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06-28-06, 01:36 PM
All RP for the Leather Strap match between LARRY TACT and CAMERON CRUISE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

* This is a leather strap match. Must slam the opponents head in each of the four corners.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 5th. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ..

07-03-06, 10:38 PM
Larry Tact is front and center in our view, surrounded by royal blue backdrops that embrace any depth or space in this room. It's just him sitting on a steel chair turned backwards, his forearms leaning forward on the back. His hair has grown out to chin length and is currently blonde. The smirk on his face doesn't quite match his eyes, which are piercing and full of life.

TACT: The page has turned from a rather... interesting chapter. But things are far from over. There is no further need for the Masked Man. It's clear, however, that there is every bit the need for Larry Tact to be in New Era of Wrestling.

After I was injured and forced into recovery, so conveniently forgotten... I worked as hard as I ever have to recover. I made sure not to make the foolish mistakes of so many others, trying to 'speed up' recovery and return sooner, only to reinjure themselves. That isn't how I do things. When I recover, I return as fit as I have ever been, and then some. This time has been no exception.

He leans back a bit, his arms still gripping the chair.

It's slightly ironic that the first person I... 'officially' return against is none other than Cameron Cruise, a man who shares very few traits with me. He's credited as being a wrestler... and that's about where the similarities end. If I were Cameron Cruise, I would be embarrassed to claim even that much as true. Yes, he's called 'the Crippler!' Elsewhere, a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, it's true! And who could forget, the man who, along with The Insurgent, was actually suspended from New Era!

I know what you're all thinking: "What could get someone suspended from New Era? After all, people have been burned... assaulted... thrown off cages... sh** on... with no penalties issued. It must have taken something pretty excessive to receive a suspension." Well, that's somewhat true, because Cruise was suspended for something excessive.

...Excessive b**ching!

Because he thought he shouldn't have to wrestle an opponent. With that kind of... tactless attitude, Cruise... I don't think I'd call myself a 'wrestler.' Somehow, though, you seem to manage along in mediocrity.

The irony, of course, is in that while you suffered a suspension and little other ridicule for that type of behavior... I, who had his knee cracked open and torn ligaments, am the one who has received more ridicule. I don't mind, of course. I understand where it's all coming from.

He takes on a pose of contemplation, one hand propping his elbow and the other his chin.

After all, before that happened I was the standard of New Era. I was the leader of this New Era. Then I had one of those nights where everything just goes awry, and lost my World Heavyweight Championship to someone who simply wasn't able to hold the standard I had set... wasn't able to sustain the progress of what I had built. The void I left was... just too much. But I hadn't foreseen my injury. Nobody's perfect, after all.

I can only be the closest thing to it.

He grins smugly, shrugging and relaxing his position.

The best get ridiculed because they are the best, and it must be taken in stride. But now I have returned to reset all the havoc that has been wrought. And you are in the way, Cameron.

Although, I'll be honest, something tells me you would be in the way eventually. You know, even if we weren't set to square off on RAUCOUS... I do have plans on seeing much more of Karla. I figure she's smartened up by now and dumped your ass. You know how it is... she can do far better for herself. But somehow you strike me as the jealous type, so I wouldn't put it past you to get involved with my affairs.

But make no mistake... try as you might, you are really in no position to change what happens with Karla, nor our match at RAUCOUS!

I'm sure you've been too busy stewing in your failure to really pay attention, but I've been running roughshod over this entire promotion for the past half year. I have gone up to the top contenders and the World Heavyweight Champion of this promotion, no matter who it's been, and put them down. And you're no hired hitman from another promotion, so don't think you'll have the one time magic of Turk. If anything, you should be thankful for that, because even Turk will not escape my wrath. But you are not him, nor are you the one who will hold me back from becoming New Era World Heavyweight Champion again.

You are outmatched, Cameron. And if you step into the ring with me at RAUCOUS...

You will be humbled.

Fade out.

07-05-06, 08:53 PM
"Aren't we the quick witted?"
(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a New Era RAUCOUS backdrop, stands still but his eyes focus, more center.)

CRUISE: Not you Tact, I meant the Cameraman...had the boy been any slower, one would think that...well...you don't think much on the spot do you Tact??

Sure, you could probably plan a takeover of the White House, but that's not exactly coming into play anytime soon is it??

Let's get something straight here, Tact.

What you do on YOUR time, is YOUR business, and I can give two (BLEEP!) less about what it is.

But today is an exception I suppose, so allow me:

Karla is NOT my wife, sh*thead, Mercedes Devon is.

Be lucky she isn't here this week for our match either, 'cuz I'm sure she would be too pleased with the mistake...

But then again...things can happen.

Karla is her OWN woman, which...apparently according to the record books...she helped CAUSE you, your World Title.

So go ahead and mess with that box of matches Larry, be my guest.

Which brings to mind another question...


I don't care if he's Angelina Jolie's babysitter Tact, I don't care about anything except my wife and what's in front of me the next week.

Which at the moment...is you Larry.

I'm outmatched.

B*tch please.

I beat three apparent LEGENDS by myself, in the span of a MONTH.

Besides play Halloween for the first half of the year...what have you done lately...and better yet...

Why do I haveta give a sh*t about it??

As far as I'm concerned Tact...you're in the same boat as me ranking-wise as talent goes, no better, no worse.

But you can rest assured, I'm fixing to change the latter part of that statement very soon, I promise you.

That...my overconfident opponent, is something that is a Reality Check that you just...won't like.


07-07-06, 03:20 PM
Larry Tact sits on a steel chair, this time in typical position, again in front of the dark backdrops that consume the whole room. He looks all business, leaning intently forward.

TACT: Cameron, I understand where you're coming from, I really do. I can see you don't care about who Turk is. I understand if you don't care about what I've done recently. I can accept you are concerned only with your wife, and getting into the ring at RAUCOUS and facing whatever opponent is put in front of you. In this case, myself.

That's all good. I know the feeling. It's the way most people are, even how I was for a time.

You had a choice to make when you were scheduled to face me. Before I even spoke, I had a feeling you'd probably be decided on how to handle things. Even if not, you've now made the choice.

You've chosen to be ignorant. And that's fine. I don't need to respect your choice, and I don't. But just to be clear about one thing, Cameron...

I'm not ignorant. I'm just blunt. Talking the way you did, showing your apathy and your feelings make it clear that you are the only overconfident one of us. I'm not one to fall prey to that particular flaw, because quite frankly... I'm not ignorant. I choose to be aware of what's happening, and keep abreast of situations.

Of course, with regards to your wife, I was overestimating.

I thought you would have done better than Mercedes Devon.

But that was my mistake. Like I said, nobody's perfect. I just come as close as one can.

And you'll find out how true my words ring, when you're on the canvas and hearing those words violently echoing between your eardrums.

Don't expect anything less, Cameron. Do expect that it can be far worse, if you allow it.

Because I won't stop for anyone.

Fade out.