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08-18-06, 03:55 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM

08-20-06, 05:11 PM
A few short hours before the cameras come on for this week's edition of A1E's Warfare, a figure wanders down the aisle toward the ring. The arena is dark save for a lone spotlight illuminating the ring. As the figure crosses into the light, those familiar with him will recognize BigDog. The big man walks up to the ring apron and places his hands on it in front of him. Without looking up at the camera, he starts to speak.

BigDog: For years now, I have climbed up into this ring and given my all for the fans of A1E. No matter how much blood I spilled or how many ligaments and tendons were strained or sprained, I always knew it was worth it.

Win or lose, what was important was that I gave the fans their money's worth. For most of the people that come through these doors tonight, this will be the biggest event of their week, perhaps of their month. They have saved up their money and looked forward to this show for who knows how long.

I have made it my mission throughout my career to make sure that their money was well spent. And tonight is no exception.

BigDog turns around and looks toward the camera.

BigDog: However, there is an event coming up that will be slightly different.

A1E will be participating in the first ever Dupree Cup, a tournament among teams from federations across the country. This competition features teams of four from each fed, and it will take place over the next couple of months.

The reason it's different is quite simple. Most nights, I step into this ring fighting one match for myself. Win or lose isn't so important as long as I've given it the kind of fight I can be proud of, and I know the people go home happy.

But this event, this event I'm not just fighting under my name. I am fighting under the banner of "A1E" along with some men I greatly respect. James Irish is a man who has taken our federation by storm. It's only a matter of time before he wins that World Title. The same can be said for Andrew Gilkison. Andy's been so close so many times. It won't be long before he crosses that final hump. And lastly, a newcomer by the name of Troy Douglas. I've kept my eyes on him, as I do everyone that comes through A1E, and I have to say he's got as much potential as any I've seen.

To stand shoulder to shoulder with these men and fight for our federation, that is the greatest honor I could ask for. Not only am I fighting for the fans, but I'm also fighting for all the men back there in that lockerroom that I've spilled blood with. All the men that I've been up and down the road with, and all the men that have left their mark on this fed before riding off into the sunset.

For each and every one of them, any of the four of us will spill whatever blood is necessary.

First up, we face off with the team from EUWC in the round robin. As part of that, James and I will be taking on the Angel of Death and Nero in a tag team match. I'd be lying if I said that I knew much about either of these guys right now. I'll get hold of whatever I can, obviously, before match time, but right now I'm pretty much flying blind.

So, with that in mind, I'll just offer the two of them a little advice.

Come to the ring looking for a straight up fight, and you'll get the best one you've ever been involved in. I say that with no sense of arrogance. It's a simple matter of fact. James and I will be more than willing to trade holds, trade blows, and trade pins with you.

But, come to this match looking to take a shortcut and you won't walk out of that ring under your own power. Treat us with respect, and you'll receive it in kind. Try to disrespect us, and we will flat out plant you. Just a free bit of advice boys.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a match to get ready for tonight. But as soon as that's over, my mind will be right back on the two of you. I'm looking forward to it. Hope you are too.

08-22-06, 10:39 PM
Fade in to a large A1E flag, with the sound of military drums in the background. Slowly, James Irish can be seen apparently walking up steps, rising until is knees are where the bottom of the screen is. He's wearing an American army general's uniform, with all the regular decorations and a couple that aren't so regular like a flower with a very obvious water hose, and a pin-on badge that says "Chicken Inspector." He takes a few more steps, and finally stops, and appears to address some unseen troops.

JIrish: Gentlemen and ladies of A1 Wrestling incorporated. We have been given a direct task, and a select few of you have stepped forward and volunteered to accompany me in-

HEY!! Stop that dang drumming! This would be easier if I didn't have to talk over an entire marching band, y'know!

The drumming stops.

That's better. Anyhow, a select few of you have stepped forward and volunteered to accompany me in the Dupree Cup tournament. And on this day, we begin our noble journey into parts unknown, against forces that would seek to do the honor of our federation harm for their own gain. (Which, let's face it, is about the same thing we're trying to do, so let's not cast any pretences of nobility over what we're up to.)

Jess Chapel, in his wisdom, has decided to pit us first against the representatives of the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation. Certainly these are no opponents to be merely dismissed out of hand. The name "Classy" Mike C is certainly more than respectable, in spite of his attitude towards, well, everyone else in existence. But Andrew Gilkison has already been dispatched against this man, and Andy has spent more time in this business than many people in this competition. And A1E newcomer Troy Douglass is set to represent his new home against Jay Smash, this so-called "God of No Hope," a former world champion. Douglass may be new to A1E, but he's no rookie to this sport, and I know he'll give Smash a good fight.

