View Full Version : [CD] Who doesnt take me as a challenge?

Moralis Candoom
05-26-05, 11:18 PM
Some of you may think that I'm a new a$$ in this business,but , well.... yeah, I am a new guy, but that doesnt mean a thing! Look at Matt Morgan in the WWE! Hes new and he is definatly making an impact! Thats EXACTLY what I'm going to do here. I love wrestling, wrestling means more to me than my family!

Yup, you guessed it. I'm arrogant. so WHAT? Everyone is arrogant at times, and this is my time. I may be a nobody in this business, but, hell, I DEFINATLY be a somebody when I retire, which I don't see that happening soon.

The only reason I like wrestling because, well.... when I was little I was picked on, and I bring my anger out on my opponent, and that anger will NEVER go away!

I am a top athelete in this business, and I'll show that when I win my first match! I am a great wrestler and I want to prove it!

The people in the world are nothing but idots and f*ckers, and no I don't hate America or the American history- I hate the PEOPLE! This country has the fatter people than any other country!

**Candoom goes down to the ring and gets a microphone**

Look at you fans, you guys are DISGUSTING animals with no common sense! As a matter of fact, why don't I pull somebody out of the audience?

**Candoom makes a person come into the ring. Candoom hands him a microphone.**

Candoom: Whats your name, kid?

person: My name is Matt!

Candoom: Would you like to try my energy drink or bar?

Matt: I don't care.

**Matt takes a bite and a drink of the energy stuff, and spits it out**

Matt: This stuff is NASTY!

**Moralis Hits him with the mic, throws him into the corner and starts beating on him. Candoom then hits a spinebuster, followed by a Legend Killer. Matt is bleeding after the beating**

See, this is what I do to people who say that kind of stuff. If you don't want to get beat, you either say you like it, or you say you like it. Theres much no other choice.

Now, did I make my point now? I may be a new wrestler, but again, it doesn't mean I'm bad at wrestling!