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05-25-05, 11:29 PM
All RP for the double debut match between MORALIS CANDOOM and MARK MATIX should go in this thread.

All RP is due MONDAY, MAY 30th @ 11:59pm. All angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

Moralis Candoom
05-27-05, 06:45 AM
Hey, Matrix, guess what? You are NOT winning! I plan to be the greatest wrestler ever in this business, and if I have to be that person by defeating you, well then let it be! I am a bad ass with a bad ass mind! I can do anything better than you! You can call yourself great, but you KNOW I'm the better man in this match! I've went through being the CT champ and the World champs in different companies, thats how I KNOW I'm the better man. Now if you think you are the better man, lets just see when I defeat you in our match!

**Moralis sits down, turns on the TV, and puts a tape in. When he pushes play--its---its---the tape where JBL says he quits like 1mil times!**

See, Matrix, you WILL be like JBL and quit! I know I won't quit, but what about you? You may talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? I know I can! Hell, as a matter of fact, anyone can!

**Goes down to the ring. He picks somebody out of the audience named Matt Moore**

Candoom: Well, hi Matt. Where ya from

Matt: I'm from right here in....

**Candoom hits him with the mic. He throws Matt into the ropes, and when he comes back,he connects with the clothesline from hell!**

Now, see, I'm not in the mood!

**Candoom goes into the back and meets with Amanda**

Candoom: Hey

Amanda: Hi(then she gives a little kiss on Candooms forehead)

Candoom: So, who do you think will win between Matrix and I?

Amanda: Who do you think? You, of course!

Candoom: For answering that right you get a little treat tonight!

**Amanda leaves**

Now, all I've got to say is that I got the ladies, the encouragement, and the muscles, Matrix. But what do you have? NOTHING!

Mark Matix
05-28-05, 02:52 PM
(Scene fades from black, and displays the NEW backstage area. There, Jason Tripp is standing with "Mad" Mark Matix awaiting the start of his interview.)
JT: (looks at director)We on?
JT: Welcome back fans, I'm here with "Mad" Mark Matix, one of the two new wrestlers debuting this edition of Raucous. Tell me Mark, how do you feel bieng in NEW?
MM: Well, couldnt start off in a better place then beutiful TORONTO CANADA!(crowd cheers hesitantly because they really dont know who this guy is). But seriously I think whats more important is my matchup tonight.
JT: Right! What do you think about your opponent tonight?
MM: Well... see I'm trying to understand how I got paired up with this guy.
JT: What do you mean?
MM: Well, its obvious he cant read. I mean seriously. Its Matix.Maaaaaa TIIX.
Damnit Neo, not MATRIX! (crowd laughs)
JT: Well he's new here, your new here its an honest mis-...
MM: (snaps at Tripp)Damnit, I'm not done. You think your all bad dont ya son. To be completely honest, I find it pretty damn hard to be afraid of someone whos name sounds a lot more like condom then anything else. (crowd busts up)
JT: Mmmmm hmmm.... but you saw that tape of him taking out JBL, doesnt that bother you?
MM: Ummmm no. Condom.... COOOONDOM. Not scary. Seriously, he may have the quote "ladies, the encouragement, and the muscles" but I've seen your lady, a 5 at best, encouragement- I guess you mean the three people cheering for you, and your man boobs I guess you call muscles sure. And I guess that last part is pretty intimidating. (Crowd cheers)

But listen up trojan man, NEW is my territory now. Dont even bother showing up. Go kill yourself, you parents dont even love you your adopted. Stay at home and treat whatsher face to a palms worth of love inches, have fun with that, but you will NEVER beat me.

(SPITFIRE by motorhead plays as the crowd cheers as Matix walks off screen)

Moralis Candoom
05-30-05, 03:29 AM
Well, maybe you need to get a new name so i can pronounce it right! I may be dumb, but when it comes to Raucous, I WILL win! Also my name may not be scary, but you will be scared of me after our match! Im going to be the dominant one!

Matrix, oops i mean Matix(Candoom does an evil laugh), you need to learn that, well, you just plan SUCK, and im sorry, that you suck at wrestling.

I have man boobs? Who cares?

**Candoom then rides down to where TRL is brodcasted at**

See, look at this, TRL invited me to their show, and what about you? Did they invite you? NO, because they KNOW for a FACT I'm the better man!!

**Candoom's name gets called to come in. The crowd cheers and never dies down through the whole interview**

Welcome, Moralis! Its a pleasure to have you here!

Yeah, Yeah, so now what do you want to ask me?

Well this is the first time ever that a wrestler has been on TRL, and we'd like to ask who do you think is going to win-- you vs Matix.

