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07-26-06, 11:40 PM
This was reposted from JA's LiveJournal account... LiveJournal, not just for the emo and suicidal anymore!

Anyhoo, thank God for hi-speed Internet connex here on the PCL, or else I'd have to blow my brains out looking for this hacker... LOL!

N E way, if any of you n00bs have been watching CSWA TV lately, you saw me layeth the verbaleth smacketh downeth on some folks out there... like Dan Ryan or Troy Windham or Peter Lenex. Notice I haven't been focusing on the other mooks. Well, if I was gonna do that, it's probably use up all of Tard's film... LOL!

But yeah, here's some of my thoughts on the rest of the field.

That KKK dude... ooh, real clever, your initials are the same as the Ku-Klux-Klan's... edgy... SIKE! Sweet burn. Yeah. But yeah, you're a racist. That makes your name clever... or not. Seriously, my turds have more cleverness than you. I really hope a black guy, a Jew and three Japanese dudes (so all three of their cocks combined add up to one of the other guy's cocks... LOL!) anally and aurally rape you tonight while you sleep with your hooded jammies. Yes, that's right, I said it, I want them to rape your ear. I M teh smartz.

d00d, now it's Eli Flair... when they were giving out names, I guess you were in between Hogan and Sting. I don't know, Eli Sting has a nice ring to it, LMAO! Seriously though, I thought you retired and stuff. Does this make you KISS? Are you Gene Simmons? I don't know man or are you just Cher? That b*tch is annoying as sh*t. She just won't go away, and she sucks. But you don't suck man, you're just annoying and your friend wrote a big column about how it was either going to be Troy or Ryan winning. Seriously, she doesn't watch much of anything outside of her old fWo tapes, does she? Or maybe some of Flyer's shrapnel's still in her eyes. Either way man, I hope you do some cool pyro or some sh*t like that, or else you're just going to be all forgetable and sh*t in your last real match.

Xias, Xion... hey, do we have a Xavier Storm sighting? How much do we have to pay to get XXX Sean Stevens in this match? Or how about Stephen Xandrous. Wait, no one knows who that guy is. How do I know? Weird.

Hagar the Horrible. Man, that was a sweet burn.

Karl Brown... got nothing against him outside of the whole getting in the same match I want to win thing, LOL. Good kid, a little bland for my tastes. Meh.

So many LOLs... I feel like The Geator. LOLOLOLOL (OOC Note: Lindz and maybe Dan West will be the only ones to get that reference. Don't feel bad.)

Nova... hrm, decent car, although I like the later Chevy models better.... oh wait, this guy's a wrestler? Sh*t. Oh well, I heard he likes to smoke pot. I'll just give him a bag of chips or something.

Man, this is losing steam faster than ProfT loses his boner when a hot chick walks in the room.

I guess I should end it by saying this.

I've taken my Joey Melton poster down from my bedroom wall.


07-27-06, 07:25 AM
(CUT TO: "The Big Man On Campus" JJ DeVille, carrying a series of textbooks and notepads in his left arm, wearing his NC State Varsity jacket, is walking amongst the campus buildings and tower dormitories at North Carolina State University.)

JJ: Hello there, Mr. JA. I'm not sure I've met your acquaintance quite yet. I'm not sure what you know about yours truly, but I certainly know about you. You're quite an entertaining guy. You've made me laugh on more than just a few occassions, I've seen your work in all sorts of different leagues, and I've come to appreciate you for what you are. Hell, I've even got your LiveJournal page bookmarked. I check it every day!

The man who took my former mantle as the laughingstock of professional wrestling.

Now, don't get me wrong, Jericoholics Anonymous... IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME. You're a pretty decent wrestler. I mean, you're not world-class or anything like that, but you're someone more than capable of inflicting some damage in this thing. You're one of those guys on the cusp of doing something terrific, of breaking out and becoming one of the bigtime stars in this sport.

But, JAyyyyy... you're doing the one thing that's going to cost you in the end.

You're overlooking yours truly. The Big Man On Campus. The New Original. JJ DeVille.

Y'see, JAyyyy, it wasn't too long ago that I was in your shoes. A relatively new wrestler in the sport, a man who would do anything and say anything for the briefest amount of attention from a television audience or my peers. People thought I was pathetic, that I was an absolute idiot. People thought that I willingly degraded myself just to get laughed at by Eddy Love and Troy Windham, my bosses. People thought that I was an absolute fool.

They were right.

That's why, JAyyyy... that's why I started to take myself and this sport a little more seriously. I knew there'd be a day when I couldn't ride on the coattails of Eddy Love and Troy Windham by myself. I knew there was going to be a day when I had to make it on my own, when I had to do it as someone who could be viewed as a completely serious performer in and out of the ring.

It's too bad that you don't do the same. Well, not really. There is always room for a mildly entertaining, okay talent who is wasting his and everyone elses time spewing constant nonsense.

Y'see, JAyyy... I learned from the two best this sport has ever seen. They taught me everything I knew. How to present myself. How to wrestle. How to constantly get the upper edge on my opponents.

But they didn't teach me EVERYTHING I knew. And Troy Windham, the alpha male, the top dog, he overlooked me. And y'know what?

He got beat. I'm one of two men in this thing to have pinned the CSWA Unified Champion. I showed up on the sport's biggest stage and not just held my own, but I showed that I belong amongst the elite of this sport.

JAyyy... that's something that you've never quite shown now, is it? That you belong amongst the best? You're better at playing the laughingstock.

I'm not overlooking you, JAyyyy. It's what my mentors Eddy Love and Troy Windham taught me. Just go out there and tell it like it is. And like I said earlier, you have a little bit -- not much -- but a little bit of talent. I know what you're capable of doing.

And I know I'm capable of doing a lot more.

I'm the Ultimate Cinderella Story, the kid who was shoved into lockers, the kid who was given wedgies, the kid whose head was dunked into a high school toilet, the kid who is going to walk out of this thing with everyone chanting his name, and the kid who is going to walk out of the Gold Rush as the darkhorse who emerged as a world beater.

And one more thing, Jericoholics Anonymous.

My LiveJournal gets more hits than yours.

(JJ turns into a classroom building. FTB.)

07-28-06, 10:46 PM
More from Jericoholic's LiveJournal account! LiveJournal: Because You Don't Want Your Cutting to Be Too Secret Anymore!

Wow, I'm so flattered that JJ Deville... THE JJ Deville!... has finally found my LJ page! Kewl! It would be even kewler if I knew who he was... LOL! Nah, sike, I bet he's gotta be someone kewl, because his page gets more hits than mine AND he pinned Troy Windham. That's like totally rad. I think. I guess I'll take his word for it... LOL! But he thinks I'm overlooking him. Well, maybe I am a little bit, but at least he's not emo like half the people in here. Emo kids suck, they wear tight sweaters, cry and take ring names that begin with the letter X. LMAO!

I mean, Troy Windham and Eddy Love taught him everything he knows. But then again, Joey says that Eddy Love doesn't know what school is, so am I supposed to be impressed? LOL! I think I'm gonna put that poster back up. Joey Melton, please forgive me twice, once for taking the poster down, twice for beating you twice in two rings.

Man, so many more people are entering this thing. I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic, just a little bit. This thing's gonna have way more people in it than Pier Six had, but at least there won't be any barb wire. WHEW! That's a relief... LOL! I think the emo kids are going to make it worse.

Oh well, g2g for now. I have to go make sure I pin Troy Windham too so that my LJ can get as many hits as JJ Deville's does!

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