View Full Version : NERD's RULE enter: Simon Theodore

08-02-06, 06:35 PM

After an exhausting mind boggling game of Magic: The Gathering, Olivia Geekman and CSWA newcomer Simon Theodore rest at theire kitchen table inside a massive two bedroom apartment.

Simon had been placed in the GOLD RUSH event and wasn't too enthused about the oppurtunity of being crowned a champion, Troy Windham who? That's how he felt, Troy Windham was a name an image, and his outlandish behavior had to stop.

"What would you like to drink, Simon?" Olivia asks Simon sweat pouring from his brow.

Simon replies, "How about a mixed drink? I'm feeling dangerous today!"

Olivia was baffled, because Simon didn't drink, he wouldnt even so much as touch cough syrup ever since he heard those rap guys use it to induce their inebriation.

"Simon, honey... " Olvia started, but Simon interrupted her before she could speak.

"7UP and Coke!... Infact, put it in a dirty glass... I want to feel like those macho nacho guys in the CSWA. you can call me manliness personified!!"

Olivia chuckled a bit before headnig to the fridge and whipping up something nice and tasty to cool Simon's horomones from raging out of control.

"I've got testicular fortitude!" Simon gulps down the entire cup of 7UP and Coke, wiping the residue from his peach fuzz ridden face proceeding to release a burp that sounded more like an infant hiccup, "That's more like it... "

"You got a letter from the CSWA today, you got entered into the GOLD RUSH competition at Anniversary 2006." says Olivia handing Simon the letter.

"Troy Windham, eh? I'm just as tough as him, I can say the alphabet BACKWARDS! TWICE!! What can he do?" Simon grunts...

"Well, he is the CSWA Unified Champion... and at Anniversary, he'll be the center of attention as usual standing in the center ring," Olvia replies.

"Pish posh, center of attention my dairy arre.." scoffed Simon as he continued, "I'm a genious of intellectual proportion... the center of attention should be *ME*... I'm more hardcore than eating fried bologna sandwich's, I've got more charisma than Michael Jackson teaching kindergarten, he doesn't get my respect because he wears an accolade around his waist... he is a waste... the guy prances around like a buffoon... NO... make that neanderthal, I'm the reigning 1977 Riverdale High Spelling Bee champion of the world, I should be showered with gifts... "

"But, NOOO... Troy Windham deserves glory? Tell Mr. Windam, let's play a game of Chess, turn on the clock and I'll chew his behind up!! We'll see who's the manliest of the manly's then, psssh, I'll box his ears at Anniversary... I'll show him, I'll show em all... Simon THeodore can throw dem bows, too..."

"WHAT IN THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?" Olivia says handing Simon his inhaler, a confused Simon just smirks and replies...

"I don't know, I heard one of those rapper guys say it, I think his name was lucrative... it just sounds cool doesn't it?, throw dem bows! HAH! I be gangsta too 'no homo' skraight down the skreet I go to kick it with my posse on the westside b."

Olivia completely lost at this point doesn't know where to begin, but Simon is a bit sluggish and it's nearly 9PM...

"Star Trek is about to begin, I'll deal with Mr. Windham in the morning..."