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05-23-05, 02:42 AM
All RP for the P©X Title Semifinals match between REX REYNOLDS and DALLAS CARTER at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

BURIED ALIVE MATCH: There is a three foot hole in the rampway to the arena floor. The object is to get your opponent knocked out enough where you put him in the casket in the hole then shut the lid and bury him alive.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, May 30th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

Dallas Carter
05-26-05, 05:31 PM
=-Back To Canada=-
Well, I got the word earlier this week that our next show was indeed a go. The break was nice I must say, gave me a couple of months to get prepared for my next match. The only problem was, I had to go back to work in the steel factory. Nicki has been very understanding of my position and has turned a complete 180. I think she realizes that I have a chance to become successful. Her father has been acting differently to me as well. I’m not sure what to do with this new found fame. The other day I was at the mall buying some new clothes and I was stopped by at least 20 people asking me if I was that wrestler from New Era. I must say, it felt pretty good, and thinking about it, I didn’t even win the match. It’s almost like playing college ball once again.

I could have done much better in my first match, but on the same note, I could have done much much worse. Looking at the tape I realize the “rookie” mistakes that I made, and I see what I need to do to fix them. I must say, a few times I was very very lucky. But for being so dry I don’t think I did half bad. I moved on to the next round of the tournament, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’m looking forward to getting back into the ring. Me and David have been focusing a lot on techniques and I can be honest when I say I am much more prepared in the ring.

Rex Reynolds, a guy that kept me from winning my first match. He’s a good wrestler, a smart wrestler a more experienced wrestler. That showed whenever he used his smarts to keep me from winning the match. I had him in my grasp, I smelled the sweet taste of victory. But I was blinded by it and he took advantage of it. It won’t happen again. He’s got one up on me, but I have a chance to even the score. It’ll be one on one, there will be no other wrestlers roaming around in the ring. I have respect for him, he’s a good wrestler but he stole the match away from me last time. The New Era fans are going to see a different Dallas, they’re going to see a more focused Dallas… most importantly they’re going to see a victorious Dallas

=-Bearer of Bad News-=
I finally told Carli the news today, that her daddy would be leaving once again. She was a little heartbroken at first, but I think she’ll come around. She keeps asking me when they’re going to come out with an action figure of me, she says she sees kids at school playing with wrestlers all the time. She told me she even wanted to take me to show and tell, so the kids could see a real wrestler. Six months ago she would have taken her pet frog, because I know a kid wouldn’t want to hear about a steel worker. I wish her and her mother could come watch me, but with the types of matches I’m going to be participating in for the next few weeks I don’t want her there. She’ll see me one day soon.
=-Buried Alive-=
I got word that the match would be a buried alive match. I’ve seen these on television and they don’t look very tempting. I must say that if I had to choose, buried alive would be up there with inferno match for things I wouldn’t want to do. I think I’ll be alright, infact I think it works to my advantage on the most part. Rex is a wrestler, he’s much better as a wrestler… this match will be more of a brawling type match… it’ll allow me to use my athleticism to counteract his wrestling experience. This match won’t have very many holds, it won’t have very many suplexes… those are all things I’m not as good as him at. The match will have punches and kicks… things that I am just as good, if not better than him at. But a buried alive match… eh, I just don’t know.


The Future
05-26-05, 07:13 PM
"How long can you hold your breath?"

(FADEIN: The view centers on Rex Reynolds as he stands in front of a New ERA banner. From the looks of it, he's put on quite a bit more muscle and has grown his hair out somewhat. His 5'oclock shadow stubble is visibly noticeable at a distance and his look is stern.)

REX: "How long can you hold your breath, Dallas? How long can you crowd yourself into an airtight space and survive? Do you truly appreciate the air you're breathing as you watch me now?"

(His intense stare drifts away from the camera for a moment as he gazes into space.)

REX: "I will hand it to you, Dallas. I got nothing short of my expectations in the Battle Royal a few months ago. You gave me one damned good fight, sir. And so it is as it always has been in this business. Management sees that the crowd loves us and wants more of us, and so they are justly rewarded with a rematch that highlights the men who stole the show."

(Rex continues staring off-camera and upward.)

REX: "Three months...it sure seems like a long time ago since I finally got my crack at the professional ranks of wrestling. I will never forget that match, that intensity, that night. The look on Marceau's face as I delivered my mantra...it was all worth it."

(Rex bows his head solemnly.)

REX: "And then this stalling...this waiting...this disdainful delay had to come along and rob myself and the fans of what they truly deserved."

(Rex finally focuses his look on the camera once again.)

REX: "I blame myself. Perhaps I was too upfront with Marceau that night and set her off after the rough night she had up to that point. Maybe I overcame all expectations for my performance in the battle royal that management didn't quite know what to do next...keep shoving the evildoers down the viewers' throats, or steer the train down a new track...toward a new direction....toward 'The Future.'"

(Rex smiles slyly, his lips barely parting.)

REX: "The day is coming, NEW. The day is coming when you will walk down the aisle and realize that the fans aren't there to see the past and the present of this company. The day is coming when you will look around in amazement at the throng of thousands upon thousands proudly holding their signs with MY name on them. The day is coming when you will realize that The Future has passed you by."

(Rex looks off-camera once more as he continues.)

REX: "The transition resumes on Memorial Day. Fitting, if you ask me. A celebration of the past and a recognition of the future...all wrapped into one glorious setting."

(His stare jolts back to the camera.)

REX: "And so I find myself in the semifinals of the P©X tournament facing Dallas Carter in a Buried Alive match."

(Rex starts chuckling.)

REX: "Who would've thought that I'd be doing extreme matches upon my arrival? I'm a technical machine and I'm having to go outside the box for this tournament. And you know what? I love it!"

(Rex stops chuckling abruptly.)

REX: "Dallas...I know you did a great job scouting me for this match, considering what little you had to work with...add to that the fact that you spent some quality time matching moves with me in the battle royal so your experience and scouting report have grown exponentially. But I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, Dallas."

(Rex makes a motion to come closer. The camera zooms in on his face.)

REX: "Three months has given me plenty of time to improve my skills and round myself out...not to mention add some build here and there. Extreme? No problem. Buried alive? You."

(The camera pans back out as Rex flashes a brilliant smile.)

REX: "In the battle royal, you came at me knowing full well of my technical skills and power. You countered me very effectively...and ALMOST eliminated me. But what happenened? I reached into my bag of tricks and whipped out a lucha libre move on you for the win."

(Rex smile disappears.)

REX: "This time will be no different. I am prepared to mesh my style with the extreme mindset. I am prepared to drop your ass into that makeshift grave with authority. I am prepared to do whatever I have to do to start the movement in NEW. I am prepared to walk down that aisle week after week and lay it all on the line for the fans, never forgetting that without them I am nothing. I am prepared to reach down and pull this company up to a level at which it's never been. I am prepared to lead NEW down the road less traveled and set it apart from every other promotion on this earth. But most of all, I am prepared to implant my mantra in the stream of consciousness of these fans and this world."

(The camera zooms in on the grim-faced, stern, chilling facade.)

REX: "Imminence is at hand. The Future is Now. The Future...is Rex Reynolds."

(CUTTO: Blackness.)