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09-11-05, 02:04 AM
All RP for the NON TITLE match between JOHN DOE and CHAOS (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

This match is a Falls Count Anywhere match ...

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, September 19th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

John Doe
09-12-05, 02:38 PM

The return of our hero John Doe. His pleasant yet hard escape from the hospital and hi s good friends Jonathan Marx’s destruction of Jean Rabesque at International Intrigue he stands in front of a DREDD backdrop he wears a black DREDD polo. DREDD in red on the left hand side. Some Express Destruction jeans torn slightly at the knees. He holds a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, French Vanilla large. He takes a small sip as he sets it down on the chair off the right of the camera.


“Exiled from my own show, thrown out by a man in a mask. He tried to end me in vain. And now where is he? Has he accomplished his goal..no. He did not end me, did not put me out of commission as he wished. Here I still stand, still in one piece. He w illbe dealt with accordingly. But this is not about him. The following I am going to present deals with a different man, a man of true stature."

“I talk none other then our Extreme Champion Chaos. A man I have met in the ring before and have fell to his power. This time it will be different I make that a promise. No more head in the clouds, no more falling subdued to my own arrogance. This a match of goodwill. A match not to prove ones self, but to wrestle for the sport.”

“A match not to declare a champion but to declare a winner. Train I will, victory is not a clear sight in my eyes. This man, Chaos, this being of pure wrath pure vengeance is a force to be recon with, and I shall throw myself in his presanvce, for what? Money…no my friends it is the very own respect I have. I will not talk my bunk.”

“But there is one thing I will address. That is his falirure.”

“Chaos, you have faught a hard fight against my enemy Jean Rabesque. We boh have the same foe, and both have fallen to him. Why Chaos? Why did you a man of exellance surcome to a man of pitty? I did the same, but the difference between me and you is size and ring preseance. You had the game int eh bag. But you didn’t finish, you didn’t pull all the marbles out of the glass. I had all the money ridding on you Chaos. I believed that if I could not get the job done, then maybe you would. And you didn’t”

“Through it all Chaos, all the fights we have had, the enemy you became to me, we still have found a mutual respect. Even in the games we have played, putting horse droppings in lockers and such. I still had a high amount of respect for a man that could perform such as you. But ever since you gained that title, it has weighed you down. Causing your performance to slip. And me? Well I have never had an opportunity to reach that level of a champion. Some day I may, I may not, nonetheless I still fight as though I am a champion, fighting through every beating. And that too makes us alive. You know of what I speak of, the blood, the burning sweat in your eyes. Through every broken boney you have fought harder, and so have I.”

(He sips on the coffee yet again)


“Nevertheless Chaos, we must give the crowd a show. And no mater how bad the fight may be, or the blood may fall we still will fight on, you my old foes are a great enemy. As the old saying goes Chaos, keep your friends close, your enemies closer. And you will be one worthy opponent again. I look forward to our fight Chaos. I look forward to see how a champion such as you fights to prove his greatness.”

“This shall be a match to remember”

(John takes his coffee drinking from it as he exits right. The camera zooms in slowly on the DREDD backdrop)


09-15-05, 10:27 PM
(Blood can be seen seeping through the bandage on his head as the tall figure of Chaos steps in front of a NEW banner. He slowly sits down in a steel folding chair as he smiles and taps his finger upon the gold belt slung over his shoulder. There's a slight wince of pain and he shifts in the seat still just a day aft et the grueling match to win. He laughs at the pain as he stares intensely at the camera and shakes his head)

Chaos: John...John...John...we meet again. Although while the circumstances are much different...I promise you the results will be the same. Because I don't care what higher purpose you might see in this match.

(He shrugs his shoulders and again shakes his head)

Chaos: That's not going to happen John...it's not and why? Well you don't even need to ask John, because the answer is sitting atop my shoulder here. For while you were getting per usual kicked around by a masked man. Yet another name to put you down...I was putting my body and nearly my career on the line to win another title John. I know it's not a feeling your familiar with. At least not first hand. Not with your own. Not with your own sweat, your own blood...your own spirit. You said it yourself...it was Marx who beat your foe Jean Rabesque.

(He points a finger at the camera)

Chaos: Not you. And I know John...your going to go on next and remind me that I didn't defeat the man myself and while that might be true. As you down your next drink of coffee see if that jolt of caffeine will help you remember why, because I remember it quite well. Because your right I did have John Rabesque beat. Yet John you'd think with what little you've achieved here in NEW you might remember slipping a noose around my neck and hanging me from the roof a cage.

