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01-26-06, 05:19 AM
All RP for the match between ROCKO DAYMON and JONATHAN MARX at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Thursday, February 3rd. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

02-02-06, 01:43 AM

(A darkened room, lit only by light projected onto a screen. Footage of DREDD in action plays, particularly a few clips of Jonathan Marx, in his match against the Masked Man, and others in preceding editions of Raucous. Near the projector, Daymon sits in a folding chair, legs propped up on what appears to be a bench. He's wearing his usual jeans and a t-shirt. Eyes focused on the action on the screen, Daymon begins to speak.)

Rocko Daymon
When I first appeared on an NEW production, which happened to be Rapture months ago, I made a blatant attack on Carlee Marx, and made it clear that I was here to do battle with the organization known as DREDD...

Why? Well, even I can't really answer that. There's just something about a group fronted by a guy like John Doe that doesn't sit right with me. I dunno, maybe I'm just the kind of guy who looks at Jean Rabesque and sees a man who has worked most of his life trying to define what it means to be a real man through his work in the ring, and then it pisses me off to see someone so young and arrogant as John Doe gather all his pals together and launch a ridiculous crusade to bring this man down.

Or, maybe I'm just the kind of guy who hates the likes of John Doe and Carlee Marx enough that he'd cross into another federation just to **** up their plans.

Ironically, Rabesque has announced his retirement. And was it because Doe and his crew were successful in their cause? Nah, Jean just lost the World Title... that single action made him realize that his career was pretty much finished. So much for John Doe's goal to defeat and humiliate a professional wrestling legend.

Well, for the sake of Jean Rabesque, I feel it's my duty to pick up where he left off, dedicating myself and my performance in order to prove to each and every so-called professional wrestler in NEW's locker room what it means to be a modern-day warrior.

Forget titles... forget fame... hell, might as well go as far as to say forget about winning. It's all about the heat of the competition, and the glory of the sport, and being a part of the best damn industry on the planet.

But I'm merely falling into another boring philosophical lecture... let's talk about this man.

(Daymon takes the remote and pauses on a frame in which Marx locks on the Marxism hold onto an unlucky opponent.)

Rocko Daymon
...okay, so most of the members of DREDD aren't high on my list. Everybody knows John Doe and I have had a pretty spiteful feud over in WFW. Carlee Marx had this unlucky brainwave that led her to believe she could slander me over the airwaves and get away with it. I know Caitlyn's had something against Brandon Jacobs ever since he won that Survivor thing...

But when you put all those people aside, you get Jonathan Marx, and while I can't really say anything good about his associates, Marx has been a man I've always had respect for. Probably the only member of DREDD I don't fully despise, and most of that has to do with the fact that he's got a hell of a reputation, and he never fails to live up to it.

Unfortunately for him, I'm very much the same when it comes to what's expected of me. If he thinks he can just buy all the bull**** his pal John Doe says about me and blow me off as some hack several years past his prime, then he's in for a rough night when Raucous comes.

I regret to say I haven't seen the man in action as of late--which would explain why I'm here, recapping the past year of his career so I have an idea of what to expect at Raucous. On the other hand, I'm know Marx has seen quite a bit of me from the commentary table over in WFW.

So who has the advantage? Well, that's hard to say. I'm sure Jonathan's been eager to take a shot at me since I clocked his sister at the last Rapture. On the other hand, I would take much satisfaction in defeating John Doe's friend and mentor, as a little way of rubbing it into that pecker's face.

But when you look at everything considered, it's a split case... there's me on one end and Marx in the other. Marx, one of NEW's most notable talents, true main event material. Daymon, the new guy on the block with a rep that dwarfs most of his opponents and he isn't afraid to live up to.

So, what tips the scale? Whose gonna win?

I suppose time will tell for sure, but I think it's really interesting when you consider what's at stake for the both of us. I came here to NEW to take on DREDD. By attacking Carlee Marx, I also attacked their pride, and by defeating her brother I'd only be dealing another critical blow to John Doe's pointless alliance. Marx has unwillingly when placed into the role of guardian, in which he must defend the honor and unity of his stable.

The pressure is all on him...

If I lose? Big deal! I move on to the next challenge in my path. It wouldn't set me back. It's not like I haven't lost before...

But if I win? I set myself above Jonathan Marx, the pride of DREDD. Right away, everybody in NEW will know that I'm a force to be reckoned with, and more importantly that I'm strictly business when I'm in that ring. On top of that, Marx, and DREDD with him, face another disappointing set-back. I would win in two ways!

(Daymon stops the projector, and a moment later the lights come up. He's sitting near one wall of his private gym, the projector set on a table pulled up near the benches. He comes out of his seat and turns to the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
Well, Marx is a man I respect, in any case, because he defines a true professional wrestler. So while I hate the organization he represents, I look forward to this match and the challenge he may present. Marx is the man I can learn from, and by fighting him I can do nothing but improve and hone my own skills.

I hate DREDD, but I admire this one man... so this fight, for me, isn't a personal vendetta. Rather, I look at this as a simple match involving two opponents, both of whom will step into that ring at Raucous knowing they must do their duty for the fans and for the industry, not to settle scores or defend one's pride.

**** pride. This is professional wrestling. In this sport, you leave pride at the door, and the only thing you bring with you into the ring are your wits, your skills, and your motivation.

You can bet your ass I'll be bringing those three things and a ****-load more with me to Raucous.

The days of DREDD are numbered... and my future in NEW is just beginning...

...god, I love this job.

(With a confident smile, Daymon turns and walks out of frame. The camera goes to black.)


02-03-06, 11:23 PM
::Marx sits on a bench in a Armani suit in front of building which houses the New Era Offices, he is slowly sipping a cup of coffee as the steam is visible in the air because of the cold winter temperature::

JONATHAN MARX: Back around Christmas of 2003, there were rumblings about a great new promotion with a lot of promise on the horizon called New Era so I placed a call to New Era to find out what it was all about. After talking to management on the phone for only five minutes, I knew that New Era was going to be a success and it was something that I wanted to be a part of which was why I was one of the first wrestlers to put their name on a contract and I haven’t regretted that decision for a moment since.

I love New Era. It embodies everything that pro wrestling should be greater than any other league in this sport and this is the league more than any other which I consider to be my home.

They always let me be who I want to be and they don’t hold it against me or try to make me change. They never try to work the boys in order to mess with their heads on some power trip. New Era has always been 100% honest with me and every time I go out there, I know that the only thing that I have to worry about on any given night is my opponent. It makes me love wrestling and if every league was like New Era, I wouldn’t have to battle so hard to bring upon a second golden age of pro wrestling because in many ways, New Era is utopia, even more so since we took out that piece of garbage Rabesque who robbed Larry Tact of his title.

To think, there were some Joes who thought New Era wouldn’t even last six months, well… we’ve proved all of them wrong, haven’t we?

I don’t want to gush or sound like some sycophant, but I want to say thank you both to New Era management and the fans for a wonderful two years and I hope that we all are here for many years to come.

Rocko Daymon, On January 29, 2004 I wrestled my first match of New Era at Raucous at the Centrum Civic Centre in Worcester and I dedicate our match at New Era’s Second Anniversary at Raucous this match to all those who have walked through those doors and have made this promotion what it is today. I know our battle won’t be easy, I’ve seen what you can do and you’ve shown yourself to be one of the best, be prepared because now that I’ve eliminated Rabesque there is only one more goal left on my radar, winning the New Era World Heavyweight Title and I can’t afford any setbacks.

Good luck Daymon.