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08-18-06, 03:54 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM

08-21-06, 07:44 PM
(I’ve been meaning to send this rp all day, but it has a few things towards the next Mainframe (EUWC) that would seem confusing…. So, I posted the rp anyway, so you know I’m here… and rping.)


:::::It seems like a pleasant evening as closing time gains closer. Inside this bar, several men and women crowd the seats, smiling and laughing, peacefully drinking away all depression and anger. They’ve found a place to feel wanted, and not so alone. A place where everyone knows your name… This isn’t Cheers… Nor is this the place we are looking for… It is what’s underneath this bar that is so interesting. Below the surface, a basement filled with psychos cheer for two men battling inside a locked cage. Both men, bloody and worn out, beating each other senseless in an underground “fight club”. Throughout the psychos watching in the crowd, two man stand and watch, entertained by the carnage covering the concrete floor:::::

Jay Smash: Don’t you just love it?

Cobris Grayson: What? The slaughter down there?

Jay Smash: Yeah that… And being in the crowd, getting entertained like everyone else as you watch those guys down there beat the living sh*t out of each other. I gotta tell ya Grayson, the things they ask me to do after suspending me… Even when they don’t want me around… they still need me to help. It’s a vicious cycle Grayson… They find a way to take me down, just to beg me to stick around to shock the world some more. So I win the World Heavyweight title once…. They break my leg…. I win the title a second time, I’m almost burned alive, and beaten down by two more jealous sons of b*tches. Now, they suspend me, and they ask me to be a part of the fascinating Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Tournament. That’s a big name. I’m not sure if they remember the last time I was in this tournament, but I said I could care less about who this tournament was about and why I was in it.

Cobris Grayson: Who is this douche anyway? Why does he get a memorial cup?

Jay Smash: Grayson, there is a lot to learn in this world. And one thing you need to learn is to respect those in this game we play. This business found this man as not only a wrestler, but a friend to many. His death is something that had become a memory. This memory has become a tournament to remember this man for all time. What I’ve learned is to respect this man and this tournament. He died doing what he loved. Now he didn’t live a full life, and I never met the son of a b*tch, but his name is burned in my mind after the last tournament. I found out how much power these guys gain when they care for a friend that much… but now I’ve got an advantage over those who I infuriated before.

Cobris Grayson: So you’re saying, that you aren’t going to anger them this time?

Jay Smash: Grayson, I’m saying that I won’t underestimate the power of the living fighting for a lost friend. That this man has my respect, but he is no friend of mine. I don’t know him, but I’m pretty sure he would want the same wonderful friends that he knew before, acting the same way they did, being who they are when he was alive. And while they continue to be a friend, I will stand there, doing the one thing that they should be planning on doing. They better be focused and ready to win. I’m taking this tournament back with me in the EUWC. At this point, I’ve found myself heading into this tournament against who I can only describe as half sh*t due to his non involvement and the fact that I’ve never heard of this man before.

Cobris Grayson: Oh, this Troy Douglas? Half sh*t huh… What’s the other half?

Jay Smash: I guess I’ll find that out when I see him in person.

Cobris Grayson: Ha ha…. Man, you’ve really started to change a little since I first met you.

Jay Smash: What’ya mean?

Cobris Grayson: Well you sued to seem a little off. You seemed as if you were more talk than actual walk. You seemed as if you were washed up, but now…

Jay Smash: Now what?

Cobris Grayson: Well, I know others have told you, but you are a very dedicated man. And you did prove that you were not who I thought you were when you won that World Heavyweight title. You showed what it took to be a wrestler today in the EUWC when you defended your title in that Ring of Fire match. You came up short, but not by much. It took a hell of a lot to take you down Smash. And if anyone deserves respect, it’s you man. But hell, if you can’t get respect from these guys, I think it’s about time we beat it out of them.

Jay Smash: You said it. The Revolution is here… F*ck these guys… Suspension’s not stopping me… And it’s certainly becoming a problem for the man upstairs.

Cobris Grayson: Jesus?

Jay Smash: No Pickstock. He wants me gone, but here was his dilemma. The best in the business chosen for this tournament. Those that will be fighting for the EUWC… And they pick a man that they needed the most… So here we are… Mike C, Nero, Angel of Death, and Jay Smash, EUWC’s finest… and the Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Tournament on the line. WZW, UCW, MBE, NBA, TNT, it really doesn’t matter man, that’s what I’m trying to say. I’m a tired man, and I’m bored with what I’m doing. So yo know what… I think I’m gonna win this thing, give those other guys a big F*ck you, and kick some more ass in the EUWC.

