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03-20-06, 03:20 PM
Regular match. Post all RP here.

Steve Marlay
03-20-06, 06:28 PM
*The scene opens inside an executive box overlooking
an impressive looking racecourse, the view out the
window is as impressive as the course itself. The
grandstands are packed full to the brim with fans of
horses, fans of betting, or those at the place for
both. The area around the winners enclosure is also
rather busy because the winner of the last is in there
being affectionaly patted by presumably it's owner or
trainer. After a short while the camara zooms out, the
view is now inside exucutive box. There are three
people about. One is a man of about thirty, possibly
just under that. He's dressed rather smartly in black
trousers, white shirt, and a blue/purple colored tie.
A young female is also about wearing only and red
dress and black high heeled shoes, she looks rather
nice on the eyes without being stunning. The third
person in the exucutive box is as far from stunning as
you could get, the third person is a fat, balding, fifty
something year old who looks out of place and
somewhat uncomfortable in his present suroundings.
The young woman speaks...*

Woman - Steve... How did you get an exucutive box
here? My dad's been trying for years and they just
say there aint any going?

Steve(Younger Man) - I geuss money talks... I've got
money, therefore I get what I want. Your dad hasn't
got money, therefore he gets sweet F A!!!

Woman - I dunno why I hang around you... your
obnoxious, big-headed, and a real basta....

Steve - ERM!!!! I'm a RICH obnoxious, big-headed,
bas*beep*, and thats why you hang around me like a fly
on sh!t.

*The woman storms out and Steve smirks like he's been
there done that all before, Steve then turns to the
fat man, who looks rather uncomfortable around the
younger man.*

Steve - So George, what chances have my horses got

George - Er...Erm....Well True Colors is gonna win by a
mile, there is no other horse in the race with his
talent. As for Admiral, I dunno.

Steve - What do you mean, you don't know?

George - ......

Steve - Your the horses god damn trainer, I pay you
a fortune and you say "I dunno". Your supposed to
know the answer to every flippin' question I ask...
do you understand?

George - Er... Yes Mr Marlay!!

*With that conversation over George slowly walks out
the room. After a while the scene fades away.*

*The scene returns in the same exuctive box, Steve
Marlay is now standing beside a suit of armor from
the days of the roman empire. Encased by class, below
it stands a large ballistic shield and a sword.*

Steve - They swept over the earth like a strong wind,
sweeping away the power and influence of ancient
civilizations. The technology of their day was
revolutionary, and it's impact was immeasureable.
And in their famed colosseums, people of all walks of
life were unified in their lust for blood, and in the
thrill of combat!!

*Steve lifts an arm towards the case while looking
toward the camara.*

Steve - Reason upon these things, take notes, and
remember them well......because 2.000 years later,
history is about to repeat!
The entity that is this MCW promotion, likely to carry
a roster of scattered, individualistic competitors, will
feel a sweeping pain much like the enemies of the
romans. As the world was once ruled from a single
city... Rome... wrestling is soon to be ruled by one

*Steve has a smug, self-satisfied look about him as
he continues.*

Steve - Power, Justice, wisdom, and love. The bible
attributes them to god, and just as he reigns in
heaven, I will reign supreme and be the supreme
presence in this business! It's all about the balance,
see i'm all of those four things in equal measures
but noone and I do seriously mean NOONE else could
ever be that great.
So Storms, I geuss your watching this so i've got a
message for ya!! If you don't believe everything
i've just said you are'nt gonna be enjoying are one on
one match. So I suggest you do some homework
because Steve Marlay is not a snotty nosed, young,
stupid rookie like you probaly expected. Now i've done
my homework on you, I know your past and I'm gonna
destroy you so easily that you may wanna look for a
new business to ply your trade in, you may even wanna
return to the business you know best. The business
of getting high!!

*Steve Marlay laughs as the scene fades away...
Steve's voice can faintly be heard as the scene dies.*

Steve - Now get this stupid roman thing outta my
executive box before I throw it out the *beep*ing

03-27-06, 03:38 PM

Open on the studios of "The Jim Rome Show" in suburban Los Angeles. Rome, the popular and bombastic host, is engaged in an interview with MCW newcomer Bryan Storms. Storms sits across from Rome in a leather desk chair, swiveling back and forth slightly as he answer's Rome's questions.

JR: ...and Bryan will be a part of MCW's return broadcast, Center Stage, Tuesday night here in LA. Bryan, it's been great having you on the program, join us again sometimes.

BS: Thanks for having me Jim, I'd be glad to.

JR: Bryan Storms of Major Championship Wrestling. We're going to take a break, lots more to come in the jungle as we move along, your calls and e-mails when we return.

Storms shakes Rome's hand, then pulls his grey hooded sweatshirt from a peg on the wall, slips it around his shoulders and exits the studio, waving the camera to follow him into an adjacent hallway.

BS: Thanks for getting over here. It's been a bit crazy relocating out to LA this week, but I wanted to get this back to the offices as quickly as I can.

