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06-30-05, 06:01 PM
(( A dance music shop, rows and rows of vinyl. Club beats fill the store. A tall young man with short but wild and wiry dark hair stands wearing headphones in front of a turntable, listening to other music from the stacks and nodding in time. He wears a brown nylon jacket, white tee underneath, oversized black work pants and light brown work boots. He seems to suddenly notice the camera, then deliberately removes the headphones, switches off the turntable and starts to put things away as he talks... ))

Name's Wildchild. If you're in this scene...

(( gestures at the music around him ))

...y'all know the name. Music's my first love, all kinds, especially around the clubs. But music and me, we're on an extended break. Kinda seeing other people, ya know?

(( Wildchild starts heading out of the store, acknowledging someone off-camera. ))

Later, Nigel.

(( Off-camera, a male British voice: )) Later, Wild.

(( Cut to Bank Street, Philadelphia: really a glorified alley. Wildchild talks into the camera as he walks. ))

I've done just about everything a club kid dreams of. I dug in crates with Shadow in California and Krush in Japan. I'm hittin' keyboards and twistin' knobs at Sasha's in New York, tradin' samples with Underworld out in the UK. I made hotties *hotter* than hot with the Neptunes, parties all night and all day in Florida. And of course, this is Philly, this is my home, how could I not spin here?

(( Wildchild stops at a door and sign and points: The Five Spot night club. ))

Hell, I'm the reason *this* place stopped playing swing music, 'cause my beats swung harder than the '40s and '50s s[bleep] they was sellin'.

(( Wildchild resumes walking. ))

Samplers, PCs, wheels of steel. I was all about using my hands to get people to notice me. Worked for a long time. Then I ended up using my hands the wrong way, and the wrong people started to take notice. And now I don't get to do much with music the way I once did. So we on an extended break.

(( Cut to the end of the alley. Wildchild turns the corner onto Market Street, continues to address the camera. ))

Shame of it is, the hands were always about the right things, at least *meaning* the right things. On one side they got people up, people had a good time. Other side, they were about justice, puttin' people down that needed it. My pops put that in me, and that was good. Least I thought it was good. Others thought it was bad. So now I'm not so sure. I gotta figure it out in baby steps. I think I still like the justice thing, but right now the only justice I want -- the only justice I need -- is for me. So TEAM Wrestling, I'm putting you and your fans on notice.

(( Wildchild starts to get louder and more animated. ))

I may be new to you but I ain't new to the fight game. I've thrown down in the alley before. I've seen blades and bullets up close, way too f[bleep]in' personal. 800-pound gorillas and hardcore gimmick s[bleep]? It don't faze me. I got hands I gotta put to good use. You know what? They still gonna be able to get people out of their seats and up on their feets, whether I'm putting down a player you hate or messing up a face you love. I did it for 40, 400, 4,000 people in clubs, ain't gonna be a thing to do it for 40,000 in a stadium, 400,000 on DVD, or 4 mil on pay-per-view.

(( He stops, takes a breath, snickers to himself, shakes his head, calms down, looks at the ground as he talks. ))

It's interesting, how some of those music meccas I worked at are also big wrestling meccas. Japan, UK, New York, Philly.

(( He looks into the camera again. ))

Makes me think it was my destiny to do this, at least for a little while.

(( He starts walking towards the camera again. ))

I'm gonna make the best of it. Whether you like it or not, well, I guess we'll see about that, won't we? When you're behind the decks, DJs don't talk a lot. They let the results speak for themselves. Me, I'm the same way. I'll cut these f[bleep]in' promos, and I'll do dozens with ya, but I'd much rather get in the damn ring and let the results speak for themselves.

(( Wildchild takes a quick step or two and reaches out to grab the front of the camera. ))

If you take anything away from today, take this.

(( He pulls the camera in for an extreme close-up, face filling the lens. ))

Wildchild. Y'all know the name? If you don't, you will.

(( He shoves the camera and cameraman back. When the cameraman recovers, we see Wildchild striding away back up the street, hands in his pockets. ))