View Full Version : NA 1st Round: Blade vs Insurgent

05-14-06, 10:38 AM
North American Title Tournament First Round:

Blade vs Insurgent

RP Deadline will be Monday, May 22, 2006 by about midnight Central time.

The Great Eye
05-17-06, 05:52 PM
(FADEIN: INSURGENT standing in front of a giant sign that reads "W stands for Women" Bush/Cheney 2004. INSURGENT is wearing the outfit of V, with a Guy Fawkes Mask, black wig, and cape.)

INSURGENT: "Say something that means nothing, say it for the sake of saying it, have like minded people say that thing because they support you, have others agree with it...Sooner or later you have Joe Six-Pack and Judy Punch-Clock signing up, sooner or later you have idiots with signs like this in their front lawn, supporting their opression.

Because Dear Leader isn't for anyone but the Rich. He has no use for women much as he has no use for men, unless those men and women are rich...But enough of the truth...Let's look at this lie through a more generious standard.

Let's say he truly does support women...So he's working for equal pay for them right? Oh...He's not...Hmmm...Then what about getting rid of these moronic 'ethics standards' pharmacists use to not sell birth control to women...Oh he's not working on that either?

What about abortion, that's a big one...He clearly would he in favor of a woman's right to choose...Oh...He's not...

So W...Doesn't stand for women...He oppresses them...Yet here we have this sign...This maddening sign...That idiots put in their front lawn...

I'm sorry Blade, sorry this wasn't more about you...But really this match isn't about you...It's about ME...And it's about MY ANGER, MY RAGE, my need to change this world, by BEATING THE SH*T out of people in a wrestling ring, by speaking truth to power with my fists and feet...By getting Americans to understand that THEIR LIVES are at stake here...

That's what this is about...You're just the object lesson for the rest of this company...Sorry it had to be you, but everyone draws the short straw sometime...It's your time now.