a stepping stone. No way pal...I'm not going to let it happen. You get in a match with me...you bleed...you suffer...you get hurt, but your not getting a step up on my shoulders being pinned to the mat. If anything I'll grab a weapon and peel this skin off of yours before that EVER happens.

---{{{He steps forward out of the shadows and looks coldly into the camera}}}---

Chaos: See I don’t know either of you, but the two of you could slam your minds together all night and you'd still have no idea what you’re getting yourselves into. This is going to be a fight...call me hardcore...call me extreme...call me whatever you want, but I do one thing and I do it well. I put my body on the line and I'm really not concerned about repercussions...so you can imagine I have even less regard for both of your sorry asses. So take this to heart...

---{{{He leans in even closer face mere inches from the camera}}}---

Chaos: I don’t care about titles you've held...I don’t care about titles you hold. I don't care about insults...and I don't take or make mere threats. When that bell rings I'm going to fight and I'm going to take any shortcut I can find in the process. But in the end...you'll both be bloody....I'll be bloody and one...hell maybe even both of you will fall victim to the most devastating move I've got...and that's the Chaos Bomb. There's no doubt your going to be on the receiving end...that's a fact of life, because just like death...it's coming...it's just a matter of time. Now sit back and stare at the clock for awhile, becuase every second ticks away to doomsday

---{{{He flashes a crooked smile, a cracked tooth from a steel chair stands out, and He laughs coldly...}}}---


08-22-06, 12:52 AM
(We fade up on an NAPW banner hanging behind a chair. A man walks in front of the camera, but we can only see him from the neck down. He's wearing a black slacks and a black dress shirt underneath a forest green sports jacket. Another man in blue jeans enters, who attaches a lapel microphone to the first man's shirt.)

OFFSCREEN VOICE: All right, Mr. Roberts, if you'll just test your mic for us, we can be underway.

KYLE ROBERTS: Check one. Check one. Am I on?

OFFSCREEN VOICE: You're fine, Kyle.

KYLE ROBERTS: Awesome. Can we start this interview? I've got dinner reservations with the little lady at 7 pm sharp.

OFFSCREEN VOICE: By all means. Please sit down in that chair and we'll get started.

(Kyle sits down in the chair, and you finally see the face of one of NAPW's biggest stars. Kyle's got half-inch-long hair standing up with some hair product, a subtle five-o'clock shadow, and green-tinted Tag Heuer sunglasses. He flashes a smile at the camera.)

KYLE ROBERTS: (directly to the camera) How's it going?

OFFSCREEN VOICE: Whenever you're ready, Kyle. This is intended to be an introductory interview for those that don't know you so well. TEAM audiences already know D! and Ravager from previous events, but you, Rex and Patrick are wild cards in the eyes of people who don't watch NAPW programming.

KYLE ROBERTS: Well, they should. What other federations come anywhere close to New Alberta Pro? Not any of the two-bit feds we're facing. NAPW's the Northwest Coast's hidden treasure. Who's got D!, the TEAM Champion of Champions, under contract? Who's got the New and Improved D-X, the four-time NAPW tag-team champs? (Kyle chuckles) The New and Improved Degeneration-X, voted tag team of the half year by ENN Magazine. The most dominant tag team on the West Coast! Rex Caliber, the former indy freelancer who busts heads all around! Caliber, the 245 pound ****hammer of destruction! Patrick Bickle, the most disturbed wrestler you'll ever meet; a man so focused, so obsessed, he'll make sure to destroy himself just to hurt you even more. NAPW is THE federation to beat, and that's something that Harold A. Lameass and the big galoot Chaos will see firsthand.

OFFSCREEN VOICE: What are your feelings on Ravager, your tag team partner against HAL and Chaos, the tag team that New Era is sending against you?

KYLE ROBERTS: My feelings on Bob Ravager? I think it's pretty plain to everyone that Bobby and I are not friends. We're not even friendly acquaintances. Granted, I think he's a seventh-rate version of the devil, but he gets things done. I can't hold that against him. He knows what he wants, and he tries his best to take it. But Chaos was right: I DON'T trust Ravager. Outside of the ring, the only thing I can count on is that Ravager's going to screw me at any opportunity he gets. In fact, I think he teamed us up just so he'd be able to screw with my mind. The mere fact that I have to team up with him gives me a serious case of jeebies.

But INSIDE the ring? I can count on Ravager to do anything in his power to win matches. The guy's a right bastard, I'll admit it. But he goes into ring with one thing on his mind: Victory over his opponent. And regardless of how I feel about Bob Ravager, that's something I can get behind. A win over HALitosis and his big yeti of a partner. Because as good as they might be in their federation, I can guarantee you that I've had more exciting matches in NAPW. Because I am one of the most charismatic wrestlers you will EVER face off against, and I've got more wrestling talent than the people who end up putting themselves through tables to get a pop. However, if Chaos is interested, I can introduced him to Tommy Deathrow and Krusty Kid Paul. I'm sure they'd get along swimmingly.