Well, you've got to understand that Matix is one tough dude, I'm sure I can handle him!

**Candoom answers questions for a while them gets into the limo.**

Now, do you see that the fans particuarally like ME more than you?! Nothing can stop me from this win, not even a crumby guy like you!!

Mark Matix
05-30-05, 03:21 PM
(Fire engulfs the stage entrance, and spitfire by motorheads blasts from the loudspeakers. The crowd cheers recognising the song from the interview of "Mad" Mark Matix. The fire dies down and Matix appears to more cheers of the crowd. He then walks down to the ring and slides in on his belly, pops up and gives a roar. He then signals for a microphone which is promptly thrown to him)
MM: Well allright allright!
(crowd cheers)
MM: Moralis, Ive got a question for you. Well, its more of a statement really. But first, lets go to the NEW Tron, for this special clip I have prepared.
(Clip shows how Candoom never stays in one place for more then 5 seconds)
(Crowd seems confused as to what all that meant)
MM: Now that clip should show you all something, and you too Condom. If you havent got it yet, let me bring up my good friend, doctor Jerry Punch.
(Punch was on the side of the ring, and simply walks to the top of the mat)
MM: Now doc, what good news have you brought for us tonight?
DP: Well, I've brought a perscription for Mr. Candoom.
(Matix mugs to the crowd as the crowd is starting to understand and starts laughing)
MM: Doctor whatever could it be for?
DP: The perscription is for clarocet, a drug to treat adult ADD. (crowd cheers and laughs) After you showed me that film reel earlier, it is in my expert opinion that Mr Candoom would be a much better attribute to socioty taking this medication.
MM: Fantastic, thank you doc!
(Doctor Punch walks of the ring to the cheers of the crowd)
MM: Trojan man, I'm sorry, I just had to inform you, that in all your interview things, you go through so many places to convey the same message at each place. And calling me a crummy guy... I mean, even you, with your adult ADD im sure could think of a better insult then that. Oh and about bieng the first wrestler on TRL, the rock was on there about 5 times.
(sighs) Where do they find wrestlers like you? Continuation school? (crowd laughs) Well, retarded or not, your still in my way, and if its gotta go down then I'm gonna throw down. And when you feel that demon dive, your gonna wish you never agreed to this match. Good luck chuuuuuuump.
(Matix throws down the microphone as his music starts, and raises both his arms to the cheers of the crowd and base ball slides out of the ring.)
(scene fades to black.)

Moralis Candoom
05-30-05, 09:21 PM
After you call me stupid, now you just gotta just say I have ADD, and I'll say the EXACTLY same thing as i said when u called me stupid..... I may have ADD, but I can still beat you-- I KNOW I can, and I will! Anyone could beat you, EVEN a five year older!

And you call me Trojan man, condom, and all that! My name may be funny, but I'll be the last one laughing after I beat you!(The crowd says oooohhh!)

And we are back to my stupidity. I may not watch TRL much! But I do know that I was the most ELECTRIFYING WRESTLER ever there! Come on, Rock, you gotta admit I'm better than you anytime!!

Again, call me any name you want to....chump, retard, or stupid. Look at the asshole Angle. He is all of those things, but he is a hell ova wrestler!!!!

Matix,Matix,Matix, you need to learn after all those things I said about me being a chump and some other stuff, that was sarcasm, and I bet ya thought I really did mean it!

And I'll go back to the man boobs thing..... now I admit I have some, but look at you! If you just look at your tits, you'll see that they are clearly women boobs!! Here, I'll send you a bra!

**Candoom sends through mail a bra to Matix's house**

You say the crowd will probably be on your side. Maybe, but, again, look at Kurt and Mysterio on Smackdown!, Mysterio had the fans on his side...but did he win? NO!! Thats an example of what you are going to suffer! Your first match will be your first loss!! THERES NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS ABOUT IT!!

**Candoom goes to the ring,with.... MATT MORGAN!!**

Now, see m...m...my new backup?

**Matt almost attacks Candoom, but quickly Candoom says this**

No, I'm just kidding! I did that because you know sooner or later Matix is going to say that stuff! That guy is an ass!

Morgan: Yup, you guessed it! I'm g...g...oing to b...b...e at rings...s....ide with C...c....andoom!!!!

Now I have the backup which i need! Him and I WILL make an impact in this business, and our first impact is to take out a newass like you! I may be new also, but, I can sure as HELL fight better that you!

I am the "OLYMPIC HERO", Moralis Candoom, and I will take my frustration out on you by calling me condom all this time! Also if I have to, I'll take some of the crowd out...better yet, when I'm on the inside of the ring in the process of defeating you, Morgan will be outside tourmenting you ****ing fans!