Which leaves the your fearless leader, the Mad Genius of this sport, and the Biggest Dog in this or any yard, to compete in a tag team contest against Nero and the...

Angel of Death???

James drops the serious military act, and sighs to himself, shaking his head in disbelief.

I suppose every federation has one like you, Death-boy. Wears almost all black, feigns himself superior to everyone else around them, and usually gets by on minimal talent. Okay, in your case two out of three ain't bad, you're a former World Champ, I'll give you that much credit. And you sure don't talk like your usual gothic head-case, either, so there might be some hope for you, even though you neither look, talk nor walk like the angel you claim to be. So, devil in a poor disguise...

... where is your dedication?

Big Dog is already made his intentions very clear. He's in this to win for A1E. And if I weren't serious about this, I wouldn't be putting on this silly outfit.

Female Off Camera Voice: Yeah, right. Tell 'em another, lad.

JIrish: Ha-ha, Erin. Regardless, the point remains. If the two of you haven't put any money out yet to remotely put where your mouth is, then I can only wonder what you plan on bringing to this match. You're in there against another former world champion in my partner, and in me, well, just ask around an A1E locker room what happens when I want to get in someone's head.

I'm not called the Mad Genius for nothing.

Fade out on James smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

08-24-06, 05:18 PM
[At an EUWC Fan Axxess show, a crowd is gathered around a section where a sign reads “Play-By-Play.” The camera’s look beyond the crowd to see the closing portion of the infamous “Matt Pickstock vs. Sean Taylor” match at Malicious Intent on a large 65 inch Plasma TV. Facing it is an EUWC Announce Table with Mainframe commentator Scott Marchman sitting alongside a 20 something year old fan. Both men get up and shake hands.]

Scott: Well great job Kevin, you really should check out the announce business.

Kevin: Gee thanks. See ya [leaves.]

Scott: Okay people, coming up next only on EUWC Fan Axxess, a triple threat match for the United States Championship held at EUWC Blood Bath 2005. Relive the action as Classy Mike C defends the title against Angel of Death and the Great & Almighty Nero. And joining us from the fans here is...[shocked] NERO!?

[Camera pans to show Nero sitting next to Marchman and getting comfy while putting on his headset.]

Nero: Hey there Scotty-Boy! What’s shakin’?

Scott: Nero this is a fan axxess show. How can you join us on play-by-play?

Nero: Hey, what’s your problem? I bought a ticket ya know! [shows him a ticket.]

Scott: No you didn’t! That ticket’s been cut out already!

Nero: Look I don’t need to take this crap from you! I’m The Great & Almighty Nero! I’M AWESOME! The people love me and cant stand not having to see or hear me, which is why not only did I sign a lot of autographs but now I’m gonna join in the fans as they witness a spectacular wrestling match.

Scott: So you’re gonna commentate your own match?

Nero: Yup, another first for the Great & Almighty Nero. Truly Iamamaziiiiiiiiing! Commentate my own match, referee my own match, wrestle in my own match, win my own match, win a title in my own match...

Scott: Lose your own match?

Nero: Shut up Scott.

[Cameras circulate around the arena as “Vehicle – Nero XS” by The Ides Of March plays over the speaker as the fans rise up to a huge cheer. Colorful lights flash all around the arena and a colorful spotlight hits down to the center of the stage as Nero, dressed in a flashy blue/pink color mix jacket and pants and wearing green-shaded transparent glasses, arrives on the stage to a huge ovation. Nero comes out and gets the crowd going with different arm gestures and blows kisses to the audience. As he comes down to the ring, he stands outside and raises his arms in the air. Then, a pyro goes of in one corner of the ring and then sequentially the other pyros go off in a clockwise direction. This happens for three times in total and then all four pyros go off with a big bang! Nero enters the ring and climbs on the farthest turnbuckle and blows a kiss to the audience. He comes back down and waits for his opponent. ]

Nero: Ahhhhh, the amazing entrance of The Great & Almighty Nero!

Scott: Don’t you mean The Great & Almighty Entrance?

Nero: Whatever. Anyways, with an entrance like that, you just KNOW who’s gonna win this one!

Scott: Yes. [sarcastic] I’m sure I do.

[The lights fade quickly to black as the opening beats of "Angel of Death" by Slayer test the arena speakers. A white spotlight shines on the entranceway as Angel of Death and Black Widow step from the back. They pause at the top of the ramp, allowing the crowd to take in the image of the pair of them silhouetted in the spotlight, Black Widow carrying Angel of Death's weapon of choice, a barbed wire wrapped sledgehammer. They begin their deliberate descent towards the ring, ignoring the jeers and shouts from the fans.]

Nero: There’s that boring Angel of Death. He REALLY didn’t need to be in that match.

Scott: Oh incidentally Nero, you two will be teaming up representing the EUWC in the Dupree Cup.

