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03-05-06, 06:06 PM
Empire Pro Wrestling presents Aggression 24 from the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah....

The Lineup:

Lane Stone vs. Priest

Cameron Cruise & Mercedes Devon vs. Foxx & a Mystery Partner

Adam Benjamin vs. Wisconsin Bill - with Mike Evers' shot at the Television title at Unleashed at stake...

Max (one half of Blitz) vs. Richard Farnswirth

Jecht (one half of Blitz) vs. Chip Friendly

Frankie Scott and The Sergeant try to settle their differences in a NO DQ match....

And in the main event, a battle royal for a chance to be the final participant in the main event at Unleashed for the World Championship....the participants...

Armando Montezuma, Irishred, Ken Cloverleaf, Frankie Scott, JA, Foxx, Steven Shane, Adam Benjamin, Kin Hiroshi, X-Ecutioner, Cameron Cruise, Richard Farnswirth, Chip Friendly, Slambo the Clown, Sean Stevens and Felicia Hart

ALSO: A Special Announcement regarding the nature of the Main Event at Unleashed.

Threads will be up momentarily. RP will be accepted until Sunday night, March 12th at midnight give or take a minute or two. Angles are due at the same time.


- Dave, EPW Owner