(He again points at the camera)

Chaos: It was you John that stopped me from defeating Rabesque and for that...for that I got you in the ring and made you pay a price...didn't I? Don't you remember John? don't you remember the night I made you into the piece of crap I knew you truly were. So if you think I will return whatever respect you might have for me John...well your sadly mistaken, because any admiration of me is just a sign of your weakness

(He finally stand, but keeps his eyes firmly locked on the camera and once more slaps his title)))

Chaos: This belt hasn't weighed me down John...I JUST WON IT!!!!!!!!! Your my first title defense and a title doesn't truly belong to you unless you can defend it. Might sound strange to you John, but you've never been a champion have you? Well I have and I AM!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! I am the PCX Champion. The Prodigy Classic Xtreme champion John and while the Prodigy part doesn't mean anything to you like it does to me...your going to get REAL familiar with the word Xtreme when the bell rings and your standing in the ring across from me.

(He peels off the bandage upon his head to reveal a long line of stitches slightly coated with dried blood)

Chaos: TAKE A GOOD LOOK JOHN!!!!!!!!!! While your were AGAIN getting put down I was in the ring WINNING!!!! I was sweating, I was bleeding, I was suffering and I was LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! You John...you hate losing, even though you should be used to it. But John unlike befire when I see you now I see weakness. Your looking forward to this match....you shouldn't be. You have some kind of respect...again you shouldn't John...I think it's just you not admitting your own fear, but why should I really care about how you feel

(He takes a steps forward and glares into the camera)

Chaos: After all John...this ISN'T going to be a wrestling match. This is for The PCX title. This is extreme rules ,and IIF you thought you found yourself in deep sh*t the last time we met

(The intense look fades and a smile appears)

Chaos: Then your not even prepared for what your stepping into this time

(He pats the title upon his shoulder, laughs loudly and walks away)


OORP: Sorry, started writing this Monday Night, but had class Tuesday and surprise tickets to a playoff game Wed.)

John Doe
09-16-05, 03:53 PM
http://www.fwrestling.com/host/WFW/DREDD2.gif FADEIN…

John Doe, sitting in the DREDD locker, he is spread across a leather coach with DREDD imprinted on the backing cushions. He is all dressed up business suit, three piece. Black jacket, blue undershirt, Armani’s. Dress shoes shined and spit, his reflection in the tips.


“Chaos, a sort of man that will rip your arms out of your sockets, your skull off your shoulders and still have the dogs come and finish you off. Not only that he can’t read. Unfortunately New Era has fell so low, no offense to our wonderful owners, to hire illiterate fools. Sorry Chaos, but you either can’t read or misread this match. But I am sure that you must have misread it, then again it has only been on commercials, our website, and on the card we were all mailed about.”

“I guess you can feel safe Chaos, your precise little title isn’t on the line. Let me repeat that, NOT ON THE LINE. But please if you feel so confident feel free to place it on the line old foe. I am not your first title defense; this is not even a title match,. To add to that mention Chaos, this is not extreme rules! This is a falls count anywhere, no where in that name does it say NO HOLDS BARRED.”

“And yes Chaos, you are correct you just on that title, and I can feel your head about to pop already. All of sudden you won a title, and now you are some kind of changed man. Nothing has changed Chaos, you are the same man a month ago, a angry man that wants to press forward his wins. While as I have one focus in life, and that is to take DREDD to the top of its game. That means I need to take out Rabesque, and I was planning on pointing out that you and I never have beat Rabesque, but hey Chaos, what position would that put me in”

“Speaking of beatings. I never fought the Masked Man face to face, if you didn’t notice I was attacked from behind. And in all due time he will get what is coming to him. As for Marx, he is the best partner to have in the situations we have gotten into. We have been Rabesque and Hayze as a team, we brought hell to them. You too have brought hell to Rabesque, but have not defeated him”

“As for lynching you from the top of that cell, let us call it a bit of professional courtesy. Chaos I saved you a hell of a lot of trouble by lynching you. You ask like what. Well for one you weren’t ready for that type of title Chaos, neither am I. Two, you been trying to stop all my efforts since day one, when you stepped into New Era you been trying to put me out, what commitment, potential, aimed at one man, for what reason Chaos? The fact you dislike me? Ah yes, because I played some pranks on you while you begged Juliet Marceau to stop DREDD in their tracks, you cried wolf every time you saw our logo, you still do”

“Did we instill some kind of fear inside the non-fearing?”

“No, no. no. Not into Chaos. He is our Extreme Champion! He is the great, the best, a second hand title holder. That title means sh*t Chaos, all it means is you can beat a man with weapons, when you have the World Title then please gloat my friend, run around with no pants, I will personally throw a party for you for dethroning Jean. But that has not happened for a year.”

“As for us Chaos we are men that are going to fight to the death, like always it’s going to be a pleasure seeing you in the ring. And will be a pleasure to put you out for three.”

“I Am Not Just Anyone…I Am John Doe”