Nero: Huh, wha? Oh yeah, interesting...no wait, the other word; tedious!

Scott: Tedious? Surely representing the EUWC in the Dupree cup is an honor.

Nero: Of course it is, for the other teams that is...that Nero is representing the EUWC. I’m sure every fed in the Dupree Cup wants to showcase their amazing superstars and talents, and sure enough the EUWC sends in some of the best its got, or at least guys who’ve been in main events. Mike C, Smash, AOD and of course the Great & Almighty NERO! However I was expecting a single match, you know, one where I get to kick @$$ and everything, but instead I’m paired up with Angel of Death, a guy who couldn’t beat the Great & Almighty Nero on Mainframe and had to go to the other show just to get some more credibility. Oh well, at least he got himself a title belt...which one is that again?

Scott: North American.

Nero: WHAT?

Scott: Uhh...

Nero: Look the point is that this will be the first time AOD and Nero will be teaming up, and not even in an EUWC ring but an inter-fed tourney. Now if this were to happen in EUWC then there would be no problem. At least we can hide that kind of sh*t easy! But imagine AOD falling down while coming in the ring, on an INTER-FED TOURNEY! That would be embarrassing as hell, and really funny too; but mostly embarrassing! Oh well, I wouldn’t be worried, cause it wouldn’t be ME! HAHA! But it would still be embarrassing for the EUWC no less, which is why The Great & Almighty Nero would make sure no such incident took place, and in case it did then he would move it along simply by entertaining the fans like he always does, so at least people won’t notice the blunder.

[...Nero runs off the ropes and nails AOD in the head with a flying forearm. Quick cover by Nero, 1...2...kick out!!]

Nero: What an amazing move by NERO!

Scott: Huh, oh yeah the match.

Nero: You should be paying more attention ya know.

Scott: Uh, of course. Nero grabs AOD and a textbook belly to belly suplex! So Nero any word on the team you’d be facing from A1E?

Nero: Just that it’s some guys called James Irish and Big Dog or something like that. Saw and heard some stuff these guys had to say and I’d have to agree with one thing though, I’ve got literally NO idea what’s gonna happen.

Scott: A very unexpecting encounter then.

Nero: Yup, I’ve got no idea what these guys do or how they wrestle, is it indy moves or brawling, I don’t even know the weights and sh*t!

Scott: So you’re totally unprepared?

Nero: Unprepared!? I’m The Great & Almighty Nero! I’M AWESOME! I’m ready and prepared for anything and anyone. All those guys have to expect is the most talented, most charismatic and most entertaining superstar in the squared circle, and AOD, of course. I’ll be there to take out both Biggie and Irish, and any AOD muck-up that ‘might’ take place.

[...AOD turns around and walks into a con-chair-to from Nero and Mike.]

Nero: Like that! And that would be the only time Mike C looked good.

Scott: So Nero absolutely confident about the match against A1E’s team...

Nero: Not just A1E Scotty, but to all the teams in the Tourney. Watch out as The Great & Almighty Nero, who is AWESOME by the way, will single-handedly, along with support from Classy, AOD and Smash, will take the EUWC to the top of this tourney and the A1E will be the first one to find out.

[...Nero goes for the cover on Mike...1...2...3!!!!]

Nero: And just like that, I’m out! PEACE OUT Y’ALL!

[Nero takes off the headset and hops off the announce table. CUT!]

08-25-06, 01:02 AM
Fade up to James Irish and Erin Flanagan walking together through downtown Chicago. Both are dressed casually for the weather, which means carrying umbrellas considering all the rain around the Great Lakes area recently. Erin's been doing a little book shopping, judging from the Barnes & Noble bag in her hand, while James takes a sip of a bottle of water while he walks. He notices the camera, and starts his spiel as if he was ready for it.

JIrish: Leave it to Jess Chapel to know where to put his camera guys when they need a soundbite or two, huh? Okay, here goes...

Well, well, well, seems like the EUWC contingent is finally starting to get their act together. Nero, thank you for finally acknowledging your involvement in this tournament, good to finally hear from you.

Hey, Erin, I think he said he's awesome, but I'm not sure, I might have been hearing things.

Erin: No, lad, he only said it, or similar sentiments, something like 10 times in the segment TEAM television recently aired.

JIrish: Well, he had one syllable right.

Erin: Oh, Gawd, here it comes... parents hide yer children, James is going to tell a bad joke!

JIrish: Erin, I think I like you better when you're making me pay you out of hand for researching my opponents. Regardless, the one syllable he got right is "Awe." As in, "Awwwwwwww, what a cute little deluded moron!"

Erin: Heh... better than I thought it'd be.

