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05-23-05, 02:38 AM
All RP for the match between the INSURGENT and CAMERON CRUISE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, May 30th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

The Great Eye
05-30-05, 09:27 PM
(FADEIN: The Insurgent standing in front of a TV screen that shows Richard Nixon's shameful final flight from the White House, having resigned the Presidency.)

INSURGENT: You ask why I fight with less then honorable tactics, why I've used a name that causes so much hurt, so much pain to those who've lost loved ones in Iraq.

I answer you plainly...Because this should have ended here...With Nixon, disgraced, a crook, a man who had all the power in the world yet threw it away due to his own crazed paranoid fears.

The Republican party should have followed him into history, disgraced and ruined.

But they didn't, instead Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush hatched a plan with Iran to keep our hostages kept there till after the election, they made Carter look weak and helpless, unable to protect his own.

Did anyone else find it a bit odd that the moment Reagan was sworn in, those people were freed?

(Shakes head)

It's been this was for going on 3 decades, with only the brief respite that Clinton gave us...It's why I fight as I do, fighting against the death of my nation...

Cruise, you're nothing to me, just an opponent, somebody put in the ring so the fans can yell and scream...I care nothing about you...I will make this quick on you, I will not shame you, I will not make you suffer...

Do NOT make this personal, do not make me have to make an example out of you.


05-31-05, 09:48 PM
(Fadein on Cameron Cruise, dressed in blue jeans, a solid-colored black T-shirt and trademarked/endorsed "Anarchy" style shades. With one hand in the pocket of his jeans, Cruise loosely runs a hand through his hair, brushing the hair out of his face.)

CRUISE (softly chuckling abit.): You're gonna haveta forgive me here 'Surgent, because so much time has passed between our last encounter...not to mention the recent power nap I had during your last promo...perhaps I haven't mentioned it to you yet: I'm not much for politics.

But that's not to say I won't vote.

You see Cap'n ANTI-America....or whatever it is you claim yourself to be, I may not have been a College scholar during the '70s on "EX" or tokin' up on what later people would discover to be Viagara while on dope....or a beatle-maniac in the '60s, hell I was a wee child back then....as you could very well be yourself. But let's let bygones be bygones for half a....well (Chuckes again.)...in your ideal world, a NAHNOO-NAHNOO second, and put things to the straight and educational.

Every President, if not one every now and again....(BLEEP!) up.

Nixon screwed up in Watergate.....Reagan and Bush Sr. ....as you say....kept hostages penned up overseas until after the election, our current leader even apparently had a doobie or two with Willie Nelson back in the day.... the list can go on.

Hell, whether you believe it or not...that so-called "respite" you claim President Clinton gave us....he used to get himself some....forgive me lord I can't resist....Patriotic P**** while trying to keep things at what they had become.

But that's where we differ, 'Surgent.

You can come into arenas and run down the aisles of every venue this company performs in....injuring and hurting every man in the lockerroom in the process because you believe in something one hundred and eighty percent different than the rest of the building.....

You can warn me and swear on the good book all you want about not making this personal...even though you're the one that started all of this by sticking your filthy and snot-ridden nose into my business.....

We....because of what we believe in.....outside of Al-Qaida and September Eleventh of course....can forgive our past and look to the future. Outside of the disruption of the essential peace and general idea of harmony this country partook in up and until that fateful day...have forgiven each other for what has happened.....we won't ever forget....don't get me wrong....but because of morality and what it teaches us....

We're better than that which poisons us.

We're better than that which stabs us in the back.

And those of us that believe in it....are better than you.

You know, last year I had abit of a Reality Check of my own when I almost laid out "The Great American Hero" Hornet in the middle of the ring and the entire NFW East.

But as I sat down in the back, as I sat there before I left the arena I had a blessing given to me from the one they call "Deacon".

Since then, not only have I teamed up with one of....if not the best....performers in this business, taken a nuclear rocket up to the top of this business as well as win the Tag Titles with that same man....I'm setting attendance records.....as well as several others...that no one in this industry has been able to do for years!!

I've sold out friggin' Pig Pens!! What the hell is that all about?!?!!

