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04-28-06, 10:12 AM
Aggression 24 will be posted later today or tonight. Whoo hoo!!

Now then, once I get a chance to get online and do it the threads for Unleashed will go up this weekend. I plan to give ten days to roleplay. With that in mind, I need to know now who can write matches for the show. Remember, the more people help the faster we can knock this out. Everyone who helped with Aggression did a fantastic job, and we need the same thing or a little more for Unleashed.

Let me know here. Thanks everyone.

- Dave, EPW Owner

04-28-06, 03:52 PM
Correction, the show will likely be posted in the morning as Tom is busy this evening and can't post it. But it's his fault. 100%. Totally.completely.his.fault.

Pelt him with tomatoes.

04-28-06, 03:56 PM
*flogs Tom*

04-28-06, 04:48 PM
I'm all out of soft, squishy fruit. How about these rocks? Are they okay to use?

04-28-06, 07:44 PM
Say it ain't so! Tom... late... no posting... ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to get MCW Center Stage 2 out before EPW Aggression. There is hop for me yet:)


04-28-06, 10:37 PM
I'll do the match I promised. Anything more than that will be a struggle.

04-29-06, 12:02 AM
In the most heterosexual way a man can love another man, I do you, Mr. Brunk.

I will do what you need for this card.

Ken Peters
05-03-06, 11:13 AM
I'm a tad busy these days, but if you shoot me one of the early matches, I'll definatly knock one out.