OFFSCREEN VOICE: Is there anything you'd like to say to your opponents from New Era?

KYLE ROBERTS: Why? So they can pause the tape they'll make of this interview, looking for areas of weakness? You guys want a break? Okay, here it is. Listen carefully.

(Kyle leans over in his chair and whispers.)

I'm horrible against flash pins.

There. You now know something about me. But here's a news flash for ya: This is a tag team match, boys. MY solo weaknesses mean jack squat. What weaknesses you think you can exploit in Kyle Roberts are not those you can exploit in Ravager. While I don't know much about you jerk-offs, you two don't really seem to be much in the way of team wrestlers. You're in this whole Dupree Cup to make yourselves look good, to raise your esteem in the eyes of those fans. Have you two ever teamed up before? Have you two ever faced off before?

Bob Ravager and I have done both. I've faced off against him in matches, both of which I have won, by the way, and he's been a reluctant partner to Bruce Richards and I in some six-man pairups. Guess what? We won those too. Because regardless of my feelings towards my partner against you chumps, I am a team player. You don't become one of the top tag teams in the wrestling business by looking out for yourself. You do it by playing well with others.

Ravager is one of those guys who OBSESSES over his opponents. He's got contingency plans for every NAPW wrestler, even if they're on his side. Because one of these days, he MIGHT have to face off against them. I've been to his apartment. The guy's a hair away from having the police arrest him on charges of stalking. Because he wants to win THAT much. We don't get along, it's true. But I know that Ravager has a file on me, and he'll use his knowledge of me to be a good tag team partner. Sure, he's no Bruce Richards, and he's not the kind of guy I hang out with on a regular basis. He might tell you "Yeah, Kyle and I have watched movies together," but that's because the guy's psycho enough to sit right beside me when I'm on a date with my girlfriend Amy. Rav's a total buzzkill that way.

So I'll be seeing you two losers in the ring next week at- At... (Kyle looks offscreen towards his interviewer.) Where is this match taking place?

OFFSCREEN VOICE: You know, I'm not sure. TEAM hasn't told us that yet.

KYLE ROBERTS: That's just awesome. Look, you know what? It doesn't matter. I'll beat them in New York. I'll beat them in Chicago. I'll beat them in Houston. I'll beat them in California. Hell, if they're willing, I'll beat them in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico! Cincinnati! Belgium! It just doesn't matter where we meet, because HAL and Chaos will be getting their asses HANDED to them by Kyle Roberts and the freak known as Ravager!

(Kyle slumps back into his chair.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with my girlfriend.

(Kyle takes off his mic and walks offscreen, leaving the NAPW banner in full frame of the camera as we fade to black.)

08-22-06, 06:38 PM
(FADEIN to a larger room, this time. A small office with a single wraparound oak desk. Harold A. Lombourgh sits in a leather chair in front of three LCD monitors. On the right side is Ruby code (to a particularly nerdy observer), on the center is a browser open to some message board, and on the left is a 3D model environment with some mountainous-looking object. After a few moments, he leans back and seems to relax, finally turning to face the camera.)

HAL: "Good one, Kyle. HALitosis. I get it. Like bad breath. Except you emphasized my name. How long did that take, Kyle? I hope not too long.

"At least you take a few parting shots at your teammate. Nice thinking. I can't imagine that that may ever come back to haunt you.

"What do you do for an encore? Light yourself on fire and call me a HALibut? Or are you saving that for your home turf?

"Funny thing is, Mr. Roberts... I don't need to look very hard for weakness. Not very hard at all.

"In fact, your intellectual weakness sits in the room, much like the proverbial gorilla. Of course, let's not speak in metaphors... I wouldn't want this to go over your mind, which surely lacks even the capacity for trivial QBASIC code."

(He starts giggling and snorts, then stops himself and gets serious again.)

HAL: "Truth is, Kyle, I'm not at all concerned with our upcoming match.

"You're the type of man, Kyle, who makes bold promises and guarantees which involve unknown quantities. Hidden variables, if you will.

"Even a Sociology major could piece together the tiny fact that in any equation, unknown variables will make the answer... here... wait for it, Kyle...

"... yes, that's correct. D, all of the above.


"The answer is UKNOWN. Hence the equation at all. If it was known, there would be no need to wrestle the matches, now would there, child?

"After all... my entire professional career has consistented of a single match. Not exactly a wealth of information, is it, Kyle? Are you getting all this? Perhaps now would be a good time to hit pause and grab a pencil and paper. You're going to want to write this down. I can tell."

