View Full Version : SEMIFINAL: Dan Ryan vs. Victor Molotov

02-08-06, 09:51 AM
The Ego Buster vs. The Purifier

Dan Ryan beat:
"The Prophet" John Adams
Rocko Daymon
James Irish

Victor Molotov beat:
The Mighty Impala
Boogie Smallz

Deadline is Monday, February 20th at 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

02-14-06, 12:08 AM
(Victor Molotov speaks from the abandoned gym)

MOLOTOV: Last week, I conquered one of America's Champions.

A man willing to fight mind, body, and soul for what he believed in. Even if it meant having to come down to the ring in a woman's dress.

This week I get to battle the man that put him in that dress.

Dan Ryan. The owner and head promoter of Empire Pro Wrestling as well as wrestler whose ring skill is reknown across the globe. A man who is known to create both in the ring and outside of it.

And I could not be more thrilled with the hand fate has dealt me.

See Ryan, I had to spread my gospel one "convert" at a time. One new foe meant one broken body meant one less infidel to stand in the way of the quest for purity. But know I have the opportunity to take down an entire federation onw swift blow.

Think about it, Ryan. How ready is your company to go one when you are no longer at the helm?


I wil give you a hint, Ryan.... It won't!

It won't.

And that is why I will not let this opportunity pass me by.

Beast may have walked away from the ring - battered, bloodied and defeated, but still walking none the less. And Boogie Smallz may yet be able to wrestle once more at some point in the future. But you shall not be so lucky, Ryan.

No. I shall break you, Ryan. I shall break you so badly than no number of kings horses or kings men or kings orthoscopic surgeons and assorted other specialists shall ever be able to put you back together again.

And I shall do it because my mission is bigger then you. It is bigger than me. It s bigger that this entire tournament. And if I even have to step beyond my own set of mores and value to accomplish this, that is a one time sacrifice that I shall ruefully have to make.

Ryan, you shall heretofore regret ever having beaten James Irish iin the TEAM Invitaional Tournament. Because that victor sealed your fate.

And it is a fate that few you even wish upon their worst enemy.

02-20-06, 09:37 PM
(Inside the gym)

MOLOTOV: Oh, I understand that you are a busy man, Dan Ryan.

Irons in lots of fires. Business to run.

I understand that in crippling you I shall inconvenience lots and lots of people. I understand that perhaps you would deem it more important to take care of you outside endeavors than to risk severe bodily harm by stepping into the ring with Voctor Molotov.

Alas fate has brought you here, though. And it is time for your stain upon my sport to be cleansed.

Whether you like it or not.

I shall wait for you Dan Ryan. I shall wait for you in the TEAM ring this week.

I shall wait for you to arrive and, when and if you do, I swear I shall destroy you and take from you all that you hold dear. I shall show you no mercy and I shall make you pay dearly for all of the sins you have perpetrated against the Sport of Wrestling.

But just in case you don't, Dan Ryan.... Just in case you somehow do not manage to get here... Just in case your busy busy life should waylay you and keep you from arriving on a timely basis....

Do not fret. I am aware that these things happen.

And once I have finished up with this little tournament I promise you that I shall hunt you down and complete your fated purification.

You have been given to me, Dan Ryan. The biggest prize yet on my quest to bring purity back to the once regal sport. And I shall not let you go so easily.

(Molotov give his best imitation of a smile and walks out of the gym door into the cold winters night.)

02-21-06, 12:32 PM
OOC: Sorry - too many things going on at once. Here's a little something though.

- - - -


Dan Ryan sits tight in a first class seat on a flight toward Denver to complete business in preparation for a show.

Ryan takes a deep breath and leans his head back, then gazes into the camera.

Ryan: "Yep, lots of irons in many fires indeed Molotov."

"But you know, I'm not particularly concerned with your mission or your destiny."

"I'm not particularly interested in your attempt to purify 'your' sport, and I'm not particularly interested in defending myself, Empire Pro or anything else against the likes of you."

"I don't even know who the hell you are, and as far as I can tell you're about a hundred and fifty or so matches short of my experience in this sport - and my experience says that people like you come around every so often like clockwork and last about as long as any other fad."

"There's a limit to the feasability of a 'purge the industry' way of thinking."

"Inevitably the reality of real skill and experience steps in the way of that train and throws it off the track."

"Don't feed me your bulls**t, Vic."

"You're not going to do one damn thing to me aside from wrestle a match and either win it...or lose it."

"And should you win it, and complete the sort of win that will make people remember your name you will not do anything to leave me beaten, or bloodied or any other choice description that you want to use."

"More likely, even if you do manage to pull a win out of your ass - and you continue to get enough on my nerves, you'll be the one left beaten, bloodied and ruined for the rest of this tournament."

"And this tournament? It'd be nice to win it, I must say. I take pride in everything I do. But I've thrown matches before to make a point."

"I've given up the chance to win to cripple someone in the past because they pissed me off, and I could do that again. You should take more care to make sure you don't cross from the realm of opponent into annoyance."

"It would be so easy to flip you off, fly to my next commitment and forget you ever existed. It's a matter of a call to the TEAM offices. I was asked, and indeed it was in my contract to promote this match over the last two weeks. Things as they are in my life, I failed to do so. I'm in breach of my contract, but I believe in doing right by people."

"And so, I honor my commitments, Victor."

"I'll be in the ring with you - and it's incumbent on you to decide if you want to attempt this bulls**t crusade of purification on me, or if you want to choose the wise course of wrestling a match and trying to move on to the finals of this tournament."

"Just remember this...."

"I don't have to beat you to hurt you."

"And believe me, I don't need the paycheck."

Fade out.....