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01-26-06, 05:21 AM
All RP for the main event PCX title match between CHAOS, TREVOR CANE and JOHN DOE (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

* This is a scaffold match. Last man remaining on the scaffold is the winner.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Thursday, February 3rd. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

01-27-06, 10:00 PM
(A loud sound of clapping hands can be heard as Chaos walks in front of an NEW backdrop a pair of dark sunglasses covering his eyes and a large bandage over the right side of his face. The smile quickly fades from his face as he stares coldly ahead)

Chaos: You know I got to give credit where credit is due. I didn't think you had it in you. I didn't think you had the talent, the ability of the skill. Much less the heart or the balls to get the job done. BUT you did...your surely did. So I'll be a man and say congrats to the man who got the title from around my waist. Way to go...

(He leans forward and the smile returns)

Chaos: Trevor Cane. Because you did, you did what John has tried for numerous times. You got that title from around my waist. See there I was, my hand around John throat and ready to re-apply him with a Chaos Bomb. Then the last thing I saw was a flash of light and the next thing I remember was the medics backstage wrapping a towel around my face. Then someone told me what happened. That Trevor Cane cost me MY title.

(He shakes his head in disgust)

Chaos: and I tool solace in it. At that point I really didn't care. I had proven who the better man in the match was. I had my hand wrapped around victory, but Trevor you choose to take that away from me and now you will learn a lesson and it will be a painful. Because Trevor when you play with fire...

(His eyes narrow and his voice grows cold)

Chaos: You get burned. But not in the way you burned me Trevor. A missing eyebrow and a cheated title will be nothing compared to the pain I have in store for you. Because I'm going to tell both of you something.

(He reaches of camera, grabs a steel chair, unfolds it and sits down)

Chaos: Ever since I won that title I never really felt right. Here I was the EXTREME champion, but the matches never felt extreme to me. Take for example a scaffold match. It's just doesn't scream dangerous too me. That's why I'm going to crank it up a notch. Before our match gentle I'm going to have a chat with the powers-that-be. I'm going to make this just a little more interesting and when I'm doe with that...well Trevor I'm going t find you backstage and cave your skull in. Hell you might not even make it to the main event.

(He points a finger at the camera)

Chaos: and then John. Well it's real simple.

(He stands and raises his hand to the camera slightly clasping it)

Chaos: I'm going to put this hand BACK around your throat. Get hold real tight and I'm going to Chaos Bomb you back into the great beyond. Why? Because I'm tired of you. See John you managed to make a mockery of not just MY title at the last Raucous, but the Heavyweight title as well. You’re a fool John and I'm done fooling around with you. This is the fifth and this will be the LAST match between us for quite some time.

(He slightly squeezes his had closer together)

Chaos: I hope you remember how that felt, because the next time I get my hand around your throat. It’s going to be ALL over.

(The clasped hand slowly turns into a pointing finger)

Chaos: YOU’RE GOING TO BURN JOHN!!! You’re going to burn in the horrible fires of Chaos and you have Trevor Cane to blame. Enjoy what time you have left champ

(He chuckles to himself, turns his back and walks away laughing)


John Doe
01-27-06, 11:13 PM

DREDD Headquarters
Princeton, NJ
1400 HRS.

John is sitting at a desk shinning his title. He huffs on it then rubs it, huffs rubs.

DOE: Wax on….wax off….wax on….wax off…..

Jonathan Marx is watching Thundercats and drinking some Pepsi cola. Brandon Jacobs sits on a leather seat, laptop at hand doing some paperwork. Carlee stands in a mirror doing her hair and make up.

JACOBS: Why do I always have to do the paper work?

DOE: Wax on…wax off…wax on…wax off.

JMARX: Because…

JACOBS: No seriously, Carlee never does the paper work!

CMARX: because I am too busy doing my hair Brandon.

DOE: I am waxing on and waxing off.

Jacobs turns to Jonathan Marx.

JMARX: Don’t look at me, Thundercats is on!

JACOBS: You guys are useless! I mean when it comes to helping me out you are useless, other then that, you guys are semi useless.

DOE: Wax on…wax off. And it is clean John-ial Son!

JMARX: You do know Mr. Miyagi died correct?

DOE: He did!?!

CMARX: Oh my god, I look so good right now! I am like so hot, like I could like, be in a movie. Oh my fricken GOD! I messed up on my hair, I can’t go out like this, it’s to straight!

Carlee runs up the stairs to the bath room and locks herself in. John looks at the camera and turns his corporate chair around hands folded the title bright and shinning in the sun’s beams

DOE: Good afternoon. A very good afternoon, or one would think it was a good afternoon. I mean it has been a couple days since I was crowned the new PCX champion in New Era. People would think I would find satisfaction in that accomplishment. But I don’t. I don’t feel as though I succeeded to the best of my nature. The match was compromised by one man. Trevor Cane.

“See Trevor Cane made me lose all satisfaction of a win. I reacted on instinct, my adrenaline was running Chaos went down I went for the cover. And then it was one, two, three. But I didn’t put Chaos out. I didn’t knock him down. I escaped with a win do to another mans idiocy.”

“I was doing fine with out the members of DREDD next to me, no offense to them.”

JMARX& JACOBS (V/O): “None taken”

DOE: “But the fact remains, I was in there with Chaos, I was trying hard, and I was about to come out on top, until you Trevor ruined my desire. See once I made it backstage I was in awe that I won, then pissed off because you F*CKED EVERYTHING UP! You did the job for me, and I hate it when people do that with out direct orders from me. You f*cked with Chaos, you messed me up mentally, now I am put in a match with you. WITH YOU! A man who has done nothing to prove his worth here in New Era. You don’t even belong in this match, you don’t even deserve to look at MY title. And now I am back where is started in a match with Chaos. Not only that I must face a man I have defeated before, Trevor Cane.”

“I remember the first weeks of New Era, we faced off, and I was the special opponent my first match, and I pulled one right over your eyes. You had your ass kicked by me, and poof you left New Era, no word of mouth were you ran off to. Now you make a special debut, and you are now fighting for my title. The title you helped me win. HELP THAT I DIDN’T NEED IN THE FIRST PLACE.”

“Here’s a clear message for you Trevor, let me spell it out for you.”

Jonathan Marx and Brandon Jacobs roll in an Ez-board with some markers Doe starts to write on it


DOE: “Thank you gentlemen”

“Trevor you always sucked, always have, hell you should be honored to step in the ring with men of Chaos’s and I caliber.”

“But don’t worry Trevor I will show you the true light.”

“And if you think for a second you will win my title.”


“Don’t wet yourself over the fact it’s for my title. Because its not going home with you. If anything you will be the fist to get thrown off, because this is a personal dispute between Chaos and myself. We have to see if I am truly worthy to hold this gold.”