Cobris Grayson: Amen… Time to F*ck em’ up

Jay / Cobrin: Let’s F*ck em up!

:::::Smash and Grayson stand and cheer with the others underground as the battle end with a knock out. The winner below stands up a bloody mess, but he picks the man he just ripped apart and holds his hand up with respect for the fight they just had. Back on the surface, the men and women in the bar are leaving as the bartenders close down for the night. The bar is left once again quiet and peaceful:::::

08-24-06, 03:18 PM

Troy Douglas sits on a bench on in front of the Boston U. School of Communications on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston, site of A1E's next Warfare card. Douglas is relaxed, but deeply focused.

TD: Jay, I'll apologize for making you wait. As you know, the life of a man in a profession such as ours can get hectic at times, and that's just what my life has been this past week.

But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to take you to task for that "half-s**t" remark you made. I'm not going to whine and complain about it, I'll just take care of my business in the same place I always have: on that canvas between those ropes. That's my place of business.

However, we've still got some time until you and I actually get to meet, so I guess now just might be the appropriate time to talk, to tell you at little about myself, how I got here, and let you know just what your up against in the first round of the Dupree Cup.

Speaking of this tournament's namesake, I know just how important Chad was to your company, to everyone in this entire business. To me, specifically. He took a chance on a 24-year-old ex-football player with a surgically repaired back and neck and no experience above the most meaningless of independent promotions. He took me in, gave me a home in professional wrestling, and along with Erik Zieba, Dan Ryan and Paul Freeman, let me see just what impact I could make on this industry.

But, in this tournament, I'm not representing those men. But, it's in the spirit of people like that, people who've helped my career, it's by that will that I'm even in this tournament, representing A1E with only three televised matches with the company to my credit. I'm in the company of three men; Big Dog, Andy Gilkison and James Irish, all of whom are established A1E superstars, men who have carried the flag for that company for years?

So why me? Why Troy Douglas? What right do I have to pick up the A1E banner in this tournament? Well, Jay, I'm here because A1E gave me a second chance when very few others would. Because 12 months ago, I thought I quit this life for good. But, when I realized I just couldn't stay away, when I was worried about crossing bridges I thought I had burned long ago, A1E gave me a shot. They rejuvenated what most people thought to be a dead career.

That's why I'm here, Jay. Because when I get the opportunity to fight for people who gave me a chance like that, I'll always take it and relish it. Because that kid GXW took a flier on years back is long gone, replaced by a 30-year-old man with a list of injuries that keeps piling up and a recent history of emotional and psychological trauma. And when that man gets a chance to pay his respects, he does it.

And this is the best way I know how. So, I take up the banner proudly and hope to bring some measure of glory back to A1E when this thing is said and done.

You and me, Jay, we've got no personal history to go on. All we've got is pride to fight for, for ourselves and our companies, and I've got no problem with that. Because that means when I put you down in the middle of the ring for the three count, I'll pull you right off the mat, pat you on the back and send you straight on your way. Because this isn't about hate, this is about respect.

You can brag and gloat and ramble on for hours about how you've kicked ass in the EUWC and how you'll just keep on doing it in this tournament, you and your buddy can stroke your ego as much as you want, but when it comes to this match, none of that means a thing. You've got to be able to bring it in the ring against a man who you've got absolutely nothing on because your heads been in the clouds for the last six years.

You would've been lucky to have drawn Big Dog, James or Andy, Smash. They're the known quantities in this equation. Me, I'm the unknown. If it weren't so damned cliched, I guess you could just call me the "X factor" in this whole thing.

You've drawn the wild card, Jay, and the dealing with the wild card is a very, very dangerous proposition. The 97 Marlins, the 04 Sox, last year's Steelers, all wild cards. Just look how each and every one of those turned out for the so-called "favorites". I'm just letting you know Jay, that if you want to salvage this one for your squad, come ready, check the ego and the agenda at the door, and focus on the half-s**t staring you straight in the eye.

Bye-bye now.