(He pauses for a moment and thinks.)

HAL: "As for you... Mr... Ravager...

"The truth is, Mr. Ravager, I don't have a significant problem with you. You amuse me, to some extent. You didn't promise victory. You didn't reduce yourself to childlike namecalling.

"However. It's not my intention to catapult your career to the top of anything. Unfortunately, while you DID amuse me... the fact, is, eventually, we're all obsolete.

"I'm the 22nd century... where's your Blu-Ray DVD player, hm? How can you even WATCH big-breasted women without ultra-high definition video?

"It's a sad thing about the world, gentlemen. While you would have me believe that NAPW is, in fact, the end all... there have been a million before who laid the same claims.

"Only a fool would claim to know such things. As I am sure you're aware, Mr. Ravager... it is you who has the fool for an opponent. Not I.

"In the meantime, I shall wait anxiously, Mr. Roberts, to show you just how bad my breath is. And once you smell it, it will only be of the slightest concern that you find yourself suddenly on your back... wondering where your pride had gone.

"Whether you like it or not... it's time the world moved on. And when it does, HAL will be there, assembling the high-availability Linux clusters and streamlined Apache cgis with which YOU WOULD HAVE NO LIFE AT ALL.

"I expect my apology.

"In electronic form only, please."

(FADEOUT to his pompous smirk.)

08-22-06, 09:51 PM
Ravager. At his computer. Typing away.

I always have a hard time with tournaments like these. Going into a match with an unknown opponent. At least in NAPW, I have everyone scouted. But now, I have eleven other federations to look over. Because I never know who I may face next. But watching matches of your opponents, listening to interviews? That only helps so much. For me to really get motivated for a match, I need to feel anger. A deep seeded hate. I need that intense desire to cripple whoever gets in my path. And to be honest, the only person I feel that for? Is my tag partner.

Bet you like hearing that Chaos.

Hey HAL, when you see this on some message board, are you going to chuckle just a little bit?

I mean, you guys are a well oiled machine, ready to fight. Aren't you?

Ravager smirks.

Or are you just two guys thrown together by your team captain, whose more focused on his own match than the tag match? Is NEW sending out a team, or four guys looking for individual glory? Are you just going to sit back and hope team NAPW implodes?

You see HAL, this is where actual life experience comes in handy. Think of it like when you date a girl for the first time. Or more likely, if you date a girl for the first time. Sure, you may have a lot of online experience, but when the big moment comes, you'll be like a lost child. Scared. Helpless. Confused.

Chaos. So, you haven't used the Emerald Fusion in five years. Oh dear, there goes our entire game plan.

Ravager pulls up an elaborate chart.

I mean, I even had Bruce Richards whip this up... Ah screw it. Chaos, you have no idea the preparation I go through for a match. I look at every possible advantage. So you don't use that move? I'm sure you got others to prepare for. And we will be prepared.

But still. After all the insults. HAL's little flame attempt. Chaos' barely sensible rant. I'm still not feeling the hate for you guys.

Kyle Roberts walks out of the bathroom.

Roberts: Man, I really hate our opponents. I was just watching HAL's promo on the TEAM website, and that guy is really, really getting to me.

Ravager: What do you mean, you were just watching it? You were in my washroom for half an hour!

Roberts: Wireless networks are awesome that way.

Ravager: You took my laptop into the bathroom with you?

Roberts: Bob, check your hotmail.

Ravager opens up another window on his computer.

Ravager: (reading aloud) "Hey, Bob. It's Kyle Roberts, and I'm emailing you from your own computer in your bathroom. How awesome is that?" (glares at Roberts)I forbid you from using my laptop.

Roberts: Then put in some reading material, Bob. A Maxim, or Entertainment Weekly or something.

Ravager: There's plenty of reading material in my bathroom.

Roberts: Sure, if I want to read D!'s scouting report. Like I care about that emo whiner.

Ravager: I have stuff on Tommy Deathrow as well...

Roberts: Anyways, what's up with that HAL guy? "I'm going to show you just how bad my breath is, you'll find yourself on your back, wondering where your pride had gone?" Is he wanting to kiss me? Or do something worse if I find myself on my back?

Ravager: Well, there's only one way to find out. You let him take the advantage in the match. When he gets you on your back, you'll have your answer.

Roberts: Eurgh! I'll tag you in first, cowboy. don't ask don't tell buddy.

Ravager: Like I'd let that little techno snob anywhere near me! Him and his kind ruining movies for me with their incessant need to spoil the end of every movie made. Or with their uneducated critiques of wrestling! Pointing out every flaw like they'd ever know what to do in the ring. God I hate those guys!

