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07-07-05, 11:08 PM
Cruise's "Make-A-Wish" Manager Mattie Cundiff in a steel cage 35-feet above the ring!

07-14-05, 09:03 PM
(Fadein, Cameron Cruise sitting in front of a CSWA A2K5 backdrop, with a TV and VCR sitting right next to him. Cruise then pulls out of his black pants pocket a single remote control, showing it to the camera. A beat passes. Next, after pointing to remote control and the television, another beat passes. Turning on the TV, it automatically plays a taped version of the CSWA Press conference that was announcing the lineup for the event only days before, more specifically the match with Cameron Cruise facing off with Boogie Smallz. As Stephen Thomas finishes the conference and thanks the media, as soon as he turns to leave, Cruise turns off the television once again, turning and facing the camera.)

CRUISE : So....after many, many years pass....my loyalty to CSWA being of no contest to anyone....in one of the biggest events of the year in this business PERIOD....

I have to face and defeat a drug-addicted-piece-of-GARBAGE so that he doesn't hook onto my good buddy Mattie for peer pressuring him into drugs that even Dan Ryan wouldn't touch?!?!!!

Come on Thomas, you can do better than that.

I mean for God sake's the kid is from the "Make-A-Wish" Foundation, doesn't that mean anything to you?? I mean, he's only asked to be my Manager for the remainder of this leg of the Tour, is that so much to ask that you've gotta stick him in a Cage 35-feet-from above me as I compete??

He's TWELVE YEARS OLD for Christ's sake!!!

(Cruise calms down and sighs, taking a moment.)

But I digress, if this is what's owed to me as a member of a roster to this league...a league that's been my 'home' for almost TEN years...

Then perhaps there is a time to change after all.

(Cruise stands up, his arms folded, facing the camera.)

Everyone has had a turn at my expense for almost all of the past ten years, and now it's my turn.

So for everyone that's tuned in for whatever reason it may be....listen up:

I'm going to go ahead and go to Anniversary 2K5, and I'm going to step up to the Boogie Man himself and give him, and the rest of the Lockerroom and the people up in the offices, a Reality Check that not Boogie, the lockerroom, or ANYONE ELSE for that matter...

...will EVER...like.

And then afterwards when I'm done showing everyone what a CHUMP Boogie Smallz is to the company....Mattie, Mercedes, and I are going to take a little trip to Stephen Thomas' office and are going to have ourselves a little chat.

Things will change, and the changes that come are going to scare so bad....

Boogie Smallz might even quit smoking.

But I doubt it.


Mad Dog
07-15-05, 01:47 AM
(FADEIN to Boogie Smallz standing in front of a CSWA17 backdrop. He is patting his pockets down, looking for a Swisher Sweet. Boogie looks a little angered that he can’t light up a blunt, that he is so accustomed to. He shrugs it off and mean mugs the camera.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: I just don’t know where to start after hearin’ all these mofos drunk on Haterade! First I hearr that lil’ punk Jean Rabesque talkin’ about how he got lazy. Nah man…you got your ass whipped! Plain and simple.

Then I hearr this fool, Jacobs talking about how I crave attention. He says he beat me and made it sound like he forgot the circumstances.

See Vinnie, you failed to remember the fact that you blindsided me first by usin’ a chair. So as far as I’m concerned, you got a dose of your own medicine. All you did was prove erry word I said. I called you a beeyatch…and ya are. When tha goin’ gets tough…tha weak gotta use a chair. (Shakes his head.) Pathetic.

All the accolades… all the talk about how wonderful you are…and how you were gonna do this and that. (Smirks.) You didn’t do JACKS(BLEEP)T! (Mean mugs the camera.) So make your lil’ threats and do what you do. But this ish ain’t over, man. Do you honestly think I’m gonna let you win that UNIFIED World title? You better hire some extra hands, son…’cuz if you got mad at what happened in Denver…you’ll prolly sh(BLEEP) a brick for what I got planned for you in Greensboro.

