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The Great Eye
04-20-06, 01:30 AM
Now for anyone who's worried about this, I can assuredly do this and LVW at the same time, given that the write up for an episoe of this show is like, maybe 5 pages, and all you scumbags just skip to the vote anyhow :(

So anyhow, send me the stats and backstories of your characters. my E-mail addy is fwsurvivor@hotmail.com

Character name
Character height
Character weight
AIM name you'll be using for your character
You can not use your normal AIM name, or this is just a giant cliq fest. And suddenly Steve's athiest lesbian is buddy buddy with Lindsay's straight laced catholic preacher.

People started figuring out who people were by the end of last season, but the awesome Lindsay/SteveA Final 2 alliance is proof that this does make the game more interesting. And please make your names different, you hear me RUDEFF, and Vincent88?! (Shakes fist)

Luxury Item (can't be a fire making tool or anything with a sharp edge.)

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your character in.
Arm strength
Leg strength
Puzzle Solving
Holding breath underwater
Dealing with people

Now if you make your character an overstated monster without a backstory (Cough: Peggy and Emilia) I'll lower your stats a bit. If your character has any interesting backstory, you should list it, since a BUNCH of people last season claimed their characters had archery training before an archery challenge, when none listed that in their history, so no dice.

Stat monsters are not assured of winning this game, last season's winner, Olivia was a character designed not at all to win the game, yet somehow did, winning 1 immunity the whole time, and having her tribe enter the merger down 6-4...So "Buff McStud" the guy who decided to postpone his UFC debut to crush survivor, isn't promised anything.

Lastly, there is an added twist to the game this year. During the reward challenges the winning tribe will send 1 member of the losing tribe to "Pirate's Bay" which is an island without shelter, with only a knife and maybe a flint to survive with...Clearly the character sent here will be weakened and at a disadvantage for the next immunity challenge. (Stat loss for that character.)

Now the advantage to being sent to Pirate's Bay is that there is a hidden immunity idol on the island...When sent there, you will be given a list of clues (1 for the first person sent to pirate's bay, 2 for the second person, and so on till the producers figure any ninny could find the thing.) of the location of the idol.

This idol is a very powerful idol. If your character finds it, they can keep it, and if they go to council and are voted out, they can reveal the idol after the vote, and the person with the next highest vote total will be the person sent home instead.

The person with the idol could also choose to give it to somebody else, they can do anytime except at council, once you all sit down to pow wow with Doc about life on the island, you can't hand off the idol then.

If the idol is used, it returns to Pirate's Bay.

The Idol can no longer be used at Final 4 or Final 3.

Winner gets 100 bucks cause I'd just blow it on blackjack anyhow...

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

The Great Eye
04-30-06, 05:37 PM
A lot of people when I ask them to play ask me 'how does this work'

So here is the survivor FAQ

So what do I do to start?

Well first you submit a character following the list of things you've got to fill out on the main thread. And get a new AIM'er name

Why do I need a new AIM name?

Because without it, everyone would know who everyone else was, and if both Dan and Shane of 'running UCW' fame were in the game, they would most likely be an alliance, Lindsay and Steve would most likely be an alliance. Barry would get heat for having already won, and that could be a reason to vote him out, which would have nothing to do with his character.

What's this whole voting thing?

OK, this is the nuts and bolts of Survivor. Basically I will roll dice and determine who wins challenges, there are 2 kinds of challenges, Reward, and Immunity.

Reward challenges are just that, if your tribe wins, they get some cool stuff which will be a general advantage for your tribe, modifying dice rolls in your favor.

Immunity challenges are the big deal. If your tribe wins one, you can go to sleep for a week, you're all set.

If you lose one, well then, it's game on. As you'll have to wrangle up the tribe (Or just talk to me about your game plan) and start plotting and scheming. The plot could be some giant plan to backstab somebody who you've been buddy buddy with the whole time, or it could be as simple as "Whoever Jim tells me to vote for, I vote for."

