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05-02-06, 08:21 PM
Blade vs. Steve Marlay
Both men had unenviable tasks last week: Blade the enormous Drunken Tiger... Steve Marlay a match while tremendously sick. Both men aim to correct last week with a win this week. Who will come out on top?

RP Deadline is Wednesday, May 10th by midnight.

05-03-06, 10:16 PM
Blade walks to the ring wearing a leather trenchcoat over a black shirt and jeans carrying a steel chair and a baseball bat. He quickly rolls into the ring and sits down into the chair. He slowly pulls out a mic and pulls off a pair of sunshades speaking into the mic.

Blade: Well it seems that the Blade-man has suffered his first defeat at the hands of Drunken Tiger but don't forget my career is just starting in the MCW. You see this week I face Steve Marley, a wrestler from England, who seems to be a submission wrestler. Well, Steve, point of advice chalk last week up to case of stage fright but this week prepare for hell. You see I am also a hardcore wrestler and I if I want I will bring a steel chair in the ring and I will knock your damn head off. I am the type of person who will stacked ten tables on the outside of the ring and drive you through them with a ddt. So not only am I a submission wrestler but also a hardcore wrestler. If you stepped into that ring thinking you are going to face a fellow techinical or submission wrestler think again. You see I will be a champion in this Federation and there is not a damn thing you or anyone can do about it.

Blade stands and drops the mic exiting the ring as "How Can I live" plays across the arena.