“I believe I am, I did pin him for three. But that’s besides the point, I want to do it on my own. This is my chance….again.”

“As for you Chaos, let us have a little chat. I know you are angered that you have lost your title to me. I understand, I can’t really relate to the fact of losing a title since this is the first time I have held one, I really don’t plan on feeling the loss of a title either. Last week, it was close, we both came off offensively, both at the top of our game, and I pinned you for three. The only real problem is, I didn’t put you out for three.”

“You Chaos are a fine athlete we both took our share of lickings in the match,. I was on top here and there, but at the end, I was smart enough to scrutinize the situation and operate on the opportunity. I hope there are no hard feelings Chaos, the best man won. Just accept the fact that it was me.”

“All that talk about how a title changes a man, you were right Chaos, a title does change a man. I will tell you that you were right for once. Let me tell you how this title has changed me Chaos. See, I have a higher upbringing now, I train harder, work harder, because the locker room now looks up to the men wearing the gold around their waists. They look at me seeing a role model, a leader, and a hero. I must show them that’s what I am.”

“A champion is not suppose to be a champion of the people Chaos, like you once were. See a champion is suppose to be a company man, a man who puts the company first. See that’s the kind of champion I am and you weren’t Chaos, you put yourself and your best interest first. Me? I make sure this company receives profit off my title reign, and with profit comes income for me, and with that income provides more training. More training so I can defeat men like you and others who wish to compete for my title.”

“See, I have proven a major point once more Chaos, that I can last, but last week was not a true test of strength, this week will. We will be hoisted above the floor in order to set sure doom on the other man. This is for my title Chaos, I just won it…I am not ready to handed it over just yet.”

“See, I plan on taking where Rabesque left off Chaos. People want their one year champion, the company wants something to put their money into. I made a huge turn around Chaos, people like it. I become the worlds top underdog last week thanks to Trevor Cane, your looking at the biggest marketing campaign ever.”

“And if you think I am doing this just for the money…well…you hit the nail on the head chief. I am not going to lie, this title, well, this title is a second hand belt. You acted like it was the Jesus Christ of New Era. The PCW title is just gold Chaos, it’s just gold. Meaningless Gold at that, but meaningless gold I have sworn to defend. The real gold, well, that sits around Phantom Republican.”

(Nods over to the title)

“That over there, well, that is what you want back Chaos? That is something you won’t be getting back as long as it’s in my possession. It’s something you can’t touch, can’t feel, and can’t win. Sorry Chaos, your time ended last week, hell, it ended two weeks ago in Victoria’s locker room.”

"Oh yes, but that's right Chaos, Trevor did something I have been trying weeks to do right? Cost you your title, or win your title, or whatever crap you filled the airwaves with this week. Hello?! Are you brain dead Chaos, or maybe that fireball shorted out your processing in your frontal lobe. I have faced you for your title ONCE, that ONE time, I pinned YOU for THREE. And I am not going to say I put you out for three, because I didn't."

"Technically, you cost yourself that match with all this arguing back and forth, pointless attacking backstage. See I kept my wits straight and just let bygons be bygons. Now look what I have and will keep...your title."

"So what, you almost put me up for the oh so precious and devesting Chaos Bomb, what makes you think that it would have put me out, I had high ambition last week, your pittiful move wouldn't have kept my will power of destiny from unfolding."

“The point is Chaos, and this goes for you erroneous bastard whom we call Trevor Cane. I have beaten both of you before legit. I have stepped in the ring with you, I know your games, your tricks, and your styles. Although we may not be in a ring the factors are still their gentlemen. Trevor is going to be a stupid f*ck berry, and Chaos is going to be the angry oversized jolly green giant.

JACBOS (V/O): “Isn’t that an oxy moron. Him to be angry but to be the Jolly Green Giant”

JMARX(V/O): “Yes kind of like…jumbo shrimp”

DOE: ‘You are an oxy moron Brandon. And Jonathan, I think it’s called jumbo shrimp because the shrimp is oversized and big”

JMARX (V/O): “Oh, that’s right!”

JACOBS(V/O): “Wait…I’m a moron?”

DOE: “Wait, I got a good one, what about silent thunder?”

JMARX(V/O): “That is a good one.”



“No second guessing me Chaos, I am going to become stronger then ever. This title is mine Chaos, it will stay mine. This week is your second chance, I have had two straight wins against you, lady luck is not on your side, fate is deciding what is happening. FATE gave me this title, and this title WILL remain around my waist.”

“It’s a far drop from the top boys. You are own my turf, have fun on the way down.”

“Oh, and since Rabesque has decided to leave us, well that means I can steal his catch pharse, No False Gimmicks, No False Hype, I am the GREATEST PCX Champion since the dawn of time”

JACOBS(V/O): “What about Bubba Gump Shrimp?”

DOE: “You making reference to Chaos and Trevor again?”


01-29-06, 12:52 AM

(Flint strikes steel and a spark quickly becomes flame. Before the camera the flame of the butane lighter dances back and forth as is slowly moves backwards. Soon the reflection of light dances in the dark sunglasses of Chaos as his eyes fixate onto the flame and a wide smile crosses his face. He chuckles softly while he watches the fire burn away and as he begins to speak his breath causes the flame to jump)

Chaos: FIRE!!! Earth's greatest element. Fire is what separates man from any other animal. It's what made us survive through the years while others have dies off. Its keep us warm in the cold, gives us light and the dark and used properly burns our enemies.

(He flicks his thumb and the flame is snuffed out)

Chaos: and it was fire that put that title around your waist John Doe and it will be fire that takes it away. You don't realize that yet, but in a few days you will. What a painful message it will be too. You might ask why will I deliver this message, because I have to John. Because I can't let all the hard work I put into making the PCX title mean something be tarnished by the likes of you. because in one interview...one seemingly forever interview John you made a further mockery of not just that title, but what a champion really is and should be.

(He shakes his head in disgust)

Chaos: Maybe you don't know any better. Maybe it's the fact you've never held a title, but the simple truth is open for anyone to see. It's so obvious you can count them.

(He holds up one finger)

Chaos: First John...you NEVER...you NEVER admit weakness, but hardly ten words out of your mouth you concede to my point. YOU DIDN'T EARN MY TITLE!!!! It was handed...HANDED to you John and it's not a point that you can even begin to argue. You've conceded it John. You've admitted a weakness John and no champion...no REAL champion with any self-confidence would do that. Ah, but it's your first time John...we'll call it lack of experience. Yet you didn't stop there.

(He holds up a second finger)

Chaos: You've denigrated your own title. You've told everyone that that title as just a second tier championship. That it doesn't matter compared to the Heavyweight Title.

