View Full Version : EPW TEAM Poll 1

08-04-06, 08:10 AM
First six. Pick as many as you think deserve it. The top four overall from the two polls together will be our team.

- Dave

08-04-06, 11:26 AM
Dave, you should also pick 2 alternates in case one of the top four has to bow out for whatever reason.

08-06-06, 06:02 AM
eghads! 3 votes? That's pathetic.

08-06-06, 10:09 PM
eghads! 3 votes? That's pathetic.

4 votes... ok. That's a little better. Call me when I get 10 votes.

(Zoom to the future... August 6th 2078...

Nurse: "Mr. Franklin... Mr. Franklin! A man by the name of Karl Brown called and he said your wrestler finally has 10 votes. What does that mean?"

Old Scott: " Wha...What did you say?"

Nurse: "Your wrestling game, that fake wrestler that is named after you..he has 10 votes."

Old Scott: " Oh joy! How many did Dan Ryan have?"

Nurse: " Hmmm. Mr. Brown said that he had 38,753. Mr. Brown also said that he himself had 38,749. Joey Melton had 39,502. And KIn Hiroshi had 38,104.

Old Scott: "And Ol' Sarge??"

Nurse: " 11."

Old Scott: " I...I...ohhhh... <grabs heart and hits the floor>

Nurse: " Code blue! Code Bl...awww forget it."

(Nurse heads back to the computerto check on her e-bay purchases.)