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07-17-06, 01:53 AM
All RP for the tag team match between FOXX / KRIST BLUE and MERCEDES DEVON / KARLA STARR (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

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07-17-06, 04:33 AM

Foxx leans against the aged trunk of a weeping willow wearing her standard attire: jean jacket, t-shirt, jeans. Nothing special.

"It's gonna take a long time to get that crap out from under my nails and despite multiple scrubbings my hair still feels dirty. I can't complain about a win though, can I?"

"What I can complain about is being pitted against two women who are good friends, both of whom are probably upset that I've taken them down in one way or another, with a person in my corner that I've never even talked with, let alone wrestled with or against."

"Now where's the justice in that? All I'm seeing is a b*tch and her friend out for bloody vengeance on a completely uncoordinated team."

She interrupts her thought quickly with another.

"Actually, I should stop talkin like that."

She waves her finger back and forth, scolding herself.

"No matter what the odds, I'll do my best and pull through in one way or another..."

A wicked smirk suddenly crosses her face.

"Even if I have to take the both of you on alone..."

"But then I'd hate to contribute to Cruise and Company's sudden losing streak. You should really try lookin at your horoscope or somethin before you agree to these matches.

"Obviously I'm excited about this. All I ask for is a good challenge now and then and all's good. Honestly, I'm just a lil psyched about a chance at the women's championship too. The last thing I expected to be doing in this business was being an actual competitor, but I guess I've gone a lot farther than I expected."

"Even if I lose both upcoming matches I'll still be happy with even being considered championship material."

"But! I'm hardly planning on just throwing in the towel right off the bat. Even if the both of you win, I'll hardly let you have it easy."

"Now...I'd appreciate it if you guys would kindly turn off the camera so I can go back to having my privacy, please."

She waves the camera off as it fades to black.

07-18-06, 05:54 PM
"Ya know...if I weren't the B*TCH I am..."
(Fadein, Karla Starr dressed in short-shorts and a her "No-no...that's MISS B*TCH.." T-shirt that's tied in a knot at the bottom and Mercedes Devon dressed in a pair of blue jeans and an NEW ERA T-Shirt, in front of a NEW ERA backdrop. Starr kinda rubs the NEW ERA Women's Championship abit as she continues...)

STARR: I might be considerate and think of the 'Wait-for-no-one, open-my-mouth-first' attitude you got as something of an admiration...it's a non-stop strategy that "works well for some, and not others" kinda-theory that's nice an' all...

But then I remember who you are and who I am and what I have around my waist.

You think I need to look at a friggin' horoscope before I agree to these matches, ya stupid hussy??

Speak for yourself.

You're up against MISS B*TCH and Mercedes Devon...who...I might add...trained worse off pieces of trash and led them to championships by herself...

(Mercedes interjects a second with a short jab to the shoulder....)

I mean...with the exception of Cameron Cruise of course.

(Mercedes nods approvingly, as Starr continues....)

Meanwhile...your tag partner against us is a nasty-little-coked-out-oversexed-pill-addicted-WHORE...

(Mercedes leans in a second.)

DEVON: It's true...she's disgusting in everyway possible....

STARR:...Who's last win was maybe Jason "You've given-a-name-to-my" Payne.

Be happy you won that little children's match last week.

Be happy that you FINALLY got yourself a title shot at Battle Brawl 2.

'Cause if you thought I let that OTHER hussy last as long at the FIRST Battle Brawl..

Just wait until I get my hands on you then....you'll regret even THINKING about the possibility of becoming Championship material.

That's right...call me over-confident.

Tell me I'm over-rated.

Say anything you want, I could careless because it hasn't changed things ONE BIT since I walked into this company and I'll be DAMNED if I let it be any different now.

At Raucous, Mercedes and I are gonna prove that no one can beat women like US, and never will.

Just you wait.


07-19-06, 07:44 PM
Today, Foxx works out in the yard, planting flowers along her porch sidewalk. The heat is blistering even in a tank-top and shorts, but she doesn't seem to mind as she speaks to the camera while continuing.

"Ya know, I had to listen to what Ms. Starr said twice over just to make sure I heard her correctly."

"At Raucous, Mercedes and I are gonna prove that no one can beat women like US, and never will...right?"

"Are you gals forgetting that this 'stupid hussy' has managed to beat Karla several times single-handedly and has won against Mercedes in a tag match with her ever-esteemed hubby? Hell, I even went on and defeated Cammy again right after that."

She finishes one flower and moves right along to the next in line, digging the hole.

"As I, and the tapes, recall...I've already knocked the both of you down a few notches, so don't go telling me I can't win."

"Ms. Blue on the other hand... I can't speak for her. I've never even met the woman face to face, but I'm sure she can look out for and defend herself."

"Now I have to ask, why wouldn't I be happy to have a chance at a horded title? I should think you'd be at least a little excited to finally have someone besides Caitlyn Daymon as a contender for the title. If not you're as unsportsman-like as you sound. Where's the fun in sitting at the top with no one to challenge you?"

