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06-28-06, 01:34 PM
All RP for the 2 out of 3 falls match between ROCKO DAYMON and SHAWN HART at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

* This is a 2 out of 3 falls match. First to 2 falls wins. No DQ / CO.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 5th. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ..

07-05-06, 05:56 PM

(From black we fade to the face of Jonathan Marx, frozen in a stern expression and displayed prominently in black and white. A hand bearing a fat red marker suddenly comes into the frame and crosses over Marx's face with a prominent crimson X. The camera pulls back to reveal Daymon in his personal gym at home. Along one wall hangs a promotional face photo of Marx. Further down are similar pictures of Carlee Marx and John Doe. Carlee's face also bears the same red X. Daymon steps back and bears a look of accomplishment upon his face.)

...and that makes two. One by one, the members of DREDD fall, and in turn the world comes a step closer to realizing that the their cause is meaningless and inconsequential.

I mean, can anybody really respect a group whose anagram doesn't even correctly spell the word 'dread?'

(Daymon puts the cap on the marker as he steps away from the DREDD display and looks over his full-sized practice ring. On the apron is a manilla folder, which Daymon opens and sifts through as he talks.)

I can't deny that Jonathan Marx delivered a decent challenge. He's a highly skilled competitor who dedicates himself to the task. I walked into that ring expecting a good fight, and I got one. What I didn't expect was Carlee Marx and Brandon Jacobs trying to jame the infamous Screwjob Stick right up my ass.

But that's one of those things that defines a true professional wrestler. A true wrestler doesn't necessarily avoid what is unexpected. Rather, he faces the surprise, and he adjusts his methods, and suddenly the tables are turned. Marx and Jacobs thought they could humiliate me, but in the end, they were the ones who ended up humiliated.

I stood toe to toe with one of professional wrestling's most prominent athletes, even as his cronies tried to make the job harder. I met the challenge, and succeeded, without any objections. All that's left is John Doe, although by the way he saw me manhandle the other three members of DREDD, I would wonder if he was up to the task.

That's Doe's decision... but as for myself, I'm looking to move on. DREDD has been revealed as nothing more than a fluke stable, full of a bunch of egos and hot air. They can pull strings to take the seat of power and waste microphone batteries like no other whenever they cut a spot in the ring, but none of that has any weight in the ring. So why waste my time dealing with them any longer?

On the next Raucous, I'm booked to go up against Shawn Hart, another NEW legend.

(Daymon holds up a photo of the man of topic, "The Phenom" himself.)

Last week, Hart made his return after a long absence from NEW. Picked up a nice win over Steve Johnson, if you look past the tight-pulling on that final three-count. In light of his recent victory and also considering his past success spanning through various feds, I have no doubt that this challenge will be equal to if not more than my match against Marx.

Let me make something certain, Shawn... I know that while we're in the ring together, I'll bruise, I'll sweat, and I'll bleed until I can barely stand on my own two legs. And I'll go beyond that if it means winning a match. I know you're willing to make the same commitment, so there's no point in trying to bull**** each other. It's yoru skills against mine. We'll meet, we'll fight, and in the end, one will walk away with his pride, and the other with a lesson learned. That will be all that's left of that.

(Daymon goes back to the wall where the faces of DREDD have been posted.)

However, I couldn't help but take notice that recently you've been buddying up with two men who have been at odds with me in recent months. Of course I'm referring to Doe and Marx, members of DREDD.

I saw the way they cheered you on and helped you win that match last week. While that might mean nothing in the long run, I feel I should remind you what happened when DREDD tried to get involved with my match last week. Their plans blew up in their faces, and I ended up winning anyway.

If you think having Doe and Marx in your corner will improve your chances, then you're gravely mistaken. I am a true professional wrestler, in that I can overcome unexpected surprises during a match. If you can't come to the ring alone, then you probably shouldn't be coming to the ring at all.

Even so, maybe you have no affiliation with DREDD, which would be a wise choice. But I have no power to stop you from taking the other path. Just remember, that if you side with DREDD, you will be my enemy, and your face will join their own on my wall.

(Daymon holds up Hart's photo against the wall, forming a line with the other three.)

And Shawn, believe me... if you want your career in NEW to be anything but a living hell, then you don't want to be on that wall.

(Daymon lets the photo drop to the floor. He turns to the camera for a final time.)

Good luck in the ring amigo.

(Quietly, Daymon skulks off screen as it fades to black.)