(He shakes his head in further disgust)

Chaos: What kind of champion is that John? A man who admits that when he puts his body on the line the sacrifice is for nothing. Sorry John, but your wrong yet again. It's called the Extreme Title John. It's a category all in its own. It's a TITLE that stands on it’s on. It's not a secondary title John...it's just happens to be right not and thankfully for not very long...on a SECONDARY CHAMPION!!!! That's you John...that's the status YOU’VE given the belt. You've didn't polish the title John...you waxed it. With mere words you've taken all the life, all the luster and all the excitement from that title

(He chuckles for a moment and it turns to a laugh)

Chaos: Do you even realize John that you’re in the Main Event this week. Who cares about Phantom Republican? Maybe you want to hero worship someone, but not me. Do you think he would put his belt on the line under the stipulations that I did? Would he put the rules aside and defend his title like I did. NO, because if I hadn't taken the risk John...then the title would still be around my waist...you would have been DQ'd

(He holds up a third finger)

Chaos: Yet here's your biggest mistake John...you want to be a company man? What the hell is that? Let me ask you something John...do you think the company cares about you? If you get injured in your next match is the company going to WAIT for you to get better? Are they going to take care of you John? What help are you going to get? You going to turn you your union rep?....oops we don't have one. What you going to file a claim on your medical insurance?...oops we don't have any. See John this is wrestling...we put our bodies on the line for every dime we can make and we get it while the getting is good. The company does the same thing and when the day comes that we can't...well the company will find someone else to fill your spot. Like after this week it will be me

(He smiles and chuckles softly)

Chaos: So you go ahead John...you be a company man. Turn your back on the fans, but remember John....remember this FACT!!!! Those people give you your paycheck. The company gets YOUR money from them. When your music hits and there is nothing but people sitting on there hands or making a trip to concessions...we'll see how much the company loves you John.

(He holds up a forth finger)

Chaos: Ah, but John here's you biggest mistake...your letting it go to your head already. You’re talking trash John. You can't talk smack one minute John after you've already admitted your title win was a fluke. Now above all you’re under estimating me...I think you accused me of the something before. Well John for the brief moment the shoe is on the other foot and it is I...I Chaos who has NOTHING to lose. I go into this match with nothing on the LINE, but getting MY title back.

(He shrugs his shoulders and smiles)

Chaos: After all John...until you've defended a belt...is it really yours? If you can't hang onto what was GIVEN to you John was ANYTHING really EARNED? This is the pressure of being a champion John...and say what you want, but you've NEVER felt ANYTHING like that before.

(He takes out the lighter again and the flame comes alive before the camera once more)

Chaos: Fire John...it's what makes man...man. It burns...it consumes...it separates John and in just a short time not only will Trevor Cane feel it's painful touch. Well you will to John, because I've got an ace up my sleeve and when I play it John....well it's going to send your very short title reign down in flames.

(He exhales and blows out the fire)

Chaos: I'm going to snuff you out just like that John. See how easy that was and no name-calling and no swearing...that's the mark of a champion John...and soon it will be the mark of Chaos...AGAIN!!!

(He smiles wide, laughs out loud, turns his back and walks away)


John Doe
01-30-06, 05:15 PM


DREDD Headquarters
Princeton, NJ
1303 HRS

John is fiddling through paperwork on a desk. He seems to be searching for something. Brandon Jacobs is on the phone as Jonathan Marx watches film of his matches. John Doe throws the paperwork in the air and sits down next to Marx, Jacobs hangs his phone up. John’s title is in a case on the mantle above them.


“Hello again, Chaos. I see you have decided to show yourself on air once more. And like always you have done nothing but restate what you already have. But it is what you are best at isn’t it? I mean everyday it’s the same thing, the same concept, a concept I already have heard Chaos.”

“Your repeating is annoying. I understand the concept of how you plan on defeating me, yes it’s great, let’s move on. Please can we just move on to a new topic. I am sick of it, it is actually making me angry, so angry I just feel as though you are playing copycat with yourself.”

“Besides that Chaos, I have a question. I have been searching through paperwork, looking at the contracts for this match. I haven’t seen the title Inferno Match anywhere. What is your obsession with fire Chaos? I get the point, I heard it last time Chaos, you got burned with fire, great. You told us. I WAS THERE CHAOS! I was right there when it happened. I already admitted that’s how I got over, why emphasize the matter?”

“And yes Chaos, fire burns. Simple physics Chaos, thank you for the classroom lesson. You light a flame it burns and it consumes. We know it burns, it gives off energy that makes heat Chaos, of course it will burn. WE KNOW EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING. No need to explain the components of fire to us.”

“NOBODY CARES. It’s unimportant; the matter of fire doesn’t revolve around me. I didn’t burn you, I took advantage of the situation. But I didn’t cost you the title, I played the game that was given to us…a leather strap. Because you pissed off Cane, you screwed yourself. Not my issue. I just pinned you, there is nothing more to consider, I am the new champion, accept the fact Chaos.”

“Nonetheless Chaos, let me discuss something about when you were Champion. Do you understand that you were carried as a champion? Yes Chaos, do you know that I was your FIRST title defense match. That’s right. Read between the lines. You faced lower mid card athletes. Tell me Chaos, who did you face in the finals for the title? You face some NOBODY named Dallas Carter, he has been around for so long, right Chaos? Tell me, how many shows has Dallas Carter headlined? On that thought, when has Dallas Carter show up for a show. Oh Chaos, if you are wondering why you never felt the title to be extreme enough for you, well, it’s 'cause you never faced any REAL opponents.”

“Yes Chaos, you worked oh so hard on the title. Do you realize you lost your title on your first time defending it. Do you realize that except on the main tournament show, the PCX title was held at a mid card level. AT A MID CARD LEVEL CHAOS. Keep that in mind. The minute the belt transferred into my hands where did the belt hop to Chaos? It went straight to the main event.”

“Do you understand it now Chaos? You are not worthy of holding a title. You technically tarnished the title. Remember when I said I was going to be the biggest marketing campaign. DING DING DING, hello, PCX title plus John Doe equals Main Events. Chaos is just there to add a little spoof to it. You are worthless, I am the cake, you are just the filling. Everybody loves cake. Not everybody likes filling.”

JMARX: "I Like strawberry filling."

DOE: "This is a custard filled cake..."

JMARX: "Yuck..."

JACOBS: "I Like custard filled donuts..."


JACOBS: ".....I like custard filled donuts...and I like cake...just not with custard"

DOE: "I f*cking hate you."

(Carlee walks into the room)

CMARX: "Holy cow guys, they were giving out free samples of custard cake at the bakery it was so good."


(Carlee walks over and gets on Jacobs Laptop)

DOE: "I am not done Chaos, let us talk about all that hard work. Did you know that once you won the title the only person you faced as the champion was me. You had all those chances practically week after week to figure me out as an opponent and the one time you have the challenge to hold your title, you blame a feeble mistake on me.”

