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07-27-06, 06:47 AM
(CUT TO: "The Big Man On Campus" JJ DeVille, wearing a NC State letterman's jacket and carrying a bookbag over his left shoulder, is walking amongst the trees, classroom buildings and dorm towers of North Carolina State University. He then stops in front of the Student Union building, as students bustle in and out. JJ looks to his left, and, on cue, out come the North Carolina State University Cheerleading team -- girls only -- some doing back handsprings as they stand behind JJ.)

JJ: First off, before I begin my comments, let me begin by thanking the lovely ladies of the NC State Cheering Wolfpack (The girls shake pom pom's and cheer.) for coming on out and showing their support. And, also, let me also thank Steven Thomas for extending an invitiation to me to enter my name in the CSWA Gold Rush tournament. And let me also thank everyone sitting at home who, like the lovely ladies of the NC State Cheering Woflpack right here (The girls again shake their pom-pom's and cheer.), has shown me nothing but support. My Live Journal page has been getting all kinds of hits, I got a letter from the campus IT department telling me to do something about all the e-mails I'm getting, because they're flooding the server and even the campus newspaper, The Technician, sent out a reporter and a photographer to do a front page story about me, JJ DeVille. The Big Man On Campus. It's an honor and truly humbling to know that I've been getting a lot of support from fans all across the world.

But what I HAVEN'T been getting is any notice from the dozens of people who have entered my name in the field. It seems to me that, as has been the case my entire life, I'm being overlooked. Part of me, strategy wise, says to keep it that way, because I have the advantage when people don't notice me. But the other part of me, the part that won out, says to come on out here and make my presence felt. To let my opponents know exactly who I am and what I intend on doing.

After all, I was mentored by the two men I believe are the finest wrestlers to ever walk on this planet. "Hurricane" Eddy Love and his partner in crime in Playboys, Inc. Troy Windham, the current CSWA Unified Champion and the man, to no one's surprise, who is the talk of not just this tournament, but this entire industry. And one of the lessons that The Dynamic Duo taught me was to make sure that, no matter what, you do your best to become the talk of the town, the cat's meow. ALWAYS go out there, whenever you can, to take the spotlight and the thunder away from your opponents, because that does nothing more than give you an advantage. And, as a lot of folks in this thing have pointed out, Troy Windham certainly has the spotlight and, no offense intended to anyone, he DEFINITELY has the advantage.

Except over one person. And that's yours truly. JJ DeVille. Y'see, I know Troy Windham better than each and every single one of you. For years, I was one of his personal training dummies, that is when he trained, and he bounced me around off the mat like a pinball. That is, until I started to get physically stronger, mentally tougher and learn the nuances of how to be a professional wrestler. And, soon enough, I sprouted -- from the kid with the permed hair, the nunchucks and the Saved By The Bell fanclub tank top -- into a legitimate threat in the wrestling ring and, upon his return to North Carolina State University (the cheerleaders yelp and cheer one more time)... The Big Man On Campus.

In fact, not only do I know Troy Windham better than anyone else in the field... I also have the one thing everyone else, save for Eli Flair, DOESN'T have. And that's a pinfall victory over Troy Windham. So, unlike everyone else, Troy Windham is not in my head.

I'm in his.

Now, there's a lot of talented newcomers in the field, men from all stripes of life, looking to get a shot at Troy and a chance to win the most sought-after title in our profession. Men like Xion, Eron, The Measuring Stick, JA. There's also a lot of big names out there who've been dreaming for a shot against Troy. Dan Ryan, the man Troy beat for the title, who seemingly can't get over the hump. Lindsay Troy Windham... (JJ smirks) the man Troy has thoroughly decimated in the EPW promotion and has even married against her will. Joey Melton, the humiliated lover of Lindsay Troy Windham, looking for revenge. Eli Flair, arguably Troy's greatest opponent, trying to ensure that Troy Windham doesn't win this thing so his arch-rival can't make the boast that he's the greatest who has ever live.

Me? I'm the kid who didn't go to the prom. I'm the kid who stayed in on weekend nights watching CSWA on my television set while everyone else was celebrating the best years of their lives. I'm the kid who was the laughingstock of the industry, who scrubbed Eddy Love's windows and who color coordinated Troy Windham's dress slacks, the kid who in his debut match couldn't even get in any offense on the legendary "Luscious" Lance Leizure.

But I'm also the kid who won the CSWA World Tag Team Championship.

And I'm also the kid who has shown that he can beat Troy Windham.

And I'm also the one darkhorse in the field who is going to walk out of this thing having shocked the world.

Just like my school did over twenty years ago.

(The camera pans right, to the Student Union building, where it has a big banner of Jim Valvano getting hugged after NC State upset the University of Houston in the 1983 NCAA Basketball tournament. Right next to that is a banner of JJ DeVille, in his Varsity Jacket, eating an apple, with the words "GOOD LUCK JJ" underneath. The cheerleaders agin go crazy.)

I'm not the biggest guy in the Gold Rush. I don't have the athletic pedigree that many of my opponents boast. I am the Ultimate Cinderella Story. You may not know who I am now, but after Gold Rush, you're all going to call me by another name.


(The girls all cheer and hoot. "You can do it, JJ!" FTB)