Roberts: There you go! I knew if you reached enough, you'd find a way to hate Pencil-necked Howard! The funny thing is, he reminds me of you a lot. People say the one person you could never get along with is a carbon copy of yourself.

Ravager: We do have one small difference. I've never had to hide behind some computer. And sure, I may leave myself open to insults, but you see, petty mind games are nothing compared to an all out physical assault, and very few people can match up to me in that department.

Roberts: You're talking to the Man With Blood On His Hands.

Ravager: Those hands look pretty clean right now.

Roberts: (smirks) I'll say this about you, Bob, when it comes to hurting people, you're not one to fail. Mind games, yes. Games of honour, yes. But domination of your opponent? You're one vicious bugger. And while I haven't crippled anyone recently, I can dish out a lot. I'm also able to beat the odds and take my lumps as well as anyone. Or have you forgot the matches Bruce and I have had against Deathrow and Krusty Kid Paul? We got the **** kicked out of us, but we're the ones who picked up the win.

Ravager: (smirks) You think I chose you as my partner by picking your name out of a hat?
You've proven yourself as a competitor. I only choose winners to be on my side. ... Plus I wasn't 100% sure that Rex wouldn't drop me on my head after the match.

Roberts: That's sound thinking. I've been thinking of doing it myself. Only thing holding me back is the "weakening the team" thing.

Ravager: Well, as long as you have that.

Roberts: For now. Hey, what about Chaos? We need a reason to hate him, too.

Ravager: What? A big, muscle bound loudmouth who works at a bar in his spare time? I'll just picture Rex's face over his. It'll be easy to work up some aggression. You can pretend you're fighting Predator again. It's all good.

Roberts: Fair enough.

Roberts picks up the chart Ravager discarded.

Roberts: You told Bruce the chart was a joke, right?

Ravager: Yeah. That was his quick version. He said if he had more time he could have done something better.

Roberts: (shakes his head) That boy obsesses a bit too much sometimes.

Ravager: (coldly) Some would say he doesn't obsess enough.

Roberts: (shudders) That's the last thing we need...

Fade to Black

08-23-06, 05:19 PM
(A cloud of smoke fills the air as he exhales off a large cigar sitting back in a chair over looking the Neon bright skyline of the city below. A loud scream of tourists from the ride behind him can be heard as the chuckles softly at their freight. He slowly stand walking towards the railing surrounding the Stratosphere Hotel and looks down upon the city he loves as the warm night hair blows around him. He takes another puff from his cigar and smiles as the smoke ring floats through the air)

Chaos: You know it's nice to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. You get to a point in your career when you finally feel the success is real. You’re confident on your ability. Secure in your career choice and happy with the money it's made you. I've been sitting at this reserved table for several years now happy with the fact that the city I came to as just a high school kid is now a well conquered place I can call home.

---{{{He places his hands on the railing and looks over}}}---

Chaos: I've got friends at each and every door up and down the strip. Connections to the best places in town and own one of the best locations in this whole place. I don't work at a bar in my off time....I own one. For that reason I'm happy, I'm successful...I'm secure....and most of all I'm confident.

---{{{He turns and looks at the camera}}}---

Chaos: and I owe it all to myself and my wrestling career. The mere fact that I can walk around in a town like this and get others respect shows a true sign of hard work. Just think about that...and I owe it all to wrestling. To my own hard work and sacrificing of my body and my opponents its lead me this far. So you'll excuse me if I don't come off like my opponent Mr. Roberts. A loud mouth braggart who talks and talks and talks some more, but never really says anything. See Kyle I've heard you boast and I've heard you brag. There is just one small point you fail to realize

---{{{He shrugs his shoulders}}}---

Chaos: I DON'T CARE!!!! I don't care about D...I don't care about X, I don’t care about Y and I DAMN sure don't care about...

---{{{He cocks his hand like a gun and points}}}---

Chaos: U!!!! Now I'm sure in return your going to give me a thousand reasons why, but it won't matter. See you’re past....even your present...it really means nothing. Same goes for ANYBODY else that wrestles in your fed. What you need to concern...worry, talk and discuss is your very near future. Because I don't feel any pressure right now. I'm sitting back here in the greatest city in the world, I'm...

---{{{He snickers and smiles}}}---

Chaos: I'm very cool...I'm very calm...I'm on top of my game and ready for a fight. I've got the belt I've always wanted, I've made the money I'll probably ever need, and I've got more friends that any man could want. So when the bell rings kicking your ass or Rav's during the Dupree Cup...well Kyle that is all just a cherry on my sundae. So please excuse me if I don't beat my chest...if I don't feel the need to tell the world just HOW great I THINK I am. For you see I KNOW IT!!! I FEEL IT!!!! HELL I EVEN LIVE IT!!!!