“Did I hire Trevor Cane to attack you? Do you understand it could have been me who was attacked with fire? No, you never thought of that. The world revolves around you correct. And if it was me in your position you would have taken full advantage as I did.”

”Oh and Chaos for your information. I thought I’d come out and say it. I did tell you I didn’t win the title, Chaos, I just admitted the fact it was a weird outcome. But shut your mouth about it already. You want that title so bad (he points to the case)? You will have to go through me to get it. Something you are having a real hard time doing. I am not bloating up my mind with lies Chaos, I am just laying out the facts. And the facts are always the same and they NEVER change.”

”Fact: You lost to me. END OF STORY. You lost, ok, it’s not a hard concept, accept it move on, you have another chance, you need to seriously stop dwelling on last week and focus on this week, because this is where it counts Chaos. The past is the past YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST.”

JACOBS: "Unless you had a time machine..."

DOE: "We don't have a time machine."

JMARX: "Or do we?"

JACOBS: "Bum, bum,bum."

DOE: "Just stop! We don't have a time machine!"

CMARX: "No way....they are selling a time machine on EBAY. I can go back in time and get clothes on sale all over again!"

DOE/JMARX/JACOBS: ".............."

DOE: "Anyways, you just keep focusing on last week. You are just opening up the same can of worms.”

“Fact number two: I am a better champion than you. I told you this earlier, I won the title, and they put it up as a main event situation Chaos. Out of all the matches that could headline a two year anniversary show Chaos, they picked the PCX title, and when I am holding it. You still want to say I am not a real champion? The World Heavyweight title could have been chosen, but they picked me. And do you know why?”

“Because I produce entertainment, I sell seats, I sell shirts, and if people leave the stands when my music hits, well then I make concession sales. No matter what I make the dough roll. Get the picture.”

“And that is the fact of how I am a company man Chaos. Injuries don’t matter to me as long as this company succeeds and I put on a show. Get the bigger picture now? A company man puts the interest of this company first, my body second, you and the roster third, and the fans last. That is what makes a great champion, that is why I headline shows. That is why I am a main event athlete, because I am a company man. The fans? It doesn’t matter if they like me or not Chaos, as long as they get in the stands I make profit. That’s all they are there for Chaos, profit and income. Supply and demand. I supply a show they demand more, I make income we are all happy. You just keep sucking up to them Chaos, that’s what made your downfall the first time.”

“As for you Chaos, you are so diluted in your thinking it is ridiculous, didn’t you say this same crap last week, and the week before that. Something along the lines of defeating me and destroying my body. Wait a second Chaos I have a bigger question. You are the big bad athlete, right? You know, all big and strong, explain how a burst of small flames in your face causes you to knock unconscious Chaos? Do your eyes have some control of your legs where you are unable to kick out?”

”Chaos back in my days of EPW I was in a real fiery match, the ring with surrounded with it. I was lit on fire Chaos, but I kicked out.I KICKED OUT. I went to hell and back Chaos in that match. But that is an example of how you are weak Chaos, you fell to a small little burst of flames in your face. Oh no, but you are so f*cking extreme right Chaos? Your body can handle anything?”

”Question: If you fell to a little futile flame in your eyes, what the hell do you think I am going to do this week Chaos? Do you SEE my point”

“Chew on that as I move on.”

“As for the title Chaos. Well, wouldn’t you consider it a second rate belt COMPARED to the world title. I didn’t label it lower than the TV Title, I lowered it below standard of the world title. It’s not the biggest title Chaos, and it’s not the lowest, it’s second rate. Thank you for being a moron and having me explain that to you cock biting f*ck berry.”

“For arguments sake Chaos, you have everything to lose this time around. This may be the last time for a very long time you will compete for this title. I put in the request for it already. No need for me to keep defeating you week after week. I get bored with it, you are starting not to become a threat to me anymore Chaos. I know what to expect from you in a match Chaos, this week is no different from last.”

“I will win, and I will walk out as the Champion. End of topic, end of argument. To bad if you disagree, that is the cold truth Chaos, accept it for what it worth. Seems you FINALLY met your true match. Oh well, better late then never right Chaos?”

“Yes Chaos, you will leave a mark on this company, you will be the mark of shame.”

“Enjoy the fall to the floor, it’s will be like you fall as a champion. Quick and short.”


02-01-06, 11:34 PM
(It's a cool night in Las Vegas, Nevada and outside the Mirage casino a large crows awaits. attention is drawn away from the seven foot man towering over the crowd as they all stare up and begin counting down. Suddenly there's a flash of light, sound and fire as the Volcano outside the Mirage goes off on time. A large scattering of flash bulbs and sway of camcorders can be seen as the eruption lasts not nearly as long as everyone has waited. The fire dies down, the show is over and as the crowd moves on the tall figure still sits on one of the wooden benches besides the curb. The camera moves and closer and Chaos looks up and smiles)

Chaos: You know it never grows old. As many times as I’ve seen that volcano go off I'm still impressed by it. This really is a magical city, but there's a funny thing about magic. We see it, we KNOW it's a trick, its right in front of our face, but yet most people just don't see it. They don't see the trick...no matter how simple the explanation is.

(He points a finger at the camera)

Chaos: And John...your one of those people. You say your bored with my words, that I repeat myself, but John...there's a reason for that. You see your paying too much attention to the words. Your sitting back...your going over every sentence...you’re trying to refute or just ignore every fact, but in the process John...you’re missing the message. I gotta tell you John...that will lead to nothing but a very long downfall for you...twenty feet perhaps...depending on how you land.

(He chuckles softly for a minute and the smile fades)

Chaos: Ah, but you should know that John...you've been reading the contract haven't you John. Well I'll give you a hint John...you've been reading the contract for this match John, but you've haven't been reading ALL the contracts. You see in just a few days when we meet again...I'm going to give you more then just a wrestling lesson John...I'm going to give you a business lesson. I'm going to show you that I've got an advantage you don't even know about John, but when it hits you. Oh will it hurt.

(He stands his tall figure towering over a few people walking by on the street take notice and stare up at his height. He smiles and waves back)

Chaos: See you didn't burn me John, I'll concede that point, but the thought has been put in my mind. I'm having a hard time shaking it and while I am going to payback Trevor Cane with a dose of his own medicine...should I really care if you get caught in the crossfire? See I wasn't just talking about you John, but again you’re paying TOO much attention to the words and you’re ignoring the message. As you rightly said John...you played the game, but I don't want to hear any complaining when the game gets turned around on you. Because I'm hoping you’re a man of your word John...I hope you MEAN what you say, because you said MORE then a few things that make me consider you a fool John. Yet I'm going to hold you to your word...