08-25-06, 11:04 AM
:::::It’s a beautiful day out there in Chicago as people are seen everywhere enjoying the themselves. The summer has not stopped the Illinois from having a great time, especially considering the gas prices and the 80 degree heat outside. But when you are at Six Flags in Chicago, nothing can go wrong! Just inside the amusement park, Jay Smash is found buying a souvenir cup from a vendor. Before taking another step away, the staff greets Jay Smash for coming and take a picture of him. Jay Smash continues to walk through the park as he stares closely at his cell phone, leaving the cameras following close ahead.:::::

Jay Smash: Man, good thing I get video e-mail, otherwise I never would have gotten this message. The “Wild Card” Troy Douglas finally speaks. I now have a face to think about when I see myself continuing to “stroke” my ego. That sounds good right? That ego that grows after being such a talented in ring performer. That ego that grows whenever you prove yourself being an excellent superstar. Troy Douglas, a wild card you may be, but I guess it’s just an ongoing change I’m going through at the moment, because I don’t give a sh*t how proud you are for being in this tournament or how little in ring action you’ve had. Call yourself the X-factor… All I see at this point is no talent. To become a favorite, you’ve got thousands of fans to entertain first, and I don’t see those fans speaking of Troy Douglas… I don’t hear anyone dying over the Scorpion Deathlock… When Led Zeppelin hits, they probably aren’t cheering for you… I mean… that’s just a really good choice for a theme song.

::::Jay Smash hits a button on his cell phone and “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin begins to play.:::::

Jay Smash: While you’ve been in hiding with your “man” problems this week, I’ve taken the time to get to know you a little bit better without hearing the bullsh*t that came out of your mouth. The real Troy is much more interesting. The Troy I want to get more personal with. Troy… You don’t just fight for Chad Dupree in this tournament… you’ve got others that you fight for.. That you have been fighting for since… when was it… Oh, February of 2003. A phone call, similar to one I’ve received… Tell me something Troy, was the death of your fiancé and father quick and painless? Or did they both suffer? Troy, you believe you are healthy in that ring? I know for a fact that you couldn’t be. Believe me when I say, that I prove why I am “The Disease”. I will make you sick of me… I will go deep down into the depths of everything good in your being.

:::::Jay Smash takes a sip from his souvenir cup, then continues to walk through, till he gets in line for a ride. While standing in the line he suddenly pops his head up, then pulls out a Six Flags Fast Pass. Smash scans his pass for the ride and passes the line in order to get into the front.:::::

Jay Smash: Fast Passes are sweet…. Troy you’ve been wrestling for years, and you’ve accomplished just enough not to be called a jobber. You think because of your life, you’ve got what it takes to push yourself to new heights in this business and throw your name across the world like a f*ckin’ wild card hurricane. I’ve heard your story, and I’ve listened to everything you’ve got to say. At this time, you should probably shut your face, listen to what I’ve got left to say before we finally meet each other in that ring for the very first time. Now, I have yet to see you in person, so this really should be wonderful to see… I do know that all I’ve got to do is stare straight ahead at this man… Both of us in our thirties… Amazingly built about the same. And Both men with no family left to worry about winning for. But Troy, I don’t think you’re done caring for those that died. And that my dear X-factor, will cause you to fail miserably.

:::::The young man holding the people in the fast pass in line, begin to allow others to walk up to the ride. Smash begin to get aggravated and yells out at the young man who allows Jay Smash to move ahead towards the ride.:::::

Jay Smash: Hey! My turn! Let’s learn a little about myself. Jay Smash, reborn August 25, 2005 in Long Island, New York. As the very well known, “God of No Hope”, I’ve managed to stay at the top of the EUWC throughout the rest of the 2005 year. I’ve had countless numbers of World title shots against some very talented superstars unlike yourself, and I’ve managed to carry on as World Heavyweight Champion for the second time at the 2006 Malicious Intent PPV. I held onto the title until an ambush at Summer Sizzler which cost me the title in a Ring of Fire match against Adam Benjamin. Well.. isn’t that funny… Adam Benjamin just so happens to be in this tournament… but who has respect for the EUWC now? The champion, fighting for another federation. I guess we will find out who has the most respect for the EUWC.

:::::As Jay Smash continues to speak, he is seated at the front of the rollercoaster and locked into position as the Six Flags staff continue to check on all the seats on the ride.:::::

Jay Smash: And I don’t really think there is much more to know in the reborn Jay Smash. Oh, of course, besides the fact that when we meet in that ring for the first time, stare each other down, face to face for the first time, throw that first punch at one another for the first time, and have Jay Smash spread the disease onto A1E for the first time, you Troy “The Wild Card” Douglas will for ever remember The 2006 Chad Dupree tournament… When they ask what happened to you Troy… All you’ve got to say is, “Jay Smash f*cked me up”.

:::::Jay Smash is unable to say anything else as the rollercoaster takes off. The camera watches as Smash rides the coaster, then moments later nothing is left to see.:::::