CAMERAMAN: No problem. Let's get started. In 5...4...3...2...

BS: Well, as tough as the past year's been for me, it's definitely good to be back. It's also good to see that, while I may have changed, much about this business remains the same. People come and people go, but there's always a crop of young, arrogant, "this is my time and you can't stop me" wanna-be stars coming out of the woodwork.

And don't I know it. I used to be one of them.

But that's changed. I'm better now, smarter now. But, some people have obviously not learned from the mistakes of men like me. As I learned when I saw him speak, that includes my opponent for MCW's grand return, Steve Marlay.

Steve, you come in like so many before you, talking a big game, making yourself out to be some unbeatable force and everyone else out to be nothing but fodder for juvenile insult humor. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, my friend from across the pond:


I came into this business two years ago in just the way you are right now, Steve. I thought that because I had grown up, like you, with every advantage, because I was richer, smarter than the other guys coming through the ranks with me, that I had some unique advantage. We're cut from the same social cloth, you and I, born into privilege, given every opportunity and never, ever denied a thing.

Two years ago, I let my attitude take over my life. I thought I could do no wrong, and it caught up with me. Yes, Steven, as you so eloquently noted, I lost myself in my vices. Drugs, alcohol, any carnal pleasure you could think, I endulged myself with it. Guess what, Steve? It destroyed me; physically, emotionally and professionally. So I walked away to heal myself, not knowing if I'd ever come back.

While I was gone, I realized my own humanity. I came to grips with the fact that I could make mistakes, and that those mistakes had nearly cost me my life. I gained perspective, Steve, and it is that perspective that separates that paths you and I will take into Center Stage.

You still believe yourself superior to all others. I've been to the bottom of the barrel and back, and I know that a god complex is exactly what'll send the next man down that path. And Steve, your on it right now.

No matter what you claim, no man is god. You may be a fine young athlete, you may even know everything about how I wrestle, but it's your ego that will ultimately break you down. You come in talking about how easily you'll destroy me and send me spiraling back into the hell of addiction, then first time I knock you to the mat, that seed of doubt will blossom in the back of your mind. You'll think "maybe it's not so easy after all." You keep slipping, that thought continues to flower until you've distracted yourself so much with your own delusions of grandeur that you won't even realize your night is over.

It can happen so quick. One moment, and suddenly all your imperfections begin to crumble around the keystone that is your overwhelming and unfounded arrogance.

You compare your greatness to that of the ancient Romans, but you forget one of the oldest sayings there is: "Rome wasn't built in a day." You have to work to be great, Steve, work tirelessly for years and years. I'm still working for it, and I won't stop until I get there. You've earned nothing so far, and if you want to take that first, minute step, you're going to have to come through me to get it.

No, Rome wasn't built in a day, Steve, but when the Vandals sacked that great city, it nearly fell overnight. Don't believe it won't happen to you. I make no profound statements of my greatness, I only say that if you want any shot to walk out of Center Stage with anywhere near the self-confidence you have now, you'd better bring your very best. Otherwise, the grandeur and splendor of arrogant, decadent Rome could fall before it ever gets the chance to rise.

A Storm is brewing, Steve Marlay, and I don't think you've got what it takes to withstand it. I've conquered my demons, and I won't let you conquer me. See you in the ring, rookie.


Steve Marlay
03-28-06, 06:53 PM
*The scene opens up outside in a rather large cul-
de-sac, mainly focusing on the biggest house of them
all. It's a rather nice and tidy looking place. On the
drive is parked a new, dark green Aston Martin.
After a short pause the scene slowly fades out, in
only moments the scene returns to what you would
guess to be the inside of the same house.
The furniture is all of a dark mahogany colour and
sitting in a dark leather sofa is Steve Marlay. Steve
is paying full attention to his silver widescreen TV, he
has a somewhat stunned expression on his face. On
the screen is Bryan Storms promo. Steve suddenly
seems to erupt and launches the TV remote at the
television while kicking over a coffee table. The
scene dies....*

*When we return Steve Marlay is perched on the edge
of a roman-styled fountain, he still looks rather
pissed off but maybe more controlled. He takes note
of the camara and begins...*

STORMS!, what gives you the right to judge me?
Simply because you screwed up your life and became
just another face in the crowd does not give you
the right to assume i'll go down the same road.
You may have been weak enough to fall into the lure
of the rock'n'roll lifestyle, but i'm not a fool and I
havn't and will not fall into the same trap you did.

*Marlay pauses for a while to collect his thoughts.
He soon pulls a coin out from his trouser pocket.*

Marlay - I'm prepared for are match and at this
moment in time, I'm in the best shape humanly possible.

*Steve tosses the coin into the fountain.*

Marlay - I'm not one for making wishes. I do however
hope that you, Bryan Storms made a dandy of a wish
on that coin, because you are gonna need something
that resembles divine intervention to cope with what
I can do in a wrestling ring.

*He soon starts walking off and the camara catches
one last look at his face, which has a somewhat
perplexed look on it.*