(He grins and chuckles)

Chaos: Put your feet to the fire...so to speak. Now we can debate who I've beaten and who I haven't, but if I'm being carried as a champion John then it doesn't say a whole lot about yourself when you consider it took you what...four chances to get that belt from around my waist and even then you were less then impressive. Funny how we try to insult our opponents, but don't notice how the truth reflects on ourselves. Yet I got to ask you an even better question John...if I am so unworthy and I am nothing more then mid-card talent and I am wrestling for a second rate belt, then what does that make you? I mean John...if you’re so big...if you’re so great...if having the title around your waist elevates things so much, where is your World Title shot? Ah, that's right I think the closest you've come to one is robbing me from defeating Jean Rebasque.

(He pauses fro a moment and scratches his head)

Chaos: What is about me John that you obsess over? First...for no reason you rob me of winning the World Title, and then when Jean refuses me another chance at it and I win the PCX title, you come after me again. Why is that? You got an affection for me John? Or you just chasing after my success? Either way...congrats on a Main Event...it's your first. I stopped counting to be honest. Yet your obsessed with success aren't you John. You've had so little of it...you'll do anything thing to hang onto it and even more...apparently you'll say anything to prove you deserve it...no matter how foolish it might be.

(He walks slowly down the Vegas Strip and the camera follows)

Chaos: See John...I got a question for you now that you’re champion...what are your plans for that belt? Your big time right John? You’re the company man...right? What are you going to do that I didn't to elevate things? For you see John...I have a plan to do that. You see the reason why that PCX title was never a Main Event was it just wasn't sexy, but here for the first time we got a stipulation that suits it. Scaffold matches John. High up in the air over the ring the two of us will battle and whoever falls to the ring below will be the winner, but let me ask you John...how are you going to follow that up? What risk will you take? What stipulation will you agree to next? How will you push the limits? It's the extreme title John...do you know how to elevate it there Mr. Main Event? The spotlight is on you...what will be your move? Do you know, because when it's mine again...I sure do.

(He laughs to himself and smiles at the camera)

Chaos: and that's were you being a company man comes in handy John. Your going to be that guy right John? That guy that puts the company first right? Well I’m going to hold you to that. After all you've been reading the contracts right?

(He pulls a piece of paper from his jacket pocket and holds it up to the camera)

Chaos: See this John? Well this is one contract I know you haven’t read. It’s two pages... two simple pages and before our match I'm going to get this signed.and you being the good company man I sure hope you'll do what's best for the business when it is. Now I'm sure you'll be curious as to what this is

(He waves the paper in front of the camera)

Chaos: However John it's private and even better you have no right to see it. Yet don't worry John...I fully plan to tell you what this contract states and I promise...I PROMISE you will know before our match begins. Yet when you find out...being the good company man you will go along with it...after all you are a man of your word right?

(He flashes a cocky grin and chuckles)

Chaos:And I'm going to hold you to that. After all this is about our fifth match together John? Best of five the way I see it. Well I'm going to hold you to your word John...IF you beat me fine. You won't have to see or hear about me for quite some time. I got no problem with that, but John will you agree to do the same if I win? When I get my title back and you've CASHED and BURNED...will you walk away like you want me too? Or are you not a man of your word? I wonder what your answer to that is John?

(He pauses as he looks back over his shoulder in the Volcano rises once more)

Chaos: You see John I came back here to Vegas...my home, because I needed to see the spectacle of it all again. To see the larger then life, that's what the PCX Title should be. It's not your mid-level title, when I get it back...well it will transcend NEW...it's going to be a belt that will make everyone take notice. Anyone can win a Heavyweight title John, maybe even you. Yet starting a Raucous the PCX Title is going in a whole new direction. I'm going to burn it up and start a new.

(He stares coldly into the camera and smiles, while patting the paper in his jacket pocket)

Chaos: Be prepared John...you will learn a lesson and a painful one. At the end of the night it won't be the fall and you losing MY title that hurts...

(He laughs out loud)

Chaos: It will be the landing. To bad you will have NEVER gotten the message
till it is FAR too late

(He laughs again, turns his back and walks down the strip)


John Doe
02-02-06, 09:40 AM

DREDD Headquarters
-Workout room
0617 HRS

John is on a treadmill running at a light jogging pace. Marx can be seen in the background curling weights. John grabs his water bottle and takes a small sip of the water. John looks at the camera and slows the treadmill to a power walk speed.


“If you look back into history you see flaws that humans have made back in time. Many flaws are noticeable such as Adolph Hitler, big time flaw. Or the Bay of Pigs operation, that was a no no. Humans are incapable of making mistakes, it’s in our genes. And that trait passes down the line.”

“One common mistake is taking me lightly. Many have done it, and many have fallen because of it. That is a historical fact. And I am a man of facts. I like facts, they are straight forward and they are always right, no matter what the fact out does the myth or belief.”

“This small hope, and belief you have Chaos of defeating me. It is going to be crushed. I hate to be the burden of bad news, but it this scenario I must show you what you haven’t been watching. Me, a machine, training nine to ten hours a day non stop. While you sit and watch your volcano erupt time after time, I sit here pushing my body minute after minute preparing myself physically and mentally for my task at hand.”

“As the PCX Champion I have to work harder than my opponent. Because I was once were my enemy is. They, the enemy, see gold and work hard in the work out rooms until they believe they are at a level to compete and defeat me. I who was once in that position knows what it is like to hunger for a title so I work twice as hard so I am certain of retaining the title.”

(He shuts the treadmill off and walks over to a leg press machine and lays down doing reps as he looks at the camera)

“Chaos, just like you told me, well, I will tell you. You are looking too deep into my words. Just as mush as I looked to deep into yours. You disregarded the facts from my last statement, and you are disregarding them again. Chaos, you competed for the World Title Chaos that is a fact. Congratulations, you made it to a point that many of us haven’t. I never have competed for the belt; I don’t feel that I am at an in ring level to compete for it. Have I been offered the opportunity? Yes. Have I accepted? No. Because I am not ready for the commitment of being a champion or competing with men of that level.”

“How does that involve you? Chaos, you were given that chance to become the champion of New Era. Tell me Chaos, besides the basics of me shafting you, what happened all in all? You failed, in how many attempts did you fail to become the Worlds Champion? The federation owners see this and they decided not to give you another shot, instead they decided to toss you in a tournament with a bunch of LOWERCARD athletes in hopes of you winning the PCX title.”

“And boy did you give us a show Chaos, all those squash matches were impressive by far. But why Chaos the need to send you, the upper high card, world championship belt competing athlete to the mid card to compete for a belt that is not of your stature?”

