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07-27-06, 02:30 PM
FADE IN.....

You never get a chance to make a first impression......

Dan Ryan sits on the balcony of the Four Seasons on the Carolina shore, exact location undisclosed. The night breeze blows softly, the stars out in full force. The quiet of this beach view stretches out beneath into the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. From behind the mask, the alter ego of the Ego Buster peers out....

DRAE: "When a chance like this arises, you expect the very best from all over the world to come out of the woodwork. Despite all of the verbal maneuverings and puffed out egos and desires to prove otherwise, this is still the place where it all began. Right here in North Carolina, where two men formed the greatest and most storied wrestling company the world has ever seen."

"There were peaks and valleys and at times, it seemed like the place would close forever - but somehow it always managed to stay open."

"It's the place we all strive to be. It's the pinnacle - eighteen years of history wrapped up into one event this year that's supposed to determine whether it survives another year and brings about another golden era or closes down for good."

"Too many of these people I've seen in the last week, they wouldn't have even been considered in the good years for a spot in this promotion - much less have an oppurtunity to walk away from Anniversary with the Unified World Title. They'd be stuck on a waiting list, among the 'don't call us, we'll call you' crowd just hoping that someone would look their way and in a moment of need call their number. It would have been their honor to be on the show just to be enhancement talent, just to put Hornet over in the undercard while he tunes up for pay-per-view."

"But now, they're everywhere. Like cockroaches, a light was turned on and they ran everywhere this way and that. There are too many to sift through, but the few who truly deserve this spot always rise to the top. The pretenders always fall away into obscurity where they belong, and this week has been no different."

"Eli Flair."

"I said I'd get back to you when I had a chance to, and that time is now."

"You're one man, the only man involved in this who I've ever truly admired to any extent. You were my role model and someone who went about business the way I wanted to go about it. Your work with the young men and women in our profession dying to make their mark on the sport is what inspired me to create Empire Pro from the get-go. From EWI through my eventual debut in CSWA, I looked up to you, man. There's never been anything but respect for you from me."

"What's unfortunate is that the chance to truly see what would have happened had we met in our prime has probably passed us by. Years of wear and tear has led to your retirement, and I chose to ply my trade in Japan and in smaller companies rather than make the jump to Greensboro sooner. Had I stuck with this company in 1997 when I did my one shot deal way back then - maybe we'd have a history of conflict to draw on, something to whet the appetite and give some weight to the possibility of this match we're both going into. But such is life."

"Instead your history is with Troy Windham. And I know. I know what you desire is a chance to feel that rush one more time - the rush that you got from being in the ring with an athlete of that caliber who is your polar opposite and despises you as much as you despise him."

"But what I want, more than anything in this match except the ultimate prize is to stand in a ring with you one time and face you, and man up, and see what could have been."

"It's not the same. It's not 1998 and we're both North of thirty now, but it's something. It's worth it, I think to feel that I can stand in the ring with you and slug it out in the manner I've always done it. In the manner I've always believed it should be done, and feel right with the world."

"This is a battle royal situation, so who knows what happens? What if one of us goes early? What if there's a misstep?"

"I think we both want to make sure that Troy doesn't walk out with that belt, but I have to admit - if it's not me....if I fail, and you make a last march to glory, despite the disappointment and despite the delay it would cause in my plans, I don't think I'll be able to help but smile just a little bit - if only for a second."

"Because if there's anyone else in this thing that deserves it, then it's you."

"I can only test where I stand against you in the here and now....here in 2006. But, it'll have to do."

"Now JA...."

"You're begging....begging and pleading for my attention even though I only gave you a one-sentence mention, and you're getting all huffy and puffy over the fact that I don't think you're ready for this shot yet. And you know what? I have to say I thoroughly and completely don't care. Honestly, you're coming off like the kid who gets second place in the talent show so he starts talking s**t about the judges."

"I want you to do yourself a big favor and pull back on the little personal digs you're feeling tempted to take at me. What this is, is a chance for you to come out and show yourself as a viable force in this business. However, I already am a viable force in this business. You don't like what my opinion is of you? How about getting in the ring and proving me wrong instead of whining like a girl about it?"

"You even got the three sentence treatment from Windham, and he's more than happy to run his mouth about any given subject on any given day. Troy knows the goods, sir. And you, you aren't the goods. That's why he's on a private beach in Hawaii training for a run-in with me and spending his time on you trying to figure what you're doing not making up comedy promo shoots with Lollipop instead of trying to eat at the big boy table."

"You shut him up? That's pretty funny since he cut the heart out of your segment in less than a hundred words and as yet can't even figure out how to respond to mine."