The point here is pal, is whether or not you like me or don't....I've not had a care in the world about you, and I don't particularly have one now:

You asked me not to make this personal??

Then I'm giving you my solemn promise.

If I ever see your face in that ring again....I'll personally have the boss set up an appointment with the man they like to call....."The Mute Freak".

Because you most definately....DEFINATELY...will need it.

Not because it's a Reality Check that you won't like....even Stevie Wonder could see that.

Not because it's my duty to Patriotism....I've already told you I'm not one for politics.

(Cruise takes off his shades as the camera does a close-up.)

Because it's my promise to God.


The Great Eye
06-01-05, 11:24 PM
(FADEIN: Insurgent standing in front of an photo of George W. Bush. Bush looks cheerful in the photo.)

INSURGENT: "This is what MTV wouldn't let Nine Inch Nails do, that is to say, perform in front of a photo of our president. They called it a political statement...(Shakes head) oh free speech, where have you gone.

And you Mr. Cruise, my God they have gotten to you too.

You bring up that Nixon broke the laws of this country to further his political power, and then was exposed and removed from office...

That Bush and Reagan allowed men and women of this nation to be used as political pawns...

That the current man in the White House has lied 1660 men to their deaths in the sands of Iraq...

You compare all of this to Bill Clinton lying about sex...

Who died when Clinton lied?!

Who was kept hostage an extra day when Clinton lied?!

What building were broken into, what crimes committed when Clinton lied?!

You somehow in your little mind square up the acts of Nixon, Reagan and the Bush crime family, to a man getting a little side action. You have GOT to be kidding me.

Only you are not, you're to busy watching Fox News, listening to Sean Hannity, and reading Ann Coulter's latest best selling to the point where your mind is mush and you accept this. You CAN make it such that the pile of dead George W. Bush has made in Iraq is no better or no worse then Bill Clinton getting (Bleep)ed by Monica...

Anti-American? I'm trying to save this country Cruise, I'm trying to get her to wake up and understand what's going on...

You say you're not into politics.

That's what they want, keep you bored and disinterested, keep you from caring, keep you from voting or watching TV, keep you from noticing as your rights fade away, one by one.

What did 9/11 teach you Cruise? You speak of it as a defining moment...But what really happened that day?

You know so little of politics, you care so little for them, maybe you think Saddam struck us, maybe yuou think we're going to find WMD's still...

You're a fool, asleep at the switch while your country burns, and you rail against the man presenting you with the truth...

You're doing this for God? Is this the same God that condones the war in Iraq? The same God that won't let us use Stem Cells cause we're 'destroying life' It is the same God that talks to George W. Bush every night and tells him he's doing right?

Is it the God that tells you to scream at the camera for me to shut up whenever I talk, because what I say is so painful for you to hear, to know in your heart of hearts, American has fallen in a way to terrible to understand?

My God had a son, his name was Jesus. That man cared for the poor, he asked that if struck, to turn the other cheek, he accepted whores into his following, he aided those he could, he condemned the rich, stating they would get into heaven with the ease that a camel would get through the eye of a needle.

Yet George W. Bush cares nothing of the poor, he rewards the rich, he bombs innocent people to death.

I ask you this Cruise.

Who would Jesus Bomb?

06-03-05, 08:30 PM
"When you went to Insurgent School for the Gifted....did they accidently forget about you for "Subliminal 101" or did they just skip over you for the hell of it??"

(Fadein, Cruise in front of an NEW ERA backdrop dressed in blue jeans and a black "Audioslave" T-Shirt, along with his trademark "Anarchy" shades.)

CRUISE: You see 'Surgent....when I was talking about that segment in the last promo, I was talking about the fact that this country...albeit not so much for that skinny lil' sh*t hidin' out in Europe, I was talking about Faith.

Faith in the perspective that for certain things, this country in every Man, Woman and Child can forgive one another for certain wrong-doings.

But apparently you called in sick that day too.

Nine Inch Nails may very well have been shot in the foot by MTV for trying to perform in front of a picture of the President, but if you'd forgive my own shameless plug Insurgent....Audioslave was formed by one lead singer and the bulk of a band that of course....because no one else would....performed songs that were in some eyes deemed "Anti-Political" or in other words....verbal shots against the government.