“Answer: because they wanted to candy coat Chaos again and show the public that he still reigns supreme even though he was in rape-feast 2005 with Jean Rabesque. Don’t get me wrong Chaos, you competed at the best of your abilities, but you weren’t at the in ring level they want for a champion, that is why you were dropped from the upper cards, that is why you competed for the PCX title.”

“How do I fit in the picture Chaos? Well, let us just say the men in black Armani suites decided it was time the PCX title was noticed. That’s where I fit in Chaos, they decided that it was time New Era Fans finally say the true test and will of their champion in his first title defense match, that match was last week Chaos. And in that match you were cut off, I took advantage, I won. And because of those sequences of events the federation can finally promote the title to the level they see fit.”

“They are eating it alive at the main office. Do you know why Chaos? Because they look at you and see a man they gave a big chance and failed; now they see me they gave a small chance to and saw success, the first time around. They like it Chaos, that is why the title has become a main event title. It is not supposed to be, but it seems I have made it that way.”

(He finishes his reps and stands up and sits on a seat resting and drinks some water while he is at it.)

“But now all of sudden Chaos a scaffold match is what the title needs correct? This is coming from the mouth from the man who said a scaffold match doesn’t quite scream extreme enough for him. All of a sudden this match is appropriate and just great for you, Which is it Chaos, has the idea of a 20 plus foot drop finally caught your attention? Has the idea of tossing a man to his prompt ending finally rug a bell. I have noticed since we stepped in the office and signed or careers away.”

“Do you see what I have done as a champion Chaos? I had the choice in my hand, I held the pen, I could have walked away from the contract for this match and made it not so dangerous. I love the thrill of danger, I thrive on it. Unlike you. I had chances on our matches to up the ante. Leather straps, don’t really hold the need around an extreme title such as the PCX.”

”I am redesigning this title Chaos. I am showing the world how New Era is the leading force in sports entertainment. And I will be the driving wind of that force. I hold all the keys to the doors Chaos. That started last week with my victory over you. This week will be more fuel to the fire….no pun intended.”

“I am taking this title to new heights, no goals, I have plans and I have ideas. They will not be stopped by you Chaos, or Trevor Cane. My job as the Champion is to provide the top notch matches against the top athletes. After you Chaos I will move on to the next soul who wishes to look at my title.”

“You have paper work to sign for me Chaos? Bring it to the show. You want to up the ante on this match up Chaos, I will be more than happy to play this in your field of expertise. I want you to think of what you are about to do though Chaos. We have the scaffold to worry about; you want to add another stipulation to this match up? So be it, my title was put to waste and was not extreme enough in your reign, watch Chaos as me, THE COMPANY MAN, lifts that title from the grave and agrees to your needs in order to make this match more pleasing to the fans, which in result means income.”

“I really didn’t want to get into this with you once more Chaos, I tried to over look it, I tried to overlook it ignore it, but it is eating me up Chaos. You are making me look like a fool. I don’t like being pulled down to a lower level. And I must address the facts.”

(Marx walks over to John and hands him a piece of paper)

”In my hand Chaos, I hold our matches with each other. A list of every time we met in the ring competing. Now I will prove to you Chaos that I only faced you for your title once, and once only.”

“There was a No Holds Barred Anywhere match between us Chaos, but that was before you won the title. I will say you won it, because you did. Now, after you won the title Chaos, your next encounter in sport was a NON TITLE Falls Count Anywhere match between JOHN DOE and CHAOS(c). I won that match Chaos, let us continue to last week, P©X Title: Doe v Chaos (c) Leather Strap Match. We all know who won.”

“Do you know why I have done this Chaos? Because every time you state it took me more than one time to rip the title from your waist it was a lie. And that lie makes me look like a fool, like a lower level wrestler. I am not that sort of wrestler Chaos. And that proves it.”

“This week it’s time you understand the true reasons for why you were dropped from the top. It’s to understand why you have been facing me. I have been here I New Era since the doors opened; do you think I was passed over? No Chaos, I just never wanted the World Title. Now I won this title Chaos, my title. And as the Champion Chaos, I will show you what championship material is all about. I will show you how a champion wrestles.”

“And as the champion Chaos, I keep my word. If you win, (laughs lightly) which you won’t, well then I will walk away Chaos and seek new goals, and new levels of accomplishment.”

“This time around Chaos I will become the best show on Earth, you will be a thing of the past, you will be a falling glimpse of what champions were, and what champions are.”


John Doe
02-02-06, 10:28 AM
And God Let There be **BUMP!**

02-03-06, 12:44 AM
(There's a confusion of noise and movement backstage at Raucous as crew readies for the big event tonight. Towering into the empty entrance of the arena stands the twenty foot scaffold for tonight’s Main Event and standing high atop that and looking down upon everyone is the seven foot presence of Chaos. He stands feet at the edge of the platform and slowly stares at the floor below. His smile widens at the thought of the terrible landing someone will feel upon losing. The camera slowly ascends and grows level with him and he sits down on the edge not taking his eyes of the ground)

Chaos: Well here we are boys. This is what's it's all about...for one time and for the last time...for at least one of us...the three of us will meet here and settle this dispute once and FOR ALL!!! Tonight one will walk away a champion and the others...WELL MOSTLY YOU JOHN DOE!!!! Well they will fall for the plan that I have set in motion. I wanted to make sure that whatever issue we had between us was settled and settled for good and tonight...just that will happen.

(He looks up from the floor and into the camera)

Chaos: See John. You can talk about history, but nobody cares. History is in and always will be in the eyes of the beholder. The story is never true...it's just whatever version the WINNER decides to put down. See John...history is written by winners and that's why after tonight...whatever success you THINK you've attained. Well it will all FALL to the wayside.

(He smiles and chuckles)

Chaos: Literally, all erased by my victory See John...I don't care how much a day you train. Go ahead...do your push-ups, run your laps...HELL...say your prayers and take your vitamins...none of that is going to matter after tonight. Because tonight marks a whole new time for the PCX Title. It's been called extreme, but it as NEVER been extreme. Well tonight I'm going to change that. For while your sitting back pushing your body John...I'm going to up the ante. I'm going to push the limits tonight.

(He gets up from the edge and stands before the camera)

Chaos: There is a point that no training and preparation will help you until it's just been done. Meaning unless you've done it and KNOW you can do it John...you can't train for it. That's what going to happen tonight. I don't care what kind of machine you think or even believe you are tonight there's NO WAY you trained for what I'm going to pull off. You tried putting my words back in my mouth John, but you’re wrong. It's not that I didn't heed the message of what you said before...I choose to ignore it, well BECAUSE I DON' T CARE!!!!

