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01-05-06, 02:18 AM
All RP for the Leather Stap PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title match between JOHN DOE and CHAOS (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Thursday, January 12th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

John Doe
01-10-06, 02:50 PM

DREDD headquaters
Princeton, NJ
1700 HRS

John Doe on a leather couch, Jonthan Marx across from him reading a book. Brandon Jacobs at a desk doing paperwork. Carlee Marx chewing gum and twirling her hair. John looks at the New Era cameras.


“No sassy remarks from me Chaos. There will be no I tolled you so, there will only be a W. I stood against one of the biggest men in the industry, that’s you. And I came out on top for once Chaos and that’s a fact. call it what ever you want. I call it victory. You may call it luck, there is no such thing, it’s called fate.”

“Fate decided who was going to win that match Chaos, I just outsmarted you. We both know our history here at New Era, I shafted you out of a title by almost lynching you off the top of a cell, we have put literally sh*t in each others lockers, the battles go on and on. We have faced off toe to toe. Yet every time I have been in the ring with you, you came out on top. Now the tables suddenly turned.”

“Last week was to decided if I was able to deserve a title shot. Point was proven. I do. I have worked endless amounts of time here in New Era, I have always tried my hardest to show that I am a top notch competitor that I am worthy of holding gold. Finally for the first time in wrestling history I may have that dream in my grasp”

“We both know what the outcome will be Chaos, we are playing in your field. This is for your title, you are the defender, things have turned once more where your expertise is at your disposal.”

“Counter argument states that last week your expertise didn’t play a significant role in our match. We both were distracted by Victoria Hawke, I mean who wouldn’t be with that perfect body nice sized bre…anyways. Back on topic Chaos, for a second we were both in owe, you had the opportunity to slam my head into the tiled floor instead you eye gazed Victoria as I took advantage of the situation.”

“Once more, I outsmarted you, I wrestled smart, I worked your leg. I brought the giant to my level. The only thing I truly regret is that the locker fell on your body. Cheap win. But dirty money is still money Chaos, a win is still a win. F*ck what those ass clowns in the stands think about the way I went over, I still put you down for three. Or the locker did, point is you should have expected that from a guy like me.”

“And they call Rick Flair the direst player in the game, he’s over rated. But who cares of that swish swash, we are on focus of you and me, Chaos. What’s the meaning of my promotion, well like always to prove a very valuable point. A point always overlooked and never examined by men such as you.”

“If you haven’t noticed Chaos I played in your field last week, I am still walking, you tolled me your title wouldn’t be touched or seen by the likes of me. Now does the thought of you losing your title put fear into your system. Or are you so confident that you will overcome the odds and put me out again? The stipulation mimics our match this week. Our match is a vision of last week, I want you remember everything you did to put me down for three Chaos.”

“Did you succeed?”

“No Chaos, you didn’t, with all your power and might you feel short of your own words. Thus, you have failed yourself, you have dishonored the title and this company. You promised us all a win, you produced failure. You are like every other person who watches this show, you are a MARK. You wanted a title so bad and you won it. And now you don’t know how to defend it. You are a worthless piece of sh*t just like the New Era fans.”

“You like the fans believe everything people tell you. They said I was not a challenge, that I am a walkover. I proved you wrong, I proved the fans wrong, I proved this very company wrong. And because of that I am one step above you Chaos.”

“This week is no different, your title is holding you down. I tolled you that, it has infested your brain. The gold has blinded your sights of victory instead of doing it for yourself, you do it for the fans. What have they giving you? Chants, cheers? They give you nothing! You pour your heart out to them and they spit you out. I learned that mistake. I turned my back on the fans, but there is something I would never turn my back on, and that is the title.”

“I want you to remember that Chaos. I will reign supreme for DREDD and for me.”


01-11-06, 09:02 PM
(A smile crosses his face as he steps before a New Era backdrop. Chaos nods knowingly as he looks over at the gold belt draped over his shoulder. He pats his large hand upon it and slaps it twice. He smile a little wider and looks into the camera)

Chaos: Fate...is that what happened John? Do you really believe fate is the reason you got a victory over me?

