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08-06-05, 01:33 PM
** EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match **

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Damian D Stone
08-19-05, 12:05 AM

"I guess there are times in life when you have to realize that your future will be standing face-to-face against you. There will be a time when the crowd's cheers and the pleasure of people chanting your name will no longer be the driving force that will send you down that isle night in and night out. And once that point does come to pass, you look at yourself and ask what now drives me to risk life and limb inside the wrestling ring. My battered and broken body can never match the damage that has, on one night, changed my life forever. My soul now knows what Hell will be like for those that will end up there when the end of days comes. Those destined to go there will go...and they shall burn for all eternity...a flame that will be hotter than the sun with a smell that smells like rotten eggs. The end of life as you and I know it, Team Danger. The question now that I have to ask is this: how ready are you for what you are about to receive? Are you ready to deal with the blood that is now on your hands? Do you understand that we all will have to be tried and judged before our sentence will be carried out? Do you three understand...

...that you have been found guilty...and will be sent into the Hell from whinch you came?

It's your fault....Tyrone. Everything that will happen, at Sizzler...everything. Who will be broken...who will be bloodied...

Their blood...will be on your hands..."

[[Lightning crashes all around us as we see Damian Stone standing next to a mirror, looking out into the rainy city known to us as St. Louis. Damian is wearing all back, including a black and red mask. Damian's long hair covers the right side of the mask as he stands there, with one of Metallica's more softer songs, Hero For The Day, playing softly in the background]]

Damian Stone:

"There has been a time of reflection in my life. A time, right now, when I have been able to think about everything that I have done. All of my accomplishments...the wars I have fought...the feuds that I have engaged in. So far, I have considered myself blessed. Blessed that there has been many-a-people that have entered my life...and have either beat me into my place...or I have defeated...earning myself the many nicknames that have graced me over the years:

'Dangerous'- For the night, at the age of seventeen, when I hit a 630 off of a two story house.
'Innovator of Xtreme'- For winning the Xtreme title over three times.
'Dante'- Not just for the tattoo, but for the switch that occasionally gets turned on in a match that turns me from normal DDS into insane DDS.

At Summer Sizzler, there will be a new name that I will be called: 'JUDGE.'"

[[Damian slowly reaches up and pulls some of his hair away from the right side of his face. As he does, we see some of the burn marks that he received from Superiority. We also see no eye. As we look at the ghasty sight, Damian smiles]]

"While the eye thing was already done, I want you to look at what you did to me, Tyrone. The marks that you can see still on my face from that fireball attack of yours. While I must admit, it hasn't been the first time that I have been hit by one, it was the first time that I hadn't expected it. And the damage? Well, I don't think anyone will be seeing the other side of my face any time soon. I've seen the other side...and it's not pretty. It will take some time to heal...and it will take some time to let these people that cheer for me to see this ugly thing that I must now deal with for the rest of my life. But because of what has happened...what you did Tyrone...you and Greer must receive your just punishment..."

[[With that, lightning crashes again as Damian allows his hair to cover up the right side of his face once again.]]

"You see something...at this PPV, it's not just about victory that I wish to achieve that night. No...it's something more. I want to see your blood. I want them to see just how crazy I can truly be. I want them to see the side of me that hasn't been shown to anyone since the HOH from last year. I want you to feel...just how angry I was then...and how angry I am now. This thing...it's gone too far. The attack on Sean...the rioting...

it stops here...it stops now. At the end of it all, boys, you will find out just how bad...I truly am..."

[[As suddenly as Damian appeared, he walks away. Then, suddenly, xXx appears]]


"One shot. That's all that it takes sometimes. Sometimes you walk down that isle and you realize that the best thing that is going for us is that no one has really seen us at full speed. Nobody but D and myself know the opposite. And when the PPV rolls around, you won't be able to go off of that tape of our fight...or that tag match we had this week. Instead, I hope you open your eyes and prepare yourselves for the biggest beatdown you are about to get."

[[xXx sighs. He then speaks again]]

"You won't get very far in life unless you set goals. And the goal, Sunday, is to show you two that there are two new sherrifs in town. And we will be going at it, guns blazing. There will be no reason to stop; no reason to quit; no reason to ask the other did we win. We are walking out the tag champs and the only thing that is stopping us is fate. And, Team Danger, the last I looked, your names aren't fate. So get ready...to meet the newest tag team...FIRE..."

[[DDS appears next to him, complete mask on]]

...and ICE."

DDS: FOR THAT, YOU TWO, ARE THE REALITIES OF THIS EARTH. And as far as the two mystery schmos that are in this match....

[[DDS and xXx look at one another. They then turn around and flip off the camera. D speaks]]

DDS: ...I hope you get the message.

[[And with that, another lightning strike happens...once the bright light dissapears, we see nothing.]]