View Full Version : So what about it, EPW?

08-01-06, 07:06 PM
Is there anyone here who's interested in repping EPW for the Dupree Cup? Your World Champion has graciously stepped aside to judge the whole thing (and I appreciate her doing that, since she's knowledgable about all styles), so who's going to step up to the mantle for the house Dan Ryan built? We have some great talents here, some who've stepped up to the interfed plate before (like Karl and Jeff Kane) and those who've stayed within the walls (like Mike Evers). Let's show the world what we're made of!

08-01-06, 11:43 PM
If Brunk chooses to draft him, The Sergeant would be honored to step into the cup. It's the only fed Sarge will put his hat in the ring for, since Dan Ryan was the man who gave the rookie his true break.