(He shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: Maybe so...but I don't believe in fate John, but if you do...that's good. Do you believe in destiny to John? Because I've got a nice dose of that for you. Care to see it

(He reaches down and pulls up a large leather strap)

Chaos: Here's your fate John. Here’s your destiny. Keep in mind John that your win only got a SHOT...a shot at my title. Our last match was a big night for you wasn't it John? In your eyes you’re a winner. You got a victory over me, saw your first pair of breasts and for once didn't get carried out on a stretcher. Well good for you, but let me show you what you really won John.

(He opens his hand and let's the length of the strap roll from the palm to the floor)

Chaos: This is your prize John. Have you ever been in a leather strap match before? Do you know what it feels like to have this...?

(He holds the strap firmly in his hands and snaps it together)

Chaos: hit your skin? See it first it stings, but then it gets worse. As time goes on the leather absorbs the sweat and the blood. It gets tighter, it gets stiffer, it cuts John and it cuts deep. It's going to crack your skin and make it bleed. Worst of all...worst of all for you I will be attached to the other end. There's no getting away. No lockers to help, no objects to run and grab. Just fifteen feet of leather attached to a very angry seven foot monster.

(He takes his hand and pats it upon the title again)

Chaos: And as for this John. Well I told you that's you'd never touch it John and guess what I'm still right. Because the belt is STILL mine. You got NOTIHNG JOHN!!! You got nothing, but ONE SHOT at my title. This time John...I'm not taking you lightly. I'm not staring at a pair of breasts. I've got one focus and one focus only. Gold doesn't blind you John...I could try explaining it to you, but you can't describe a feeling to man whose never felt it before.

(He takes the title from his shoulder and holds it in front of the camera)

Chaos: The fans haven't blinded me either John...you don't know this but a REAL champion never even hears them. The only guy out there who is a mark for anyone is you and you alone. Don't like that answer...sorry John...there's just no other way the story can be TOLLED....right John? Hey your words not mine

(He takes a few steps forward, places the title back over his shoulder and mockingly applauds towards the camera)

Chaos: So go ahead John...pat yourself on the back, but as you do take a good look. Because when the bell rings you'll be staring down at just where my foot will be till the moment I put my hand around your throat and hit you with the one weapon you didn't feel in our last meeting

(He smiles wide and chuckles)

Chaos: That's a Chaos Bomb John...and you can say whatever you want, but in this match...you’re going to be less then fifteen feet from getting one. Congratulations Johnny Boy. Let’s see if you feel like a winner when this match is over. After all John and think carefully, what happened to you the last time you thought you got the better of me?

(He laughs coldly, slaps the belt and walks away)


John Doe
01-12-06, 02:35 PM

John is at a local bar. He takes his Corona and puts a lime in it. He takes a small gulp from the beer as lets out an sigh of refreshment. The camers sit next to him as he turns to look at them.


(A mocking clap) “Thank you Chaos, thank you for reinstating what we all already knew. We know what the stipulation of this match is, it’s only said ten to fifteen times on TV. Yet you must come out here to tell us what this match is about? You haven’t addressed me, or your failure of last week. You avoided the matter entirely. Tell me Chaos, when…when have you ever beaten me so bad that I have been carried out on a stretcher?”

“When have I been carried out on a stretcher here in New Era? Last time I recalled I have always gotten up and walked out on my feet. You have never put me out for more than 10 seconds Chaos.”

“You are delusional.”

“Do you think a leather strap will stop me from becoming the champion Chaos? No, it won’t. I will prevail, mind over matter Chaos. I fear nothing, I fear no one. I have seen leather strap matches. I have been in worse then a pitiful piece of cow hide hitting my skin. I have had my skin burnt by fire, I have been hit with computer monitors, any object that can cause pain…I have felt it.”

