View Full Version : GREENSBORO: "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan vs. "The Prophet" John Adams

11-05-05, 12:13 PM
Former CSWA Champion and perhaps the hottest property in all the FW/A1 combined circuit takes on former Champion of the non-FW EPW.

11-12-05, 07:44 PM

Dan Ryan sits happily in the booth of the Katy, TX Johnny Carino's.

Ryan has a spot to himself in the far corner of the restaurant and sits with an Italian Soda in front of him, which he sips occasionally.

Ryan: "I'm here. Did ya miss me?"


"I find myself once again in a new enterprise, proud to be a part of such a worthy endeavor. It's not everyday you're able to match up with competitors from other lands with such diverse styles."

"In a few days I hop a plane to Greensboro to take part in the TEAM Invitational and take on one John Adams - who I am assured was not the second President of the United States."

"Good thing too. I had my fill of wrestling the undead with Vreck Stone."

"I've done a little bit of research into my esteemed opponent. I understand he either was or is the World Champion of some company in Greenland."

"He's the stuff of legend I hear. In the far off lands of the Himalayas they call him the Yeti, in the North American regions they call him Bigfoot, up north the Sasquatch."

"He enjoys bear wrestling in his spare time and prays that no one will ever realize he isn't a bear and kick him out."

"He's seven-foot three and around fifteen thousand pounds, once razed an entire Greek village to the ground and in 400BC overtook the visigoths as they tried to sack Rome and did it himself, all while eating a grilled cheese sandwich."

"He's a Prophet, and he once worked as a soothsayer and seer in the deep deep deep dark jungles of the Detroit zoo. No one had the heart to tell him the truth...."

"Somehow he's made his way to TEAM, and furthermore to this match with me so that he can make his mark upon this realm of wrestling."

"I on the other hand take this match up as a challenge, a chance to re-emphasize my hold on the sport itself and on good decency and taste as a tangent."

"So I will keep it simple, my good Prophet. I shall enter the ring, we will bow and shakes hands in the grand tradition of sportsmanship....and then I will spike you on your head and make it necessary for you to make use of a wheelchair for a few days."

"And then, I will move on to the next round and face either Rocko Daymon or Adam Benjamin and further my quest to be the first ever TEAM supreme chancellor of stupendousity."

"Cheerio then, and good day."