Basically I'll allow for 3 days of scrambling around working out the vote plan, and then when it's done, I'll post the show, with the vote being the end of the show, and whoever gets the most votes cast against them is out of the game.

So that's in?

Not quite, since after a while, the number of players in the game will drop to a low number, requiring the two tribes to merge into 1 tribe. Here the game changes from a team game to a personal game. Rewards will be won by a person or a randomly made up team from the tribe (If the tribe consisted of Jen, Sally, Tim, Bill, Greg, and Rob, it could be set up so Bill/Greg/Sally fought Jen/Tim/Rob for reward.)

Immunity is always a personal battle. Generally only one person can win it, however I normally do a "One of each gender" challenge at the start of the merger where one woman and one man win immunity, after that, it's solo immunity challenges to the end.

At this point, if you're in the game, you'll be in a vote every week, the only question is if people will be allowed to vote you off or not.

So we just keep voting people off till somebody wins?

Almost. The final 9 people are the really important folks. As the last seven people voted out will make up the Jury and the last two people standing will be the final two.

When you make it to the final 2, the Jury decides who wins the game. The last seven people voted out will decide who wins, be it you, or your opponent. If you make the jury, you will be one of the folks that decide who wins.

So that's it is this finally over?

It would be if it wasn't for this year's twist to the game. Which is the Hidden Immunity Idol that is on Pirate's Bay.

The winner(s) of the reward challenge will send a member of the losing team to Pirate's Bay to rot for 2 days, this will make that character do worse in the impending immunity challenge, however that character can hunt around Pirate's Bay to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

If they find it, they can keep it, or give it to somebody else. It can be used until there are 4 people left, and then it is useless.

If you have it and you are voted out, you reveal it then and the person with the 2nd most votes is the one voted out instead. I will post the show and have your character use it if they are voted out. I will not expect any character with the idol to just fall on their sword and lose.

What if people start lying about having the idol?

Well of course people are going to lie about having the idol. But if somebody who doesn't have the idol starts talking to you about having the idol and then says "here it is" *Shows Idol* or words to that effect. Well, you should IM me with a chat log of the conversation and ask me if it's true. and I'll confirm they have the idol, or tell you that the person is insane and then go beat them up in IM's for flat out lying about the idol.

So please do not do anything to denote you have revealed the idol if you don't have it, since you can't do that.

So what happens when I win?

I'll send you 100 bucks, because I'm nuts and would just blow it on blackjack anyhow, this way it'll last longer (Like 14 weeks longer).

Any other questions feel free to IM me at War on Eurasia.

Good luck.

The Great Eye
05-02-06, 12:40 AM
I have 5 Applications in, 4 men and 1 women...So the standard gender bias on the FW boards is in effect...I will accept the next male app, and then I'm gonna have to start twisting arms to get women characters, since the game does use an 8-8 gender mix.

FWI the last two winners were a guy not exactly a phyiscal machine (WFW color man Brandon Jacobs) and a pretty phyiscally useless woman (Olivia) So don't think you need a stat tank d00d to win this.

The Great Eye
05-12-06, 10:24 PM
I currently have 10 submitted aps for Survivor.

6 Men, 4 Women, so all options are open. I shall be stalking and trolling the boards for more talent...If you want in IM me on War on Eurasia on AIM. I am giving away 100 bucks for this sillyness...So I really shouldn't have to be pulling teeth, but I can and will, nuts as I am, to get this off the ground.

The Great Eye
05-17-06, 02:35 AM
I was just about to draw up the Tribes, when I suddenly noticed I got 9 men and 7 women signed up for the show, GAWD DARN IT!!!!

So if any of the 9 folks who've submitted a male can switch it over and send me a lady, that would be a big help. Once this is taken care of I can get to work on getting the tribe info and all that jazz posted.