“And this is no different. It can cut my skin? So does every other object. And if you think for a second that this little stip will drive fear into me? Well Chaos, I suggest handing me the belt.”

“Yes Chaos, the belt is still yours for a short period of time. Consider this your final day as the champion. Look in my eyes Chaos…LOOK IN THEM! I hunger for that title, I want it, and I will step on any mother f*cker in my way to get it…and includes you. Bring your best, I have encountered it before, and you are a Worthless…piece…of…sh*t.”

“That’s right Chaos, I have one night to prove that I can overcome you. You took me lightly? You’re making excuses for your defeat. You need excuses to cover the truth from being exposed, that truth is that you are not better than me. What excuse will you use when I take the title from you?”

“There are no excuses Chaos. Excuses are for the weak minded.”

“Unlike me. I have no need for excuses, I am a top notch competitor, one of the best. And because of that it plays a key factor in this match. I have the intelligence to outsmart you. You may have the size and power, but I own the heart and the talent. A technical wrestler will always overcome the power wrestler. That’s a FACT.”

”And it’s a fact you will encounter at the show.”

“I don’t know what it’s like to hold a title Chaos, it’s an experience that will be shown to me in a few hours. A seven foot monster can’t stop me, it won’t stop me, you are sh*t out of luck Chaos. This six foot rookie is about to show you how a true champion wrestles.”

“Consider this checkmate.”

“I am not going to pat myself on the back Chaos of winning last week, this is a fresh week. But I will be patted on the back by my fellow DREDD members as I walk into our locker room with the title on my shoulder.”

“Point proven Chaos, I may be an underdog, but isn’t that past now? Do you not see what you are about to face. Or are you so dull and consumed in your own pitiful glory that you don’t realize the truth. YOUR TITLE IS ON THE LINE. Yet you still find no confidence in your own actions. You think I will walk right into your Chaos Bomb? You are sadly mistaken.”

”I guess we all have to learn from our mistakes correct, Chaos? Consider this the biggest learning experience in your life. I will be the champion, is undeniable. And not you or the entire New Era Company will do anything to stop me from accomplishing that.”

“The past is the past. I will put it aside for this night only Chaos. But after tonight, I want you to remember who you doubted in the ring, and the man who defeated you. Remember me. Because you will soon be forgotten.”

“Closing time Chaos….last call.”


01-13-06, 12:37 AM
(Once again the tall figure of Chaos walks in front of the camera. He has a wide smile upon his face as he looks down at the BIG GOLD BELT around his waist. He rubs it with the palm of his left hand and the holds up the big fifteen foot leather strap in his right. Once more he lets it slowly drop to the floor and the smile turns to an angry sneer as he watches)

Chaos: Drink up...drink up...DRINK UP JOHN!!!! Tilt your head back and let the liquid courage flow down your throat. You know I'll usually let my opponent get away with allot John. I'll let them make threats, I'll let them boast and brag, but I won't let them lie John. I won't let them lie to me, the fans, not even to themselves. After all the truth is a wonderful thing. So go ahead, take a big gulp John...here I'll give you a moment of silence

(He pauses for a moment as the stares at the leather strap and admires his belt)

Chaos: There John...had enough to drink, because you asked...hell requested for this. What were the exact words?

CUTTO: John Doe's last promo

“When have I been carried out on a stretcher here in New Era? Last time I recalled I have always gotten up and walked out on my feet. You have never put me out for more than Chaos0 seconds Chaos?”

CUTTO: Chaos with a big smile on his face.

Chaos: Well John let me give you what you asked for.

(The screen fades to black then tape rolls from Raucous at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

GHEORGHE: “Chaos places Doe on the top rope …. And NOW BOTH MEN ARE ON THE TOP ROPE!”

JIVE: “So long, John .. It was nice knowing you while you were alive!”

GHEORGHE: “Chaos picks up Doe ………… CHAOS BOMB!! CHAOS BOMB!!! Chaos with the cover ………… ONE …………………. TWO ………………….. THREEEEEEE!!!!”

