View Full Version : FINALS CHALLENGE MATCH: Kira Kai vs. Erin Flanagan

03-07-06, 09:44 PM
RP here, Deadline Monday, March 20th, 11:59:59 PM

03-13-06, 12:01 AM
The scene is a hill somewhere in a wilderness unspoiled by the progress of man and technology. It's a clearing, so from the perspective of the camera, all you can see are green hills rolling all the way to the horizon, with only a few patches of trees to break up the monotony. Onto this setting, a woman with long, flowing red hair steps, wearing a tanned leather suit of armor that hugs at her quite attractive figure. On a belt hangs a sheethed sword, and on her face are blue, Celtic face paint designs. The only thing breaking up this image of history are James Irish and interviewer Mike Hyata, who we can see waaaaaay off to the side.

Erin Flanagan: Come, now, all those women who are cheap and tawdry! I, in th' name of all women who have brains and brawn beyond their beauty, have laid down the challenge! I, a woman, have won the Enny Award for Manager of the Year, and now I find myself in th' face of a vapid, insubstantial wench of a woman named Kira Kai!

We quickly cut to a closer shot of James and Mike, the latter of whom looks scared to death.

Mike Hyata: James... what the hell has gotten into her?

James Irish: She was watching the History Channel a couple nights ago, and they ran a show about Boudica, the Celtic queen who challenged the authority of the Roman empire with brute force. Let's just say it stuck with her, and let her talk before she gets any ideas about that sword in her hands, mmkay?

Back to Erin.

Erin: For years, I've watched women like this Kira Kai giggle and jiggle and behave in a fashion that would make even a common trollop blush with shame! She blindly follows the every immature whim and desire of th' man who employs her, a crude little troll named Damon Blackburn. This pair of miscreants had plagued much of my charge's early days as a competitor in A1E with their bumbling lunacy in the name of both underhanded antics in the ring and sexual depravity just about everywhere else.

Believe it or not, the little tart actually influenced me. Watching Kira Kai parade herself and behave like she did became the ultimate "How Not To" guide for being a woman in this business. I knew if I ever had th' opportunity, I would show the whole world that a woman didn't need t' be a wrestler like Lindsay Troy or Fox Taylor t' become a force to be reckoned with in this business. And whether you like them or not, I have nothing but respect fer all my sisters in this business who actually brave competition against men on their own terms. I jus' always imagined myself being to management what women like them were to wrestling itself.

So a few weeks ago, Jess Chapel came t' me with an offer. At the finals of the first ever TEAM Tournament, I would be given the chance t' make my in-ring debut against the very women who I found t' be so repulsive. A chance that never came t' be in A1E. Kira Kai and myself in th' ring, in a battle of ideologies.

I said yes in a heartbeat.

James 'ad his doubts-

JIrish: *shouting from his point waaaaay to the side with his hands cupped to his mouth* You can say that again!

Erin: but the lad didn't need that much convincing. So he's been helping t' train me for this match, along with a certain woman who shall for th' moment remain nameless until she decides it's time t' let her involvement in this be known. Because I want to wake Kira up. I want t' show her first hand what women in this business should be.

So come now, ye bold and buxom she-thing! Succeed and learn of the glory that you can make yer own! Fail, and yer corpse will be tossed into th' bogs of shame and disgrace!

The camera zooms in on Erin's face as she draws her sword and shouts a fierce war cry. Fade out just as it gets to it's closest... but the audio feed isn't done.

JIrish: I'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?

Mike: You're lucky. I have to be there for Kira's response in person.