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08-18-06, 03:51 PM
One fall to a finish, no time limit.

Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM

08-21-06, 10:09 PM
(A Storm brews along the horizon. The Spoiler speaks and the ground rumbles with the passing thunder.)

SPOILER: Adam Benjamin.

Yes, I know the name. British, if I remember correctly. Has held a belt or two here and there.

Goes by the nickname, "Yours Truly".

Is that right?

Hell, there is only one thing that the world needs to know about Adam Benjamin this week. And that is this:

He Has Absolutely No Idea What He Has Gotten Himself Into This Week.

Boy. You thought you were coming here to fight for the honor of your home Federation this week, didn't you? You thought you were fighting for the glory of the UCW Banner. You thought you were fighting to do proud for yourself and for your Team.

Instead you shall find yourself fighting for your life.

Instead of honor and glory, you shall merely seek survival. Instead of pride, you shall be satisfied just to remain intact. For against The Force of Nature that is perhaps the best that any can hope for.

Look at me, boy. Study me. Soak every inch of me into your brain and lock it there.

For when the NHTSA investigators arrive at your room to get the description of the truck that did you in, I want you to be able to do me justice by your rather hazy and concussed statement to them. (Hell, ain't no way I am letting Peterbuilt take credit for my actions ever again.)

You see, Adam. The Spoiler really is a Monster. And I mean that in the Ancient/Mythological/Biblical sense as when our common ancestors found themselves confronted with a force they could neither understand nor control and had to create some cautionary tale by which to warn their descendants to take cover.

I am the erupting Mount Fuji, Adam. I am the Typhoon set loose by Poseidon’s hand. I am the parted Red Sea peaked to come crashing back down upon Pharaoh’s army. I am the Fenris Wolf. I am Quexecoatl. I am the Serpent that drove your namesake out of Eden.

And you, Adam Benjamin; you are the cautionary tale I leave in my wake to forewarn all the other teams adjoined to this competition of the irresistible potency of my might.

You Adam, are the token by which I inform the rest of the field that – yes – all they have heard of me is true. Yes, I really am that strong. I really am the power. I really am that overwhelming.

You are the scattered doublewide trailer remains left to mark my passing and tell the world that those rumors of a Perfect Storm wrecking havoc an the shores of A1 were not even slightly exaggerated. And in fact, the brutality of the Truth that is The Spoiler was – if anything – only mitigated in the retelling.

You are but the first of many sacrifices placed upon my altar here in TEAM Chase for the Dupree Cup. But you will not be the last – for my hunger has not yet been sated in these many eons, and neither shall it be sated now.

I am The Spoiler, Adam Benjamin. And you are but the next of countless multitudes to fall before my might.

I only hope that UCW has chosen their alternates wisely, for after this week it is highly likely that they might need them.

08-23-06, 07:44 PM
(A huge UCW back Drop is seem as the camera fades in. "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin emerges into the view of the camera wearing the UCW United States Championship.)

"Welcome to a tournament in memory of a legend. Before I address my opponent Spoiler, I would like to take the moment to send my respect to the legacy of Chad Dupree.

Chad as you sit watching from the best seat in the house, I want you to know that your legacy lives on. This week I might be representing the company UCW, but win or lose mate I am wrestling in your honor.

(Adam lowers his head, pounds his chest and points to the sky looking upward the back towards the camera as he begins talking.)

"Now honestly I am very excited to represent the company of UCW. As most of you know I am the United States Champion. And as my opponent has noted I am British.

But what he did not mention is that I am a purest who loves the sport of professional wrestling. Simply put fans I have a addiction to wrestling of which there simply are no know cures.

(Adam rolls his neck)

"So Spoiler do you really think I have no idea what to expect this week?

Now nothing against your overwhelming track record and reputation. But honestly this is not "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin's first rodeo.

Many man, many many men have told me I would fight for my life in the ring against them.

Now to me that ideal threat is somewhat generic. Has anyone every really killed anyone in the ring.

And besides god blessed me with the technical skills that leave such men of bold predictions laying flat on the mat second after choosing either to tap out or have the ref count them out to the three count.

So to the NHTSA company, give the boys a night off, your services will not be needed."

(Adam grins.)

"Now as for you being a monster? Thanks for clarifying the type of monster you were though. Never want the fans to cofuse your monster analogy for being that of a Ghost or Gremlin.

Regardless you are crowning yourself the mythological/biblical monster of which my ancestors were confronted with a force that could not understand nor control.

Well Spoiler it all fairness I believe I understand everything there is to know about you. I have watched your matches for years and heard all the rumbling of what you bring to the ring.

As for controlling you, well I will play along with your monster theory a little. Now I have been warned by some of the boys in the locker rooms not to fight words with you, however I fear no man so let the verbal war begin.

You called yourself a monster of which are seemingly myths. However "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin is not a myth, in fact I am one hundred percent reality.

However I do remember reading a tail of a monster named Goliath of whom was a deadly force up until he faced off against a man known as David."

