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11-05-05, 12:04 PM
The Five Star Legend battles one of the tourney's rookies!

11-08-05, 03:16 PM
(CUT TO: A training ring as two indie kids go at it in the ring. One is wearing a red mask and looks about 135-pounds soaking wet. The other kid has a mullet and porn-stache and black trunks which says "Shane Dupree" on the back. WildStar sits in a chair, reading an old issue of the CSWA Tribute, while he "coaches" them.)

STAR: Yeah, great. Great. Way to do the collar-and-elbow tie-up. That's great. (He continues to flip through his magazine while these two shlubs mess up basic moves.) Awesome. Way to go. Way to go. Okay. Great. That's enough. Let's call it a day. Great work. Honest. I mean it. Now hit the showers.

(The duo look impressed with themselves. WildStar continues reading the magazine, barely paying them any attention. They finally get out of the shot. Star then stands up, revealing his traditional singlet/moonboots combo.)

STAR: Kids. What WON'T they say? Y'see, for the past... oh, three years or so, I've been mostly focused on kids. I've travelled the world for this sport. I've gone under the knife for this sport. I've given my all for this sport. But I didn't want to be another road story, another statistic, another wrestler with a failed marriage and a kid who is nothing more to me then an unpaid child support check. So when the knees got a little stiff and the back got even more, I decided to do something else, something a lot of people don't have the BALLS to do. I stepped away from the limelight, grabbed the microphone, put other people over in the NFW, the league I MADE FAMOUS, and opened up a gym here in Delaware and settled my ass down. I spend 25 days of the month at home with my wife and my son when I'm not here in this gym, training the... sigh... stars of tomorrow.

(In the background, the sound of weights crashing onto the concrete along with a scream of "****" echo. WildStar rolls his eyes.)

Y'see, I had to make a choice a few years back and I made the right one. But by making that choice, I ended up sacrificing something what should rightfully be mine -- the title of the greatest wrestler who has ever lived. I've won tag titles all over the globe. I've held singles titles. But what I've never had is a chance to hold The Big Gold. I've never had that in the front of my singlet, despite the fact that I am the only... (WildStar smirks and holds out his five fingers and flashes the FIVE STAR HAND GESTURE) FIVE STAR WRESTLER alive on God's Green Earth.

But y'see, my wife's going away for the weekend with the kid to visit my in-laws. So you know what that means? Gameface -- ON! (WildStar waves the FIVE STAR HAND GESTURE in front of his face.) I've got the remote in my hands and I'm TIVOing up this tournament. And when it's all said and done, the big win's finally going to come home to the man that's (does the FIVE STAR HAND GESTURE) FIVE STARS... because while I belive the kids are our future... I'm still the best. (FTB)

11-12-05, 06:24 PM
The plane had pulled down on the landing strip late his injuries hadn’t even had time to bruise over after Shockwave yet Logan had been pushed onto the plane and given the good luck spiel from the boss Ed Raymond. The plane had been nice, comfortable even and while on official TTW business Logan had been promised its use which meant it was going back home with him straight after TEAM. He walks into the airport his large black rucksack slug casually over his shoulder looking around for anyone related to TEAM, nobody. It was typical of most god damn tournaments to leave the youngest competitors to get to the even on their own and TEAM seemed no different. Maybe after beating his opponent WildStar people would give him a little bit of credit.

Probably not he thought to himself as he headed towards the café to grab a drink and possibly a bite to eat before finding a hire car or something to make it the rest of the journey into town. The airport was tiny in comparison to most things here in the states, America had decided to go big after their independence and it seemed like everything was three times as big as back home. Calgary… why the group stages had to be held in Calgary when he was working over 48 hours away from the place he couldn’t tell you, nobody but the booking staff could say that. What he could do though was explain why he’d not been there for the pre match meal or any of the local fandango that went along with a big tournament.

He sat himself down on the smallest of the coffee tables and took a little look around the place. Not many people around really, not many planes could fit on this part of the airstrip probably, but those that were around we rushing around like headless chickens. A tall waitress came and went, taking his order with her. He’d ordered a large black coffee hoping that the caffeine would wake him up again give him that extra perk until he made it to the hotel. It struck him quickly then, like a cannon ball from nowhere. Ed hadn’t booked the hotel, nobody had even bothered about the TEAM event forgetting it was close. That was until people had started coming to the shows wearing TEAM tee shirts.

He relaxed a little though, kicking at his rucksack he pushed it away so his legs were free and started to peel away one of his shoes so that his heel was exposed. Boredom hadn’t been given a chance to really set in before the tall blonde girl re-appeared handing him his coffee and what she claimed was a ‘free’ magazine. Logan took it gratefully thanking her, she smiled and walked away and opening the pages to the sports section a large advertisement for the beginning of the Calgary bracket stood out at him.

TEAM Invitational Tournament presents… the Calgary bracket

Below a list of names and their faces appeared Logan seemed to come last along with his opponent WildStar. There had been those who were willing to take bets on his fight 16 – 1 that he was going to loose. Logan smiled a little the odds pleasing him, almost tempting him enough for him to have a go himself. Smiling to himself he turns the page, small sections of information on each competitor and their own histories beside them. Logan was surprised that they already contained his defeat by Chivalric but relieved that the papers had told it for what it was, a false win for a return star.

Logan wasn’t one to get too worried about the media opinion of him, they hadn’t ever questioned him about his reasons for wrestling nor the way he conducted himself in the ring. He was after-all, a British man, well educated and not at all spiteful. His recent displays of aggression against Nicolas Creed had been fully warranted and the Calgary press seemed if anything to support the actions of the English star rather than attack him for it.

After spending half an hour drinking himself awake and reading the paper Logan was finished. Closing its pages he rested the paper on the table and raising his hand called over to the waitress again to ask for the bill. He didn’t need to ask her for the bill though, she had already spotted him ending his drink and had drawn up the bill for him. Upon checking it he saw a small discount had been added and smiling he gave the extra money to her plus the customary 10% as a small tip.

Finally making his way from the café he lifted his mobile and began to dial a number. He wasn’t going to spend all night in the airport that was for sure. It took ten minutes for him to make arrangements for a place to stay for the night, $1200 dollars for a night he was sure was paying well over what was required but Logan was tired and he needed somewhere to sleep and fast.

Closing his phone again and putting it away Logan threw his rucksack back over his shoulder and ventured out into the open to look for a taxi. The wind blew hard at him and Logan regretted not wearing a large fleece to prevent the cold but it was too late for that. Walking further out he walked onto the main the road and looking both ways jumped back onto the pavement just in time to be missed by a cab pulling into the path way. The driver seemingly irritated got out of the car quickly, his balding head and beard brought a smile to Logan’s face as he opened the passenger door and slid in ignoring the drivers abuse for a minute.

Once the driver realised that Logan wasn’t going to get out and trade insults with him in public he stopped and reluctantly got into the cab again where he looked at Logan and just shook his head laughing…

“You wrestlers seem to think you can get away with anything don’t ya?” he chuckled quite brightly “We can all die you know. These things are a weapon in the wrong hands…”

Logan smiled and responded quite courteously to him

“True, though I didn’t mean to walk out in front of you mate. Accept me apology?”

The cab driver shakes his hand and the two laugh as they pull away.