(SFX: Bell rings!)

JIVE: “He did it! Chaos beat John Doe!!!”


GHEORGHE: “Chaos with a hard fought victory tonight … but what is he doing?!”

JIVE: “He’s motioning out back for something!”

When the **** Hits the "Fans"

(SFX: A clanking noise as the metal door from earlier begins to rise.)

GHEORGHE: “WAIT A MINUTE!!! That zamboni door is opening up …. AND THERE IS A TRUCK DRIVING TO THE RING!”

JIVE: “Who is driving it?!”

GHEORGHE: “I don’t know, Nick …. IT’S A MASKED MAN!!!”

(The camera picks up the fans’ reactions in the front rows as they are holding their noses.)



JIVE: “Chaos said the **** was going to hit the fans tonight, Tom … and he meant it LITERALLY!”

GHEORGHE: “This masked man stops right at the ring … and now Chaos is bringing John Doe to his feet!! CHAOS TOSSES DOE THROUGH THE ROPES AND ONTO THE HOOD OF THE TRUCK!”

JIVE: “I think we all know what is going to happen!”

GHEORGHE: “Chaos hops on the hood … and no….”


(Tom Gheorghe takes off his head set and runs away from the announce table leaving Jive all alone.)


(Chaos picks up John Doe and Chaos Bombs him into the back of the truck. Manure flies out of the truck bed and sprays everywhere, hitting some fans in the front row, but more importantly, going all over Nick Jive!)

(The screen fades to black before the smiling face of Chaos can be seen again)

Chaos: Well John I can imagine a man wanting to forget all about that night. But that's what happened to you John. I put you out, I hit you with not one, but TWO Chaos Bombs and I dare say that truck ride took a little longer Chaos0. No it's a not a stretcher, but I gather one was waiting for you backstage. Look John you can lie to yourself, but facts are facts and I'm not done there

(He slowly wraps several feet of leather strapping around his right arm)

Chaos: I'm sure John you've been and some severe fights. Had some brutal battles, but a strap match is like no other. See John I don't think the strap is going to really make a difference, I think I'M going to make the difference. You can’t run and you can't hide John. You’re going to be less the fifteen feet from me the entire time of this match. There's not going to be any technical wrestling. Who are you kidding? Exactly what hold did you apply when you dropped a locker on me John? That your entire knowledge of technical wrestling?

(He shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: Or is that more of the alcohol talking? You want to deal in Facts...well I'll make it simple. FACT!!! I'm STILL the Champion. FACT!!! You've NEVER held a title FACT!!! You've NEVER wrestled in a strap match FACT!!! You've NEVER survived a Chaos Bomb FACT!!!! I'LL STILL BE CHAMPION WHEN THIS NIGHT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(He smiles wide and laughs)

Chaos: There's a line of facts for you John. You had one...ONE small night of glory John. What did it get you? NOTHING!!!!!!!! That's the same thing that will happen when this night is over.

(He drops the strap to the floor, removes the title belt and holds up in front of the camera)

Chaos: And yes John...I REALIZE the title is on the line...DO YOU??? Because when this night is over and just like that night in Canada...I leave you OUT COLD from a Chaos Bomb. Well there other members of DREDD won't be patting you on the back. They'll be looking at you with the same face of disgust they had that night and every night. You'll once AGAIN have failed.

(He steps forward and looks coldly into the camera)

Chaos: So you drink up John. You swallow down every last drop till you feel like you can walk through walls. Then when the bell rings and that leather strap get attached to your wrist...well I'll be just fifteen feet away at all times. Fifteen feet of strap and seven-foot and over three hundred pounds of total CHAOS ready to destroy you. Drink up John Drink all you can

(He points his finger at the camera)

Chaos: You want to come for MY title, going to get BOMBED for real.

(He laughs loudly and holds the BIG GOLD BELT in front of the camera swinging in his hand)