(He points his finger at the camera)

Chaos: I don't care about you. I don't care about Trevor Cane...hell I don't even care about what happens to my own body and tonight you’re going to see just the tip of that iceberg. See John there is one thing that really separates the two of us. You admit weakness. You openly admit your not worthy for a World Title shot and a true champion...a great champion like you CLAIM to be would NEVER do such a thing. When you have a belt your simply THE BEST!!! Tonight when I take back my belt I'm going to bring the PCX title to places NOBODY has even dreamed of.

(He shakes the finger scolding)

Chaos: See John nobody really cares about you. You might have your mark buddies agree to everything you say, but if the men in the Armani suits REALLY wanted you to get a title shot...WHY did you have to beat me in a NON-Title match first? Your a nobody John Doe...your name says it hell...it screams it outloud. John here is the REAL truth. You haven't done a DAMN thing here in NEW. OH you've tried and tried, but even in winning that PCX title you still showed up later that night in a mask working as a lackey. That's what you are...that's your true nature John. In fact were it not for you being GIVEN the PCX Title. MY TITLE!!!

(He stares into the camera)

Chaos: YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SUCCES JOHN!!! Just one fluke win for a title. Well tonight...there will be no fluke...tonight will be VERY DEFINIATIVE!!! One of us will be a champion and the others...well the others will be in for the biggest FALL of there lives

(He looks down at the twenty foot drop)

Chaos: That's a long way for you to go John, but you've been there before. You have plans, you have Ideas John, but you said it yourself...NO GOALS!!!! Well tonight I have one. Tonight I get back MY TITLE...I take the PCX Extreme title and I do it in away that is EXTREME!!!!!

(Again he points at the camera)

Chaos: Before when the title was on the line...when it all counted...what happened? I left you in a truck full of SH*T!!! Buried right were you belong. Tonight John...tonight I need to fix that memory I need to send a message that ANYONE who steps into the ring with me has to go the distance and THEN SOME!!!!!!!!!! Tonight John I burn the image of you laying in that pile of sh*t and I give them something even greater to remember.

(He retrieves the lighter from his pocket)

Chaos: I told both you can Cane that fire burns John...well tonight it all comes true. You didn't listen to the message...you didn't listen to what I was telling you. It was there all the time; it just went over your head.

(He ignites the lighter and stares at the flame)

Chaos: Tonight John...I don't get dropped from the top

(He laughs coldly)

Chaos: You get thrown into the pit of hell I promised from the very beginning. Good-Bye John Doe...if you can, I hope you do walk away after tonight.

(He closes the lighter, walks to the edge of the platform and looks down. He smiles wide and sarcastically waves Good-Bye)


John Doe
02-04-06, 12:17 AM

[B]DREDD Headquarters
-Main Roadway.
1204 HRS

John Doe, Jonathan Marx, Brandon Jacobs, and Carlee Marx all stand in roadway as a limousine pulls up and parks. The trunk opens as John tosses all their bags into the trunk and shuts it. Carlee hands John his title, he wraps it around his shoulder and smiles entering the limo. The camera’s follow in, Marx pours himself a glass of wine, John gets a beer from the fridge inserted in the wall. The small installed TV plays Chaos on TV. John shakes his head and as the limo starts to head to the airport. John looks at the camera

“It’s a funny concept Chaos. How a stipulation can turn into the last time you will face for a title. It makes you think, what if I fail? It draws a line in your mind making yourself worry if you are going to lose. I don’t have that mentality Chaos, I never have. I always hit it straight forward and expose the truth. Truth is Chaos, a 20 foot drop doesn’t scare me, and neither does any plans you have up your sleeve.”

“You think that you have a straight with that ace in your palm. Truth is Chaos I have one better, I have the royal flush. Although you may think you have topped the game so all the cards play in your direction, trust me Chaos, all great plans fail. Doubt me? Example: Invasion of Somalia by U.S Ranger forces, great plan, failed miserably. Hitler’s plan to invade Russia, failed. Your plan to take the title, well, it will just be another failure in HISTORY.”

“History is full of failure. People look to history for mistakes humans made and ways they can avoid making the same mistake twice. People can’t rewrite history Chaos, it will always stand there. Certain people like to forget the past in order to feel better. Others will remember though. History is never erased, not everybody forgets.”

“Not only that Chaos, history can predict human’s mistake and show us what every human does. Your history is clear Chaos, two consecutive losses to me, one win, and a twenty foot drop from the top. That will be the history of Chaos.”

“While you sit back and watch them lift that nice scrapple, I was working out some moves, working my body because the goal here is to over power your opponent and toss him over the railing Chaos. We know who will be the first to go over Chaos, that is Trevor Cane. I want this to boil down to you and me, Chaos. This match has a certain emphasis surrounding it Chaos, it has a purpose and a reason. A Cause and an effect led us to this match Chaos. And the effect of this match may leave you sitting in a wheel chair the rest of your life, Chaos.”

“Not that your health matters. But I thought I would tell you the possible dangers you are going to take while entering this match with me, Chaos. I have never felt in better physical condition. And physical conditioning means everything”

“Unlike you Chaos, whom believes that physical conditioning is unimportant, I find it as a key aspect to this match. With out the physical conditioning you will get tired much easier, I have ran nine miles a day to make sure my body is in prime condition, not only that Chaos, I am mentally prepared.”

“Through it all Chaos, through every set, every curl, every mile I kept that title in mind. It pushes me harder to know I am the champion. Question is Chaos, was my win a real fluke?"

"I mean looking back is it a true fluke or is it so hard to catch the issue here. The real problem wasn’t the fact that Trevor Cane tossed some fire in your eyes, but the real issue was that you didn’t kick out."

"Not only that Chaos, you saw Mr. Cane running down to the ring, YOU SAW HIM RUN TO THE RING. What did you expect from a man you just attacked? From him to pat you on the back? For him to congratulate you? Fluke victory on my part Chaos? I think not, a legit victory now that all the pieces fit the puzzle."

"I pinned you because you didn’t do what I always do. You didn’t see the issue, and you didn’t react to the matter. Instead you ignored Cane as though he wasn’t going to do any harm. Is my victory such a fluke now that we have found out it was you who caused your own doom.”

“You attacked Trevor Cane. That could have been avoided. You didn’t have to attack him, you chose to.”

“You promptly looked and saw Trevor Cane, the man you attacked coming to the ring. In order for him to get on the apron he has to jump on it, you had me stunned, I could have been secondary priority. You had the chance to slug him the minute he stepped on the apron. You didn’t, therefore you caused your own doom. Not a fluke for me Chaos, a win for me do to your own failures and mistakes in the ring.”

“Game, set, match”

“As for the Armani suites that requested me to face off with you and win before I get my title shot. It adds more tension to the crowd if they do it that way. They like to get people more interested. And what a better way than to have beat you one week, two weeks, and now three weeks in a row. It makes me look like a king. To go over on a man who was once world champion material.”