"...That IS how you managed to keep your title for so long isn't it?"

That comment gets a chuckle from Foxx as she stabs her shovel into the ground and stands to stretch.

"It's so much better to be at the bottom with something to look forward to, than to sit at the top looking down at everyone. I'll honestly be a lil disappointed if I manage to win our match at Battlebrawl, I think."

She brushes the dirt from her hands as she finally turns to face the camera.

"Now tell me why I shouldn't try to give you advice to win your matches? A helpful comment here and there isn't exactly rude, is it? I think we could all use a little luck now and then...and not trying to play dirty to win."

"That's twice now that Karma has come back in our matches to bite Ms. Starr in the ass now actually. You could've had me in our 'children's match' if you hadn't been the one childish enough to start flinging mud. Bravo Karla, you win points on the b*tch-o-meter and not much else. I'd ask the both of you to leave chairs and the like out of this...but somehow I just don't see that happening. As we all know, though, what goes around; comes right back around atcha."

"Good luck, anyhow. I really do think you should take a glance at your horoscopes..."

"Ah well, back to work!"

She goes back to tending to her sidewalk garden as the camera fades to black.

07-20-06, 05:56 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr and Mercedes Devon in front of the same backdrop, but instead this time dressed in snug-fitting blue jeans and company T-shirts.)

STARR: So let me get this straight....you didn't even graduate HIGH SCHOOL with a Diploma or a GED...but you have THE NERVE to correct ME in ENGLISH??

Hooker, please.

I don't much CARE what you CAN do...it's what you've DONE.

You're a wound-up prissy little hussy..and I do mean HUSSY....that's either one of two things to stay 'nice':

A.) You're laid more than your tag partner...which according to Mercedes is saying something...

(Mercedes winks and acknowledges the fact.)

or B.) You're strung up way too high on Ex to the point where your tag partner is scared...which again...according to Mercedes is saying something.

(Mercedes winks again.)

No, I don't think much of Caitlyn, and I don't have to because I'm PROVEN. I AM the NEW ERA Women's Champion because of WHO I am.

Besides...who is she to do anything about it?? If she's competition in this business then Marceau really IS in trouble.

Mama Daymon isn't even around to comment on ANYTHING let alone the Sun Dress I wear to church on Sundays, so why should I care about her??

I don't.

I don't care about her, I don't care about Miss Skank-ass Hooker, or you or anyone else for that matter, present company excluded.

It's fun to be on top of the mountain ya dirt-laced hussy, because until Marceau can get some REAL competition in here...I know that I won't have to actually work at KEEPING the title that was mine before it was even INVENTED...

Because all the so-called 'talent and competition' in this company I can probably paint on my small toe-nail.

All you're talk about Karma you should be thinking about more yourself then anyone else...

After all...if you live in the REAL WORLD, like the rest of us...you'd realize that no HUSSY WITH TITS EVER stays with the "Ms. Goody-two-shoes" Card very long before they just straight up LOSE IT.

And believe me when I tell you hooker, it won't be long until YOU do.

Then and only then will I take that Angry Karma that's comin' back atcha...and stick it straight up your sorry ass.

That's right, I said it.

Because I CAN...and you WON'T.


07-22-06, 12:33 AM
Fade in to Foxx...sitting in an armchair in her living room looking at the camera a la 'The Thinker'. She's dressed casually in a t-shirt and shorts. The hum of a ceiling fan can be heard from above in the beginning silence.

"I've been sitting here...thinking. Thinking about the present and the near future just ahead of me."

"First of all I think to myself: Where in the hell is Krist Blue? I was NOT serious about wrestling Starr and Devon alone, Krist! About the last thing I need is a tag partner that doesn't even try to stick up for herself. I keep gettin this creeping feeling that I'm not going to have anyone in my corner. That's hardly a very comforting paranoia."

"Secondly I think to myself: What is Karla Starr thinking?!"

"Whoa, whoa! Not that I'd ever wanna see what kinda nasty thoughts you've got inside that head of yours, but really... Why?!"

"You just wasted my time complaining about how I'm nice and you're not...What?!"

She looks genuinely confused...

"Did you forget to text the magic word to the Snappy Comeback Punchline Network on whatever piece of crap cell you're using before you decided to run your mouth and insult me?"

"Spare me your theories on how I'm nicer than you and hit me with something with a lil more pizazz! And while you're busy thinking up some new lines I'll be busy training to whoop your sorry behind."

"Hmmm... Maybe you should shut your mouth so Ms. Devon can get in a good word or two without you yapping the entire time. Or is she just fine with sitting back and listening to you?"

"And to answer your thought... There is no band ready to snap inside. Obviously, you never learned how to properly manage your attitude."

A smile spreads across her face.

"And just for future reference, I most certainly did pass high school with a diploma to prove it. I shipped out immediately afterwards. Get your facts straight. I do believe that's the second time I've had to tell you that."

Fade out.