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The Great Eye
05-10-06, 11:31 PM
(FADEIN: JEFF MAYES in the LVW Studios.)

MAYES: "Fans, we're here with the big news on what's happening next week in LVW...

In a giant main event tag team match, LVW World Champion "Cowboy" James Donovan, will be teamed with Colt James...The Man In Black...And they will face off against El Magick-O and "The Inferno" Carmine Esposito.

"Cowboy" James Donovan (c) and Colt James, The Man In Black Vs
El Magick-O and "The Inferno" Carmine Esposito

MAYES: "Also fans, we have the Las Vegas Championship to be decided as El Gordo Grande makes his first title defense against Eric Mateo!"

El Gordo Grande (c)
Eric Mateo

MAYES: "After the controversy of last week's arm wrestling contest, these two men STILL need to settle their issues, and they shall do so in a weight lifting contest!"

Hans Nowak
Olvir Arsvinnar

MAYES: "And Ricky Zane makes his in ring debut in LVW, facing the double tough Shadric the Dogboy!"

Ricky Zane
Shadric the Dogboy

MAYES: "There may even be more action on the card, tune in for more updates and reserve your tickets at the Mandalay Bay Box Office for LVW, taking wrestling...TO THE OBSCENE!"

(OORP: Anyone who wants on the card who no Rp'ed last week just get in touch with me and we'll work stuff out...Rp Deadline will be due May 21st at 11:59 EST for all stuff.)

The Great Eye
06-17-06, 03:56 AM
About 1,000,000 apologies for this card, basically I got busy, blah blah blah and then the next thing I knew, the internet cafe where I had saved almost the whole card suddenly replaced the computer I was working on the show with another computer, so I lost everything...So after screaming in horror, I then decided that the only thing I can do now is just post the card in short form. Again, sorry to those who Rp'ed, but delaying the card another week would just be silly.

The show opened as Ricky Zane was in the mist of a 10 minute long speech declaring himself to be the greatest wrestler in the history of the industry...Finally shadric the Dog Boy cut him off and the two men fought. After a bit of offense from Shadric, Zane dominated and locked in the Gates of God's Country Liontamer, Shadric, not being able to verbally submit, nor knowing to tap out, howled in agony for a few minutes before finally blacking out and allowing head ref Cesar Martinez to stop the match, declaring Zane the victor.

After a break, Hans and Miss Ann hit the ring and ran down Olvir, who was not in the arena, for being a coward, and then left in a huff.

Next was Eric Mateo Vs El Gordo Grande, for the Las Vegas Championship. The match was back and forth for 4 minutes before Mateo hit the Clothesline from hell out of nowhere to score the pin and win the bracelet...After the match a dazed Grande got back to his feet, only to be confronted by Mikey Gumdrops, who proceded to ask Grande a bunch of questions about the missing hooker...Grande spoke spanish to Gumdrops, who was outraged and he flattened Grande with a face first side russian Legsweep called "The Hit".

After the match, Mateo was celebrating in the back when he ran into World Heavyweight Champ James Donovan. Mateo mentioned it only took him about 4 minutes to win the Las Vegas Title...So the World Title might take him about 8. The two men glared at each other before Donovan headed to the ring for the main event.

The main event tag match went for 15 minutes before the ref was bumped, and then El Magick-O, who was wearing an even more absurd get up then before, tried to shoot a multi-colored fireball at Donovan, but instead nearly caught his coat on fire and hit both the Man In Black and Carmine Esposito with it...After the two men were basically eliminated from the match, Donovan went for a Oklahoma Stampede on El Magick-O, but El-Magick-O got behind him and threw Donovan into the corner...El Magick-O got a roll up, held the ropes, pulled the tights and did anything else he could think of to cheat to get the pin...

Again, sorry I had to short form this, but I've been just attacked by the crippling problem known as 'life' and all that jazz...I'll have Rp threads up tomorrow.