---{{{He shakes his head and stares at the camera}}}---

Chaos: And if you can't look at me and see the same thing...then you even a bigger fool then I take you for. Do you have that kind of confidence in yourself Kyle? Because I damn sure know you don't have it in your partner. What was his name again...your apartment buddy?

---{{{He snaps his fingers}}}---

Chaos: Yeah...that's right Ravanger....

---{{{He chuckles softly at the sound of the name}}}---

Chaos: Ravenger....did I really hear you right? Are you so lacking in career focus that you need to be angry at me in order to GET UP for the match. Is this really true? Because if it is...I can only say I find that really sad. Not quite as pathetic is the banter between you and your partner about laptops and bathrooms...no that's a whole lower level of boring and pathetic. It's the athlete that needs an outside incentive in order to push himself that is really sad. No wonder you need this Dupree Cup so bad. I can almost feel the your need to validate yourself with every word coming out of your mouth

---{{{He shakes his head and frowns}}}---

Chaos: Yet I don’t hear passion and desire. No...That is the mark of a true champion and a man that should be feared. No what I hear is doubting desperation to show that you belong were others already feel they do.

---{{{He quickly turns and snaps his fingers}}}---

Chaos: And that is a sign of weakness. Hell even someone like your partner Kyle can see that and that gentlemen is not something you shouldr take to the ring. At least not against me. Because when that bell rings I'll take that advantage and I'll BURY you with it.

---{{{He spits over the railing and watches it fall}}}---

Chaos: I don't need the advantage boys, but I'll take it. I'll take it and I'll give you just what I promised before. That's a slow decent into hell known as THE CHAOS BOMB!!!!
It's going to happen either way. I'll take your weakness or I'll make my own. I'll pick one or if I have to both. I'll get that advantage and I'll work it and I'll work it till one of you suffers and your shoulders get pinned

---{{{He lifts his head up and and snaps his fingers loudly}}}---

Chaos: It's CHAOS BOMB, then...1...2...3. And Rav...I sure hope that reality check is enough to piss you off. Because I can't boil it down anymore simple

---{{{He laughs loudly, takes a big puff off his cigar one last time and walks away}}}---


08-24-06, 12:06 AM
NAPW studios. A large man is in front of the camera. He looks angry. He looks mean. And he looks like he has something to say.

Hello fans. My name is Ravanger. And I'm looking to make a name for myself in this business. I work hard. I fight hard. And I will do whatever it takes to be a champion. And I know that this won't happen overnight. I'll have to spill a lot of blood. I'll have to take a lot of beatings. And I'll have to learn some respect before I reach the lofty plateaus set by all the greats who came before me.

At least. that's the attitude I used to have. But then I saw a video of Chaos, talking about the Dupree Cup.

Hey Chaos! You were talking a lot of crap about me. You don't see passion? You don't see desire? Well, up until today, you haven't seen anything, because nobody knew I existed! I hadn't even cut my first promo, and already you're mocking me! Why? We're not in a match together. We've never actually met face to face. You have no reason to hate me so much.

But I'll be willing to give you an excuse. You think you can Chaos bomb me? Oh Hell no! I am the King of Suplexes, the Prince of Powerbombs, and the... Duke of DDT's! And I'm coming for you. Cause you've made me mad. Before I can even get a foothold in this business, you're trying to knock me down! You tried to besmirch my character! And for that, you shall pay in blood...

Voice: (off screen) Okay, this has gotten old.

CLANG! Ravanger is nailed in the head with a chair. Into the frame steps NAPW superstar RAVAGER.

Ravager: And it'll be just that simple. I mean, come on Chaos! You chuckle because I thought you worked in a bar, rather than own it? So what? You can't even be bothered to learn my name. What makes you think you could learn my moves? Or my ring psychology? Now, I know what you're going to do next. You're going to say:

"Names are unimportant. I can beat anybody".

And you'd be partly right. I am more than just my name. Why do you think I let Roberts' "Bob" jokes slide? Because I am defined by my ability, not the moniker the announcer calls out before the match. "Ravager" is not too difficult to pronounce. It looks good on a T-Shirt. But If I had gone with something else, I'd still be the most vicious, untrustworthy SOB in the business.

Our upcoming match is about more than our names. This is about me proving my talent to a global audience. This is about me leading a team of NAPW superstars to victory. This is about making the federation that I helped build into the place for wrestlers to show off their talent. You don't see passion? You don't see desire? Look harder. You're probably to dense to see it. But while we're talking about what we can't see?

