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11-22-05, 12:06 AM
Strangely this thread disappeared when I posted it before. Here we go.

- - - - -

A special holiday edition of Aggression live from The Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

"Phenomenal" Frankie Scott vs. The Sergeant

"Da Bomb" Mike Evers vs. Foxx vs. Karla Starr

EPW TV Title Match

Adam Benjamin (c) vs. Boogie Smallz

EPW World Tag Team Title Match

Blitz (c) vs. Priest & Eisenkreuz

Kin Hiroshi vs. Joey Melton

Beast vs. Steven Shane

EPW Intercontinental Title Match

Karl "The Dragon" Brown (c) vs. Cameron Cruise

The Main Event

EPW World Champion Lindsay Troy and JA vs. The Entourage w/ Troy Windham in their corner

All roleplay starts now and will go through Wednesday, November 30th at midnight CST.

In the meantime, I will be writing up the Onslaught results in the next day or so while you all are roleplaying. Expect that up by Wednesday.

All angles are due by the same time as roleplay, and as always if you have any questions email at empireprowrestling@hotmail.com

Thanks! RP threads will be up shortly.

- Dave, EPW Owner