"This isn't a game of 'I'm closer to beating Troy than you!! nu uh, I am!'. I'm not interested in bantering back and forth with you, because the truth is - I don't care about what you will do ten years from now, buddy. In the here and now, you're beneath me and that's just how it is. And besides, I'm not exactly on the retirement block myself."

"Spend more time trying to keep the belt you have, and stop wasting your time trying to aspire to the one that rightfully belongs to me. Your frame of mind, and your health will be better for it."

"JJ Deville, I'm afraid you're gonna get the same treatment your hero gives to our two-lettered friend over there."

"I'm not interested in Troy Jr. You bragging about your win over him is like Jay Smash walking into Carmen Electra's bedroom, tripping and landing his crotch on her mouth and bragging she gave him a blowjob. You're the king of the fluke pinfall, chief."

"I know what you're doing, and it's not gonna work. This whole fly under the radar crap would work wonders if this was a verbal debate, but this is wrestling. You're still the same dumbf**k little rat bastard whether you talk up a storm at the last minute or not."

"I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Surprise me."

"And Troy, one more time. Are we turning our attention away? Getting distracted by Eli a little lately it seems. I don't blame you. All of a sudden you have at least two big time threats to that title of yours and a little birdie tells me that this imminent major announcement is gonna make life a little harder on you as well."

"We could do this all day, right? But I'll say it one more time. I'm taking over, big man. It'll be me and not you who ushers this company into the next golden era, and people like you who have milked and raped this business for all that it's worth will take their places where they belong, on the sidelines where their excesses can no longer be indulged at the expense of wrestling the way it should be."

"Where Eli put down the torch, I'm picking it up and marching forward."

"Real men have to stand up sometimes and take charge. It's not over yet."

"Not if I can help it."


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07-28-06, 06:37 AM
(CUT TO: Troy Windham, in his state-of-the-art television center located at his North Shore Oahu compound.)

TROY: Danny... glad to see I'm still haunting your thoughts. I spent the day doing nothing except for what needs to get done to win this thing. How is the Four Seasons? You get out on the golf course? Get in the sauna? Is the building weight room up to speed? Let me know if you need anything -- I got an endorsement deal with the company and I can make sure they bring to you some of my personalized monogrammed towels if you want. Ask to stay in the Windham Suite -- it's the one with mirrors on the cieling, whips in the closet and condoms in the desk drawer. It might be a little out of your price range, since it looks like you're in the AAA discount room, but if you call my booking agent and ask reaaaaal nicely, he might be able to squeeze you a discount.

So, where should I begin? I know -- Dan Ryan, the savior of this sport, the face you can trust. The same Dan Ryan who entered the CSWA as the ringleader in one of the umpteenth invasion angles. The same Dan Ryan who, along with his partners, was completely humiliated by -- wait for the punchline -- The Intruders. You remember them, don't you? GUNS, the faded veteran I sent out to pasture years ago. "Cocky" Craig Miles, a long-forgotten tag team mid-carder. And the immortal "Hot Property" Eddy Mayfield, who must have finally gotten the hint after I didn't return his calls for the 10,000th day in a row.
They kind of ruined your invasion plans, didn't they, Danny?

Now if you want to see how an invasion angle should work, get out the GWE tapes, my man. THAT'S how you do it. Ending "The Hero" Marcus Johnson's career with a ChairKnife Special? Spraying mace into the eyes of the promotions fans. Laughing as I start a full-fledged riot... and not once did I pay the consequences for my actions.

Dan, you're just like me, one of the people who are milking and raping this business for the paycheck at the end of the rainbow. It's just that, and I know this is going to make tabloid headlines, milk and rape better than you do.

But that's all ancient history. I'm more concerned with recent history. Y'know, about how I completely own your ass both in the ring and out of it? You've spent the past few days running me down to anyone who will listen, but the FACT! remains this... Troy Windham 2, Dan Ryan 0.


07-28-06, 06:49 AM
(CUT TO: "The Big Man On Campus" JJ Deville, carrying his trigonometry textbook, wearing his NC State varsity jacket, is standing in an empty dorm room, except for the posters. On the back wall are the following: a Dave Matthews Band poster, a Blues Brothers poster, a Che Guevara poster and a poster with a lot of different beer cans.)

JJ: Dan Ryan, I don't think you understand -- I WANT the JA treatment from you. I WANT to be dismissed. I want you to not think about me at all. Concentrate on Eli Flair. On Lindsay Troy. On one of the big names which are rumored to be signing up for this contest in the next few hours. I want you to concentrate on Troy Windham, which I understand you would do, considering you've never been able to beat him.

And that's the difference between you and I right there, Dan. Dismiss my pinfall victory over Troy Windham as a fluke. Dimiss me as the same punk kid in the airbrushed halter top that you chuckled at a few years back. But dismiss me at your own peril.