I can't see you and your partner working on strategy. How is HAL? I mean, you've talked to him. ... Right? Aside from a hello and "We're going to be a tag team"? And please keep in mind that email does not count as communication, no matter what your techno-snob partner may think. Team mates work together. Even if they don't trust or like each other. They still try and get on the same page, for the good of the team. And I don't see Team NEW working together to strive for glory. All I see is four guys with individual agendas, who are about to hit a brick wall.

A brick wall called NAPW.

Ravager smirks.

And if you're not truly prepared, you're going to crash and burn.

Ravager turns to walk out, taking time to plant a boot into the back of Ravanger.

Fade to black.

08-24-06, 07:08 PM
(The warm early sun lights the desert below as heaving breathing and loud footsteps can be heard. A hand knocking on the door can be heard as the camera pulls back so see the outside of the famous Top Rank gym in Las Vegas. It's barely 6 AM as a sweaty Chaos finishes his morning run and meets the owner before the place even opens. He steps inside the cool blast of air conditioning hits his face and he takes a relaxing breath, He drink s deeply from the bottle of water in his hand and sits down on a small wooden bench to check his heart rate. He looks up with a somewhat satisfied smile)

Chaos: Hey there Rav...this what you wanted to see?...this what you needed for proof? Hardly 6 AM and I got a camera crew following me just to show you that I'm getting prepared for the Dupree Cup. Because I heard you question that? Heard you question my team? So I thought about it all last night. Yeah I'll have the camera crew come right down to the gym and show old Rav just what is going on. But now that I'm here...you’re not getting anything more then that...and do you know why?

---{{{His smile widens and he wipes the sweat from his forehead}}}---

Chaos: Because your too stupid to see what is right before you own eyes, Were you so intently focused on every word that I said that you didn't see what was behind me. It's VEGAS...LAS VEGAS!!!!! Ever heard of it? It's the fight capitol of the world. It's the entertainment capitol of the world. The Best of the Best come here. They come to fight and the come to train. Boxers, Martial artist, strength athletes and yes even wrestlers come here.

---{{{He slaps a palm against his forehead}}}---

Chaos: Did you think that maybe in the weeks leading up to the Dupree Cup that maybe...just maybe I might have invited my fellow teammates to come to this great city and train? To make our plan, work on strategy and yeah maybe even have a pretty good time. Did that ever occur to you? Or because we didn't send you a video tape of us together you just assumed we never did. Well I hate to disappoint you Rav, but we are a lot more creative then you give us credit for. See Rav...

---{{{He chuckles softly}}}---

Chaos: Does it really bother you when I call you that? I mean you did mention it...are you that easily distracted? If the mere fact that I intently screw with your name bothers you then I guess there's not a whole lot more to be said. I mean I could tell you I find you amusing.

---{{{He shakes his hand in front of the camera}}}---

Chaos: yes I said amusing, but not in an entertaining way. More in the way a parent gets a slight bit of amusement when there kid does something really stupid, because they're just not old enough to know better yet. That's how you amuse me. Like when you accuse me you not learning your moves or studying you’re...

---{{{He laughs loudly}}}---

Chaos: Ring Psychology...was that what you call it? Well how do you really know that Rav? Because I said I didn't care or just as before...because it wasm't said to your face or happened before your eyes....what did you just assume yet again? Do you see the point I'm getting at Rav?

---{{{He stands and now towers over the camera man}}}---

Chaos: We're New Era. I'm New Era...and we're not going to tell you or show a damn thing until that bell rings. Why? Because we don’t have too. Because we don't want too. Hell...because we don't need to. New Era didn't sign up for this cup for the hell of it...despite what we said...you just assumed that. Well everyone knows what happens when you assume things...you do know that don't ya Rav? Or is that something else I'm going to have to explain to you. See I'm ready and my team is ready to have that bell ring and go to war. Just because you don't see that on camera don’t assume it's not true.

---{{{He cracks a slight smile}}}---

Chaos: I'm sure there are a few things no matter how transparent you come off that you and Bob are hiding. Perhaps somewhere in your mass of charts and piles of video tapes you guys might have a plan to bring peace to the Middle East. Yet I don't see it and I don't believe it. All I have seen is a loud mouth and a fool who needs to be pissed on before he gets pissed-off. Well I hope I said something to AGAIN give you an incentive Rav. Because when that bell rings and Hal and I are standing across the ring from you.

---{{{His smile slowly fades and his eyes narrow}}}---

Chaos: Well then you'll be under the assumption that you really have stepped in over your head? Crash and Burn? Is that your plan Rav? Well good because I can't think of a better description of what is going to happen when that ref's hand finally hits the mat for three

---{{{He snaps his fingers and grins}}}---

Chaos: Wait...yes I can...it's called...THE CHAOS BOMB!!!! Your demise is still ticking away boys.