Then again, maybe I’ll just let you go out therre and do it all yourself. ‘Cuz by no means can I make you look worse…than you already do yourself. So go ‘head…enjoy yourself. Have fun in tha Final Four…because tha inevitable will happen. You’re gonna fall flat on your face.

But I got more important ish to worry about in Greensboro.

Cameron Cruise.

Cruise, I got sum respect fo’ ya’, son. I remember when I first won tha World title in GX-Dub and you tried to get in my face. I gotta admit…I basically laughed you off. I thought it was a joke, that someone put you up to it, but tha look in your eyes…you were serious.

Since then…you’ve blown up…and good for you. You tagged with Joey Melton and before anyone knew it…the Project was an overnight success.

I’m really happy for ya, man. Truly I am.

But unfortunately for you…therre ain’t gonna be no sunshine when ya face me at CSWA17. Because as much as this event is a rebirth of this company…it’s more of a celebration for tha man that is gonna turn errythang herre upside down!

Tha CS-Dub wants to be successful again? Hey…look no further. People might see me as a nuisance. They might say I am a bad element. But I call myself tha savior. This company has been in tha dumps for too long and I ain’t about to let tha place I got my first break in…go out like that! I’m about to turn ish around….I’m about to make ish interestin’.

Cruise, don’t worry about Mattie. And stop writin’ “reality checks”…when all they do is bounce. If your reality checks were like real ones, you’d be tacked up on the wall next to tha desk Thomas signs matches from…with a line underneath your name…in big ass bold letters sayin’…


Like a belligerent bad check writer at the corner bodega.

And Mattie…if you are watchin’…how does that government issued herb smoke? I know they hook you cancer patients up with that ish.

(The cameraman mumbles something to Boogie.)

He’s only 10? So…I was smokin’ at that age…


07-15-05, 02:53 PM
(Fadein, Cruise in front of a CSWA A2K5 backdrop, shaking his head.)

CRUISE: There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned LIAR to brighten up your day is it not??

I mean, one second...you got the Boogie Man not having one second of my time to even go "get him a sandwhich"....as he distinctly put....because once you're the World Champion, the sky is the limit right?? Wrong.

Hell, if I were so inclined and I weren't busy with my OWN agenda....I might CALL-IN an order for JAY-JAY DEVILLE because the guy gets more of a bad rap than my friend Mattie Cundiff.

But you're just wrong, Smallz.

See, the time before we met last....in EPW.....when JAY-EH and I BEAT you.....you were the GWE World Heavyweight Champion and by all rights and privilages...you deserved every minute of that reign. You really do.

But if you think I'm going to sit here and take in all this fake respect that you say you've got for me when the time before last you barely stopped for five minutes to INSULT ME....then you're in for some serious f*cking dissappointment.

I said it before Smallz, I've had it with the constant passing over...the incessant stepping on and over for other I've had to endure for so long...

It's MY turn now.

My reality checks that I've been writing have bounced?? Where'd you get yours cashed in from EPW Smallz?? Habeeb's Meat Market??

See...ever since Joey an' I started the Project...it's been all over the WORLD!! Hell, I've had so many dreams come true, it's rediculous!! We wrestled for Kings and in palaces...we even won at the Playboy Mansion!!

But let's not also forget that it was my work alone that won the EPW Intercontinental title last week, Smallz.

But if all that equates to nothing in your world Boogie Man...then please...PLEASE...

Tell me.

What have you done lately??


Mad Dog
07-16-05, 09:51 PM
(FADEIN to Boogie Smallz walking out of “ony’s Market”, the “T” painted over. He has a pack of Phillies blunts and is drinking on a gallon jug of water. Boogie is wearing a khaki colored Dickies outfit and his hair is froed out. He has a chewed up straw in his mouth and removes it once he spots the camera.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Set up over herre, dawg. I don’t wanna catch any stray bullets, in case therre is a drive-by.

(Boogie walks a couple of feet to the side of the store. The sun is going down and the streetlights are turning on. Boogie chugs some water and sets the jug down.)