“Oh yes Chaos I have no success here, you are so right. Tell me Chaos, what success do you have? Oh, that’s right you won the PCX title, that was your big success, maybe competing for the World Title. You have done nothing as well. As for last week, well, I planned that idea, Chaos. It was my idea to try and help my friend Marx out. I came out as the masked man. I formed DREDD, not only that Chaos, I competed in the TV title tournament and came closer than you did to defeating Jean Rabesque.”

“But I have no success? This gold doesn’t scream success Chaos. It just shows I rose a tad bit higher. Success is only as successful as a man wants it to look. I can win no titles Chaos and win every week, does that make me not a success because I never held gold? No, it means I never got the chance”

“That’s all besides the point Chaos. Let us get to the point at hand. You as the competitor have no respect for me as the Champion. That respect will be beaten into you slowly and painfully. If you think this is patty cake hour you picked the wrong person to step in a match with at the worst possible time in his career. See this title? It’s my first and it WILL stay around my waist at all costs”

“If that means I have to cheat to win…so be it Chaos, I will do it at all costs. I will not let you take control of the title again and put it to waste as you did before. It just sat up on your dresser and collected dust is what you did with the title. I brought life to it. I made this title actually mean something to the fan base.”

“It is not just mere gold Chaos. Sure its some second rate belt, but it’s not just any second rate belt, it is a belt that I will make so damn good you will have to be the best to win it. You Chaos are not of that level, nor have you been at that level for some time.

“And because of your wasted potential I have risen to a level you will not touch, can not touch, and will never reach. My name is a household name Chaos. It’s mainstream, its on billboards, websites, fourm boards, people use it as email, etc.”

“I am not nobody Chaos, I am everything this company wishes to put money into. It’s a fact. And the fact’s are Chaos, you are not note worthy, you aren’t a solid investment opportunity, last week proved it. And you aren’t going to rip the title from me."

"In conclusion watch the scaffold, remember how it looks from the top. You WILL have a clear view of it from the bottom Chaos, that is a real PROMISE”


02-04-06, 12:34 AM
(The camera opens on Chaos standing backstage at Raucous. His new 7ft Extreme t-shirt adorns his upperbody and his hands are heavily taped for the match. He smacks fist into palm and palm and grins)

Chaos: Well here we are Doe, Cane. The hour is just mere minutes away and I can't wait. No more talk, no more jabbering. I don't have to hear John tell me about his second rate belt while denying he's a second rate champion. I don't have to hear that history is written and never changed. Tell that to Columbus John.

(He points to the camera)

Chaos: See John this isn't about the past. Wrestling is a here and now business. It's a what have you done fro me lately kind of sport. You dismissed EVERYTHING I've done in one petty loss to you. But yet you expect the world to stand up and take notice when you do one small thing in your life.

(He shakes his head)

Chaos: sorry John it doesn't work like that. This isn't a war John. I don't have bad intelligence. I just got you in a match. A fool who was once laid away in a pile if SH*T and is just a mere hour away from get himself burned like never before. History gets rewritten every day John, you just need to read the facts.

(He smiles smugly)

But what does history matter John, after all you workout right. All I've heard...time and time again is what you’re doing in the gym. 9-10 hors a day. Sit-ups...laps...doing your reps, but what you really forget John is that none of that heavy weight is going to be fighting back. Work on your moves. Try and lift 300 pounds over you shoulders. Pat yourself on the back as you set a new mark in the bench press.

(He shakes his head)

Chaos: None of that is going to help. An exercise routine is just that John...it's a routine. It's something you and I BOTH do day and day out, but John you can get caught up in the routine... It's a state of mind where you just get stuck and when you going up against someone as unpredictable as me.

(He scolds with his finger)

Chaos: That is the last place you want to be. Yet I'm glad you in the best shape of your life. I'm hoping you’re pumped and ready. Because I don't want any excuses John. When this is done...IT'S DONE!!!! When I throw your ass twenty feet from the top I want you out of my life. I'm tired of hearing you talk; hearing you talk tough...and hearing you boast and brag. It's over John...when this night is done...it's over for one of us.

(He leans forward and looks into the camera)

Chaos: So if you want to throw Trevor Cane out and make this just between us...that's fine John. Yet If I have it my way...TREVOR CANE WILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE MATCH!!! See John Trevor is owed some payback and payback is like you...a *****. Tonight you can bet that Trevor and I will meet long before this match starts and if...IF he's still around then you can throw away the scraps.

(He points at the camera)

Chaos: Then it's just between us. Yet you’re not scared of a twenty-foot fall.

(He laughs loudly)

Chaos: Well good, but I don't really think it’s the fall you should really be worrying about John. You should worry about the landing. You should worry about the painful surprise that awaits your back as this time I get my hand around your throat and...

(He holds his massive hand up and throws it down)

Chaos: I send you crashing to your misery once AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!

(He plays at his shirt collar)

Chaos: Then will see what the suits think of you. We’ll see what being a good company man has gotten you when the medics pull your broken body from the aftermath tonight. Because this is going to hurt John.

(He spits on the ground and scowls)

Chaos: Because you’re right...I don't have any respect fro you. Who cares if you started Dredd. If Marx was any good...as good as you CLAIM to be then he could win a title on his own. Yet it looks like DREDD has two members that need a belt handed to them. You’re a lackey John...pure and simple. You have been before...you were last week and you'll be even less then that after tonight.

(He laughs coldly)

Chaos: You'll be a broken and beaten man. Who possibly has his soul burnt away? At least if I have any say about. So go ahead John you try and beat some respect into me, but in the end...I'll get my hand around your throat...I'll lock on the Chaos Bomb and just like before...you'll be in deep sh*t.

(He stares coldly into the camera)

Chaos: Yet your right about one thing John...I'm not going to rip the title away from you. I'm going to toss you into the incinerator...like the trash you are after that

(He wraps his hands around his waist)

Chaos: I'll keep my title just like it should be. I hope your man enough...and SMART enough to walk away

(He smiles grows cocky and he walks away)


John Doe
02-04-06, 12:41 AM

Final checks at the airport before entering the security section. John Doe looks at his portable TV player and stuffs it in his bag.


"The hour is near. Second rate belt? Check. Going to keep the belt? Check. Best PCX Champion Ever? Check. As for Columbus Chaos, he didn't discover America, that was Amerigo Vispuche. He did PROVE the world was not flat. Never new that history was rewritten due to him discovering that, I know that maps were altered due to the discovery, but history never changed. Maps are a part of history. OLD maps, before his time are a part of history, a part of human mistake Chaos. Columbus It's part OF history, just like you are a part of history. Your part is mere and uninportant. As for me? Well, I will make history tonight, I will show the world how you as an ex-champion held the company, the title, and the roster down. Watch as New Era rises even greater. Watch as I win.