View Full Version : #1 Contender's Match: Insurgent v Cruise

06-09-05, 12:11 AM
All RP for the #1 Contender's Match for the TV title between INSURGENT and CAMERON CRUISE for International Intrigue should be posted in this thread.

RP and angles are due Sunday, June 20th, at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ... enjoy!

The Great Eye
06-22-05, 11:43 PM
(FADEIN: THE INSURGENT watching FOX NEWS, as the various talking heads of HANNITY, COULTER, and HUME appear on the screen before he turns it off in disgust.)

INSURGENT: "TV Title, screw TV, all it is currently is a bunch of multi billion dollar companies telling you about the liberal boogey man and how he's out to screw you...While they themselves brainwash you into buying their products, to give them even more money."

"I have no interest in winning anything that has to do with this crap and I have no interest in you Cruise...So to make things simple, I'm going to hit that ring and get DQ'ed...I'll beat you silly with a chair and leave...It's over between us...And after this I want NOTHING to do with you...EVER AGAIN!" (FADEOUT)