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04-01-06, 11:29 PM
Umm... what's going on with everyone?

Me? Just spent my first day on a 9 day vacation. I deserve it.

Let's liven the place up a little.

Josh (The Sergeant)

04-02-06, 12:50 AM
Just got home from a night down in the city. Went to Diversey River Bowl, which was a lot of fun. Then to dinner at Goose Island Brewery. Great food, but awful service. (sigh) lol

04-02-06, 01:56 AM
I spent the past 2 days driving from Florida back home to RI. GOODBYE LAND OF HURRICANES!

04-02-06, 01:23 PM
Basically what I am hearing is that I have entirely too much time on my hands on vacation waiting for my wife to go into labor while the rest of you have a lot that you are doing.

Fair enough.

I still miss you guys... and don't worry, things will pick up to that break neck speed I was at before vacation in 8 short days.

Josh (The Sergeant)

04-02-06, 05:27 PM
Right now, I'm working. I've a project and 3000 word essay due in on thursday, and a dissertation deadline in early May. After that's done, no more undergraduate work for me ^_^

Ken Peters
04-03-06, 01:32 AM
I am going to FRIGGIN' SLEEP!

...but besides that, I'm working on a match for Agression, and hitting up the Cherry Orchird Festival in DC next weekend.

04-03-06, 03:22 AM
Me?? Well, I went to church, played with my son. Dusted the house and shampooed the carpets. Exciting evening!

04-03-06, 07:12 AM
Spent the weekend with the Mrs.

04-03-06, 11:51 AM
Well... since I'm aiming to keep this thread going, I will tell you all that I watched Wrestlemania 22 last night. Nice show from top to bottom.

Josh (The Sergeant)

04-05-06, 02:45 AM
Yeah... Torrie's top and Candice Michelle's bottom. Sweeeeet!

Spirit Squad the new World Tag Champs....eghaaaad.

Next I guess we will see Paul Birchill as the next U.S. Champ....

04-05-06, 02:51 AM
Wrestlemania WAS great. Raw the night after wasn't so great.

Cena vs Triple H was a really good match. I'd also pay just to watch Vince get stomped by anyone.

Scott, how's that baby? My wife's due with our son in less than three weeks.


Ken Peters
04-05-06, 04:46 AM
John Cena with a World Champion push = The physical incarnation of the industry's destruction. And the Spirt Squad making tag champs?


That.. I'm not going to dignify with a response.

Ugly... Ugh...

All of you should just rent some NJPW dvd's and tune in to TNA, and stop funding the awful booking that is the WWE. They shove their best booker to head their developmental territory? C'mon, my dead grandmother could book midgets better than McMahon.

Watching old episodes of "Firefly" right now. Anyone who hasn't seen this, picture Cowboy Bebop crossed with the civil war. Sweetness.

04-05-06, 01:04 PM
Firefly is good... the movie that was born from it SERENITY is 100 times better. Basically anything that Joss Whedon touches is golden. Buffy, Angel, Astonishing X-Men.

I like Cena. I think the internet hate has turned into a cool thing to do in the arenas... and in the case of Cena is way too far over the top. Now the spirit squad as tag champs, that's something I can agree with.

Cena just needs a little harder edge to his character. The spirit squad needs a year or two actually wrestling... and they need to be distinguishable from each other. I still can't remember who the two people were that pinned Kane and Big Show. :)

I honestly think Wrestlemania 22 was a great show. I hadn't been pleased with most of the Raws over the past month and a half, but Wrestlemania 22 was the first PPV I have bought (although I watch plenty on DVD) in 10 years (no lie)... and I was happy.

I keep giving TNA a chance with Impact every few Saturdays. Um... not really all that good. I was a huge fan of the NWA and WCW until 1997 or so... and I don't think TNA is there yet. I like Christian Cage as a champ, though...

Josh (The Sergeant)

04-05-06, 04:37 PM
Josh, we must have been watching a different Wrestlemania then. Overall, I didn't think it was anything spectacular.

04-05-06, 05:27 PM
Haven't had the chance to watch Wrestlemania, but from what I've heard it was nothing spectacular. Looking at some of the photos WWE.com has posted, I can't believe they had HHH come out trying to look scary as Conan. That beggars belief.

As for what I'm doing right now, trying to write a 2500 word essay on the importance of sex in C17 dramatisations of London society. Due in for 3pm tomorrow... fun fun.

04-05-06, 07:03 PM
Well... I thought it was good. I'm not a wrestling expert, but I thought it was entertaining... which is why I watch wrestling. Everything that I saw seemed to make sense and was entertaining.

Lindz, what didn't you like?

We probably disliked some of the same things...

Josh (The Sergeant)

04-06-06, 03:45 AM
Josh..my son is awesome. He sits and just laughs out of the blue. He has also started swimming lessons. He can float on his back and he's almost 7 months. Good luck to you and the new mommy in the next few weeks!!

As for Wrestlemania... Boogeyman should never ever wrestle again! Both womens matches sucked. Edge and Foley was great. Hey Josh, I like Cena too. The internet fans suck. I've followed Cena when he was Prototype in UPW here in So. Cal. He was good.

TNA is good as well. AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams rock the house.

04-06-06, 04:11 PM
Glad to hear that there are people out there who think about wrestling as less than a super serious thing to get super upset about. Cena is pretty good. From time to time they make him look ridiculous but they do that with all of these wrestlers at some point and time.

Swimming lessons? I don't think I learned to swim until I was 10 or so :)

I thought that the Tirsh-Mickie match wasn't bad but had a few blown spots. Some of Trish's signature moves can look lame. The pillow fight was garbage. I left the room so as not to watch that garbage.

The two matches that didn't belong on a Wrestlemania were the Boogeyman match and the pillow fight.

Josh (The Sergeant)