They asked at the time who can make war with him?” David emerged and slayed the seemingly un beatable nine foot monster with a sling shot and a rock.

So I ask on monster of Spoiler to come at me and prepare for war.

(Adam looks deep into the camera)

"But this week I will not be playing the role of the Spoiler...

(Adam shakes his head smiling)

"You are not overwhelming to me Spoiler. And this week I am going to lead UCW to victory as I out class you, out shine you, and out wrestle you Spoiler.

Take notice for I am "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin the modern day Achilles as I storm the beaches of your perfect storm.

Good luck Spoiler this week for it will you that will taste the hand of defeat this week.

As Yours Truly stands in the winners circle proudly for team UCW.


08-24-06, 11:22 PM
(The Scene honestly doesn't matter. What's important is that it contains The Spoiler.)

SPOILER: Boy, the more I listen to you tell me how you have got me all figured out, the more I realize exactly how little clue you truly have about what you have gotten into this week.

Watching a Cat 5 Hurricane strike on the tele really gives you no true appreciation of its fury. Hearing third hand accounts of the tales of plane crash survivors, doesn't prepare you should you ever experience that event yourself. And "going to the rodeo" with the best of your little corner of the wrestling world, it nothing at all like stepping into the ring with a true Force of Nature.

You see boy, in most cases it is easy to dismiss myths and legends. They're "not real". They're just stories made up by the ancients to explain the mysteries of the world that they could not themselves fathom.

They have no place in modern society, do they Adam?

Do they?

Well not until you find yourself alone confronted with exactly such an unfathomable force, they don't.

You see, boy. All myths have at their heart some Universal Truth.

I am that Truth, Adam. The Spoiler is that Truth.

I am dirty, and I am primal, and I am real.

I am not just some bedtime fable gone big time where a boy armed with a sling shot and God's eye fells a clumsy Philistine giant. Because even if you did have a weapon and a deity guiding it, I quite simply would not give you instant’s pause to get your shot off.

Hell, you might as well be tossing stones into a tornado for all the good it would do you.

You see, boy. There are some times that all the technical skill in the world cannot save you. Just as even the best swimmer in the world cannot survive being pulled out to sea by a Tsunami, all of you rings skills shall fall for naught if I never give you the chance to use them.

And while in all likelihood, I most probably shall not literally kill you in the ring this week. But By the time all is said and done, you might well wish I had.

For The Spoiler is like nothing you have ever experienced before. And if you are lucky, after this week you should perhaps still have the capacity to choose never to step into my path again.

But in all this, let me leave you one note of solace for this week, Adam Benjamin.

I promise you that you shall NOT have to worry about experience the bitter taste of defeat yourself this week. For, by the time I have finished you off this week, I shall have long ago knocked you sense of taste clean from your mouth.

08-25-06, 08:56 PM
(Fade Into "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin seen watching Spoilers last interview from the comfort of his living room. As the interview comes to a end Adam turns the TV off and begins talking.)

"Ah Spoiler I see we have gotten a little upset. Calling "Yours Truly" boy will not hurt my feelings. It just shows the ignorance that your bring to the table.

But I mean is that it? Is that all you have to say. I mean comparing yourself to natural disasters? I mean and your opinions of me, wow.

I got you all figured out? Well Spoiler I know as much as I need to know heading in to our match. The truth is all the training and studying of tapes can only get you so far.

I still do not know the small things of which I will soon learn up close and personal.

Such things like if I go left will you follow or will you move right. Or can you match me hold for hold inside the ring? Or can I with stand your almighty power you speak so much of?

All those questions will be answered inside the ring, not inside a interview box on a TV set.

For some reason you have this notion that "Yours Truly" is going to shake to the beat of your voice as your deliver example after example of how powerful you are.

I mean you have really given a tremendous amount of names for yourself. I mean you are almost up to the fictional character known as Apolo Creed.

I have faced many man in this sport that told me I was walking into a match with a unbeatable wrestler.

At the end of those matches that once unbeatable wrestler was laying out cold trying to figure out what just happen.

(Adam rolls his neck.)

"Maybe it is your turn to try and understand who you are facing. I mean up until this point you have down played "Yours Truly" as if I am some bottom of the rung guy.

But that is what you do, you try and get into the head of your opponent. Make them question there own ability. You slowly get into there heads with your verbal pounding.

Well guess what I could care less what you have to say.

This week I am going to bring everything I bring to the ring. If you can beat me, hell I will shake your hand. However it is going to take everything you have in that dirty, primal, real body you have to defeat the likes of me.

Take a look at me, if some feds I am there Savior, in others I am the new face, but this week I am the guy that shut up Spoiler in the middle of the ring.

You are nothing I have not faced, and mate I hope you wrestler as tough as you talk.

Soon enough I will stand in the middle of the ring. My eyes will lock on you, and I will bring forth a attack that will force you to flat out wrestle.

I will then ground and pound you into the mat. And soon enough I will either lock you in the rare naked choke or I will hit you with the Final countdown.

Win or lose this match is for Chad!

Good luck Mate I love a good challenge.

UCW its our time to shine!