The Great Eye
05-17-06, 08:50 PM
Tribe Magellan - Blue

Sean, 35, Cult Priest from Eureka

Wayne 22, Comic store clerk, from 'Gotham City'

Charlotte, 25 Computer Consulting business owner. From Las Vegas

Evelyn 31 Lawyer From New York City

Chet, 23, College grad, from Boston

Dylan, 24 Wilderness Guide from Helena

Estella, 28 Psychic from Corpus Christi

Nicole 22, Newspaper editor from Springfield

Tribe Cortez -Gold

Walter 28 reporter, from Green Bay

Capernicus 39, works with troubled kids, from Denver

Jessica 25, Cocktail waitress from Detriot

Joyce 24 Farmer from Mobile

Skip 23, College grad, from San Diego

Homer 32, security guard from Richmond

Kristie 29, Mortician from Celebration

Vicky 47, Store owner from Atwater

Still waiting on some folks to get their AIM'ers up and running. I'll kick them around a bit and get a move on...We should be underway in less then a week.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

The Great Eye
05-22-06, 06:48 PM
After landing on the island and before you can really get to know each other, the tribes are quicky put to a test in a reward challenge, the reward, getting to stay at the current campsite and getting a flint. The losers have to hike 3 miles to their campsite.

Four members of each tribe had to climb a climbing wall and get a back of puzzle pieces and bring them to the other half of the tribe, once all 4 finished, the other half of the team untied the bags and put the puzzle together, first team to get the puzzle done wins reward.

Magellan had Dylan, Charlotte, Chet, Nicole climb for them, while Sean, Wayne, Eve, and Estella stayed back to build the puzzle.

Cortez had Walter, Skip, Cap, Kristie be the climbers, while Homer, Vicky, Joyce, Jess were the puzzle makers...

Magellan opened a slight lead in the climbing, and then barely held on in the ouzzle making, winning the reward.

Now Magellan must send one member of Cortez to Pirate's Bay. You guys really have little clue of 'who's who' on the other size. So it's basically, a couple of buff guys, a thin guy, and a heavy guy, along with three young looking girls and an older looking woman, so pick somebody out of the line-up and banish them for 2 days.

Once that's taken care of I'll work out the immunity challenge, get input from people if I need to divide up the teams for that challenge, which will be more along the lines of what the teams want, instead of the chaos of this challenge.

And if you IM me I'll give you the listing of your tribes IM names.

Good luck.

The Great Eye
05-23-06, 05:46 PM
Skip was sent to Pirate's Bay.

The immunity challenge is as follows...The whole team rows a canoe out to a station, where one member of the tribe will solve a rope maze, after they get the rope through the maze, it will drop a flag, they grab the flag and then the tribe canoe's to the second station, where a member of the tribe who DIDN'T do the rope maze has to dive into the water and get a flag that's tied down, once they've untied the flag and brought it up, they row to the third station, where one person who has done NEITHER of the first two tasks must solve a sliding tile puzzle. When you've solved the puzzle you'll slide out the tide that has a knife embedded in it, take the knife, cut a rope, drop the final flag, and then row back to shore.

First tribe with all three flags wins immunity, losing tribe has to go to Council.

I need each team to tell me who their rope puzzle solver is, who their diver is, and who their tile puzzle solver is.

I'll give the tribes till Sunday to get me this info, I'd like it sooner, but I am patient, if it's not in by then, then it will be picked at random.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

The Great Eye
05-30-06, 01:51 AM
Magellan got off to a quick lead in the rowing, and then Estella and Walter got to the rope maze, Estella held her tribe's lead, which expanded a bit during the rowing towards the second station.

Nicole and Joyce then faced off in the diving segement which both completed quickly, Nicole holding her tribe's lead.

In the end, Wayne nearly blew his team's lead on the tile pizzle, as Vicky started late but nearly caught up, but Wayne solved the final puzzle, and they rowed off to the shore, hanging onto their lead and winning immunity.

For Cortez, it's off to the vote, send me E-mails, whatever your plans are, plot and scheme away.

Get in votes by Sunday at the latest or your character just randomly votes.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

The Great Eye
06-22-06, 12:12 AM
(FADEIN: Generic Survivor Intro.)