That band has now been performing together for well under the amount of time that Trent Reznor and the rest of Nine Inch Nails have been together and performing themselves, and they had the perverbial Cajones to go out and play a live concert not just in any city....fact is that they became the first AMERICAN rock band to sellout a venue over in Fidel Castro's "house" despite all the history between us and them.

That's right Insurgent, the same "Cuba" that back in the day...before we were both even BORN....that was the central controversy involving the Cuban Missle Crisis, Stalin and Truman that had everyones focus....or as some say....that Generations September Eleventh.

But with all that aside, I'd rather just make the point and be done with it without having to hear you bore me with history about something that I know about but don't CARE about.

My job at this moment as far as I'm concerned, is to either pin your shoulders to the mat or to make your Hypocritical ASS submit.

That's all I care about once I get in that ring, and quite frankly 'Surgent...not one BIT of it involves Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Stalin or either one of our Presidents that share the same last name.

Besides....as much as it WASN'T my strong suit in High School....do you really think I'm gonna give a sh*t about the pain and suffering this country has gone through when you're two seconds from going unconscious and me back to the showers??

I don't think so, pal.

I REALLY....don't think so.

Because that's just a Reality Check that I don't think no-no...I KNOW you just...won't....like.


The Great Eye
06-04-05, 07:27 PM
(FADEIN: Insurgent standing behind a flag draped coffin.)

INSURGENT: "You forgive people for certain mistakes they made? Beloved Leader who sits in the White House has made THIS MISTAKE (Points at casket) nearly 1,700 times...And you forgive him? It's OK by you that so many honest, honorable young Americans, who do as they are told and fight and die when told to, have been lied into their graves by this man? It's cool with you?

You think NIN woulda been shot for performing in front of a photo of Beloved Leader? Why? Why do you think this? Michael Moore makes a nearly 2 hour long film showing the nation what a fool this man is and he's rewarded with millions of dollars and awards. And by the by, I think the rather rotund Moore would be a far easier target to shoot then Trent Reznor.

Why would they get shot for performing in front of a photo of Beloved Leader? Have you not noticed this nation doesn't care enough to stand up for itself, when Al Gore had the 2000 election stolen from him, nobody cared. When blacks and others in poor sections of Ohio had to wait nearly a full day to vote on machines that were not trustable, nobody cared. Why would anyone care about some past it's prime rock band trying to make a little political statement on a network that was supposed to be all about sticking it to the man?

And now were getting into Rage and Audioslave? Good lord, I'm getting lost in this sea of rock bands, tragically Doc didn't get back to my voice mail in time for this promo to educate me on the nuance of what Zach De La Rocha was trying to say when he stated "(BLEEP) you I won't do what ya tell me." Alas, I'll be forced to go with what I know.

You bring up the Cuban Missile Crisis and get wrong who were the leaders at the time...Kennedy and Khrushchev, not Stalin and Truman, were the ones tangled up in that ugly little mess...I fear I shouldn't tread to deeply into 1960's politics, lest this promo get even more incestious then it already is.

And to call the Cuban Missile Crisis the 9/11 of the 60's is to kinda discount, well, the fact that we just about shot to death everyone of worth in the 60's, and the whole Vietnam thing...

See, this is what it's about with you Cruise, you don't know anything, you're uneducated, and it makes you angry when somebody who's done the research, who knows the score. It makes you mad that I rip away the curtain and show you the little man who is in fact the Wizard of Oz. It makes you sad that I point out that Beloved Leader is in fact, wearing no clothes.

And it's why I have to beat you, because I have to educate everyone, I have to become important in NEW and in Wrestling in general, I need a platform to speech truth to power. To fight against the system, to rebel against the giggling killer and the Bush Family Evil Empire.

In the ring with me, you'll see all those who were smarter then you, better then you...You'll see all you've been told to hate and fear by the pretty faces on TV, who don't count these coffins, but rather waste your time with updates on the runaway bride...(Shakes head in disgust)

You'll see the one thing you've kept from yourself your whole life...

The Truth...

And the truth in that ring, will hurt, and hurt very baddly indeed...

(INSURGENT walks to the side of the casket, and then salutes it...FADEOUT)