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05-23-05, 02:36 AM

LIVE from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 30th, 2005!

New ERA's FINAL show before the pay per view International Intrigue comes to you LIVE from the Air Canada Centre in TORONTO! The event has five huge matches ... including one that involves the New ERA of Wrestling World Champion, Jean Rabesque, in a non-title DEBATE MATCH! Rabesque will take on The Phantom Republican who challenged him on the 02.17.05 edition of RAUCOUS! Also on the card we have a semifinals PRODIGY Classic Xtreme title match ... and the debut of the female sensation SHAYERA! Cameron Cruise will try to avenge his loss last week in the triple threat elimination match as he takes on Insurgent one on one .. and in the main event ... four men ... two matches at International Intrigue ... and only one ring .. will it be strong enough to withhold the hatred these men have for each other ... and will we find out who that masked man was who attacked FIVE men on RAUCOUS? There's only one way to know ... AND THAT's BY TUNING IN!





MATCH #3 - Debate Match (Non Title) -


MATCH #4 - P©X Semifinals Match: BURIED ALIVE -

'the Future' REX REYNOLDS

MATCH #5 - MAIN EVENT: Tag Team Mania -

MWG and 'Gentleman' JONATHAN MARX

*** All RP and angles are due by Monday, May 30th, 2005 at 11:59pm. Angles should be submitted to me at secandido@comcast.net .. any angles not in my e-mail by Monday night / Tuesday afternoonish won't be on the card ...

05-27-05, 06:02 PM
(The screen comes in on the New ERA Heavyweight Title belt, where it lingers for a few seconds, before it backs away and see that it again lies on the broad left shoulder of one Jean Rabesque, wearing his normal interview gear, looking into the camera with that all too familiar cocky smile)

“So NEW decides to take a break, forcing me to go everywhere else and show off this title, to show it to the world as the preeminent world championship belt. Leaving me to go elsewhere to defend my honor, to show what this title means. So much time to sit back and stew over the state of affairs in NEW..... and elsewhere. And then finally, we get onto it, we get the talent together, we do the show, and we’re ready to move on! The arena is booked, the tickets are sold, and Jean Rabesque is on the card!!! But wait......... a debate match? Who the F(FCC)K thought up this one?

“People don’t pay good money to come see me talk. You can ask Michael Manson or Maelstrom about that, they’ve managed to say that exact thing, and well, only that exact same thing in every promo they’ve ever cut against me. People dish out their money to watch me bend people in ways that they’re not supposed to bend. They watch me execute combinations that they didn’t think were possible. Simply put, they want to watch technical wrestling mastery.

“They don’t want to see me out doing something I know nothing about, and that is talking politics. What do you all want me to say? Yeah, I have dual citizenship, I currently live in the United States, but I am from Canada. I don’t vote in the United States, I don’t belong to a political party, I don’t back anyone. To be honest with you, I see pros and cons on both sides, but I don’t study this time. You want a debate, go to a law school, you want to see wrestling, come buy a ticket and watch me kick some ass.

“But all this aside, there is one thing I do know, and that is that this GOP clown is an absolute jackass! Something else I do know is that he doesn’t represent the people he claims to. I know that he is an embarrassment to his political party, not for what he believes in, but for his lack of respect and decorum when it comes to anybody who might disagree with him. I honestly don’t care what your view is GOP, and to be honest, you don’t want mine is. But you jumped to a conclusion about me without having the slightest clue where I stood. I could have been the biggest ultra-conservative right wing Bible-thumper you’ve ever met. But you assumed otherwise GOP.

“Why? Because I’m Canadian. You thought that simply because I’m Canadian. You know nothing else about me.

“This isn’t a condemnation on Republicans GOP, it’s just one of you. I’m sure most right-wingers would prefer I not generalize them all as Jerry Falwell wannabes. Just a safe thought. You have no concept of anything, and yet you think you do, and in the process, you make everybody you want to associate yourself with look really, really bad.

“So I wouldn’t except some sort of spectacular debate style from me to be honest. I’m going to come out to the ring and tell things exactly the way they are. I’m going to tell the world exactly what I think of you GOP, not Republicans..... just you. And then.... just for good measure.....

“I think I’ll go ahead and kick your ass!

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am and will be the New ERA Heavyweight Champion, I am Jean Rabesque!”


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Jeez, did the break we took fry everyone's brains? :)

We got Tom posting out of threads, Moralis posting out of threads, and now Stevie posting under the main note.. ;)

Remind me never to do that to you guys again. ;)

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OK. Sean - Never do that to us again :-P