---{{{He laughs loudly and drinks down some more water as he walks away}}}---


08-25-06, 10:55 PM
(Friday evening. WestJet flight 334 is halfway to Toronto, and the NAPW contingent is all aboard. Rollcall? Patrick Bickle. Rex Caliber. Ravager. Kyle Roberts. Bickle's sitting in the row ahead of Kyle Roberts and Ravager, reading Choke Hold by Todd Babiak. Kyle peeks his head over the seat and whispers.)


PATRICK BICKLE: Kyle, I'm trying to read here!

KYLE ROBERTS: Do you want to trade seats? Rav's trying to talk my ear off about ring psychology.

PATRICK BICKLE: Oh, he is? Then I CERTAINLY want to trade seats with you!


PATRICK BICKLE: Of course not. Calm down. Let me read my book in peace.

KYLE ROBERTS: How are you liking the book?

PATRICK BICKLE: It's not what I expected from the title. But it's decent. Have you read it?

KYLE ROBERTS: Pfft. Please. It's on my do to list.

PATRICK BICKLE: You might like it. It's the story of a guy who goes back to his small hometown and trying to readjust. You might relate.

KYLE ROBERTS: Please. Like I'd move back to Moose Jaw anytime soon. If I move anywhere, it's bigger and better than Edmonton, not smaller and crappier.

(Rex passes in the aisle and sits in the seat next to Bickle.)

KYLE ROBERTS: Where have you been?

REX CALIBER: You know the girl that's been eyeing me since the airport?


REX CALIBER: I just initiated her into the Mile High Club, if you catch my drift.


REX CALIBER: Come on, you've GOT to have heard of the Mile High Club! I've been a member since four years ago.

KYLE ROBERTS: I didn't know you four years ago.

REX CALIBER: So you and Amy never hit the washroom for a quickie?

KYLE ROBERTS: Oh, that? Sure. Why?

REX CALIBER: That's the Mile High Club!

KYLE ROBERTS: Oh, I thought it had something to do with Denver.

REX CALIBER: Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a member of the Mile High Stadium Club too. Broncos game in 2002. I'll never forget Sheila. Or was it Natasha?

KYLE ROBERTS: Wanna trade seats, Rex?

REX CALIBER: Right. Like I'd sit next to the guy who'd stab me in the back without a second thought.

KYLE ROBERTS: Dude, since you hit the washroom, Ravager's changed his tune! He's completely awesome now!

REX CALIBER: So why are you asking to trade seats?

KYLE ROBERTS: (thinks about it for a second) Because I want to share Bob's new awesomeness with everybody?

REX CALIBER: Pass. Nice try, Roberts.

KYLE ROBERTS: (slumps back into his seat) Damn.

RAVAGER: So, what do you think of our chances?

KYLE ROBERTS: I'm hoping for chicken fingers. The airlines can't screw up chicken fingers.

RAVAGER: I'm talking about our matches.

KYLE ROBERTS: Pffft. Those four losers put the ME in TEAM. Bickle's got his match all sewn up, and Rex looks ready and primed for anything Mr. Entertainment wants to throw his way. Then there's HAL and Chaos. Like we can't work as a unit long enough to destroy two arrogant slackasses who don't even want to talk to each other about us? Chaos couldn't even remember our names! Sure, he FINALLY learned to call you Rav just so he wouldn't screw up something as easy as Ravager, but he's calling me Bob! That's YOUR name.

RAVAGER: No, it REALLY isn't. It's the name you foisted onto me.

KYLE ROBERTS: Meh, it's fooled everyone in NAPW since November. But for a guy who doesn't seem able to leave his cushy pad in Vegas to actually practice with his freakin' tag team partner? You'd think he'd be all about teaching the guy who's only had ONE match to his name enough to face off against two of NAPW's top talents. Instead, I'm sure he's going to let the computer nerd flounder in the ring enough to make Chaos look better by comparison.

RAVAGER: A couple of months ago, you'd have done the exact same thing.

KYLE ROBERTS: Where's the fun in sabotaging your opponent in the ring? There's a reason why the New and Improved D-X steal the show every card we're booked on! Because we're that damn good, and our opponents need to try their hardest to get to our level. Bruce and I demand excellence from our opponents. Otherwise, it's a squash.

RAVAGER: It's still a win.

KYLE ROBERTS: Sure, in a crappy federation. Chaos better be bringing his A-game. Because I'm not letting up in the slightest. Emerald Fusion! Polarizer! The Bear-Tamer! It doesn't matter how I kill him, as long as he goes down! He thinks a stupid powerbomb's going to take us out?

RAVAGER: You're mistaken, Roberts. Instant Karma's going to get him.

KYLE ROBERTS: Look, it doesn't matter. The quicker we beat the **** out of those galoots, the earlier I get to stop being your tag partner.

