View Full Version : GOLD RUSH Announcement -- Deadline is THURSDAY (Please Read)

08-14-06, 02:47 PM
Hello folks -- I know many of you have asked about an official (or o-fish-al as we say in the CSWA) deadline. I was traveling quite a bit of last week and had some family things to attend to over the weekend, so I'm still getting caught up on Round 2. That being said....

The DEADLINE for Round 2 roleplay and angle submission is end of day Thursday, August 17.

So what exactly does that mean?

1) Roleplay will be accepted until 11:59pm Pacific (I'll be generous to you West-Coasters) this Thursday. If you had already counted on being done today and are wiped out, don't feel any obligation to do anymore. But for those of you who ran out of time, you get a slight reprieve.

2) ANGLES. If you would like to submit a specific/general angle request, please do so to me at chad@fwrestling.com by the same time. Angles received earlier are more likely to get in, as I'll be sketching out the general form of the match around the time of the deadline.

You DO NOT have to submit an angle to win. I'll consider all the roleplay and angles received, make my decision, and THEN figure out what angles will play out and how. Don't be terribly surprised if we come up with a few angles of our own for use -- remember that this is the one big match on the CSWA's big PPV of the year, so we'll be throwing quite a bit in.

3) THE MATCH. The goal is still to get it posted by August 27 (that's the date, right?). I'll be traveling next week, but hopefully will have some extra time in the evenings to dig in.

So, hope that helps. Any questions, let me know here. More coming on post-ANNIVERSARY plans after the deadline.