You might not think that I'm worthy of 10,000 words of elegant prose, but that's well and good. Because after Gold Rush, you're going to be talking 50,000 words about The Big Man On Campus.

I am the Ultimate Cinderella Story. The nerd without a date. The kid with the nunchucks who couldn't even land an effective offensive maneuver on the immortal "Luscious" Lance Leizure. The kid who pulled off The Upset of the Decade and beat his mentor only a few short weeks ago.

The world wants to see the rematch. It's just not the one your thinkin of. It's not Troy Windham versus Dan Ryan.

It's Troy Windham versus ME.


07-28-06, 08:44 AM

Dan Ryan's Alter Ego sitting poolside at the Four Seasons after a lovely little workout, feet dipped into the water and the sound of children from the next room over. The private area of the pool is closed off, guarded at the door by two CSWA employees.

DRAE: "There ya are, Troy. I knew I could drag you away from serious Windham trainy time long enough to throw a few shots my way. It was weird though. You didn't have a mask, yet I could have sworn that was a JA promo."

"Bringing up ancient history and conveniently forgetting any part of it that doesn't support his argument is pretty much his forte', but you don't usually indulge in those things. Did you only watch that one episode of Primetime or did you actually see the whole thing play out? Because the way you'd present it would be a little like bragging that Texas was humiliated by Mexico at the Alamo and then conveniently forgetting that Texas went on to defeat Mexico and become a sovereign nation in their own right."

"I never led an invasion for one thing, and that's where the fallacy begins. That was Micheal Plett's baby. I wanted Evan Aho, and that's all I wanted. I had no plans of tearing the CSWA down from the inside or whatever other convoluted garbage he was into. I was using that invasion the same way you use Zoltan and De La Rossi, to get what I wanted from a guy who had disrespected a company I actually gave a damn about. I became the face of the invasion because for one, ol' Wicked Sight couldn't lead a drowning man to a life preserver and two, it became quickly clear that I was the only real talent involved in the whole thing to begin with. It was destined to fail, and I couldn't have given less of a damn. I got Aho, dispatched him quickly and then dumped Plett and company like a bad habit. We weren't friends, I wasn't interested in his 'mission' and he had already displayed his 'leadership' when he allowed the Intruders to get the jump on us on Primetime."

"But again, your version of history is incomplete considering within six months the Intruders were a thing of the past and I was....what?...World Champ right? Doesn't mean anything in your book. Doesn't matter that I dispatched Craig Miles like yesterday's garbage.....haven't you seen the entrance video? Doesn't matter that Eddie Mayfield finally got his crack at me, and I beat him too - and I know you watch the shows in NFW. And GUNS? Do you even know where GUNS is? Is he in the sport at all?"

"Lame, Troy. Just extremely lame. This is first year wrestler stuff, twisting easily verified facts to try and be cutesy and funny. Are you the Unified Champ or are you Shamon? How about a little twirl for us with a crotch grab for old times sake?"

"No one cares about your one show invasion of GWE, just like no one cared about anything else at the very end of that fed. That's why it closed down. So yeah, congrats on that job you did showing up on one show of GWE television the week before they shut down and showing us all how to conduct a proper invasion."


"That's the sort of long term success we all look up to."

"I'm not milking and raping anything, Troy. It's just that my way of doing things is so outside your scope of comprehension that you can't help but assume we all want to do the same things you do. Sorry, it's just not like that big man. I had my years of selfishness. It all ended with the death of a family and the realization that came with it that sometimes - it's not all about you."

"As for your record against me - um, duh?"

"Didn't we go through this already? I'm not gonna spend the next week talking to a brick wall, Windham. Because unfortunately, while it may cramp your 'workout' style to have to actually come up with new material you're gonna have to find it somewhere deep down inside you to do so because sadly for you I'm just not going away."

"So as I leave you for now, I will leave you with answers to a few of your comments before. No, the workout room here sucks. I had to use the private one I set up in Greensboro after I won the World Title three years ago. No, the room isn't discount but it is a lovely penthouse with a nice view of the ocean. Yeah, full price. What can ya do? And I was all for taking you up on the Troy Windham suite and towels but go figure....they don't know who ya are here. I described you, and apparently you bear a striking resemblance to a drunk that they have to throw out of the hotel for harrassing underage girls - but when I put the name with it, they just couldn't place it. Guess I'll have to use my own towels."

"Maybe I'll go try the 'Troy Windham Motel 6' next week and see if I can get some of your towels there. They know your name alllllll over that s**t."

"And JJ, before I forget...."

DRAE opens his mouth and raises a finger as if about to say something important, then just relaxes...

"I don't care."