RAVAGER: You'd just better fill your end of the bargain. You're not going to screw me out of a win.

KYLE ROBERTS: Rav, if it's me that ends up being the downfall of our team, they'll have cheated. It's that simple. We're not going to lose to Chaos and HAL.

RAVAGER: Just in case, we're going to train our hardest when we get to Memphis.

KYLE ROBERTS: I get it. Fine. Just as long as I'm able to go out clubbing with Rex at some point.

RAVAGER: Man, it'd be a shame if Amy ended up hearing about any shenanigans.


RAVAGER: I wouldn't want to tell her about how my roommate didn't show up to his hotel room overnight.

KYLE ROBERTS: You can't be serious. We're not sharing a room, are we?

RAVAGER: There's some things we need to go over. I've booked the hotel room so that we'd be able to maximize our training.

KYLE ROBERTS: God, what else could go wrong?

INTERCOM: Just so you are aware, we will be starting our in-flight movies shortly. On Channel 1, we will be viewing Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson. On Channel 2, we will be viewing Airport starring Burt Lancaster.

KYLE ROBERTS: They're joking, right? (Ravager puts on his headphones, ignoring Kyle.) RIGHT? (muttering to himself) God, this is going to be one long weekend.

(Fade to black.)

08-25-06, 11:47 PM
(It's nearly midnight as he stands in the cool Vegas night. His long coat blows in the wind as eh stands outside the small office building adjacent to the airport. He quickly lifts his arm up to again check the time and he angles his head left to right looking up at the night sky. He adjust the duffel bag slung over his shoulder turns to the camera)

Chaos: Well boys here we go. While you sit in business class listening to that fool Rex run his mouth and then bicker like an old married couple trying to debate him. Well I'm standing here waiting for my private jet to pick me up.

---{{{He points at the camera}}}---

Chaos: You see that's the difference. While your still making threats that I still don't take serious I'm here calm and relaxed. Confident that when we get into the ring...it's all going to be over. I mean listen Kyle you've been talking smack to your own partner the entire time. You have no confidence in him at all. Yet I know...I'm sure...I'm very confident that when the bell rings that big man Hal will have my back.

---{{{He looks up in the again to see a light off in the distance sky}}}---

Chaos: Yet you all seem so worried. I mean come on Kyle. Why would I leave Vegas....fight capitol of the world...the very best place to train for the Dupree Cup? Were would you have me go? Hell you and your buddy hardly left your apartment from what I've seen. Yet...that's the different world we live in.

---{{{He shrugs his shoulders and grins}}}---

Chaos: See all during this time I've never had to boast or brag. I've never listed all the titles I've won and they are numerous. Never listed all the levels I've reached and they are many. Yet it's all I hear from you guy. All about the new and improved D-X. All about how NAPW is THE place to be. On and on and on. To be fair...I've never run down you or your teammates. I've simply listened to your own words and ignorance....then used it against you.

---{{{He smiles wide}}}---

Chaos: That's why your running your mouth behind our backs instead having the guts to put your face on camera and actually speak...speak to me. That's all I ask...you want to make a threat...have the balls to stand up and make one. You want to run your mouth...do it to my face. Not while you got your buddies there to make you seem amusing.

---{{{He chuckles softly}}}---

Chaos: That's why you’re going down in this match. Kyle you got a partner you don't trust and don’t believe in. Neither have you has any understanding of the four men you’re getting into the ring with beyond what few words you've ducked at every chance. I'm glad your confident...I'm glad you can sit back and laugh. I hope you enjoy your flight and enjoy your movie. Just remember one thing...

---{{{He looks up as the light in the distance has grown bigger and you can hear the low roar of the engine}}}---

Chaos: After w send you down in defeat....the flight back in going to be really long and VERY...VERY QUIET!!!!

---{{{He laughs loudly}}}---

Chaos: You see defeat has that effect on you. I know I've felt it in the past, but the past is just that. The future is now. I've said it time and time again. Not one of you has even has bothered to step up in deny it.

---{{{He pauses as the noise from the engine grows even louder and the plane lands on the runway. He watches it taxi by and the motor slowly start to die down}}}---

Chaos: I promised both of you a Chaos Bomb. Well boys I keep my promises. I can't control what happens in the other matches, but when that bell rings and you’re standing across the ring from Chaos.

---{{{He leans in and points to the camera}}}---

Chaos: well you’re going to know just why I am The Prodigy Extreme Champion...why the fans stand in line to see how far I'll push the limits and lastly you'll know why it's not just printed on a t-shirt, but that I am truly the man known as SEVEN-FOOT EXTREME!!!

---{{{He waves at the pilot, adjusts the weight of his duffel bag again and walks towards the plane}}}---