View Full Version : Aggression 26 Lineup and info

08-07-06, 07:14 PM
No, I haven't forgotten Onslaught. It should go up in the morning.

In the meantime, let's get Aggression for next week going. Here's the lineup:

Live from St. Louis, MO.

The Highland Park Social Club vs. Troy Windham's Entourage (World Tag Team Titles)

The Sergeant vs. James Irish

Mike Evers vs. Frankie Scott (TV Title)

Sean Stevens vs. Steven Shane (for a shot at the IC Title)

Lindsay Troy vs. Kin Hiroshi (World Title)

And Live from Western Mongolia via Sattelite: IrishRed vs. Wong-Pei the Circus Trained Monkey Boy

All RP is due on Wednesday, August 16th. All angles and segments are due that day as well.

Happy RPing.

- Dave, EPW Owner

08-10-06, 01:25 AM
Dave, check your email in the morning regarding the Entourage tag match.

08-12-06, 11:20 PM
That's the HPSC tag match to you, missy! :D