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06-09-05, 12:13 AM
All RP for the Women's championship match between CAITLYN DAYMON and KARLA STARR (c) for International Intrigue should be posted in this thread.

RP and angles are due Sunday, June 20th, at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ... enjoy!

06-17-05, 07:28 PM

(A well-editted montage of iconic shots and fancy special effects played with moving, dramatic music flashes before the screen. Scenes of Caitlyn Daymon lying beaten in the ring one night at RAUCOUS followed by Karla Starr smugly striding up the ramp with the coveted NEW Women's Title draped over her shoulder. A tough, bassy voice delivers a lot of bold lines about "a friendship betrayed" and "a revenge unfinished" and what not. As the camera pulls back, we see this motage being projected onto a screen in a darkened room come to an end, on a final shot showing images of Daymon and Starr that seem to stare back at each other, cueing their names, the title up for grabs, and the event, International Intrigue. As the video ends, the lights come back up.)

(We see the office of Barry Wigguns and Eddie McEntire, trusted promoters who have worked with the NEW offices since the beginning. Around the walls, amid a cluster of NEW PPV posters are numerous file cabinets and racks upon racks of stock footage. Wigguns stands next to the lightswitch, to the right of the screen. McEntire watches from one of the chairs, feet propped up on his desk. Slouched in her own seat next to him is Caitlyn Daymon, looking very bored.)

Eddie McEntire
So, Mrs. Daymon, what do you think?

(Caitlyn doesn't reply. She shrugs with no enthusiasm. Eddie and Barry exchange a nervous glance.)

Barry Wigguns
The front office already gave it the green light. And now, at least once during any regular evening sitcom show, every home in America will see this promo.

Eddie McEntire
We felt we did a good job in summarizing the past events that led up to the face-off at International Intrigue. We just brought you down here for your approval.

(Slowly, Caitlyn turns her head to look at him.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Approval? Why the **** would you need MY approval? My only responsibility should be to go into that ring, do what I have to do, and walk out with the belt or nothing.

(Shooting out of her seat, Caitlyn crosses the room and retrieves her jacket hanging on the wall.)

Eddie McEntire
But we thought--

Caitlyn Daymon
Well, **** whatever you though. I don't like having my time wasted, and that's all you two have done by calling me down here. Nice video... I'm sure America will love watching it, and I'm sure you'll have no problem in gaining a few more viewers for the Pay Per View. But I could otherwise care less about any of this. To you guys, all this is just some entertaining soap opera story coming to a head, but you never once stopped to think about what it might be like for the people who are actually involved...

(She nearly plows Barry Wigguns over as he moves to open the door for her. Instead, he sidesteps, and she finds her own way out, slamming the door behind her. Wigguns and McEntire look at each other for a moment in silence, then scoff.)

Barry Wigguns
God, what an ingrateful little *****. You bend over backwards to make her look like the hero, and she pisses all over your face.

Eddie McEntire
****ing wrestlers and their ****ing egos...


(A set of elevator doors open, and Caitlyn Daymon steps into the lobby of the NEW building, having left the office of the promoters. As she passes through the security checkpoint and the receptionist, she idly glances up to the wall, bearing massive promotional posters of the upcoming Pay Per View. Looming above her is another face-off image of herself and Karla Starr, who holds onto the Women's Title.)

Caitlyn Daymon (V/O)
Are you there, Karla? Can you hear me? Do you know what's about to happen? Our day is steadily arriving... the day you and I finally meet at last, alone in that ring, with your title on the line.

No crazy stipulations in the way... no sub-par athletes standing between us. When that bell rings, it will only be the two of us, and the winner walks out, the undisputed best female athlete in the federation.

(With a sigh, Caitlyn turns from the posters and looks to the other wall, where a large glass window overlooks the city outside. She approaches it and puts a hand against the glass, looking forlorn as she looks outside. So much is on her mind.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You've had a lot to brag about lately, about being the Women's Champion, and being practically unchallenged. I'm sure you look at me and see nothing--after all, you're the only one ever to pin my shoulders on the mat. But the truth is, you could only do it after I survived four others... and even then, you couldn't fight me head on.

We all know what I stand to prove by stepping into the ring at International Intrigue. I'm going to prove that I can beat you, and if anybody deserves to wear that belt, it's me above the rest. However, you have something to prove yourself...

Can you pin my shoulders on the mat while I'm fresh out of the locker room? Can you do it without going behind my back? Or is that belt simply an accomplishment earned through cowardly antics?

(Sternly, Caitlyn turns and heads for the door.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You don't know how long I've been waiting for this opportunity, Karla. You don't know how much the anger inside has been building up. You may not be afraid now of what I have to offer, but you should be. You've betrayed me, and humilated me. No matter what, win or lose, I'm going to make you scream.

(Fade to black.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Are you there, Karla? Or are you hiding under your bed?

There will be nowhere to hide from me when the time comes.


