View Full Version : [CD] Ain't No Happiness Anywhere

07-13-06, 08:11 PM
(CUTTO: Long distance shot of some guy walking up a street in the dark. A silhouette of the man carring a beer and stick picked up from the ground. Camera grows closer but still no image)

Bored outta my (BLEEP) mind. Ain't no happiness anywhere. What's a guy like me to find a little action? You know I get sick of hearing about typical wrestlers talking about how their lives have changed.

I got married...
I've retired....
I'm clean....
I've got kids.

Big (BLEEP) deal. I mean rehab is for quitters and even roaches have kids. You might even find that typical crackhead going "Uhhhh I'll take a happy meal and an eight ball thank you!"

Of course where am I going with all this? The entire wrestling world has gone soft. Alot of people I know have gone soft. I'm not going to list names but you know who you are. It's the F(BLEEP)S that keep saying the same thing every night.


It's like having sex without a condom. I'll do it. But its going to cost alot.

(CAMERA zooms closer to a black sleeveless shirt with the words "BASTARD SON" Jared Wells)


07-14-06, 01:08 AM
A marquee style hotel stands before us, people entering and exiting in nice looking outfits, into and out of nice looking cars. Panning away from this scene, Larry Tact stands in black leather pants and a mesh David Wright Mets jersey, sleeveless.

TACT: You'd know all about rehab and quitters, wouldn't you? But you're still wrong, c**face. Maybe you will come back to NEW... but it won't cost them much. Money is just a facade, easily obtainable. And just like these people, you're more than willing to think more of it, and be satiated simply by it. They may flaunt their money differently than you do, but you're pretty similar to these 'classy' b***ches. You just throw it away differently.

But you're just as much of a stupid ****.

And you'll come crawling back however many times they want you to.

He laughs, then grins wide.

Come back. I'll make a f***ing highlight of you.

Fade out.