I heard Cameron Cruise come on TV tha other day and talk a whole gang of ish about beatin’ me down in EPW. YOU KNOW I had to address it, because tha bwoy must have been huffin’ paint fumes again and jus’ remembered what happened…tha way he WANTS to remember. But son, you know damn well it didn’t go down like that.

Is that tha highlight of your career or sumthin’? You comin’ out herre and talkin’ about a tag match I had with you in EPW? (Looks confused.) I feel really bad for you if your entire career is summed up in a match that SOMEONE ELSE won for you! Who tha fu(BLEEP) ever heard of Sebastian Dodd? I was screwed over from jump! I had a sh(BLEEP)ty tag partner that ran in when I got us tha advantage…and then would tag out like a lil’ beeyatch when ish got rough! You wanna bring that up Cruise? You wanna mention how it might as well have been a got-damn handicap match!?

But yeah, I’m a man…I’ll admit defeat. (Nods his head.) JA did get tha best of me that day. I had heard rumors that I was gonna get canned and right after I lost…that’s exactly what happened! But as far as YOUR claim to kickin’ MY ass…I think you must be havin’ me confused with anotha’ brotha’ in tha CSWA…Shamon. I know how you folks think...all us brothas look alike right? Sorry son, I ain’t sportin’ tha Curl and I don’t wear a pansy-ass sequence glove!

Then again, you only beat Shamon AFTER he beat you in a match a few shows before that. And you needed tha help of that walkin’ tumor, Mattie Cundiff, to do it!

So really Cruise, what goes on in other feds…really don’t hold weight herre. It’s all about handlin’ biznuss at home, kid. Do you think tha CSWA gives a damn about me bein’ a World champion elsewhere? Look around, son…damn near erryone herre has held a World title of some sorts. Well…erryone except you!

Maybe I haven’t done ish lately. I’ll admit it. But like I said before…what goes on other places, don’t mean ish herre. So maybe I haven’t done much, but I still managed to trump you in tha peckin’ order around herre. I know I didn’t go out in the first round of tha tournament. I know I lasted a lot longer then you did…and I SHOULD be in tha Final Four, instead of the industry’s human genital wart, SVJ.

You talk about bein’ passed over…like I don’t know ish about it? Look at my career herre, Cam. I ain’t exactly been in the forefront, now have I? You think I liked gettin’ stepped on? You wanna piss and moan about your respect? What about mine!? They made me a joke. They never wanted me to get past comedy bits and tag matches. But I finally stood up and said…FU(BLEEP) ‘DAT!

And jus’ ‘cuz you got an agenda…I’m suppose to bow down and jus’ let you do your thang!? (Shakes his head.) Nah homey…ish don’t work that way.

As for Habeeb’s Meat Market…I guess that must be a place you frequent. Bein’ that you got into some three-way action with your wife and a bisexual man in NFW…I figure you for a guy that likes meat.

Nasty futhamucka’.

(Boogie looks disgusted.)

Fade me out.


07-19-05, 03:58 PM
(Fadein, Cruise in front of an A2K5 backdrop.)

CRUISE: Funny thing is about that "Sh*tty tag team partner" Smallz....he was the Intercontinental Champion for a hell of a long time in EPW.

Until I took up the challenge and made it my PURPOSE to give Dodd the run for his money.

But I have no reason to be confident in anything I do, right Smallz?? I mean, I continue to sell-out arena's nation and World Wide with Adrien Evans and any other wicked match that Melton booked three months into advance, video sales, clothing Merchandise, accessorries are selling like hotcakes for the 'Project", which mean's more revenue for Ryan.

Which equals lots and lots of dead presidents to get stuffed in my pocket, Joey's and Ryan's in the long run.

And the last claim to fame you have is defending a defected World Title for a company that hasn't had a card in god-knows-what.

Not to mention the way you dress is rediculously under-classed and improper...you look like a bum on the street!!

And you can't think of a single reason for why everyone thinks you're a JOKE?!?!?!!!

Don't worry Smallz...I've got one for you.

And it's coming REAL soon.