06-18-05, 03:03 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr infront of an NEW ERA backdrop. Dressed in blue jeans and an NEW ERA shirt tied in a knot at the bottom, showing her belly button, Starr flips her hair back and shakes her head in dismay. She then takes the NEW ERA Women's title off her shoulder, pauses a second to rub out a smudge, and gazes into it, the mirror reflecting her face so much that even abit of a make-up fix is of concern as she finally puts Championship belt back over her right shoulder.)

STARR: Wow....you know Caity-bear....if the world were to ever go agonizing in excruciating pain over what'd it be like to see Martha Stewart on her one day of the month and then "PMS-ing" at the same time....it wouldn't have to suffer long, sweetheart.

Catch my drift??

But all that besides the point....you're just going to have to allow me a moment here because if it weren't for that last promo you gave me girl..

(Starr shivers in anticipation)

STARR: I'd completely forgotten that it was just a couple weeks ago, that at the beginning of June marked a very special day for me.

An Anniversary, if you will...of the day I beat you fair an' square, smack dab in the middle of that ring.

(Starr takes a deep breath and sighs.)

STARR: Yep, it was a lil' over six months ago when you whined to the world how I misdirected Miss Kerrigan's little quest to be the best here.

You forget Caitlyn, you always forget, and I always end up having to remind you and to do so, you only bring it on yourself the hard way.

I am the best thing since Calvin Klein girl, not you!!

After all...it was I who ended up the last woman on Survivor, not Lindsay Troy, not that Ice-Trick, not Rayne and most definately not in the least....you.

People would think that it would've gone down to Troy an' I as the last two, but Troy got screwed honey, and Melton wasn't even around for the reacharound.

(Starr smiles coyly)

Pardon the rhyme.

But you see Daymon...it was me who carried you in that contest to where you are now, and yet...you're mad at me?? Sweetheart...if it weren't for me...you wouldn't be as FAMOUS as you are without Captain Suck-Up behind you for support now would it??Think about it....all the promos I put up....the ass-kickings you received....the nightmares that ensued soon after....all of it, tramp....

All turning into a positive vibe for lonely housewives, everywhere!!

(Starr pumps her left fist in a short burst of intensity.)

You should be giving yourself a pat on the back, Daymon, you did what no other woman....well, besides Lindsay and myself anyway...had been able to do in this business and that's close your legs and get off your perverbial ass and take a beating day in an' day out and let Marceau pay you for it.

You know....unlike Krist Blue who'd be willing to dope it up with Madonna Wayne Grossard and hit on Jason Payne all day on the phone while casually meeting with her Gynecologist for the latest object she's been able to fit into her uterus that ISN'T Jason.

Apologies, over an' over for any visuals, I assure you.

Anyway the point I'm trying to make here Daymon is that you didn't get to where you are today without takin' an ass-kickin', ya whore, it's what you do best!!!

You keep talking about how I beat you after you outlasted four other girls and that I've gone unchallenged since then....wouldja listen to yourself, Tramp-O-line??

I beat you after four girls because I took advantage of what was presented to me, and that was the fact that I was fresh and you weren't and that afterward I still smelled like flowers after it was over and you didn't.

Technicalities, Caitlyn.

Nobody said I couldn't jump the gun the second that referee touched the mat for the third time...and the fourth time, that night.

It was never in the rules that I couldn't take advantage of something in that match to win a belt that was not only practically mine before....it was destined to be around this gorgeous body since I set foot in the door!!

(Starr sighs again, calming down abit.)

But you're upset that because I'm willing and able to brag for six months that I'm the best and that I've gone unchallenged....honey!! I've gone unchallenged, because there IS no challenge to begin with!!

I beat you with my wit and a swift kick to that fat ugly jaw of yours and with every other woman that's stood in my way followed the same result.

I've gone one-on-one with just about every so-called WOMAN in this company and sent them packing the same way they came in.

You're no different, and you should know better.

I was the Alpha Female on Survivor and not you.

I am the Alpha Female in this company, not you.

I beat you up mentally and physically every week for the past six months Caitlyn, and I can do it again. Every opportunity you were given...shot down. Every chance you took....you blew it.

I beat you in the States and now I get the chance to beat you on "International" terms, in another COUNTRY.

Rest up tramp, because an opportunity like THIS ONE doesn't come along every day.

Train hard girl, train REALLY hard, eat careful with the "Atkin's Diet", "Slimfast", "Jenny Craig", or "Trimspa" baby!!

Because it's only a matter of days Caitlyn, before we not only meet again on live pay-per-view, but for a shot at something that you're never going to have, as far as I'm concerned and as long as there's a breath in this perfect body you're never going to touch.

You should be proud Caitlyn.

You're not just a loser to me Daymon, because you get you're ass-kicked on a nightly basis.

But as I said it's only a matter of time before I don't just beat you within an inch of your natural life...AGAIN....but afterwards it'll be then and ONLY then Caitlyn Daymon that I'll still be NEW ERA's Women's Champion and you....that you'll be an "International Loser".

Boy, does that have a ring to it!!