(FADEIN: The tribes getting off their boats, the two tribles start huddling on the beach when DOC SILVER, in a tan shirt and shorts, appears and greets the players.)

DOC: "Welcome players, before you get comfortable, we're going to start you right off with a challenge...4 from each tribe will have to run and gather up puzzle pieces...The other 4 members of the tribe will have to solve the puzzle...Winning tribe stays here, and gets a flint to make fire with...Losing tribe, no flint, a three mile hike to camp, and a member gets sent to pirate's bay to rot till the immunity challenge...They may find the hidden immunity idol, which is the only bright spot to such a plight, but that's about it...So let's get to it."

(The tribes go about their business, Magellan wins, much fanfare for them. They send SKIP to Pirate's Bay.)

(Magellan day 1)

(CUTTO: CHET and DYLAN making fire with the flint.)

DYLAN: "This thing is almost like cheating..."

CHET: "Yeah we're lucky...I almost feel bad for the other team...Since they are so bad off..."

DYLAN: "It's a contest...Better them then us..."

CHET: "I guess so..."

(Dylan in an aside.)

DYLAN: "the whole tribe is working really well...Chet and the pale guy, they both brought bibles and they are kinda together...Chet seems kinda odd...I dunno what his deal is..."

(CUTTO: Pirate's bay, SKIP is currently trying to make fire.)

SKIP: "this sucks...I really need water...Two days of just rotting out here is horrible...The clue for the idol...Well I hope I got it right, but it's only one clue...So well I guess I'll have to get lucky to find it...Here's to hope."

(CUTTO: The tribes hit the beach for the immunity challenge, stuff happens, Magellan wins again, fanfare and joy for them once more!)

(CUTTO: Cortez day three.)

(CUTTO: Joyce talking to Cap and Vicky.)

JOYCE: "So well...We've got everyone together, and the only question is voting out Walter or Homer..."

CAP: "I'm fine with either."

(CUTTO: Joyce in an aside.)

JOYCE: "Well we've basically gotten the whole tribe together, and it's down to Walter or Homer, unless something goes crazy here...Hopefully it's just a peaceful vote."

(CUTTO: Tribal Council...DOC SILVER stands waiting.)

DOC: "OK, let's get this done..."

(Everyone votes, the drama fills the air.)

DOC: "I will now read the votes..."

DOC: "First vote...Walter..."

"Second vote...Walter"

"Third vote...Walter."

"Fourth vote...Walter"

(DOC looks at the next piece of paper.)

DOC: "First person voted out...Walter..."

(WALTER gets up, has his torch snuffed, shambles away.)

DOC: "Seems like you all knew what was up...Hopefully you won't be back for a while"

(Cortez, sans Walter, heads back to camp.)

The Great Eye
06-26-06, 01:56 AM
The next challenge for reward is climbing over a wall, then a mud crawl, followed by walking a balance beam.

Magellan needs to sit somebody out.

Winners get fishing gear, huzzah.

Losers have somebody sent to pirate's bay.

As soon as Magellan tells me who's sitting (Or somebody E-mail/IM's me opting out of the challenge) I will post results.

If nobody says anything I'll post in 2 days with a random person sitting out.

The Great Eye
06-30-06, 01:29 AM
Nicole sat out for Magellan...

The battle was close until the end, when Homer couldn't navagate the balance beam for Cortez, sending them to their 3rd straight loss.

Magellan wins.

Pick somebody from Cortez to send to Pirate's Bay.

Once ya do I'll post the Immunity challenge and get info on who's sitting out then.

The Great Eye
07-05-06, 10:56 PM
Jess got sent to Exile Island.

Magellan needs to sit somebody out for the immunity challenge, which it the Survivor staple 'build a emergancy signal for a plane to see you." challenge...

As soon as Magellan lets me know who isn't working for them I'll write up the challenge and post results.

The Great Eye
07-13-06, 10:42 PM
Estella sat out for Magellan.

Both sides built their distress signals...And Cortez wins for the first time.

Megellan now has to vote somebody out...Talk, give it a week and lemme know who's going home.