JIrish: So let me get this straight, Nero. You honestly plan on going into this match not knowing a damn thing about who you're facing, and you think you can win this match even with a partner you don't even care to be working with simply because you have an overly-inflated opinion of yourself?!? I don't care how awesome you think you are, that's a recipe for disaster. Maybe you could handle me on your own, there's not much point in trying to prove that one way or another, but once you add Big Dog to the equation...

Ohhhh, that's right. I heard you have a "thing" about facing guys that are bigger than you. Then I guess it would do you well, Nero, to know that Big Dog is a whopping 290 pounds, easily the biggest guy in the match, weighing on his own more than half of what you and the Angel of Death weigh together! Okay, maybe he's not that big, you're probably more worried about guys in the Spoiler-size category, but trust me, all it'll take is one Dog Pound for you to think twice about anyone who outweighs you by even one pound!

I have to get back to a little point, though. It really seemed to me that you were an awful lot more concerned with your partner, the guy who is supposed to be helping you, than you were with Dog and myself. In fact, you're more focused on Angel of Death, a former World Champion for Pete's sake, screwing the match up for you. Is that a bit of the Green Monster I see creeping up around your shoulder, Nero?

Erin: The scoreboard at Fenway Park is creeping behind him?

James laughs out loud.

JIrish: Nice, Erin, nice. But seriously, jealousy is not a very becoming emotion, unless of course I'm wrong and it's just another delusion of a man already obsessed with himself beyond any semblance of reality.

So, just a word of advice, Nero. Come out of Cloud Nine, readjust yourself to seeing a blue sky instead of the one colored the shade of those crazy pants of yours, and take a real good look around you. You don't have to like the guy in your corner, but you had better get used to the idea of trusting him pretty darn fast, or else you'll screw this match up not only for yourself, but for Angel of Death as well. And though I may have made fun of that name a short while ago... I'm not sure I want to be the guy who lets someone with that moniker down, y'know? These "death" types in wrestling, they tend to trade in things like retribution and vengeance quite a lot.

Now come on. I think it's high time I found a pair of pants more garish than Nero's wardrobe choices, just because.

Erin: For just one match, lad? Wouldn't that be a waste of money?

James: Are you kidding? We could double our money selling them on ebay a couple months down the line. Let's go!

And off the go. Fade out.

08-25-06, 12:57 PM
(The abbey that sits near the very back of the property owned by Angel of Death and Black Widow is a quiet, unassuming little building. Inside, old wooden pews line the small chapel, all facing a large oaken cross and maple pulpit. Sitting in the middle of the rows of pews is Angel of Death, who is staring out one of the small windows that line the walls.)

Well, one tournament over, and I have another one to concentrate on. Frankly, for those of you who are disappointed that I have had little to say so far in this tournament, please remember that I have been preparing to compete for the EUWC Championship in a one night, sixteen man tournament. I believe the word for that is "priorities."

Because frankly, I look over the list of competitors in this Chad Dupree Memorial, and I am hard pressed to find another competitor who actually knew him. I crossed his path a few times in the EUWC, shortly before his tragic early demise. But the list I see entered into this tournament appears only to be a gathering of attention starved wannabes who are clinging to this tournament to gain additional exposure and experience.

For instance, look at the pair that I have to face in the first round. A1E's Big Dog and James Irish. Frankly, I'll let Nero take care of Big Dog, as he seems to be merely another generic big man, similar to Nero's former tag team partner "Big G" Lynch Garrison. Both of them are worthless slubberdegullions, who's sole appeal is in their ability to squash young, inexperienced, much smaller opponents. James Irish, on the other hand, is listed on his promotion's own website as employed purely for comic relief. His own peers see him as nothing but a joke. Frankly, after seeing what he has to offer this tournament, I understand why.

In all honesty, I am embarrased to have to spend any length of time around you people. That sentiment extends to my partner, Nero. In all seriousness, I should be one of the singles competitors. Just because I've been a ten time tag team champion, for some reason people see me as a tag team specialist. But that is neither here nor there. The fact remains that Big Dog and James Irish are going to be outclassed, outgunned, and exposed as the no-talent hacks they truly are. Nero and I, both smaller and faster than Big Dog, will run circles around him. James Irish? The man who claims to use many obscure DDT variations? I relish the thought of teaching you a few new ways to deliver a DDT. Because if there is one DDT specialist in this industry, you're looking at him.

This Chad Dupree tournament is the third such tournament I have participated in. The first time, I reached the semi-finals in a field of men who knew him, and were fighting in his memory. The following year, people from other promotions were brought in, and the field was diluted. Fame, glory, fortune, those things I already have in abundance. This year, I am fighting for Chad. All the rest of you should just stay out of my way. Don't say I didn't warn you.

(He turns away from the window and begins to stare at the cross. A few moments later, he stands, and walks out of the chapel. Fade.)