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06-28-06, 01:40 PM
All RP for the World title Tornado Tag match between JOHN DOE, JONATHAN MARX and MYSTERY OPPONENT, PHANTOM REPUBLICAN (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

* This is Tornado Tag .. all four men in ring at once.. the first person to make the pinfall wins the World title.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 5th. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ..

07-01-06, 12:16 AM
The scene is shadowy. The Phantom Republican is standing in front of the American flag on a dimly lit soundstage.

GOP: This is the thanks I get.

I deported the Frog back to his home country, ridding both this great company and this great nation of a vile nuisance, a filthy illegal alien who was the reason why Joey Vento had to put up his "please order in English" sign at Geno's Steaks.

I restored luster back to a tarnished World Championship, literally bringing the shine back to its dull golden fa├žade, making it the only World Championship in this vast universe of wrestling that means something because it has the backing of the most powerful and honorable political party in the world.

I am doing this company and the world a favor by waging war on godless Communists, bringing them the Shock and Awe that they so thusly deserve.

And this is the thanks I get. I am placed in a match where I don't have to have my shoulders pinned to the mat to lose my title. I can even come out of this match as a winner and still lose my Championship. Words escape me of how unfair this is, on how ungrateful the administration of New Era is towards me for being their compassionate conservative savior. They must be Democrats.

It figures too... only Democrats would think of a system such as this, where a handout can be given to someone who doesn't deserve it. Only a group of idiots who could think of the Welfare system could come up with a concept so outright slanted against those who have worked to get where they're at today. Only the Democratic Party would do something so vile and dastardly.

Others may sit back and complain. I, however, will take action!

The lights go on in full force, showing GOP, in a double breasted three piece suit, NEW World Championship strapped to his waist, standing in front of the flag in all its and his glory.

GOP: Much like our forefathers did, the ones who freed our nation from the tyrannical grip of monarchy at this time 230 years ago, I shall stand and do whatever is necessary to leave RAUCOUS with my Championship, be it through Shock and Awe... or guerilla warfare.

But this much is certain, no Communist or Mystery Man shall take from me what is rightfully mine. If he does, it will be over my cold, dead body, and I have no plans to let the warm, red blood cease flowing through my veins!


07-07-06, 11:44 PM
::Marx is standing in his Armani suit at a wooden podium in front of the press, with a New Era Wrestling banner behind him::

JONATHAN MARX: Ladies and gentleman of the press, I thank you for coming today. I asked you all here today because at Raucous, John Doe and I prepare for the fight of a lifetime, a fight for the sovereignty of New Era Wrestling and we ask each and every one of you to stand up and join us.

GOP would like nothing more than to pigeon hole himself and the title around his waist as a symbol of America, but it is that simpleton’s small minded thinking which will cause him to lose the title. For you see, New Era just doesn’t represent one state, one country, one continent… it represents the world. When you hold the New Era World Heavyweight title, you are the paradigm for everything good in the sport of wrestling around the world and when I win the world heavyweight title, I will not only be the world heavyweight champion of the United States, I will defend my title proudly among the finest fans in the world not only in America, but in Canada, Japan, and in Europe as a role model of what a champion should be.

GOP doesn’t understand that the world title is without borders or the sacrifices a true champion has to make, Jacobs and I have driven on more than one occasion across frozen lakes in our Lincoln Continental in the dead of winter on NEW Death Tours not knowing if the ice would give way underneath us, knowing if in fact if we did survive we would be “blessed” with the company of Rabesque. Does anyone here think that the Phantom Republican would wrestle in a city without an airport in the immediate proximity in order to wrestle for the New Era fans? The Phantom Republican thinks he is above taking the risk in order to wrestle in front those diehard fans. I may wealth beyond your wildest imagination, I may be a Princeton graduate, but I am a man of the people. As a third generation wrestler, knowing the struggles that my father and grandfather faced, I inherited a respect for this sport and fans that the Phantom Republican lacks.

After I graduated from Princeton University, I went to Japan to train among the best in the world in the top wrestling and martial arts dojos in order to refine my skills and learn as much about the sport as possible. What was my opponent doing? Instead of going off and trying to learn the ins and outs of this sport, he absorbed himself in political science, being a groupie for politicians, getting coffee and doing favors, doing anything necessary to try to squeeze his way into the door and be a player in politics. When his repeated efforts failed, it was then and only then that he settled for being a pro wrestler and you can tell with every speech he makes that he wishes that he would rather be in politics instead of pro wrestling. Wrestling is my first love, I was raised around a wrestling ring and I have it in my blood. Unlike Phantom Republican, I’ve fought in leagues around the world, gaining experience in different styles and environments in order to become the best that I can be because I know as great as I am, I learned a long time ago that you never stop learning and you improve by challenging yourself. GOP like Rabesque wants everything handed to him without having to work and when I face him at Raucous, he will realize what that inexperience has cost him.

When Phantom Republican is finally defeated and my long quest for the NEW World Heavyweight Title that I’ve poured my heart and soul into for the last two years is over, this sport will see an old school revolution the magnitude that this sport has never seen before and NEW will finally again rise to its former glory to become the best of the best. I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears in my quest to win that title and come Raucous, I’ll either take that title from you or I’ll die trying.

God bless New Era, and god bless old school wrestling.

::the audience stands up and claps as Marx leaves the podium::